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Geotechnical Environmental Monitoring Systems – Pros


Gage Technique offers a range of advanced products including Data Logger Hire , Structural Sensors, Geotechnical instrumentation, environmental monitoring system. It also provides cost-effective instrument Calibration services. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Geotechnical Environmental Monitoring Systems – Pros

Geotechnical Environmental Monitoring Systems

  • Geotechnical instrumentation is of great help to
    the engineers and is used in characterizing the
    site conditions as well as parameters like
    permeability of soil, slope stability, etc. Right
    from the beginning of the project till the end of
    the project Geotechnical Instrumentation is
    useful. After site investigation comes design
    verification. In design verification Geotechnical
    Instrumentation is used for the purpose of design
    assumption verifications. Sometimes after
    verifying you come to know that the design needs
    to be altered later on. During construction
    control geotechnical instrumentation helps the
    engineers to know how the construction project
    process can be done at a super speed without any
    kind of failure problems.

  • Geotechnical instrumentation finds its use in
    quality control also. Firstly, the workmanship
    quality can be levied with the help of it and on
    later on it is used to see that the work is done
    as per the given specifications. When it comes to
    safety it is important that the safety monitoring
    systems is quick in presenting the data, in
    retrieving it and in processing it too. This
    helps in ensuring safety by alerting about
    failures in advance so that safe evacuation can
    take place and a solution for the failure could
    be found out and implemented.

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  • Some of the features of a Data Logger Hire
    include data retrieval options up to a large
    range, any and every geotechnical sensor reading
    virtually and alarming when the movement gets to
    a critical rate which is previously set.

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