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Madhu Koneru Meetings


Madhu Koneru Meetings – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Madhu Koneru Meetings

Madhu koneru
  • Meetings and conference profile

Madhu koneru meetings and conferences list
  • Indian Economic summit, November 2009, DELHI.
  • Mines and money, Dubai, March 2009
  • Global India business meeting, June 2009 Germany.
  • The MENA-OECD Enterprise Financing Network, March
    2007 UAE.
  • Asian Affairs August 2010

Indian Economic summit 2009 Delhi
  • The World Economic Forum celebrated 25 years of
    active engagement in India at its annual India
    Economic Summit. This year's Summit set a new
    record for total participation with over 800
    leaders from industry, government, civil society
    and academia from over 40 countries. Professor
    Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of
    the World Economic Forum, looked back over a
    quarter of a century of partnership with India,
    and noted two events in particular as having
    played an important role in the relationship.
  • At the same time, Indian industry leaders have
    been among the most engaged and committed in
    Forum activities throughout the year. "They have
    lent their time and expertise to our initiatives,
    our Industry Partnership programmes and our
    various knowledge capacities, such as the Global
    Agenda Councils," Schwab concluded.
  • While capable of falling back on its domestic
    market to weather the international economic
    storm, India - like all countries - remains tied
    to developments around the world. The country
    also faces security threats at home.
  • Palaniappan Chidambaram, Minister of Home Affairs
    of India, addressed the domestic threat. "Our
    security challenges are no different than those
    facing every country of the world - terrorists,"
    he said. "We are alive to the challenge. Every
    day, every week and every month we are adding
    capacity and building confidence.
  • Most panellists agreed that India will have to
    rely on a large basket of both clean and dirty
    energy for the foreseeable future. However, the
    trend is and will continue to be away from
    traditional fuels like coal and towards cleaner
    options - even if international climate change
    talks fail. "We will have to address global
    warming," said Madhu Koneru, Executive Director,
    Trimex International, U A E. "If we want to
    attract investment, we will have to have de facto
    compliance with emissions targets."

Mines and Money 2009 Dubai
  • Mines and Money Gulf took place in March 2009 and
    was the third major edition of this
    industry-renowned series
  • The event took place in Dubai, the finance hub of
    the Middle East
  • Mines and Money Gulf attracted over 150 attendees
    at its inaugural event
  • Over 45 of them were from the finance community
  • Over 50 of the attendees were from the Middle
  • Mines and Money Gulf welcomed 15 exhibitors to
    the event
  • session 1 - Reviewing Investment and Project
    Financing Options in a Depressed Market
  • Major Miners perspective Biggest opportunities
    and challenges for mining globally and
    opportunities these present in the Middle East
    region Madhu Koneru, Executive Director, Trimex

Global India business meeting, June 2009 Germany.
  • The Global India Business Meeting aims to be the
    foremost annual gathering of Indian business
  • leaders and their global counterparts. This
    select group of global leaders will gather to
    create a
  • powerful platform for cooperation between India
    and the rest of the world.
  • Senior executives from around the world will
    discuss Indian firms' growing impact on global
  • business. Also, the Global India Business Meeting
    will provide a special focus on India's
  • interaction with other emerging economies.
  • As the current financial crisis intensifies,
    panellists will examine the state of the global
  • and Indias role in warding off a global
    recession. the Global India Business Meeting will
  • promote win-win economic relations, stimulate
    innovation and provide business opportunities
  • for corporations from India and the world.
  • Boardroom Dialogue Sessions
  • Indias Entrepreneurs Spearheading
    Globalization (Room Europa)
  • Indias entrepreneurs created a range of new
    businesses in recent years.What are the risks
  • advancing from a start-up to a global
    business?What can Indian entrepreneurs learn from
  • global counterparts and vice versa?

The MENA-OECD Enterprise Financing Network, March
2007 UAE
  • In association with the Dubai International
    Financial Centre, this meeting aims to strengthen
  • Initiatives reach and broaden its basis. A
    Steering Board for the Network will be
    constituted and an
  • action plan with a set of first concrete
    recommendations will be presented. Forms and
    Structures of
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures Lessons from Experience
  • The session aims at sharing good practices from
    other emerging markets where effective use of
    private equity for entrepreneurship has been
    made. Participants will have the opportunity to
  • debate on whether and how these lessons can be
    transplanted to the MENA region.
  • Mr. Rami Bazzi, Principal - Fund Management,
    Injazat Capital Limited
  • Mr. Francis Skrobiszewski Senior Executive
    Advisor, Monolith Capital Management LLC / Ms.
    Ewa Sadowska-Cieslak, Adviser to the President of
    the National Bank of Poland
  • Mr. Madhu Koneru, Executive Director, TRIMEX
    International, UAE.

  • A dialogue on the state of the global economy led
  • HE Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Razak of
  • Dr Victor Fung, Chairman, International Chamber
    of Commerce and Group Chairman, Li and Fung
  • Mr Madhu Koneru, CEO, MEC Holdings
  • Dr Luis Alberto Moreno, President, Inter-American
    Development Bank
  • Mr Dennis M. Nally, Global Chairman,
    PricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd
  • Mr Robert Zoellick, President, World Bank

Asian Affairs August 2010
  • India has skilled, English-speaking labor at far
    cheaper rates than can be found anywhere else.
  • Approximately 85 percent of its population is
    younger than 45, giving India vitality and
  • momentum.
  • To capitalize on this reality, particularly in
    high-tech and export zones, India must stay
    focused on
  • increasing access to power and water. Indias
    strong legal system and low-cost, high-skill
    labor marke
  • offer investors further incentives.
  • India has seen heavy investment in sectors driven
    by consumer demand, which has primarily benefited
  • large cities, as they already enjoy developed
    infrastructure. However, we need to look beyond
  • cities and target less-developed areas.
  • To that end, industrial growth will require
    feasible infrastructure, power and water. The
  • has made building infrastructure a priority,
    meaning investment will flow into sectors like
    power and
  • transportation, which are instrumentalfor
    developing growth.
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