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Regional experience on SME FP6 participation support


Head of Unit of RTD and Regional Programmes of the EU ... in national newspapers: 'Gazeta Wyborcza', 'Rzeczpospolita', 'Slowo Polskie' about FP6 and RCP ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Regional experience on SME FP6 participation support

Regional experience on SME FP6 participation
  • M.Sc. Eng. Joanna Basztura
  • Head of Unit of RTD and Regional Programmes of
    the EU
  • Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw Centre
    for Technology Transfer
  • 7.06.2005 Liberec, Czech Republic

Plan of the presentation
  • Lower Silesia region short description
  • Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw Centre
    for Technology Tranfsfer (mission, activities)
  • FP6 participation obstacles identified in the
  • Regional initiatives to overcome low
    participation in FP5/FP6
  • Successful FP 6 regional participation

Dolnoslaskie Lower Silesia
  • The Dolnoslaskie Voivodship is located in
    south-western POLAND borders Germany, (in the
    west), and the Czech Republic (in the south),
    which makes economic co-operation with
    neighbouring countries one of the assets of this
  • Territory 19 948 km2 ,
  • population in total. ca. 2 985 000,
  • GPD of the region 6 870 millions of EURO
  • unemployment rate 17,3
  • Export value 2 100 millions EURO
  • Foreign investments in the region 1 900 millions
    of EURO

Lower Silesia industry
  • The region's leading industry sectors include
  • electrical machinery, electronics, motor vehicle,
    power, construction, chemical and food-processing
    industries, while the traditional industries
    include coal, copper ore and mineral resources
    mining and the production of clothes, fabrics and
  • The region ranks
  • 1st in the production of electrical
    turbo-machines, domestic refrigerators, deep
    freezers, washing machines, spin-driers and
    cookers, table porcelain and china, and crystal
  • 2nd in the production of cotton and cotton-like
    fabrics, machinery and tools for the construction
    industry, machinery and tools for road
    construction and land improvement industries, as
    well as detergents and washing-up liquids.
  • Nearly 7500 production plants, including over 600
    large factories,
  • The city's industries employ approximately 60 000
    people that is 28 of all working people. The
    largest factories are situated in the western and
    northern sections of the city. Other important
    industrial cities Olesnica, Olawa, Brzeg Dolny
    and Jelcz-Laskowice, Walbrzych, Jelenia Gora,

Human resources
  • Higher education
  • 21 schools of higher education and 96,000
  • 6,500 full-time lecturers, including 1,150
  • The biggest higher universities are
  • the University of Wroclaw,
  • the Wroclaw University of Technology,
  • the Wroclaw School of Economics, the Medical
  • the Academy of Agriculture,
  • the Academy of Physical Education,
  • the Academy of Fine Art and the Academy of Music.
  • The most significant achievements of the Wroclaw
    scientists include pioneering research on strong
    magnetic fields, low temperatures and the
    phenomenon of superconductivity as well as
    immunology and experimental therapy.

  • Wroclaw, beside Warsaw and Cracow, is among
    Poland's most significant cultural centres.
    Cultural objects include
  • 2 theatres,
  • an operetta,
  • a pantomime theatre,
  • a puppet theatre,
  • a philharmonic,
  • 10 museums,
  • numerous galleries,
  • three arts colleges and a large group of artists
  • 40-year-standing "Wratislavia Cantans" festival
    of classical music
  • Jazz festival

Wroclaw University of Technology
  • Founded in 1945 (mainly scientific staff from
  • 31,936 students studying in Wroclaw and at its
    three branches in the region
  • 2,035 academic teachers
  • 12 faculties
  • 600 detailed thematic fields

Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer
  • WCTT was created in 1995 year in the frame of
    PHARE Tempus project Bridging the gap between
    university and industry.
  • Partners of the project
  • Wroclaw University of Technology
  • Stuttgart University
  • Brunel University in West London
  • WCTT is a self-financing department of
  • the Wroclaw University of Technology,
  • it employs 21 people

  • Non-profit activity
  • Self-financing
  • Semi-independent department of University
  • 3 Units (EU RTD and regional programmes,
    technology transfer and consulting, training and

Mission Statement of the WCTT
  • WCTT business is to provide industrial companies
    with the information, promotion, training,
    consulting and assistance by the implementation
    of advanced methods, technologies and
    organisation especially in the south-west Poland.
  • Bridging the gap between university and industry
    and joining the university know-how with
    industrial experience is the main advantage of
    our activities.
  • WCTT mission is to increase the productivity and
    competitiveness of Polish companies.

Yesterday and today
  • Trainings
  • Information services
  • Consulting
  • Projects

  • Quality Management
  • TQM
  • ISO 9000 / QS 9000
  • Methods and Techniques of Quality Assurance
  • SPC
  • Continues Improvement Methods (QFD, FMEA, etc.)
  • Internal Quality Auditor
  • Production Management Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • Supplier selection and evaluation
  • Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma
  • Project Management
  • ISO 14000

Information services
  • Funding opportunities FP6, PHARE programmes,
    Structural Funds, enterpreneurship support)
  • Start up support (legal, financial, business
    plans, other issues)
  • Searching for partners FP6, technology transfer
  • High-Tech bulletin (3000 copies sent to
    companies) quarterly

  • Technological Audits
  • One day visit in company or research team
  • Identification of technology needs or/and offers
  • Support of the transnational technology transfer
  • Technical consulting, e.g.
  • Implementation of Quality Systems
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling
  • Assistance on proposal preparation to FP 6,
    Strauctural Funds, PHARE programmes
  • Stimulating enterpreneurship start up, spin off
    companies, organisation of an annual graduate
    competion My own company after studies

  • Competition Idea for an innovative company
  • 4 editions since 2001
  • Aim Promotion of the academic enterpreneurship
  • 235 participants in 2001-2004
  • At least 5 new companies after 3 editions (e.g.

FP6 participation obstacles identified in the
  • - English language problems
  • Low awareness of the rules of participation,
    types of projects, etc.,
  • Low belief in success, low motivation to take
    part in EU programmes (too complicated and time
  • Low or no budget for travelling to find partners
  • Problems with incompatibility of Polish
    accontancy systems with EU law

FP6 participation obstacles identified in the
  • Clients underestimate or overestimate the burden
    of participation in FP6
  • - Partnerships in proposals too Polish (too
    many Polish partners)
  • Companies like to solve regional (Polish)
    problems and not European results proposal is
  • They want that somebody else writes the proposal
    for them, they say they do not have time,
  • They come only once to the NCP to take
    application forms and they do not come back
  • They are afraid of showing the proposal to the
    NCP they fear somebody will steal the idea

Our (RCP) expectations at the beginning
  • A big number of proposals will be submitted by
    our clients
  • Clients will visit us frequently to get advice
  • Foreign partners will search for Polish partners
  • We (Polish) are good enough to be seen and
    invited into the consortia
  • There will be Polish coordinators of projects
  • It is enough to give them information about the
    call and application forms

FP6 related activities realized in the region
  • Organisation of info days (IST, nanotechnologies,
    food quality)
  • Organisation of specialised workshops (financial,
    legal e.g. Berkley Associates from Brussels)
  • Organisation of brokerage events (Food quality)
  • Organisation of big conferences (a conference
    promoting FP6 start in Lower Silesia with 300
  • Articles in local newspapers, radio and
  • Publishing of brochures about FP6
  • Translation of the EU documnets, brochures e.g.
    model contract, FP6 rules of participation
  • Partner search
  • Networking with national regional and foreign

FP6 related activities realized in the region -
  • 1 big conference was organised, 17 trainings, 6
    workshops (finance and legal issues, etc.), 2
    Information Days (in total 788 participants)
  • 25 project proposals were consulted
  • 1795 consultations (98 personal meetings, 402
    phone calls, 1295 e-mails)
  • Dissemiantion of information to 820 companies and
    research institutions about FP6
  • 1414 offers sent to Local Contact Points
  • 8 articles in the High-Tech bulletin sent to 3000
    companies about FP6
  • 7 articles published in national newspapers
    Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, Slowo
    Polskie about FP6 and RCP

FP6 related activities realized in the region
  • Contact with EC project officers
  • Participation in specialised trainings, workshops
  • Participation in conferences, Infodays
  • Verifying the proposal, help with finance,
  • Participation in FP5 and FP6 Specific Support
    Actions projects stimulating the participation of
    the organisations from the region in FP 5 and FP6

EU recent Projects
  • FP 6 projects
  • 1. REGinNET- Network of Contact Points in Europe
  • 2. POLFOOD Promotion of participation in Food
    quality in FP6
  • 3. NANOMAT stimulation of SME participation in
    FP6 in NMP programme
  • 4. GET-IN stimulation of SMEs participation in
    FP6 in IST programme
  • 5. MOBILITY Centre Promotion of researchers
  • 6. IRC West Poland - Transnational technology
    transfer support
  • 7. PROPLUS enterpreneurship support and
  • 8. UPRIS Upgrading the Development of the Lower
    Silesia Innovation System
  • 9. IMPACT SCAN4 INNOPOL - evaluating of the
    impact of Regional Innovation Strategies
  • 10. TECARE stimulating of participation in Food
    Quality programme

Regional initiatives to overcome low
participation in FP5/FP6
  • 3 projects successfully submitted to FP5 and FP6
  • PRANET - A pragmatic approach towards the 5th
    Framework Programme. Networking in the region,
    (1.01.2001 30.06.2002), Contract No
  • Results In total 15 Information days
    (706 participants) and 10 workshops have been
    organised (495 participants), Participations of
    partners from South West Poland in 69 project
    proposals submitted in the 5th Framework
  • POLTOUR - Promotion of the 6th Framework
    Programme by Tour. (1.08.2002 30.06.2001)
    POLTOUR, Contract No ICA1-CT-2002-60021-
  • Results In total 4 conferences were
    organised promoting FP6 in Krakow, Wroclaw,
    Poznan and Szczecin regions, 1300 participants
    attended 4 conferences including 143 companies
  • REGinNET- Regional approach towards FP6. Network
    of contacts points in large Accession Candidate
    Countries and Member States, (1.07.2004
    30.06.2006), Contract No INCO-CT-2004-003399
  • Results to come 13 regional info days
    and brokerage events, 1300 participants, 200
    bilateral contacts, 40 proposals

Some statistics
  • Regional participation in FP 5 about 8 mln euro,
    around 120 projects (Poland 150 mln euro)
  • FP 6 participation difficult to establish at
    the moment
  • Wroclaw University of Technology 99 projects
    submitted, 27 contracts signed (2 326 000 euro)
  • 4 SMEs with contracts signed identified in the
    region Techtra Sp. z o.o., MEDICUS, PRODAK Sp z
    o.o., Fadroma Development

Successful FP5 project regional participation
  • ELDOS Sp z oo, company from Wroclaw, producer of
    print circuits was a coordinator of a CRAFT
  • Project title PRINT - Printed circuit boards
    with high solderability tin coating for lead-free
    soldering in FP 5,
  • Aim to implement lead-free soldering of Printed
    circuit boards into industrial application
  • FP5 Programme Acronym GROWTH
  • Project Reference G1ST-CT-2002-50254
  • Contract Type Cooperative research contracts
  • Start Date 2002-12-01
  • End Date 2004-11-30
  • Duration 24 months

Successful FP5 regional participation
  • Project consortium
  • Coordinator ELDOS SP.Z O.O. ,Wroclaw, Poland
  • Participants
    Pl (IND)
  • MERKAR SP. Z O.O. , Pl (IND)

Successful FP5 project regional participation
  • Cuprum Sp z oo, company from Wroclaw was a
    participant in the project LIFETIME - Lifetime
    engineering of buildings and civil
    infrastructures in FP 5 that aim was to exchange
    information and experiences from sustainable
    construction sector optimisation of costs,
    planning, environment protection and people
  • FP5 Programme Acronym GROWTH
  • Project Reference G1RT-CT-2002-05082
  • Contract Type Thematic network contracts
  • Start Date 2002-06-01
  • End Date 2005-07-31Duration 38 months
  • Coordinator BUILDING AND TRANSPORT (OTH),Finland
  • Partners from Poland, Germany, Finland, Hungary,
    UK, Spain, Belgium , Greece, Denmark, Czech
    Republic, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia, Sweden,
    Lithuania, USA, Switzerland, Cyprus, China,
    Bulgaria, Australia, India, France, Iceland,
    Italy, Romania, NL, Ireland

Successful FP5 project regional participation
  • Microomega sp z o o, company from Wroclaw
    participated in the project in FP 5 PIEZOTAG - A
    low cost, piezoelectric powered pressure
    measurement technology to help sme-suppliers
    differentiate themselves by adding value to
    eco-efficient products , which aim was to
    elaborate the cheap technology piezoelectric to
    measure pression in tyres for suppliers in
    automotive industry
  • FP5 Programme Acronym GROWTH
  • Project Reference G3ST-CT-2000-50041
  • Contract Type Cooperative research contracts
  • Start Date 2001-01-01
  • End Date 2003-03-31
  • Duration 27 months
    (OTH), UK
  • Partners from Spain, UK, Germany, Poland, Denmark

Successful FP6 project regional participation
  • CRAFT Project HIGINS - Highest magnetic field
    insert coil made from high temperature
    superconductors for a 25Tesla break-through,
  • The HIGINS project is targeting the
    design, construction and test of extra high field
    insert coils made from hightemperature
    superconductors to create a break-through with
    magnetic fields of up to 25 Tesla.
  • Coordinator DE (PRC),
  • Partners 2 UK (PRC, GOV), 1 PL (PRC) -
    Techtra Sp Z oo company from Wroclaw, 1 DE (PNP)

Successful FP6 project regional participation
  • CRAFT Project M³-C - Multi Monitoring Medical
    Chip for Homecare Applications
  • Ma-C s a CRAFT project which aims to provide a
    group of SMEs from Germany, Sweden, Spain an
    Poland, whose business interests include medical
    equipment development and distribution, systems
    integration and healthcare information management
    systems, with access to advanced system-on-a-
    chip (SoC) technology to enable them to expand
    from their existing business positions into the
    emerging homecare and ambulant medical devices
  • Coordinator DE,
  • Partners 2 SE (PRC, GOV), 1 ES (PRC), 1 PL (PRC)
    - MEDICUS Sp.j. company from Wroclaw, 1 DE
    (GOV), 1 BE (GOV),

Successful FP6 project regional participation
  • Craft project VACI Vacuum Insulation
  • The technical objective of the proposed research
    is hence the refinement and development
    ofmethods, processes, and machinery to
    manufacture and maintain Vacuum Insulation Panels
    (VIPs) ina way that will facilitate their use in
    industrial applications.
  • Coordinator De (PRC),
  • Partners 3 DE (PRC, PRC, PRC), 1 HU (PRC), 1 NL
    (GOV), 1 PL (PRC) PRODAK Sp zo.o. company from

  • Joanna Basztura
  • Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer
  • Wroclaw University of Technology
  • ul. Smoluchowskiego 48
  • 50-372 Wroclaw, Poland
  • tel 48 71 320 21 89
  • fax 48 71 320 39 48
  • e-mail