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The Great Gatsby So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past (180) Chapter 7&8 Levels of Questions Literal: Answers to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
  • So we beat on, boats against the current, borne
    back ceaselessly into the past (180)

Map of West Egg East Egg
Color Symbolism
  • Green
  • Hope, limitless promise of the dream, the dream
  • White
  • Purity, innocence, honesty, the perfection of the
    dream, ultimate bliss, vision of dream
  • Yellow/Gold
  • Corruption, death, old wealth, real , the
    materialism/values that destroys dream
  • Blue
  • Ideal happiness, perfection, promise of the
    dream, realizing dream, or fantasy of dream
  • Grey
  • Hopelessness, no money, wanting a better life,
    moral decay
  • Red
  • Ugliness of reality, gaudiness of dream, violent
    nature of people/dream

Chapter 1
  • East Egg Established wealth
  • A cheerful red-and-white Georgian Colonial
    mansion. (6)
  • West Egg New Rich, Imitation, Flashy
  • it was a factual imitation of some Hotel de
    Ville in Normandy (5)
  • Nick is from the Midwest
  • Modest, Humble, Morally sound, Stability. Nick
    rents a bungalow
  • The main conflict theme in the story is between
    Gatsbys dream and the disgusting reality
  • West Egg vs. East Egg
  • Fitzgerald focuses on the American Dreamits
    hopes, illusions, corruption, self-discovery,
    possessiveness, and paradox

Chapter 1
  • Nick narrator
  • Says he reserves judgment but will judge each
    character throughout.
  • Only Character that undergoes any sort of change
    because of his established rootsothers are
    aimlessly drifting to find social and
    materialistic wealth.
  • Daisy Tom
  • Represent shallowness and arrogance of wealthy
  • They have but do not have a purpose in life
  • Hopelessness the best thing a girl can be in
    this world, a beautiful little fool. (17)
  • Glamour, Appearances, Money cover up inner

Chapter 2
  • This introduces the foul dust that destroys
    Gatsbys dream
  • Ashes are all over the entire chapter
  • Dust on Wilsons wrecked Ford, and his hair and
  • Catherine's powdered face
  • Ashes are symbolic of the moral decay and
    spiritual desolation
  • The apartment scene is a great example of how
    has destroyed people
  • Valley of Ashes between West Egg East Egg
  • the gray land and spasms of bleak dust which
    drift endlessly over it. (23)
  • Represents the foul, material driven world the
    characters live in
  • Implies that under the glamour of the rich is
  • Home to the only poor people in book
  • The Eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleberg
  • Advertising materialism gone mad
  • God looking out over the decay of people in the
  • Faded eyes might suggest the fading emphasis on
  • Blue eyes represent idealism or perfection
  • Gold glasses represent the corruption

Chapter 2
  • New York Apartment Party
  • Toms hypocrisy, selfishness, and brutality are
  • Tom views Myrtle as his possession rather than a
  • Nick is disgusted by the party, but is also
  • Myrtles transformation in New York
  • Brown dress into a Cream Chiffon (represents
    change in values)
  • With the influence of the dress her personality
    had also undergone a change. (30)
  • She wants to escape her social class
    (compromising morals for )
  • Obsessed with appearancesshe hates husband for
    marrying on looks but did the same thing with Tom
    on the train.
  • The list of things she wants shows her shallow
    character dog collar, trick ashtray, and a
    wreath for her mothers grave all of equal
  • Perfect for Tom she is the same money
    stained-dream girl like Daisy

Chapter 3
  • Nick describes Gatsbys parties
  • Fitzgerald sets the partys beauty against harsh
    reality car accident
  • Accident is and example of the guests careless
    actions and morals
  • Gatsby
  • Nick notes Gatsbys speech manner dont fit his
    world he created
  • He stays distant from his guests as part of his
    plan to achieve dream
  • A means to an end he does not want to be part of
    this corruptive group of people in order to
    remain faithful to his goal
  • Nick and Jordans Relationship
  • Nick realizes Jordans selfishness and
    dishonesty, yet still pursues her
  • This shows how Nick rejects his Midwestern morals
    for Eastern fun
  • Fitzgerald uses this relationship to explain how
    people go away from their morals in order to
    impress the opposite sex or fit in with society

Chapter 4
  • Gatsby reveals more of his story
  • This adds to the admiration of Gatsby
  • He has gone to great lengths to create an ideal
  • Green light is on Daisys dock
  • Feels he can win Daisy back with his wealth
  • Daisys Story
  • Was in love with Gatsby in Louisville before he
    went to war
  • Daisy wanted to go to see him off but was denied
  • Drunken wedding day characteristic of her
  • Daisy marries Tom for the security of wealth but
    not happy

Chapter 4
  • Main conflict w/ Gatsbys character revealed
  • His friendship w/ Wolfsheim implies Gatsbys
    wealth may not be coming from legal sources
  • Bootlegging or organized crime (Wolfsheim fixed
    world series)
  • Jordans story of Gatsby Daisy reveals his
    romantic dream to win the girl of his dreams
  • Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be
    just across the bay. (83)
  • Green light Gatsby reaches for in Ch. 1 is at
    Daisys dock in East Egg
  • Green Light is symbol of Gatsbys Dream
    American Dream
  • Gatsby has obtained wealth (illegally?) to get
    Daisy back
  • We have to recognize the romantic element to
    this, yet question the means with which he has
    gone about it. Is Gatsby good or bad?

Chapter 5
  • Pivotal chap. because Gatsbys dream is realized
  • Everything after the meeting is meaningless
  • Possibly it had occurred to him that the
    colossal significance of that light had now
    vanished forever. (98)
  • Daisy cannot live up to his expectations
    unrealistic dream
  • Daisy tumbled short of his dreams-not through
    her own fault but because of the colossal
    vitality of his illusion. (101)
  • Gatsby doesnt realize dream cannot be realized
  • Daisy cannot be bought is not worthy of his
  • Nothing but Daisy matters, no material object
    holds any meaning
  • Even if he has Daisy nothing will live up to the
    spirituality of his idea
  • Gatsby is greater than the society he portrays
    wealth was for Daisy
  • American Dreams enchanting promise cannot be
    matched by materialism

Chapter 6
  • Embarrassed of his social standing Jay Gatz
    creates The Great Gatsby
  • Dan Cody is everything Gatz wants to be
  • Through his character Gatsby he can create the
    life he wants
  • Gatsby fails to see how wealth leads to
    self-destruction w/ Codys death
  • Gatsby is faithful to a fault in his quest for
  • The Party is the beginning of the disintegration
    of Gatsbys dream
  • Daisy does not like nor understand the guests
    Old Money vs. New Money
  • Tom is critical of Gatsby, the guests, and Daisy
  • Even though Gatsby is rich, he will never be a
    part of Tom Daisys world
  • Gatsby is Hopelessly Devoted to his dream
  • Cant repeat the past? he cried incredulously.
    Why of course you can! (116)
  • Nick respects the romantic, honorable passion
    Gatsby has for his dream
  • But since the dream is now reality it takes on
    limitations and dissolves

Chapter 78 Levels of Questions
  • Literal Answers to literal level questions have
    answers found right in the book.
  • Example Why does George shoot Gatsby?
  • The answer to this question can be found in a
    single quote from the novel.
  • Interpretive In order to answer interpretive
    questions, readers must look up multiple parts of
    a text.
  • Example How does Gatsbys dream lead to his
  • Events from multiple parts of the text, related
    to Gatsbys hopeless devotion to his dream, must
    be understood and analyzed to answer this
  • Experienced Based An answer to this question can
    be formulated by analyzing multiple texts or
    analyzing real-world situations. Likewise, this
    question can be applied to multiple texts and
    multiple real-world situations.
  • Example How do dreams drive a person to be the
    best person he/she can be or the worst?
  • This question can be answered by analyzing Old
    Man the Sea, A Raisin in the Sun, and The Great
    Gatsby. Likewise, this question can be applied
    to all of these texts. Also, this question can be
    answered by looking at real life situations.

Chapter 7
  • This focuses on the end of Gatsbys dream
  • No more parties
  • Daisy thinks of her and Gatsbys affair as a game
  • Buchanans are careless empty
  • Pammy throws Gatsby off destroys hope of
    returning to past
  • At the hotel suite is where Daisy betrays
    Gatsbys dream
  • Daisy cannot say she never loved Tom
  • She wants to maintain the status quo but
    entertain with Gatsby
  • Turning to Tom represents her devotion to him
    end of Gatsby
  • Tom realizes his victory so he sends Daisy home
    w/ Gatsby
  • Myrtles death forces Nick to judgment
  • Nick abandons Buchanans, Jordan, the East
  • Gatsby watches over Daisys empty room
    Emptiness of Dream

Chapter 8
  • Gatsby remains loyal to the end to his dream
  • Excuses her actions from day before
  • he found that had committed himself to the
    following of a grail (149)
  • Upholds the nobility of dream and is why Nick and
    the reader like him
  • Cannot be realized due to pursuit of material
    wealth by Gatsby Daisy
  • What was the use of doing great things if I
    could have a better time telling her what I was
    going to do? (150)
  • Daisy is portrayed as weak and unwilling to wait
  • She wanted her life shaped now, immediately
  • Nick no longer reserves judgment, he says Gatsby
    is worth the whole damn bunch put together.

Chapter 8
  • Wilsons lack of spiritual value leads him to
    mistaking Dr. T.J. Eckleburgs eyes as the eyes
    of God.
  • Searching for meaning he misinterprets thinks
    revenge is justified
  • Gatsby dies with his faith intact-waiting for the
    call from Daisy
  • This affirms that there is more to life than
    money, wealth, etc.
  • He must of looked up at an unfamiliar sky
    through frightening leaves and shivered as he
    found what a grotesque thing a rose is (161)
  • Just because something appears beautiful or
    someone says it is doesnt mean that it is or
    right for you.
  • We create meaning with different objects but once
    they lose their meaningwe cannot re-create it
    (like we cannot re-create the past).
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