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Small Business Financing


Express Funding Group offers a wide range of financing programs for small businesses to start and grow their operations. They provide low-interest loans, venture capital, and scientific and economic development grants. Contact them to know more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Small Business Financing

Express Funding Group
Why Cash Advance is the Best Bet for Small
  • Ever since the subprime crisis of 2007, the onus
    of holding a small businesses afloat has fallen
    to lenders providing business cash advances,
    unsecured term loans, and lines of credit to cash
    strapped small businesses that would otherwise
    find it hard to remain in operation. While one
    can choose to find lenders themselves to secure
    financing, it is better to approach a firm with
    an experience in securing financing through a
    number of lenders.
  • You may wonder why you shouldnt just directly
    approach different lenders to obtain funds. The
    answer is a simple one time and effort. When it
    comes to financial crunch, time is of the essence
    and only professionals can help secure the
    funding for you in as little time as possible.
    There are several financing experts such as that can help you get a
    business cash advance in as little as seven days.
  • If you are a small business owner who requires
    immediate funds to sustain or even expand your
    business, the key here is to determine what type
    of funding is better suited for you. There are
    various factors that determine the need for
    different funding.
  • The first and the foremost factor would be time.
    As discussed earlier, if one needs an immediate
    cash flow and cannot wait for the traditional
    financing options such as bank loans, then a cash
    advance is a better option as the former can take
    up a lot of time and effort with no guarantee of
    eventual funding.
  • If you have a bad credit history but have a
    constant cash flow, you can get your funding
    secured very easily with very little effort and
    time with a cash advance. Another advantage of
    the cash advance is that these funds do not
    reflect on your credit history in case one is
    wary of bad credit.
  • For start-ups it is better to choose a
    line-of-credit as it will be difficult to secure
    short term-loans or advances as they are meant
    for existing businesses. Moreover, lines of
    credit are better for start-ups in terms of the
    overall ease with which the repayments can be
  • For securing short term loans for small business
    one needs to have a good credit history but even
    in cases of bad credit history one can get a
    cosigner for their loan. This is not ideal for
    most businesses in the current financial scene.
  • Generally speaking, a cash advance is the best
    bet for small business because - unlike loans for
    small businesses - you can get the funds against
    your future cash flow through credit card
    transactions all you need is a set amount of
    cash flow each month though your merchant credit
    account. With a little help from a good financing
    group with a history of securing small business
    funding, one can be assured of the easiest
    processing of their funding applicatiion.

A Primer to Cash Advance for Small Businesses
  • Cash advance emerged to be the driving force for
    small businesses that were struggling to grow or
    even exist during the recession. There is
    probably no other funding option that can
    actually match with a small business cash advance
    in terms of the flexibility and ease of securing
    the funds. The most basic requirement is that the
    business owner must be processing credit card
    payments. If one finds that they are unable to
    meet their business needs due to low cash flows,
    they can usually look up lenders that can arrange
    funds for your business in exchange for a
    percentage of future sales. There are many
    businesses that can vouch for cash advances as
    they have saved a lot of them from going out of
  • This is, in fact, far more lucrative than
    traditional borrowing options such as bank loans
    which take ages to process and can involve a
    significant amount of time and effort on your
    part. The usual process involved with the banks
    includes scrutiny of your credit history and
    several other factors which one has no control
    over. Eventually the decision to grant you a loan
    lies with the bank and there is nothing much one
    can do about it. This is not the case with cash
    advances as credit history is not considered
    during the application process. There is some
    simple paperwork and the processing of the
    application is done in a single day itself. One
    can expect funds to be delivered in as early as a
  • There are some other options that one may look
    into such as short term loans for small business
    which are also unsecured but do need a good
    credit history on your part. The essence of the
    cash advance for small business is that it is not
    a loan and hence does not require fixed
    repayments. Since cash advances are secured in
    exchange for the percentage of future sales, the
    repayment is made according to your sales which
    can come in handy during weak business periods.
  • The best way to find trusted lenders is through
    a professional agency that can take up your case
    to affiliated lenders which helps to save the
    time and effort it takes to visit different
    lenders personally. For those new to this type of
    financing approaching, an agency is a good way to
    get acquainted with the whole process. This also
    ensures that one does not fall for unscrupulous
    lenders that have increased in numbers with the
    increase in popularity of the cash advance among
    small businesses.
  • Several small businesses have used it to their
    advantage by expanding, hiring, and investing the
    funds they received through cash advance. The
    cash advance is limited in terms of the amount
    one can get at a time and the number of business
    transactions. This is a minor concern,
    considering one can get funds with no collateral,
    little documentation, and fast approvals as in
    the case of reputed agencies such as Express
    Funding Group.

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