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... to encourage them to be united in love. Christ is the fully ... Martinez, Ted. Talbot New Testament Survey Lectures, Talbot Theological Seminary, Summer 2003. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Colossians

  • Sufficiency of Christ
  • Written by Paul from prison about 60-62 A.D.
  • Coauthored by Timothy
  • Key Verses 29-10
  • Myron G. Heavin

Colossians Occasion and Purpose
  • Great Creation Passages (118-20)
  • Warnings about False Teachings
  • False teachers had come to Colossae and seemingly
    denied the deity of Christ who spoke of a
    Philosophy of empty deception and who alluded to
    Jewish elements. Our best understanding of the
    false teaching then, is it was a blend of Jewish
    and Hellenistic teaching

Colossians Similarities
  • Very similar to Philemon
  • Greetings at end have common names
  • Slavery a theme in both books
  • Perhaps written and distributed at same time
  • Contrasts well with Ephesians
  • Colossians Christ who is head of the church
  • Ephesians The Church of Christ
  • Similar teachings on family relations

Colossians - Themes
  • All Believers form one body
  • Christ is the head of the church
  • With Christ we can overcome anything

Colossians Interesting Facts
  • Immediate Audience
  • Somewhat Immature Christians (60-62 A.D.)
  • Gentiles Jews
  • Rampant Demonology, spirits, Jewish Mysticism
  • Written from a prison in Rome
  • Small town in Lycus river valley
  • A letter circulated to all the churches

The Prison Epistles of Paul
Colossae Located in Turkey
Colossae was located 12 miles from Laocidea, and
about 100 miles east of Ephesus in the Lycus
river valley.
Colossians New Testament Time Line
  • 38-41 AD Anti-Jewish Upheaval Alexandria ,
    Palestine, Judea
  • 49 - 54 AD Claudius expels Jews from Rome
  • 49 AD Church struggles, meets about Jews
  • Acts 15, Gal. 21-15
  • 54 68 AD Nero becomes emperor, welcomes Jews
  • Claudius poisoned by Neros Mother
  • Nero murdered Mother possibly half-brother
  • Nero allows Jews back into Rome
  • 57 AD Paul writes Romans
  • 60-62 AD Paul arrested, writes Colossians
  • 64 / 65 AD Rome burns Nero blames Christians
  • 68 AD Siege in Jerusalem begins after Jewish
  • 70 AD Rome burns Jerusalem, temple destroyed

Colossians Basic Outline (Garland)
  • Salutation and Thanksgiving (11-23)
  • Letter Body (124-34)
  • Pauls Commission, Message, and Struggle
  • False Teaching and Its Antidote (28-34)
  • Setting Your Hearts on Things Above (31-4)
  • Ethical Admonitions (35-46)
  • The Old and the New Morality (35-17)
  • Commands About the Household (318-41)
  • Final Greetings (47-18)

Colossians Basic Outline (F.F. Bruce)
  • Prescript (11-2)
  • The Person and Work of Christ (11-23)
  • Pauls Ministry (124-27)
  • False Teaching and Its Antidote (28-34)
  • The All-Sufficiency of Christ (28-15)
  • Guard Your Freedom! 9216-19)
  • You Died to Christ Therefore (220-23)
  • You were Raised with Christ Therefore (31-4)
  • The Christian Life (35-46)
  • Personal Notes (47-17)
  • Final Greeting and Benediction (418)

I Salutation and Thanksgiving The Salutation
  • To be in Christ
  • He encompasses the entire life of the believer
  • Exclusively joined to Him
  • Determines the behavior of believers
  • Inseparably joined to Him
  • Joined to a new family without dividing lines

I Salutation and Thanksgiving The Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving for news of Colossians Faith (13-8)
  • Faith, love, hope notice reversed order in
  • Our hope is in the true message of the gospel

I Salutation and ThanksgivingThe Thanksgiving
  • Prayer for the Colossians Spiritual Welfare
  • That you may conduct ourselves worthy,
  • That you may bear fruit in increase in knowledge,
  • That you may be empowered,
  • That you give thanks with joy,
  • Because He rescued us from the dominion of
    darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of
    His Son whom He loves.
  • Transition marked by redemption, forgiveness, and
    translation into the Kingdom of Gods Son.

I Salutation and ThanksgivingHymn in Honor of
Christ (115-20)
  • General hymn probably sung in all churches
  • Paul may have added strobes at the end to support
  • One of greatest creation passages in Scripture
  • Comparable to John 11-5
  • Genesis 11-3 discuss God, Spirit of God, and
    Word of God (Christ)
  • II Cor. 44-6
  • Christ was head/creator of governments (Rom.
  • Christ was in control of angels (demonic powers)
  • The totality of divine essence power is
    resident in Christ (mystery is now revealed)
  • Christ holds relationships (not atoms) together

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I Salutation and ThanksgivingSinners Reconciled
to God (121-23)
  • We once were hostile wicked sinners
  • Hard for modern people to realize
  • He died to reconcile us to God as blameless, holy
  • Provided you remain in Him
  • Do not chase after Astrologers, demons etc.
  • Saints are those who finally persevere in Christ
  • Many have been deceived by once saved always
    saved and continuing on in a sinful life, never
    going to church, but thinking they are saved.

I Salutation and ThanksgivingHymn in Honor of
Christ (115-20)
  • Men and Angels are Created Beings
  • Created Beings can repay sins between themselves
  • God is totally holy and Created Beings cannot
    repay sins against God
  • They have nothing to offer
  • God can only offer Himself as a suitable
  • Therefore only Christianity with its Triune God
    can offer a suitable sacrifice for sins.
  • There is no other way than thru Christ

Holy Spirit
II Letter Body (124-223) Pauls Stewardship of
the Divine Mystery (124-29)
  • Paul is in prison (probably Rome)
  • Paul is a minister (apostle to the gentiles)
  • Pauls purpose is to make known the Word of God
  • The Mystery of Christ (the Word of God) has now
    been revealed.
  • Nothing is new except we now know about Christ.
  • Tends to support covenant theology

II Letter Body (124-223)Pauls Ministry
  • Concern for the Christians of the Lycos Valley
  • Paul is quite concerned about Colossae and
  • He wants to encourage them to be united in love
  • Christ is the fully revealed mystery
  • There is no other higher secret knowledge
  • There is no higher holy book (Koran, Book of
    Mormon, Book of Judas)
  • All treasurers of wisdom and knowledge are in

II Letter Body (124-223)Pauls Ministry
  • Maintaining the Tradition of Christ (26-7)
  • You have received Christ
  • Pursue Christ
  • Be rooted and built up in Him,
  • Be firmly established as you have been taught
  • Abound in thanksgiving
  • Stay the Course

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II Letter Body (124-34)False Teaching its
Antidote (28-34)
  • The All-Sufficiency of Christ(28-15)
  • The Fullness of Christ (28-10)
  • The New Circumcision (211-12)
  • The Triumph of Christ (213-15)
  • The Mosaic Covenant has been fully satisfied
  • Guard your Freedom! (216-19)
  • Freedom in Respect of Food and Festivals(216-17)
  • Freedom in Respect of Asceticism and Angel
    Worship (218-19)
  • You died with Christ Therefore (220-23)
  • You were Raised with Christ Therefore (31-4)

III The Christian Life (35-46)Ethical
Admonitions (35-46)
  • Put Off (35-11)
  • Put On (312-17)
  • Be Subject (318-41)
  • Wives and Husbands (318-19)
  • This section expanded in Ephesians
  • Children and Parents (320-21)
  • Slaves and Masters (322-41)
  • This section expanded in Philemon
  • Watch and Pray (42-6)

From Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Most of us daily fall into both columns below
  • We need to treat each other with more love
  • We need more reverence (fear) of God and others
  • We will be judged and rewarded based on our

III Final Greetings (47-18)Letter Closing
  • Pauls Messengers (47-9)
  • Greetings from Pauls Companions (410-14)
  • 5 of the 6 companions are repeated in Philemon
  • Messages for Various Friends (415-17)
  • Final Greetings and Benediction (418)

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