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The ABC's of Cognition and Creativity


Emily Dickinson Poem #632. The Brain-is wider than the Sky- For- put them side by side ... The one the other will contain. With ease- and You-beside- The Brain ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The ABC's of Cognition and Creativity

The ABC's of Cognition and Creativity
  • Dr.Linda Karges-Bone
  • CSU School of Education
  • Free teacher newsletter

Emily Dickinson Poem 632
  • The Brain-is wider than the Sky-
  • For- put them side by side-
  • The one the other will contain
  • With ease- and You-beside-
  • The Brain is deeper than the sea-
  • For-hold them- Blue to Blue-
  • The one the other will absorb-
  • As Sponges-Buckets-do-
  • The Brain is just the weight of God-
  • For- Heft them-Pound for Pound-
  • As they will differ-if they do
  • As Syllable from Sound-

A is for Amygdalas
  • Greek for Almond
  • Almond-shaped structures deep in each of the left
    and right brain sides
  • Responsible for signaling danger
  • Trigger stress hormones
  • Effectively shut down the pre-frontal cortex as
    a survival strategy

4 for blueberries
  • Blueberries help you to solve problems 50 faster
    ( Tufts)
  • Brain-berry Smoothie1 cup OJ, 1 cup frozen
    berries, 1 small container yogurt

5 for Corpus Callosum
  • Womens brains have up to 15 more cell density
    in the frontal lobe and the corpus callosum in
    womens brains is 14 times larger than in men.
  • It disseminates information from the cerebral
    cortex on one side of the brain to the same
    region the other side .

DDark Chocolate is Brain Food
  • Dark Chocolate is an anti-oxidant.
  • Dark Chocolate can boost mood. It contains the
    same cannaboids ( chemicals) as marijuana! But
    in small amounts!
  • Chocolate eaters live a year longer than others.
  • Dark chocolate contains flavanols that increase
    blood vessel dilation.

Eis for Estrogen
  • Mens brains synthesize 52 more serotonin than
    womens brains do!
  • The amygdalas also operate differently in
    womenespecially with memories.
  • Men and women see memories on different sides
    of the amygdalas.
  • Women also ruminate or remember memories more

F.Frontal Lobes
  • Involved in social judgment and volition,
    thinking, planning, emotion and sense of self.
  • Includes the Brocas Area, associated with
  • Pre-frontal cortex, which integrates feelings
    with experiences.
  • Administration of motor activities.
  • Left/Right Brain Home

G..Is Your Brain Programmed Green?
  • It is said that green is the most restful
    color for the human eye.
  • Green has great healing power. It can soothe
  • People who work in green environments have fewer
    stomach aches.
  • Green is beneficial around teething infants.
  • Suicides dropped 34 when London's Blackfriar
    Bridge was painted green.

HCan you hear me?
I..Investigate your intelligence
  • Linguistic intelligence ("word smart")
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence
    ("number/reasoning smart")
  • Spatial intelligence ("picture smart")
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart")
  • Musical intelligence ("music smart")
  • Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart")
  • Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart")
  • Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart")

J..Juggle your memory
  • New research on how one can improve memory turns
    up some tried and true results.
  • In order to improve memory, you need 3 things
  • Schema ( organizing structure)
  • Practice
  • Focus

K..Keep focused on learning
  • When researchers removed a famous painting from
    the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and quizzed
    employees who had seen the work every day, each
    remembered only a few aspects of the painting.
    Curators remembered themes of the painting, art
    preservers recalled mainly its size and how tough
    it was to clean, security guards remembered that
    it had a bright color. Not one could thoroughly
    describe it.

L..In the limbic system we find the amygdalas
and hippocampus
  • The hippocampus is associated with memory
  • The amygdala is a walnut sized structure that is
    activated when the brain senses danger, fear, or

Mis for Matter. The Gray Matter Cerebral Cortex
  • Spread out, it is about the size of a linen
    dinner napkin.
  • But, if you were to count the synapses at the
    rate of 1 per second, you would finish 32 million
    years after you began!
  • Sylwester, Bright Air, Brilliant Fire

N..Neural Plasticity
  • A central hypothesis underlying remediation and
    enrichment programs is that the brain is more
    malleable during infancy and early childhood than
    later in life. This malleability leads to an
    increased capacity for learning, which in turn
    provides an opportunity for the improvement of
    cerebral functioning that cannot be reproduced to
    the same extent or with the same ease later in
    life. This property of the immature brain is
    referred to as neural plasticity. ( Huttenlocher,

O..Occipital Lobes
  • The vision center of the brain
  • Damage here can cause blindness or hallucinations.

P is for Peppermint Peps Up the Brain
Q..Quit Stressing Your Brain Out
  • Remarkably, the animals that were exposed to any
    kind of stress during puberty showed an increase
    in depressive-like behaviors as adults. They also
    had elevated levels of corticosterone, a primary
    stress hormone.
  • Dr. Russell Romeo
  • Barnard College
  • 2007

RReading well is also a matter of brain timing
  • Rutgers University researchers found that to read
    WELL the brain has only a few thousandths of a
    second to translate each symbol into the proper
  • Most children40 milliseconds
  • Language impaired children500 milliseconds
  • Fast enough to speak fluently, but not to read

SThe Brain Needs Sleep!
  • Sleep helps the brain to plant new information in
    the memory banks.
  • Exercise ( which lifts the brain out of
    depression) can also aid healthy sleep. A double
  • New research suggests that kids with ADHD display
    disrupted sleep patterns.

22 for Testosterone
  • Mens brains have 2.5 times more brain space
    devoted to sexual drive.
  • In males, the centers for action and aggression
    are larger.
  • From, The Female Brain. 2006

UUnderstand the brain-body connection
  • The link between the brain and body has been
    confirmed. In her new book, The Balance Within
    The Science of Connecting Health and Emotions,
    Dr.Esther Sternberg reports that
  • The brain has receptors for the molecules that
    carry signals between immune cells, those
    communicator molecules are vital for healthy
    immune function.
  • Stress can break down this communication and
    literally make you sick.

V.Vanilla Anyone?
  • Studies have been done showing that certain
    smells can be helpful in enhancing relaxation.
    One of the most well-known studies was done at
    Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital, on patients
    undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
    where the patient must lie motionless in a
    capsule while their internal organs are scanned.
    When the vanilla- like aroma of heliotrope was
    introduced into the tube, 63 of the patients
    showed reduced anxiety.

WWatch you timing of new learning
  • If you are learning a new skill, such as a song
    on the piano, riding a bike, or mastering French
    verbs, it takes the brain 6 hours to store the
    new information in memory.But, if you interrupt
    the process by trying to learn something else,
    the first lesson is erased.

XExercise for a fit brain
  • Exercise feeds oxygen to the brain
  • Reduces the effects of aging
  • There is a strong relationship between academic
    achievement and fitness scores.
  • Darla Castelli, University of Illinois
  • Fit children allocate more brain activity to
  • Fit children show more accuracy in thinking.

Y.Young Brains Not Done Yet
  • Researchers at the National Institute of Mental
    Health found that there are dramatic shifts in
    the front of the brain during puberty.
  • This may account for risky behaviors among teens.
  • Hard-Wiring Not Completed Until Age 25

Z is for Zinc and other Vitamins that can help
raise IQ!
  • After 13 weeks, about 45 of those taking
    supplements gained 15 or more points in
    non-verbal IQ
  • Vitamins boosted IQ a minimum of 6 pt. with an
    average of 11 pt. And a maximum of 21 pt.
  • 615 8th and 10th graders ( Kings
    College, London)

Remember this rhyme!
  • Neurons that wire together, fire together.
  • Neurons that fire together, wire together.
  • In adolescents, the experiences that they have
    will permanently affect the hard-wiring of the
    highest levels of the pre-frontal cortex and
    sensitize the limbic system to cue in on feelings
    in a certain way. Every experience counts more in

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