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You then chose God (free choice) Decree for Death of Christ. Fall ... Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary Vol 3. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ephesians

  • Walk Worthy
  • Written by Paul from prison about 60-62 A.D.
  • Key Verses 41
  • Myron G. Heavin

Ephesians Similarities
  • Colossians Christ who is head of the church
  • Ephesians The Church of Christ
  • Fits well with Colossians and Philemon
  • Similar teachings on family relations

Ephesians - Themes
  • Clearly tells us more about the church universal
    than do other writings in the Pauline corpus.
  • God is supremely important,
  • He brings salvation despite unworthy sinners
  • The Greatness of Christ
  • The Church occupies an important place in Gods
    working out of His great purpose.
  • We probably know more about the Ephesian church
    than any other NT church
  • Probably a circular letter original manuscripts
    do not include at Ephesus in the first sentence.

Ephesians Interesting Facts
  • Immediate Audience
  • Somewhat Immature Christians (60-62 A.D.)
  • Gentiles Jews
  • Written from a prison in Rome
  • A letter circulated to all the churches
  • A letter specifically addressed to gentiles

The Prison Epistles of Paul
EphesusLocated in Turkey
Ephesus was a harbor city across the Aegean Sea
from Athens, Greece and 100 miles from Colossae
Map of The Roman Empire
Ephesians New Testament Time Line
  • 38-41 Anti-Jewish Upheaval Alexandria ,
    Palestine, Judea
  • 49 - 54 Claudius expels Jews from Rome
  • 49 Church struggles, meets about Jews Gentiles
  • Acts 15, Gal. 21-15
  • 54 68 Nero becomes emperor, welcomes Jews back
  • Claudius poisoned by Neros Mother
  • Nero murdered Mother possibly half-brother
  • Nero allows Jews back into Rome
  • 57 Paul writes Romans
  • 60-62 Paul arrested, writes Colossians /
  • 64 / 65 Rome burns Nero blames Christians
  • 68 Siege in Jerusalem begins after Jewish
  • 70 Rome burns Jerusalem, temple destroyed

Ephesians Simple Outline (Dr. Martinez)
  • The Spiritual Wealth of the Believer (1-3)
  • The Spiritual Walk of the Believer (4-6)

Ephesians Basic Outline (F.F. Bruce)
  • Prescript (11-2)
  • The New Humanity A Divine Creation (13-321)
  • Introductory (13-14)
  • Thanksgiving Intercessory Prayer (115-23)
  • The Saving Grace of God (21-10)
  • The Incorporation of the Gentiles (211-22)
  • The Mystery of Christ (32-13)
  • The Intercessory Prayer Concluded (314-19)
  • The New Humanity in Earthly Life (41-620)
  • Letter Closing (621-24)

Ephesians Basic Outline (F.F. Bruce)
  • Prescript (11-2)
  • The New Humanity A Divine Creation (13-321)
  • The New Humanity in Earthly Life (41-620)
  • Exhortation to Unity (41-3)
  • Confession of Faith (44-6)
  • Provision for Spiritual Health and Growth
  • Christian Conduct (417-520)
  • Be Subject (521-6-9)
  • Be Strong in the Lord (610-17)
  • Watch and Pray (618-20)
  • Letter Closing (621-24)

Ephesians - Basic Outline (Holman Bible
  • Salutation (11-2)
  • Theology (13-321)
  • The Plan of Redemption (13-114)
  • The Blessings of Redemption (115-210)
  • The Propagation of Redemption (211-321)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption)
  • In Church life (41-16)
  • In Social life (417-521)
  • In Domestic life (522-69)
  • Conclusion (610-24)

Ephesians I. Salutation (11-2)
  • Same Prescript as 1 2 Corinthians, Colossians,
    2 Timothy
  • An apostle under Gods will
  • Original manuscripts do not identify letter as
    at Ephesus
  • True grace and peace comes from God the Father
  • The grace of God (Eph 32), or same as The grace
    of Christ (Gal 16)
  • The peace of God (Eph. 214-17 615 same as the
    peace of Christ (Col. 315)

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Ephesians Theology (13-321)
  • A Praise for Redemption (13-6)
  • He chose us, He foreordained us, he has freely
    bestowed grace on us.
  • God chose you (Divine election) (Eph. 13 Heb.
    43 1Pet 120)
  • You then chose God (free choice)

Ephesians - Theology (13-321) (Shedd -
  • Divine Decrees
  • Founded in Wisdom
  • Eternal Known unto God are all his works from
    the beginning (Acts 1518) The Kingdom was
    prepared before the foundation of the world
    (Matt. 2534)
  • Immutable (cannot change)
  • Unconditional or absolute (execution does not
    depend upon anything that has not itself been
  • Efficacious decree determines events by physical
    / material causes
  • Efficacious - Surely will come to pass

Ephesians - Theology (13-321) (Shedd -
  • Gods decree of election respects man
  • You have not chosen me but I have chosen you.
    (John 1516)
  • God has chosen the foolish things of this world
    to confound the wise (1 Cor. 127-28)
  • accordingly as he has chosen us in him before
    the foundation of the world (Eph. 14)
  • The gifts and calling of God are without
    repentance (Rom 1122) whom he predestined
    them he glorified (832)
  • The Permissive decree relates only to moral evil
  • God allows but does not invent evil
  • Mans voluntary acts are not a series for the
    divine mind but all of them are present at once
    and therefore certain to God.

Ephesians - Theology (13-321) (F. F. Bruce)
  • Believers are united today with Christ in the
    Heavenly Realm where Christ has been raised
  • Christ chose His people before the worlds
  • It denotes divine election in eternity before
  • Our created world included created time, space,
    and matter
  • in Him (Col 116) all things were created,
    i.e. the people of God were chosen.
  • Those who he foreknew (Rom. 829) he also
    predestined to be conformed to the image of his
    Son ...
  • Christ is the foundation, the origin, and
    executor all that is involved in election and
    its fruits depends on Him.
  • (When we live forever, we will simply live
    outside this creation, and will someday live
    outside time itself.)

Ephesians - Theology (13-321) (Other)
  • All who dwell on the earth will worship him,
    everyone whose name has not been written from the
    foundation of the world in the book of life of
    the Lamb who has been slain. (Rev 138, NASB)
  • The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is
    about to come up out of the abyss and go to
    destruction. And those who dwell on the earth,
    whose name has not been written in the book of
    life from the foundation of the world, will
    wonder when they see the beast, that he was and
    is not and will come. Rev 178)

Ephesians Theology (13-321)
  • Prayer for Redemption and Final Reconciliation
  • We are redeemed by Christs blood (Col. 114
    Rom. 325)
  • We are redeemed with wisdom and understanding
  • Grace requires personal relationships (also see
    Rom. 520)
  • Mystery hidden in Old Testament is now revealed.
    (Col 127)
  • The reconciliation in Colossians is man to God
    while the reconciliation in Ephesians is among
    fellow men (church)
  • God works reveal the mystery of Christ, in the
    fullness of the times, i.e. at just the right

Ephesians Theology (13-321)
  • Praise for the Assurance of the Believers
    Heritage (111-14)
  • God destined and appointed, foreordained us
    according to Him who works all things by the
    council of His will
  • Christ claimed us as His portion
  • The Holy Spirit seals us when we first believe
    the truth (Acts 192)
  • The Holy Spirit guarantees our future inheritance
    (glory yet to come)
  • You (gentiles) also are included in this
    inheritance (113)
  • This section is remarkably similar to Acts 156-9
  • God will redeem his own possession on
    resurrection day
  • The purpose of all of this is so we can praise God

Ephesians Theology (13-321)
  • Introductory Thanksgiving Intercessory Prayer
  • Typically Paul places this near start of a letter
  • Prayer for spiritual wisdom and revelation of
    knowledge of Him
  • Prayer for spiritual eyes to know
  • The hope of your calling (in Christ)
  • The glorious wealth of his inheritance in the
  • The surpassing greatness of his power in us

Ephesians Theology (13-321)
  • Gods Mighty Strength Shown in Christ (120-23)
  • Raised Him from the dead
  • Seated Christ at His right hand in the heavenly
  • He is above all the various layers in Heaven
    (Eph. 410)
  • Christ rules over all the spiritual and earthly
  • Psalm 8 110 Heb 11-28 Col 116
  • Christ rules the church, which is His body (Col

Ephesians Theology (13-321)The Saving Grace
of God (21-10)
  • The New Life in Christ (21-7)
  • You (gentiles) were raised to life, when you were
    dead thru sin
  • We Jews also led our lives with fleshly desires
  • We are all raised up with him and are seated with
    him in the heavenly realm, in Christ Jesus
  • This is only place Paul says we are in the
    heavenlies now (today)
  • Gods New Creation (28-10)
  • God has graciously saved us through faith /
  • We humans can do no works for our salvation and
    cannot boast
  • We are transformed into a new creation (2 Cor.
    517 Isa 6517, 6622)

Ephesians Theology (13-321)The Incorporation
of the Gentiles (211-22)
  • The Gentiles Former Plight (211-12)
  • The Gentiles Present Access (213-18)
  • Gentiles have been brought near by the blood of
    Christ (Heb. 1019-22)
  • The barriers between Jews and Gentiles are
  • The two groups now form one body, the church
  • The Mosaic law of commandments, ordinances, and
    all is ended (215)
  • But we both remain as different members of the

Ephesians Theology (13-321)The Incorporation
of the Gentiles (211-22)
  • The Gentiles Membership in the House of God
  • Gentiles are first class equal citizens to their
    fellow Jews (Rom. 925-26)
  • Gentile inclusion is built on foundation of
    apostles, prophets, and Jesus Christ as the
    chief cornerstone (Isa. 2816)
  • Jesus binds the whole structure together
  • You gentiles are being built together for Gods
    indwelling of the Holy Spirit

Ephesians Theology (13-321)Prayer and the
Mystery of Christ (31-21)
  • Intercessory Prayer Resumed (31)
  • Continuation of Eph. 115-19
  • Paul is a prisoner of Christ Jesus for you
  • Paul was arrested specifically for taking
    gentiles into inner temple (Acts 2117-36 Rom.
    1514-32) per F. F. Bruce
  • The Mystery of Christ (32-13)

Ephesians Theology (13-321)Prayer and the
Mystery of Christ (31-21)
  • Paul revealed the Mystery of Christ (32-7)
  • The gospel of faith was always there
  • Previous generations did not know about Christ or
    that God cared about Gentiles and Jews equally
  • God revealed the Mystery of Christ to Paul
  • Gentiles are now fellow-heirs, members of same
    body, joint-partakers of the promise
  • The Law which kept them apart was now gone
  • Incorporation of Gentiles into the church is

Ephesians Theology (13-321)Prayer and the
Mystery of Christ (31-21)
  • The Eternal Purpose (38-13)
  • Paul was the one chosen to reveal the Mystery of
  • God had in mind from eternity to form a church, a
    third race, of men and women of faith for eternal
  • God revealed that mystery through Paul and the
    church to the angels in heaven as well as to
    those on earth
  • This kept Satan in the dark about Christs
    sacrificial death until it was done
  • Therefore do not lose heart everything is
    working for your good

Ephesians Theology (13-321)Prayer and the
Mystery of Christ (31-21)
  • Intercessory Prayer Concluded (314-19)
  • Pray for knowledge that culminates in knowing
    love of Christ
  • This knowledge comes from Christ being in your
  • Indwelling of Christ and Holy Spirit in heart are
    same thing
  • That you may be filled up with the fullness of
  • Doxology (320-21)

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(No Transcript)
Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption)
  • Therefore transitions from doctrine to doing
  • In Church life (41-16)
  • Exhortation to Unity (413)
  • General principals instead of specific rules
  • Unity between Gentiles and Jews is implied
  • Confession of Faith (44-6)
  • Spirit Lord God expresses our experience
  • In Social life (417-520)
  • In Domestic life (522-69)

Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption)
  • In Social life (417-520)
  • Provision for Spiritual Health and Growth
  • Each church member has distinct needed gifts
  • (See Psalm 6818)
  • Each is to use those gifts to build up the church
  • Each is to be mature in their faith
  • Each is to speak the truth with love
  • Christ holds everything together
  • Christian Conduct (417-520)

Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption)
  • In Social life (417-520)
  • Christian Conduct (417-520)
  • The Old Man and the New (417-24)
  • You (gentiles) were once pagans
  • You have been taught by Christ
  • Therefore renew your mind change your ways
  • Col 39 for mature Christians, this for new

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Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption)
  • In Social life (417-520)
  • Christian Conduct (417-520)
  • Negative and Positive Precepts (425-32)
  • Do not lie, steal, be angry, and watch your
  • People tend to see themselves with righteous
    anger but others as sinful angry. Put a lid or
    a cap on anger
  • Clamor probably refers to shouting
  • Husbands are forbidden to use harshness or
    bitterness towards wives (Col. 319)
  • Build each other up, be kind, tenderhearted, and

Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption)
  • In Social life (417-520)
  • The Imitation of God (51-2)
  • These new Believers had no previous example
  • Our youth today have few examples to follow
  • From Darkness to Light (53-14)
  • Walk the talk and talk the walk
  • Be careful who you associate with what you do
  • Be careful with empty arguments beliefs
  • Col 35 also lists 5 categories of wrongs
  • Secret deeds/rites will be exposed in the light
  • People repeatedly sinning will face Gods wrath

Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption)
  • In Social life (417-520)
  • Be Filled with the Spirit (515-20)
  • Live as wise persons
  • Discern what the Lords will is
  • Dont get drunk (Prov. 2331)
  • Be happy, joyous, of good spirit
  • Always give thanks

Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption) in
    Domestic Life (521-69)
  • In Domestic life (Christ is our example head
    today act like Him
  • Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Most of us daily fall into both columns below
  • We need to treat each other with more love
  • We need more reverence (fear) of God and others
  • We will be judged and rewarded based on our

Ephesians III. Ethics (41-620)
  • Ethics (The Application of Redemption)
  • Be Strong in the Lord (610-17)
  • We are fighting against evil spiritual forces in
    the heavens
  • We must be equipped with truth, righteousness,
    being prepared, faith, the Word, and salvation
  • Watch and Pray (618-20)
  • Pray at all times in the spirit
  • Pray also for me that I am boldly speak the
    mystery of the gospel

The Armor of God
Armor of God
  • For we are fighting against spiritual forces
    located in the heavens, not against flesh and

Ephesians IV. Conclusion (621-24)
  • Personal Notes (621-22)
  • Tychicus will inform and comfort you about my
  • There is no list of greeters or those greeted
  • This supports a circular letter rather than a
    specific one (as Ephesus 11 is not in earliest
  • Final Benediction (623-24)
  • Typical Paul Benediction of Grace

Practical Applications
  • Believers are chosen by God
  • Then we freely choose God
  • We are saved by faith, not by any works of us
  • We need to better love those that report to us
  • We need to respect those we report to (God)
  • We need to walk the talk and talk the walk
  • We are in spiritual warfare against dark forces
  • Our weapons are truth, faith, righteousness,
    preparation, and salvation

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