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Loudoun County Public Library Employee Orientation


Loudoun County Public Library Employee Orientation * Internal Structures LCPL Workgroup Meetings and Representatives to Management Team LCPL Management Team: Division ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Loudoun County Public Library Employee Orientation

Loudoun County Public Library Employee
Todays Agenda
  • 910 - 930 Welcome Introductions Beth
  • 930 1100 Overview of LCPL Chang Liu
  • 1100 1115 Break
  • 1115 1135 Overview, Technology Division
    Lydia Patrick
  • 1135 1155 Overview, Collection Management
    Services Division
  • Mary Lou Demeo
  • 1155 1215 Overview, Administration Office
  • Human Resources Kelley Nelson
  • 1215 100 Lunch
  • 100 200 Overview, Public Services
  • 200 220 Overview, Programming Division
    Heather Hughes
  • 220 230 Break
  • 230 250 Overview, Branches Leah
  • 250 300 Closing Remarks Chang Liu

Welcome Introductions
  • Meeting Ground Rules
  • Honor each voice
  • Have one conversation at a time
  • Be present and engaged
  • Work for the good of the whole

Welcome Introductions
  • Introductions
  • 1. Your name
  • 2. Your branch/division, current position, and
    how long youve worked for LCPL
  • 3. Where you worked/lived before coming to LCPL
  • 4. The title of your favorite book, movie or poem

Library Director, Chang Liu
  • Education
  • Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • University of Michigan
  • Beijing University
  • Experience
  • National Library of China
  • Ann Arbor Public Library, Michigan
  • St. Louis Public Library, Missouri
  • DC Public Library
  • Arlington Public Library, VA
  • Loudoun County Public Library

Library Director, Chang Liu
  • Focus Areas People and Place
  • 1. Improving relationships with the County
    Administrators Office and
  • other County Departments
  • 2. Making sure that staff have natural customer
    service orientation teamwork spirit initiative
    intellectual curiosity technology skills and
    communication skills.
  • 3. Addressing performance issues in a firm, fair,
    and consistent manner

Library Director, Chang Liu
  • Focus Areas People and Place
  • 4. Developing a system-wide approach on policies
    and procedures.
  • Communicating with all staff
  • 5. Fostering a positive, energizing, inspiring,
    empowering the organizational culture
  • 6. Enhancing customer experience by providing
    attractive, safe, clean, and well-maintained
    public space

Library Director, Chang Liu
  • Leadership Style
  • Integrity
  • Passion for Service
  • Competency
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Fairness
  • Results
  • Three Donts
  • Dont underestimate the power of one. You can
    make a difference.
  • Dont take no for an answer pursue your ideas.
  • Dont suffer in silence.

Governance Structure
  • Loudoun County Board of Supervisors - the
    governing board for Loudoun Elected every four
    years to represent each electoral district in
  • Scott York, Chair, At-Large
  • Janet Clarke, Vice Chair, Blue Ridge
  • Geary Higgins, Catoctin District
  • Ken Reid, Leesburg District
  • Ralph Buona, Ashburn District
  • Suzanne Volpe, Algonkian District
  • Shawn Williams, Broad Run District
  • Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling District
  • Matt Letourneau, Dulles District

Loudoun County Government Administration
  • The county administrator directs and supervises
    the day-to-day
  • operations of County departments and agencies.
  • Tim Hemstreet, County Administrator
  • Linda Neri, Deputy Administrator
  • Julie Grandfield, Deputy Administrator

Library Board of Trustees
  • Trustees are appointed by the Loudoun County
    Board of Supervisors.
  • The Library Board hires the Library Director and
    has control of the
  • library budget.
  • The Library Board works with the library director
    and staff in the study, evaluation and
    development of library policies and long-range
  • Library Board meetings take place on the third
    Wednesday of every
  • month at 730 P.M.

Library Board of Trustees
  • Nancy Nuell, Chair, Ashburn
  • Mark Miller, Vice Chair, At-Large
  • Jackie Veith, Catoctin District
  • Mary Pellicano, Leesburg District
  • Lee Hadden, Algonkian District
  • Thomas Jensen, Dulles District
  • Joseph Maio, Blue Ridge District
  • Larry Stepnick, Broad Run District
  • Vacant, Sterling District

Library Director
  • The Library Director is hired by and directly
    accountable to the Library Board of Trustees.
  • At the same time, the director serves as a member
    of the County Leadership Team and maintains a
    close working relationship with the members of
    County Administration and other Department

Whos Who
Library Director Chang Liu
Deputy Director (vacant)
Administrative Manager Kelly Nelson

Rust Branch Manager Karim Khan

Budget Specialist Julie Crim
Purcellville Branch Manager Leah Bromser-Kloeden
Cascades Branch Manager Tracy Sumler

Division Manager Linda Holtslander
Ashburn Branch Manager Jessica West
Division Manager Lydia Patrick
Gum Spring Branch Manager John Huddy
Division Manager Mary Lou Demeo
Outreach Manager Virginia LaRocque
Middleburg Branch Manager Sheila Whetzel
Lovettsville Branch Manager Catie Hall
Sterling Branch Manager Sheila McDuff
Library Divisions
  • Chang Liu, Directors Office and Administrative
  • Includes Budget, Public Information, Human
  • Mike Van Campen, Deputy Director, Public Services
  • Oversees all branch operations and services.
  • Mary Lou Demeo, Collection Management
  • Collection development, cataloging and
    processing, and interlibrary loan.
  • Linda Holtslander, Programming and Grants
  • System-wide programs, grant-funded programs.
  • Lydia Patrick, Technology
  • Website and social media, ILS, public and staff

  • Catie Hall, Lovettsville
  • Leah Bromser-Kloeden, Purcellville
  • Karim Khan, Rust (Leesburg)
  • Jessica West, Ashburn
  • Tracy Sumler, Cascades
  • Sheila McDuff, Sterling
  • Sheila Whetzel, Middleburg
  • John Huddy, Gum Spring (opening 2013)
  • Virginia LaRoque, Outreach Services

Purcellville, 1937
Middleburg, 1990
Sterling, 1978
Ashburn, 2003
Cascades, 1992
Lovettsville, 2005
Administration, 2011
Rust Branch, 2009
Gum Spring, 2013
Affiliated Organizations
  • Branch Advisory Boards Volunteer
  • Branch Friends Groups Volunteer
  • Loudoun Library Foundation A non-profit
    organization run by volunteers to raise awareness
    and funds for public libraries in Loudoun County,
    including LCPL, Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg,
    and Sporting Library
  • in Middleburg annual used book sale helps fund
    the Summer Reading Program and other specific

Mission Statement
  • Loudoun County Public Library, the communitys
    information center, provides free and equal
  • to a full variety of library resources and
    innovative technologies to enhance the quality of
    life and meet
  • the informational, educational and cultural
  • of the entire community.

Vision Statement
  • Loudoun County Public Library builds community by
    nurturing an environment where
  • the joy of reading and learning is celebrated,
  • people and ideas flourish,
  • and the Golden Rule is a way of life.

Strategic Plan
  • Ten strategies for enhanced services
  • 1. Focus on Board Development
  • 2. Create an Infrastructure that Responds to
  • 3. Focus on Creating a Development Office
  • 4. Focus on Enhanced Marketing and Public
  • 5. Focus on Staff Development and Training
  • 6. Step up the Pace with New Technology
  • 7. Focus on Forging Strategic Partnerships and
  • 8. Focus on Responding to the Diversity that
    Characterizes Loudoun County
  • 9. Maximize Available Space
  • 10. Support a Well Informed Workforce

System Highlights and Overview
  • Accomplishments
  • A nationally-recognized public library
  • Consistently in Top 10 of Hennens American
    Public Library Ratings, received three John
    Cotton Dana awards, A.V. Symington Teen Center.
  • A regional model of excellence
  • Customer service, programming and efficiency in
    Collection Management.

Plans and Challenges
  • Continued realignment of organizational resources
    to effectively address the challenges
  • Opening Gum Spring Library in winter of 2013
  • Increasing demands stagnant resources
  • Continued need for advocacy
  • Limit in organizational capacity
  • Technology changes and their effects on the

Customer Service
  • Patron confidentiality, The Golden Rule, Can-do
  • Look up,
  • Smile,
  • and Greet!

Freedom to Read, ALA
  • 1. It is in the public interest for publishers
    and librarians to make available the widest
    diversity of views and expressions, including
    those that are unorthodox, unpopular, or
    considered dangerous by the majority.
  • 2. Publishers, librarians, and booksellers do not
    need to endorse every idea or presentation they
    make available. It would conflict with the public
    interest for them to establish their own
    political, moral, or aesthetic views as a
    standard for determining what should be published
    or circulated.
  • 3. It is contrary to the public interest for
    publishers or librarians to bar access to
    writings on the basis of the personal history or
    political affiliations of the author.

Freedom to Read, ALA
  • 4. There is no place in our society for efforts
    to coerce the taste of others, to confine adults
    to the reading matter deemed suitable for
    adolescents, or to inhibit the efforts of writers
    to achieve artistic expression.
  • 5. It is not in the public interest to force a
    reader to accept the prejudgment of a label
    characterizing any expression or its author as
    subversive or dangerous.

Freedom to Read, ALA
  • 6. It is the responsibility of publishers and
    librarians, as guardians of the people's freedom
    to read, to contest encroachments upon that
    freedom by individuals or groups seeking to
    impose their own standards or tastes upon the
    community at large and by the government
    whenever it seeks to reduce or deny public access
    to public information.
  • 7. It is the responsibility of publishers and
    librarians to give full meaning to the freedom to
    read by providing books that enrich the quality
    and diversity of thought and expression. By the
    exercise of this affirmative responsibility, they
    can demonstrate that the answer to a "bad" book
    is a good one, the answer to a "bad" idea is a
    good one.

The Golden Rule
  • What does it mean for LCPL?

Tips for Patron Interaction
  • Greet patrons sincerely. Say Good morning,
    Hello, Thank you.
  • Smile.
  • Patrons spend a limited time at the library, and
    it is important that we make it a pleasant
  • You may have accumulated stress from a previous
    problem patron,
  • but there is no reason for you to displace your
    negative emotions on an unsuspecting patron.

Tips for Patron Interaction
  • Consider your language, voice level, and topics
    of conversation.
  • Patrons listen to what is said at the counter, so
    it is best to exercise good judgment at all
    times. We may not be wearing suits, but we should
    act business-like, as what we do represents LCPL.
  • Give the patron your full attention. It is
    discourteous to carry on a conversation with
    co-workers while helping a patron. To you, the
    patron will be just one of many patrons you will
    help, however, you may be the only library
    employee that the patron deals with today. It is
    possible to make or break a patrons good
    impression of the library during those few
    minutes, so try your hardest to make a good

Tips for Patron Interaction
  • Give the patron your full attention. It is
    discourteous to carry on a conversation with
    co-workers while helping a patron. To you, the
    patron will be just one of many patrons you will
    help, however, you may be the only library
    employee that the patron deals with today. It is
    possible to make or break a patrons good
    impression of the library during those few
    minutes, so try your hardest to make a good
  • If your friends visit the desk, say hello
    briefly. Do not engage in a conversation while
    other patrons are waiting in line for your
    assistance. If you have some important personal
    business that requires immediate attention,
    inform your supervisor that you need to take your
    break, and carry on the conversation away from
    the desk.

Tips for Patron Interaction
  • Be alert, friendly, and approachable. Never
    appear so engrossed that patrons are reluctant to
    approach. Keep your eyes open, and be alert when
    a patron approaches the desk. Patrons should
    never have to seek an employees attention.
  • Do not make negative comments about patrons in
    the presence of other patrons. If you feel
    frustrated or stressed, tell your supervisor and
    take a break away from the desk. Remember that
    patrons listen to what is said by library
  • Keep busy at the desk. Perform other desk tasks
    if there are no patrons to assist. Do not do
    personal reading at the desk, or gather around to
    chat. The front desk audience can be anyone,
    including Library Board members and officials who
    determine the budget for the library. All staff
    should be productive while at work.

Tips for Patron Interaction
  • Use Good Judgment. Take the time to explain
    library policies or procedures to a patron when a
    disagreement arises. It is important to inform
    the patron if you make an exception. The patron
    will know that it is not common procedure.
  • Ask for help from a coworker or supervisor when
    necessary and respect their decision.

Internal Structures
  • LCPL Workgroup Meetings and Representatives to
    Management Team
  • LCPL Management Team
  • Division Managers
  • Branch Managers
  • Administration

Internal Structures
  • LCPL Work Groups/Committees
  • Adult Services
  • Circulation
  • Teen Services
  • Childrens Services
  • Loudoun County Employee Intranet
  • Library Forum Post questions, articles,
    announcements, etc.
  • Library Portal Meeting minutes, calendar,
    policies and
  • procedures and other relevant information.

Internal Structures
  • Loudoun County Employee Advisory Council (EAC)
  • Meetings and social events throughout the year
    for employees.
  • Karen Becker, Library Representative
  • Loudoun County Human Resources
  • Kelley Nelson, Library Liaison
  • Lisa Cox, County HR
  • Ronda Allen, County HR

Professional Development
  • Membership Organizations
  • American Library Association, Public Library
    Association, Virginia Library
  • Association.
  • LCPL
  • STAR days Hands-on opportunity to learn about
    different branches, departments, and jobs. Can
    also be fulfilled by attending management
  • meetings, Advisory Board meetings, BOS and LBOT
    meetings, and outreach events.
  • Brown-bag sessions, etc.
  • Loudoun County Employee Training Opportunities
  • Loudoun County HR and DIT offer training
    opportunities throughout the year. The full list
    is available on the portal.

  • Changs Open Door Policy
  • Drop in every Friday from 800am to 1000am in
    her office
  • no reservation is needed.
  • Call or email her directly anytime
  • Office Phone 703-771-5235.
  • Email Chang.Liu_at_Loudoun.Gov
  • Q A

Meet the Technology Division
  • Lydia Patrick, Library Technology Services
    Division Manager

Collection ManagementServices Division
  • Mary Lou Demeo, Division Manager

CMS team
Office Manager and HR Liaison, Kelley Nelson
  • Key/access cards and County ID
  • Payroll and timesheets
  • Conference attendance
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), short-term and
    long-term disability, Workers Comp
  • Personnel Action forms
  • Offer letters
  • FIOA, Surplus, Records Retention contact
  • Business cards
  • Courier supervision

Branch Departments
  • Aaron Duplissey, Circulation Services
  • Brett Mason, Reference/Information Services
  • Indira Dholakia, Youth Services/Childrens
  • April Pavis, Teen Services

Middleburg Ladies
Programming Division
  • Linda Holtslander, Manager

Branch Overview
  • Leah Bromser-Kloeden, Purcellville Branch Manager

  • Libraries in America are cornerstones of the
    communities they serve. Free access to the books,
    ideas, resources, and information in Americas
    libraries is imperative for education,
    employment, enjoyment, and self-government.
  • Libraries are a legacy to each generation,
    offering the heritage of the past and the promise
    of the future. To ensure that libraries flourish
    and have the freedom to promote and protect the
    public good in the 21st century, we believe
    certain principles must be guaranteed.
  • To that end, we affirm this contract with the
    people we serve
  • We defend the constitutional rights of all
    individuals, including children and teenagers, to
    use the librarys resources and services

  • We value our nations diversity and strive to
    reflect that diversity by providing a full
    spectrum of resources and services to the
    communities we serve
  • We affirm the responsibility and the right of
    all parents and guardians to guide their own
    childrens use of the library and its resources
    and services
  • We connect people and ideas by helping each
    person select from and effectively use the
    librarys resources
  • We protect each individuals privacy and
    confidentiality in the use of library resources
    and services
  • We protect the rights of individuals to express
    their opinions about library resources and

  • We celebrate and preserve our democratic
    society by making available the widest possible
    range of viewpoints, opinions and ideas, so that
    all individuals have the opportunity to become
    lifelong learners - informed, literate, educated,
    and culturally enriched.
  • Change is constant, but these principles
    transcend change and endure in a dynamic
    technological, social, and political environment.
  • By embracing these principles, libraries in the
    United States can contribute to a future that
    values and protects freedom of speech in a world
    that celebrates both our similarities and our
    differences, respects individuals and their
    beliefs, and holds all persons truly equal and
  • Adopted by the Council of the American Library
    Association February 3, 1999.
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