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Politics and International Relations


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Title: Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations
  • Introduction to Global Politics
  • Islam Politics in a Global World
  • Globalisation
  • Putin Russia's Choice
  • American Political Process
  • Green Political Thought
  • European Foreign Policy
  • Contemporary Italian Politics
  • Understanding Northern Ireland
  • Britain European Integration Since 1945
  • Almanac of British Politics
  • Political Development

Introduction to Global PoliticsA Journey from
Yesterday to TomorrowRichard W Mansbach and
Kirsten L Rafferty
  • A comprehensive introductory textbook.
  • Historical approach explains the background to
    key contemporary issues and integrates theories
    with real world-examples.
  • Comprehensive global coverage US, European
    Asia, the Middle East and the Developing World
  • Full colour throughout.

August 2007 246x189 640ppPb
978-0-415-77383-6 29.99
Islam Politics in a Global WorldInternational
Relations of the Muslim WorldPeter Mandaville
  • Audience textbook for upper-level undergraduate
    courses on Political Islam and Islam and World
  • Explains the complex interaction between
    political Islam, nationalism and globalization.
  • Unique approach of incorporating theories from
    International Relations and Globalization studies
    to explain global development of political
  • Fully illustrated throughout.

June 2007 234x156 256ppHb 978-0-415-32606-3
75.00Pb 978-0-415-32607-0 21.99
Globalisation North-South PerspectivesJohn Glenn
  • Modular textbook for upper-level undergrads.
  • Covers how globalization affects the global
    south (the Third World) as well as the richer
  • Exploration of globalization theories and
  • how these impact upon
  • the economy
  • sovereignty
  • civil society
  • governance
  • communication.

July 2007 234x156 256ppHb 978-0-415-25096-2
55.00Pb 978-0-415-25097-9 16.99
Putin Russia's Choice 2nd edition Richard Sakwa
  • Updated to take into account his second term as
  • Provides a detailed account of the man, his
    politics and his profound influence on Russian
    politics, foreign policy and society.
  • Essential reading for all students and scholars
    of Russian and Soviet politics and contemporary

August 2007 234x156 320ppHb
978-0-415-40765-6 75.00Pb 978-0-415-40766-3
American Political ProcessAn Introduction 8th
edition Alan Grant
  • This well-established textbook has been
    thoroughly revised and updated throughout.
  • Praise for the Previous Edition extremely
    reliable, well informed and deftly organised. All
    students wishing to gain a sound understanding of
    the subject should be encouraged to buy this
    book.' - John Dumbrell, Keele University, UK.
  • Comprehensive overview includes a range of
    background information, giving valuable context
    to the body of the text.

August 2007 246x174 320ppHb
978-0-415-42184-3 75.00Pb 978-0-415-42185-0
Green Political Thought 4th Edition Andrew Dobson
  • Well established text for upper-level
  • undergraduate modules on green/
  • environmental politics.
  • New to this edition
  • relationship between Green party programmes and
    the ideology of ecologism
  • analysis of an intellectual and political
    'anti-environment' backlash
  • the relationship between ecologism and
  • ecological citizenship.
  • 'This is the best text yet written on the
    subject.' Times Educational Supplement.
  • Review of previous edition.

April 2007 216x138 240ppHb 978-0-415-40351-1
75.00Pb 978-0-415-40352-8 18.99
An Introduction to European Foreign Policy
Fraser Cameron
  • The EU from an 'insider' perspective.
  • Reviews the evolution of the EUs international
    role over the past two decades and illustrates
    the growing influence of the EU in areas such as
    trade and development, the environment and global
  • Clearly written with the inclusion of key
    documents, summaries, further sources, maps,
    diagrams and cases.

March 2007 234x156 288ppHb 978-0-415-40767-0
70.00Pb 978-0-415-40768-7 19.99
Contemporary Italian PoliticsSimon Parker and
Paolo Natale
  • Previous Italian politics books have sold well.
  • Suitable for use in courses on comparative
    European politics and politics modules on Italian
    studies programmes.
  • Innovative use of photographs, boxed biographies,
    figures, annotated further
  • reading.

September 2007 246x174 256ppHb
978-0-415-32598-1 75.00Pb 978-0-415-32599-8
Understanding Northern IrelandColonialism,
Control Consociation 3rd Edition John McGarry
and Brendan O'Leary
  • A well-established and highly regarded text,
    ideal for upper-level undergraduate courses on
    Irish Politics and Peace and Conflict studies.
  • New material on the peace process and the 2003
    Assembly elections bringing the story up-to-date
    to 2006.
  • Essential reading for all students of Northern
    Ireland politics and peace and conflict studies.

August 2007 246x174 320ppHb
978-0-415-34905-5 75.00Pb 978-0-415-34906-2
Political DevelopmentDamien Kingsbury
  • Discusses political development in its broadest
  • Includes chapters on democracy, institution
    building, the state, state failure, nation, the
    rule of law, human rights and political violence.
  • Addresses the debates about good governance and
    institution building in the context of
    international development.
  • Audience development studies,
  • comparative politics,
  • governance and political
  • theory.

June 2007 234x156 252ppHb 978-0-415-40187-6
70.00Pb 978-0-415-40188-3 19.99
Understanding Conflict ViolenceTheoretical and
Interdisciplinary ApproachesTim Jacoby
  • Explores the causes of violence and conflict by
    highlighting their evolutionary roots and
    illustrating them with in-depth case studies and
  • Interdisciplinary across international
    relations, history, economics, development,
    politics and sociology.
  • Audience students and scholars of international
    relations, history, economics, development,
    politics and sociology.

July 2007 234x156 240ppHb 978-0-415-36911-4
70.00Pb 978-0-415-36910-7 19.99
Military, Strategic and Security Studies Andrew
  • War, Peace and International Relations
  • Strategic Studies
  • Secret Intelligence
  • Understanding Internal Wars and Conflicts
  • US Defense Policy and National Security
  • Homeland Security in the UK
  • Terrorism Today
  • The Warrior Ethos
  • Understanding Terrorism and Political Violence

War, Peace and International Relations An
Introduction to Strategic History Colin S. Gray
  • Takes a broad view of what was relevant to the
    causes, courses, and consequences of wars.
  • Explores international politics over a two
    hundred year period, plus predictions up until
  • Useful for courses in strategy, military history,
    international history, and international
  • Author is one of the world's leading scholars in
    Strategic Studies, and well known amongst US
    military colleges.

April 2007 246x174 304ppHb 978-0-415-38638-8
75.00Pb 978-0-415-38639-5 21.99
Strategic Studies A ReaderThomas Mahnken and
Joseph A. Maiolo
  • Reader brings together key essays by
  • leading contributors in the field.
  • Contents include
  • reinterpretation of the classics
  • nuclear strategy
  • intelligence, perception and deception
  • instruments of war land, sea, and
  • air power
  • limited war, small wars and terrorism
  • war termination.
  • Audience students of strategic
  • studies, security and modern warfare,
  • military students.

July 2007 246x174 464ppHb 978-0-415-77221-1
80.00Pb 978-0-415-77222-8 24.99
Secret Intelligence A ReaderChristopher Andrew,
Richard Aldrich Wesley Wark
  • Articles are policy oriented and international in
  • Focuses on policy, blending classic essays on
    concepts and approaches with recent essays on
    current issues.
  • Written by leading scholars in the field.
  • For students and academics of intelligence
    studies, security studies and international
  • in general.

October 2007 246x174 444ppHb
978-0-415-42023-5 85.00Pb 978-0-415-42024-2
Understanding Internal Wars and ConflictsRichard
H. Shultz and Itamara V. Lochard
  • Tracks the evolution of internal wars, examining
    its various aspects, patterns and armed-group
  • Audience students of civil wars, ethnic
    conflicts, conflict resolution and security
    studies and IR.
  • Main author is a well-known scholar of security
  • Growing area of study.

July 2007 246x174 240ppHb 978-0-415-77096-5
75.00Pb 978-0-415-77097-2 20.99
US Defense Policy and National Security Theory
and PracticeSapolskyand and Gholz
  • Emphasis on the process of defence policy-making
    rather than just the outcomes of that process.
  • Focus on the role of the President, Congress,
    political partisans, the defence industries,
    lobbies, and interest groups, including the
    military itself, in shaping policies.
  • For students of national security, US defence
    politics, and US public policy, foreign policy,
    international security
  • political science. 

August 2007 246x174 224ppHb
978-0-415-77265-5 75.00Pb 978-0-415-77266-2
Britain European Integration Since 1945David
Gowland, Arthur Turner and Alex Wright
  • Combines an historical account with political
  • Illustrates the changing and multifaceted nature
    of British and European politics.
  • Audience students of British
  • history, British politics and
  • European politics.

September 2007 234x156 284ppHb
978-0-415-32212-6 65.00Pb 978-0-415-32213-3
The Almanac of British PoliticsRobert Waller and
Byron Criddle
  • Praise for Previous Editions
  • A really useful guide to our rulers. A fountain
    of arcana and attitude. Jeremy Paxman
  • "Indispensable", The Economist
  • The leading guide to British parliamentary life
    and features profiles of every MP and
  • The 8th edition has been comprehensively updated
    to include the results of the2005 election.

July 2007 234x156 896ppHb 978-0-415-37824-6
100.00Pb 978-0-415-37823-9 39.99
Strategy and HistoryColin S. Gray
  • Colin Gray is one of the world's leading
    strategic thinkers and has published 18 books
  • Gray was advisor to the Pentagon for a number of
    years he is very well known in policy circles
  • the book contains writings from 30 years of
    strategic thinking and makes a significant
    contribution to the understanding of strategy in
    the modern world
  • will have strong appeal to all students of
    Strategic Studies, military history and
    International Relations, and to students in
    military colleges worldwide.

February 2006 234x156 248ppHb 0-415-38634-9
75.00Pb 0-415-38635-7 20.99 ABI
War, Peace and International RelationsAn
Introduction to Strategic HistoryColin S. Gray
  • Colin Gray is one of the world's leading scholars
    in Strategic Studies
  • There is no current textbook covering the
    evolution of warfare and strategy in modern
  • Useful for both undergraduate and graduate
    courses in strategy, military history,
    international history, and international
  • US military colleges also teach strategic history
    as a core course and Gray is well known to these

November 2006 280pp Hb 0-415-38638-1
70.00 Pb 0-415-38639-X 19.99 ABI
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