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career opportunities in electronics in India


By Girish Ranade of Futura Elearning LLP,, gives a brief guideline about various opportunities in the field of Electonics. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: career opportunities in electronics in India

  • Guidelines
  • about
  • opportunities
  • and
  • careers
  • in
  • electronics.

  • Use of Electronics in day to day life has gone
    up rapidly.
  • World without electronics will come to a halt.
  • That is why, opportunities in electronics are
    increasing day by day.

Career in Electronics
  • Students opt for electronics, hoping to get good
  • Electronics is a popular subject amongst science
    and engineering students.
  • Number of electronics literate persons is
  • Selection of proper career in electronics is

Overview of opportunities
  • This presentation gives an overview of
    opportunities in electronics field.
  • Explains career types.
  • States functions in an industry.
  • Takes through subjects and applications of
  • Out of Box careers in electronics.

  • Guides selecting a combination of electronics and
    another field.
  • Presentation is aimed at helping to choose right
    path and encourage to gather more information
    about opportunity of interest.

Career Types
  • Job, regular employment
  • Government / Public Sector Undertaking.
  • Private.
  • Defense.
  • Professional, self employed
  • Teacher / Professor.
  • Consultant.
  • Entrepreneur, Business owner

Job, regular employment Functions in an
  • Research Basic Research
  • Design and Development New products
  • Marketing Selling and analysing customers
  • Production making required quantity
  • Purchase Searching and buying components
  • Quality Assurance Making as per specifications
  • Maintenance Keep in working condition
  • Servicing Repairing and keep in working

First Step before applying for a job
  • Understand functions in an organisation
  • Self analysis to list at least three of suitable
  • Most suitable to less suitable.
  • Focus on these functions while looking for jobs
  • Find out knowledge and skill-set required for
    these functions.
  • Fill up knowledge and skill-set gaps.

Job, regular employment Government / Public
sector Undertaking
  • Appear at appropriate competitive examinations
  • Apply through correct channels for getting jobs
    in Public Organisations like
  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
  • Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
  • Electronic Corporation of India Limited
  • Bharat Electronics Limited
  • Instrumentation Limited
  • List of public sector undertakings is available.
  • Maintenance, IT is required in all organisations.

Job, regular employment Private Sector
  • Look for job advertisements in
  • Print media
  • Placement websites
  • Placement services
  • Organisation Websites
  • Direct through aquaintances
  • Apply through appropriate channels.

Job, regular employment Defence Sector
  • All forces and departments of defence have
    openings in all functions
  • Collect information about eligibility criteria
    for job of interest
  • Fill up necessary gaps in eligibility
  • Apply through appropriate channels
  • Look for All defence forces, DRDO, Ordinance
    Factories, Ammunition Factories .

Subjects in Electronics
  • Telecommunications All types of Communications
    and related equipments and gadgets.
  • Embedded Systems Intelligent equipments,
    gadgets .
  • Power Electronics Energy converters, Drives .
  • Instrumentation Sensors, transducers .
  • Control PLCs, system integration .
  • Computers and networking PCs, accessories,
    networks their security .
  • .

Applications of Electronics 1
  • Factory Automation PLCs, sensors, Testing
    Equipments, security systems.
  • Consumer Electronics Audio, Video, Home
    appliances, security systems .
  • Information Technology Computers, Printers,
    accessories, Networking devices .
  • Medical Electronics Diagnostic Equipments,
    Personal medical gadgets, and many more.

Applications of Electronics 2
  • Automotive Electronics Automotive electronic
    components like ECUs, regulator, Rectifier,
    blinker, sensors .
  • Robotics Manufacturing Assembly line production
    robot, Spies, personal robot .
  • Energy Solar photovoltaic equipments, wind
    generators .
  • .

.different 1
  • Technical Writing Writing manuals, presentation
    documents, training documents .
  • PCB Designing Designing of Printed Circuit
    boards as per circuit types
  • VLSI Integrated Circuit Design and development
  • Industrial Design Design of Electronic Products
    for function, ergonomics and aesthetics

.different 2
  • Global Sourcing Searching for component
    availability, globally for appropriate quantity,
    price and timely delivery.
  • Solar Photovoltaic Chargers, converters and
    gadgets working on solar energy.
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services EMS Assembly
    of electronic products for OEMs as per
  • ....

combination of electronics and other disciplines
  • Electronics and
  • Medical Sciences Design and manufacturing of
    Medical equipments and gadgets.
  • Law for patents Registration and application of
    patents, legal consultation in related subject
  • Foreign Languages Translating technical
    documents, interpreter during discussions,
    technology transfers.
  • .

Career TypesProfessional
  • Teacher / Professor Liking and aptitude towards
    this profession is necessary.
  • Consultant After getting experience, one can
    guide in various fields, subjects of electronics.

Career TypesEntrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur, Business Owner
  • Manufacturing sector Industry produces and
    supplies products to customers.
  • Service Sector Services related electronic
    products and industry.

  • Imagine self after 5 and 10 years. Draw Roadmap.
  • Select career or function with which you are
    comfortable, you will enjoy.
  • Aptitude to find out by discussions, looking
    around, tests ....
  • Listen to inner voice, intuition

Select CAREER not JOB
Best Wishes.
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