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SSH: Network Marketing: the marketing paradigm of the 21st century! ... the Wall ST Journal about companies like Amway, Herbalife, Primerica, and Excel. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Welcome Review
  • SSHBalancing Cyberwize and Life! How to do it?
  • SSH Values of our Organization! Who and what are
    you dealing with?
  • SSH Building a business, not a WELFARE SYSTEM.
  • Comfort Zones Tony Tharp
  • TM Mentoring DIAMOND TRAINING from Las Vegas!
    Who wants to grow?
  • TM 4 Customer
  • TM Contest
  • SSH Network Marketing the marketing paradigm of
    the 21st century!
  • SSH The Vision Quest where are we going?

Balancing Cyberwize and Life! How to do it?
  • We hear about priorities a lotcant go to
    trainingcant go to BBsPBRs, Events, Conf
    Callsyou dont understand the Back office or
  • That tells us this if we WANT to do this
    business and CANT do those things, yet we
    expect to make money with a business opportunity
    without doing anything on our end., could it have
    anything to do with balance? Im not accusing
    anyone of anything. Im just asking.
  • Everyone I personally know got into this biz
    for money. which leads us to believe that most
    people have the finance part of life out of
  • So lets talk about balance Think about itwhen
    you dietwhen you exercisewhen you go to school,
    when you have a baby, when you get
    marriedgetting good at a sport or playing a
    musical instrumentwhat had to happen? What took
    presidence until you got balance or achieved
    some measure of success with that focus? That
    focus of course. You had to put your all in to it
    to make it a success? Arent we all looking for
    balance and an income that will give us
  • There are areas of life that need to be in
    balance to function optimally or to be happy
  • Without balance in career, emotional stability,
    mental states, spiritualuality, relationships,
    and financeswe usually pay for this UN balance!
  • Something has to change to get the finance in
    balanceso the other areas have to take a second
    seat to the problem areait gets the most
    attention until it is brought back into the
    balance. You dont abandon the rest of lifebut
    it gets the MOST ATTENTION.
  • Our story When we decided to go gung ho in this
    biznesswe called a family meeting
  • Will you choose to make your finances the
    presidence and get them back into balance?

Values of our Organization!
  • Without value systems that we can all work with,
    there is no reason for us to buy in and support
    the vision as members and as a teamour values
    have to line upthat doesnt make the leader
    right and the team member wrongit just makes us
    differentbut it wont work because we are too
    far apart in our beliefs.
  • We want you to know the Cybermavens Team values
  • Production/Duplication, Training/Education, and
    helping our team reach their goals/pins is
    absolutely 1 we believe our actions reflect
    that. We believe the Zig Ziglar training Help
    enough people get what they want and you will get
    what you want by taking the focus off of self
    and helping the teammates. From the start we have
    said We want to run a clean campaign. We want
    our team members to know they can trust us to do
    right by them and teach and train like we
    promised we would.
  • Spend some time thinking about them after the
    calland email them with your call report tonight
    after the call.
  • And we all have to know the organizations
    values. If you dont know the Hager Marketing
    Values, we have them posted on the FAQS page.
    Take some time to print them and post them in
    your offices.

Building a Welfare System
  • Bet you had no idea you were going to hear about
    Welfare tonight did you? We arent here to talk
    about the Government Welfare system, we are
    talking our YOUR ORG. What kind of an
    organization have you built? Are you building?
    Is it system dependent or is it YOU dependent?
    Is it duplicatable and duplicating? If you
    arent there, does it move and grow with out you?
  • When we pay for people to get in, pay for their
    autoships, buy their tickets, and so forthhow
    serious can they take THEIR new business? If you
    look down through your organization and all you
    see are 99s not on autoship, or tracking
    positions that you are holding together with your
    money, or no growth coming in your legs of
    businessyou have built a Welfare system not
    unlike the very one in our own government. This
    path is sure to stunt the growth of your
  • Choose to educate, train, mentor, and lead the
    people you bring into this businessits all
    about how many NEW people you talk to
    everydayjust ask Janet Kerr! And its about
    following up with your peopleGet em in, Keep
    em in, and Move them alongthey will love and
    respect you forever for helping them like you
    said you would.

  • All people have areas of fear which hinder their
    ability to succeed. Most of us can recall at
    least one time we got out of our comfort zone to
    succeed at something new. We in spite of our
    fear, we learned to ride a bike, swim, pet a dog,
    drive a car, kiss our first love, move to a new
    school, face a bully or something we thought was
    impossible for us to do. Now we are in this great
    new business called Cyberwize. Once again if we
    wish to succeed, we will need to overcome some
    fears This means we will need to get out of some
    deep comfort zones such as talking to warm and
    cold market, learning to use the cyber office,
    the Hager-marketing system and most of all to
    become teachable. So, now we have the open door
    to succeed more than ever before. We have the
    greatest teachers, the best mentors, the best
    company, the best products and the best
    compensation. I want to encourage all of you to
    use all you have to get out of your comfort
    zones. And learn to do what it takes to achieve
    your goals. So that you and your families can
    truly have a life of comfort. Now all of us have
    the invitation to become the best working with
    the best. The Question is are you ready to get
    uncomfortable long enough to get comfortable?

Tania Moody Mentor Training
  • See This Mentoring Link

Motivation by H. Ross Perot
  • Eagles don't flock - you have to find them one at
    a time.
  • You've probably noticed this too.
  • Unlike most birds, eagles don't fly in flocks.
  • They don't simply fit in.
  • They don't conform to the activities of their own
  • You cannot find them in huge clusters.
  • They are flying alone, ahead of, and higher than
    the other birds.
  • Leaders are like eagles.

NEW 21st Century ParadigmDo YOU really believe
in this industry?
  • NWMing is coming of age
  • This is NOT your mother and fathers NWMing
  • Major corporations like IBM and Citigroup are
    seeing the value of using NWMing companies to
    get the word and products sold, so they are
    teaming up with companies like Cyberwize and
    Gullivers Travels rather than spending those
    advertising dollars the traditional way.
  • More and more you read from the Wall ST Journal
    about companies like Amway, Herbalife, Primerica,
    and Excel.
  • We are in on the ground floor of not only an
    innovative company but a marketing system whose
    time has come!!!
  • Be proud of NWMing. Its making more
    milliionaires than any other industry around.
  • Richard Poes Wave 4 Network Marketing in the
    21st Century

OUR VISION QUEST Reachable, but set HIGH enough
to hit something big!
  • One way we can help ourselves every day is to
    have an identifiable sloganwhen we say itwe
    know the values behind our organization and that
    are behind the slogan. Our Team Slogan this year
    is COME ALIVE IN 2005because it embodies the
    training and values that are at the core of our
    businesses. It reflects ACTION.
  • We have a team that has done great things
    already, but its time to take it further its
    time to go higher!!!
  • We have to know where we are going though, we
    have to have a plan, a focus, and action. Folks,
    we are going to Silvers, Golds, Platinums, and
    Diamonds before the end of the year. Its about
    choice! Choose to go with us! .

So to make our organizations COME ALIVE IN
2005we have to
  • BUILD REBUILD YOUR TEAM until we get drivers
    that will force that binary down to the deep,
    deep, depths of our teams
  • It will happen if we just dont quit!!! Remember
    the only way we lose in NWMing is to QUIT!!!
    Just DONT!!!
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