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Worst Work Habits


Here is a quick insight on all of the worst work habits that can cost you your job. Learn what they are and how to break them! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Worst Work Habits

10 Worst Work Habits That Can Cost You Your Job
  • Be Ware

  • Lets take a look at your worst habits
  • . And your co-workers biggest pet peeves

  • We can all admit that we have some bad habits,
    but these behaviors can affect you negatively in
    more ways that you can imagine. They can even
    cost you your job..

Bad Habits
  • 1) Number One Procrastination.
  • A lot of people work best under pressure, or so
    they say. Putting tasks off until the last minute
    invites plenty of problems, even when you believe
    this is when you do your best work.
  • How to break it? MAKE A PLAN! Use a dry erase
    board to keep an agenda of all deadlines, also
    use Post-it-Notes and ball point pens to take
    note of any additional tasks.

  • 2) Taking Advantage of Leeway
  • Some companies are strict about the time you
    clock in and out, others are not. Always be
    honest about recording the time, because trust me
    people do notice.
  • 3) Negativity
  • Stop complaining!
  • 4) Tardiness
  • When you arrive late for work or a meeting it
    displays an attitude of carelessness.

  • 5) Being a Sloppy E-mailer
  • This involves anything from not responding to
    e-mails to not being aware of how you come across
    through e-mails. According to Forbes You might
    be perceived as abrupt or rude, or too
    long-winded or wordy.
  • 6) Social Media Addiction
  • Quit going on Facebook 20 times a day. I promise
    95 of your newsfeed is uninteresting.

  • 7) Poor Grammar
  • Refrain from thinking you are constantly at a
    social gathering, bad grammar translates into
    believing that person to be uneducated.
  • 8) Inefficiency
  • Bad habits like disorganization are associated
    with ineffectiveness.
  • How to break it? To-Do List.
  • Have a notebook at hand where you can cross off
    every task you completed, it will give you a
    feeling of fulfillment and it will help you stay
    on track.
  • Take use of those file cabinets and file folders!
    Organize by project or deadline.

  • 9) Refusing to Socialize
  • People who are team players will always
    experience constant success at work.
  • 10) Temper Tantrums
  • Avoid this at all costs. If you can not handle
    your temper then you are seen as not been able to
    handle responsibilities' or work well under
    pressure, this is one of the biggest career

Biggest Workplace Pet Peeves
  • LinkedIn conducted a poll about the biggest
    workplace pet peeves. And these are the results
  • Those who dont take ownership of their actions.
  • Co-workers who complain too much.
  • Gross common areas (not washing your own dishes)
  • Meetings that start late or go long.
  • Colleagues who never respond to email.

  • We all have habits, the key is to be aware and
    avoid them when they can hurt our career or
    professional relationships.

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