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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


Haiti says 200,000 may be dead, violence breaks
Reuters, January 15, 2010
As many as 200,000 people died in the earthquake
that devastated Haiti and three-quarters of the
capital, Port-au-Prince, will need to be rebuilt,
authorities in the Caribbean country said on
Friday. "We have already collected around 50,000
dead bodies. We anticipate there will be between
100,000 and 200,000 dead in total, although we
will never know the exact number," Interior
Minister Paul Antoine Bien-Aime told
Reuters. Some 40,000 bodies had been buried in
mass graves, Secretary of State for Public Safety
Aramick Louis said. If the casualty figures turn
out to be accurate, the 7.0 magnitude quake that
hit impoverished Haiti on Tuesday would be one of
the 10 deadliest earthquakes ever
recorded. Country profile Haiti (from the BBC
website) Decades of poverty, environmental
degradation, violence, instability and
dictatorship have left it as the poorest nation
in the Americas. A mostly mountainous country
with a tropical climate, Haiti's location,
history and culture - epitomised by voodoo - once
made it a potential tourist hot spot, but
instability and violence, especially since the
1980s, have severely dented that prospect. But
Haiti is still plagued by violent confrontations
between rival gangs and political groups and the
UN has described the human rights situation as
"catastrophic". Furthermore, the infrastructure
has all but collapsed and drug trafficking has
corrupted the judicial system and the police.
Despite the suspicions of other religions, and
despite its reputation for black magic, voodoo is
ever more deeply rooted in this Caribbean country
of some eight million people. As the Catholic
missionary John Hoet admits 'Haitians may be 95
Catholic, but they are 100 voodoo." Throughout
the month of July there are voodoo ceremonies and
pilgrimages all over Haiti. Many practice the
religion of voodoo alongside Roman Catholic
Haiti says 200,000 may be dead, violence breaks
Reuters, January 15, 2010
Of course we are upset by the destruction that we
see in Haiti. But the question is this was God
behind it? Did he make it happen specifically. If
he did it is a sign to us of the last days. If he
just looked on as a spectator then it is purely a
random event. Many religious leaders in the UK
have said the following God in no way was
responsible for the earthquake in Haiti. God is
love and would never do such a thing However, we
look at the words of Jesus describing the world
when he returns. And great earthquakes shall be
in divers places, and famines, and pestilences
Luke 2111 Is Jesus just telling us about events
that would happen by chance or is he telling us
that God is in control of events and this is how
he knows what will happen? We know in the final
time of trouble the earth will be shaken like a
drunkard and every wall in all the world will
fall. Ezekiel 3820. We know that when this final
judgment happens few men will be left the
inhabitants of the earth are burned. Isaiah
246. Does God create the final earthquake? Does
God shake the world deliberately? The answer must
be YES. Is there evidence God has created
earthquakes before? YES. So this earthquake is a
sign to us that God is in control. That he caused
it. That His judgments are coming. In effect
Haiti is a tiny picture and a sign of what is to
come and ALL the inhabitants of the world should
take great heed and repent. See Acts 1730-31 So
if God caused the earthquake he must have
deliberately picked Haiti. We see in Haiti (known
as the island of the damned) a place of almost
total false worship. The island is renowned for
its almost 100 indulgence in voodoo mixed in
with the religion of Rome. It is renowned for
violence and corruption. False religion, violence
and corruption were the very things that grieved
God enough to destroy the earth with a flood. Do
you not think there were young children and
babies then? Were there not in Sodom? But God
destroyed them all. Gods judgments are true and
righteous. Repent!
  • The earth is defiled by its people they have
    disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and
    broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore a
    curse consumes the earth its people must bear
    their guilt. Therefore earth's inhabitants are
    burned up, and very few are left.

(Isaiah 245,6)
Blazing ring' eclipse plunges Africa,
Asia into darkness
Daily Telegraph, January 15, 2010
A solar eclipse that reduced the sun to a blazing
ring surrounding a sombre disk plunged millions
of people in Africa and Asia into semi-darkness
on Friday. The spectacle, visible in a roughly
185-mile band running 8,060 miles across the
globe, set a record for the longest annular
eclipse that will remain unbeaten for more than a
thousand years. In India, where the eclipse was
visible from the southern-most tip, astronomers
and curious spectators watched in awe, using
sunglasses and even ultra-dark welding masks as
day turned into darkness. The maximum duration of
"annularity" - the time the moon is in front of
the sun -- was 11 minutes, eight seconds at 706
GMT, making it "the longest annular eclipse of
the 3rd Millennium," according to Nasa. Only on
December 23, 3043 will this record be beaten,
Nasa said.

There are a number of things of interest
here. Firstly - this is the longest solar
eclipse of the 3rd millennium! The moon went dark
for the longest period of time in the next 1000
years. Joel 210 tells us the moon shall be
dark. We know that the sun, moon and stars are
symbolic but as God puts the heavenly bodies in
the sky for signs (see Genesis 114) this IS a
sign. Secondly we have had confirmation that
God continues to consider Israel as his people.
We know this because of the eclipse. In the
verses below we read that God has given the moon
ordinances. This means limits or enactments. In
other words a track to run on. Nasa can tells us
the precise, year, month, day, hour, second when
the next longest eclipse will occur! God says if
you can do that Israel remain his people.
  • Thus saith the LORD, which giveth the
    ordinances of the moon for a light by night,
    .. If those ordinances depart from before me,
    saith the LORD, then the seed of Israel also
    shall cease from being a nation before me for

(Jeremiah 3135,36)
Religious Haitians see hand of God in earthquake
Associated Press, January 17, 2010
Deeply religious Haitians see the hand of God in
the destruction of Biblical proportions visited
on their benighted country. The quake, religious
leaders said Sunday, is evidence that He wants
change. As desperate believers gathered to pray
Sunday across the shattered capital, the Rev.
Eric Toussaint told a congregation gathered
outside the ruined cathedral that the earthquake
"is a sign from God, saying that we must
recognize his power." "If all of a sudden, in 15
seconds, 20 seconds, all the physical
representations of corruption are destroyed, it
gives you pause for thought," said Richard Morse,
a renowned Haitian-American musician whose mother
was a singer and revered Voodoo priestess. "The
Justice Ministry down. The National Palace
down. The United Nations headquarters down." The
destruction of every major Catholic church in the
capital, including the 81-year-old cathedral,
also was a sign, he said "When there is all this
corruption going on, whose role is it in society
to speak out? Isn't the Church supposed to say

Gods hand of course was in this earthquake. He
controls the physical earth and creates both good
and evil. It cannot be a coincidence that God
therefore chooses the most godless parts of the
earth to demonstrate his power and anger. Think
of the tsunami in 2004. The epicentre and the
greatest destruction was in Aceh. A place
renowned for killing, torture, rape and violence.
Tens of thousands had been killed without mercy
in that area BEFORE the earthquake. Think of
hurricane Katrina that swept New Orleans back to
the stone age in 2005. It is known as Sin City,
Sodom by the Sea, the Big Easy. Think of Haiti
renowned for voodoo. Now think of God.
  • For what is man's lot from God above, his
    heritage from the Almighty on high? Is it not
    ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do

(Job 312,3 NIV)
Massive earthquake strikes Chile and triggers
The Times, February 27, 2010
A massive earthquake on the coast of Chile has
killed at least 78 people, flattening buildings
and triggering a tsunami. The 8.8-magnitude
quake, the countrys largest in 25 years, shook
the capital Santiago for a minute and half at
334am (0634 GMT) today. A tsunami warning has
been extended across the Pacific rim, including
most of Central and South America and as far as
Australia and Antarctica. The Chilean media
reported that at least 47 people died and
president Michelle Bachelet declared a state of
catastrophe in the country. The quake hit near
the town of Maule, 200 miles southwest of
Santiago, at a depth of 22 miles underground. The
epicentre was just 70 miles from Concepcion,
Chiles second-largest city, where more than
200,000 people live along the Bio Bio river. In
Santiago buildings collapsed and phone lines and
electricity were brought down, but the full
extent of the damage is still being determined.
Santiago resident Simon Shalders said "There was
a lot of movement. The houses were really
shaking, walls were moving backwards and
forwards, and doors were swinging open. "The
power is still out here. There's quite a few
choppers flying around in Santiago I suppose
checking out the worst-affected areas. Several
big aftershocks later hit the south-central
region, including ones measuring 6.9, 6.2 and
5.6. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued a
warning for Chile and Peru, and a less-urgent
tsunami watch for Ecuador, Colombia, Panama,
Costa Rica and Antarctica. A spokesman said
"Sea level readings indicate a tsunami was

Jesus said there would be fearful sights, and
great earthquakes. He said the sea and waves
would roar. The people who see these things will
see him return.
  • and upon the earth distress of nations, with
    perplexity the sea and the waves roaring Mens
    hearts failing them for fear, and for looking
    after those things which are coming on the earth
    for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

(Luke 2125)
Volcanic dust cloud shuts down British airspace
Daily Telegraph, April 16, 2010
British airspace was shut down for the first time
in living memory
after a huge plume of volcanic ash from
Iceland swept across the country. The decision
to stop all flight movements on safety grounds
brought airports to a standstill, inflicting
chaos on around half a million passengers. As
vast cloud moved eastwards Belgium, Holland,
Scandinavia, northern France and parts of Russia
also became a no-fly zone. Irish airspace was
also shut down. With no signs of the eruption at
the Eyjafjallajokull glacier abating or the wind
changing direction, some experts voiced fears
that the disruption could continue for days.

I must admit to never thinking I would have a
headline like this in the WWW! The skies over
Britain have been almost entirely closed for two
days. The British airline industry is in the grip
of an unprecedented shutdown. Weather forecasters
said current conditions were likely to keep the
ash cloud over Britain for several days. Experts
are predicting shortages of imported fresh fruit,
vegetables, flowers and medicines due to the
shutdown. Is it a first? In modern times it is.
The devastating 19th-century eruption of
Indonesia's Krakatau island was bigger. In
ancient times, Mount Vesuvius buried an entire
city. But in this era of global trade
crisscrossing the planet by air, the Icelandic
eruption has implications that underscore the
particular vulnerabilities of the modern world.
It shows how easily God can shut down a nation.
It shows how vulnerable our existence is. Despite
all our technology and knowledge, a volcano far
away can bring the travel of millions to a
standstill. We are living in the days described
by Jesus. One of fearful sights and great signs
in heaven. See Luke 2111
  • And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and
    signs in the earth beneath blood, and fire, and
    vapour of smoke The sun shall be turned into
    darkness, and the moon into blood, before that
    great and notable day of the Lord come
  • .

(Acts 219-20)
China earthquake death toll could reach 10,000
Daily Telegraph, April 16, 2010
The death toll from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake
that hit western China's remote Tibetan plateau
will rise dramatically and could reach 10,000,
locals said on Friday. The official death toll
now stands at 1,144, with a further 243 missing
and 1,174 severely injured, according to Xinhua,
the Chinese government news agency. However,
monks at Jiegu monastery said at least 1,000
corpses had arrived at their temple alone, and
that four other monasteries had each collected a
similar number. "The government is downplaying
the number," said Ge Laidanzeng, a 20- year-old
monk. He said that when all the bodies were
retrieved from the wreckage of the town there
would "definitely be more than 10,000 dead".

In just a few short months we have seen some very
large earthquakes and a tsunami. The earthquake
in Haiti on the 12th January 2010 was the 6th
deadliest earthquake in recorded history killing
an estimated 230,000 people. The earthquake in
Chile on the 27th February was the 7th strongest
earthquake ever recorded measuring 8.8 on the
Richter scale. Tremors were felt 1500 miles
away. Seismologists estimate that the earthquake
was so powerful that it may have shortened the
length of the day by 1.26 microseconds and moved
the Earth's figure axis by 8 cm. A series of
tsunamis were caused and created waves over 2m
high. As we near the time of the return of Jesus
to the earth we are told that the world will have
pain as a woman in labour. The contractions of a
woman about to give birth become ever more
frequent and of a greater and greater intensity.
These contractions are dilating the cervix. When
it is fully dilated the final push comes. This
brings the most extreme pain and could equate to
the final time of trouble such as never was.
  • Howl ye for the day of the LORD is at hand it
    shall come as a destruction from the Almighty.
    Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every
    mans heart shall melt And they shall be afraid
    pangs and sorrows shall take hold of them they
    shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth

(Isaiah 136-8)
The cloud that closed a continent
Time Magazine, April 24, 2010
As volcanic eruptions go, Iceland's
Eyjafjallajokull won't break the records.
Icelanders dismiss the normally sleepy
Eyjafjallajokull as a "weary old man," and in
fact few people outside the volcanology community
noticed when the volcano began spewing lava on
March 20. But that's not quite what happened.
Instead, on April 14, a new and stronger eruption
on Eyjafjallajokull exploded through a glacial
ice cap, throwing a vast plume of volcanic ash
around 7 miles (11 km) into the atmosphere, high
enough to be carried for thousands of miles. And
then, as if on cue, the winds shifted, blowing to
the east and south, sending the tower of ash
toward northern Europe and some of the most
crowded airspace on the planet. "It was an
eruption at the right place at the right time,"
says Marcus Bursik, a volcanologist at the
University at Buffalo. "Or, I guess, really, the
other way around." As the cloud metastasized
across the continent, nervous bureaucrats kept
much of its airspace closed for almost five days,
resulting in the cancellation of more than
100,000 flights and the stranding of hundreds of
thousands of travellers in airports around the
world. With a third of the industry down, it was
the worst global travel disruption since World
War II.

The impact of this small eruption went far
beyond the stranded travellers. The airline
industry lost about 2 billion. Kenyan famers
lost 2 million a day. Britains government met
in crisis meetings and the election campaign in
the UK was almost put on hold. It may even have
an impact on the elections as opposition parties
accused the government of incompetence in
handling the crisis. Insurance companies called
this an act of God. Of course they are right.
This insignificant volcano brought disarray to
our ordered lives. It is warning to us all to
trust in God NOT in man.
  • And the LORD brought us forth out of Egypt with a
    mighty hand, and with an outstretched arm, and
    with great terribleness, and with signs, and with
  • We have been rescued from Egypt (the world) and
    can see around us the mighty hand of God.

(Deuteronomy 268)
Oil slick fears damage could be worse than
Daily Telegraph, April 30, 2010
Perched on an exposed strip of wetland jutting
far into the Gulf of Mexico, the fishing town of
Buras knows all about ill winds that blow no
good. Five years after Buras had the dubious
honour of being the place where Hurricane Katrina
first made landfall, flattening almost every
building, the community on Friday faced a new
misery rolling in from the sea. A third of
America's oil comes from the Gulf of Mexico as
does nearly all of its seafood. More than 60 per
cent of America's oysters come just from the
small region around Buras and neighbouring
Venice. Everyone here in this remote string of
townships 75 miles south-east of New Orleans
ultimately relies on the water for their
livelihood. Like everywhere else, Buras has never
recovered from Katrina. There is still no public
hall, no gas supply, no school and not even
repaired pavements. Even so, local people agree
that the oil slick could be far more serious than
any hurricane. "A hurricane is like closing your
bank account for a few days, but this here has
the capacity to destroy our bank accounts," said
Mr Marinovich.
Five years ago America's southern coastal region
lay in ruins following hurricane Katrina. Five
years on the same area is looking potentially at
an even worse disaster. In the WWW five years ago
we commented on the fact that Katrina came at the
very time Israel pulled out of Gaza. It was under
immense American pressure that Israel decided to
give up land given to them by God. Here we are
five years later with America once again putting
immense pressure on Israel to give up land and
divide Jerusalem. Once again a disaster threatens
America and like the hurricane there is no way
man can stop it. It is as if America is cursed

  • And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse
    him that curseth thee and in thee shall all
    families of the earth be blessed.

(Genesis 123)
BP's containment problem is unprecedented
Los Angeles Times, May 19, 2010
The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico presents BP
Exploration and Production with a problem of
unprecedented severity a limitless gush in very
deep waters forcing the London-based company to
grasp for fixes that have never been tried
before. The problem with the April 20 spill is
that it isn't really a spill Its a gush, like
an underwater oil volcano. A hot column of oil
and gas is spurting into freezing, black waters
nearly a mile down, where the pressure nears a
ton per inch, impossible for divers to endure.
Experts call it a continuous, round-the-clock
calamity, unlike a leaking tanker, which might
empty in hours or days. "Everything about it is
unprecedented," said geochemist Christopher
Reddy, an oil-spill expert and head of the
Coastal Ocean Institute at the Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. "All
our knowledge is based on a one-shot event. With
this, we don't know when it's going to
stop." Accidents have occurred before in which
oil has gushed from damaged wells, he said. But
he knew of none in water so deep.
This crisis has the potential to be catastrophic.
Basically BP have punched a hole in the ocean
floor. The trouble is it is mile down. The
pressure was so great that the safety valves
burst and the rig above exploded and sank. So how
do they plug the hole? Some estimates say that 1
million gallons of crude oil are pouring into the
sea each week! Everything that has been tried so
far to stop the oil volcano has failed. Man
has caused the problem and has no idea how to
solve it. How perplexed they are! We are surely
reminded of Christs words below. Jesus says
nations will be perplexed. Perplexity is not
knowing how to solve a problem. His return will
solve ALL problems.

  • and upon the earth distress of nations, with
    perplexity the sea and the waves roaring Mens
    hearts failing them for fear, and for looking
    after those things which are coming on the
    earth. And then shall they see the Son of man
    coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

(Luke 2125-27)
Gulf oil spill hits Day 40 with no end in sight
Reuters, May 29, 2010
The worst oil spill in US history hits its 40th
day on Saturday with
Gulf residents clinging to one tenuous
hope that BP's complicated "top kill" operation
will plug the gushing well. Beleaguered Louisiana
residents heard from president Barack Obama and
BP CEO Tony Hayward on separate visits to the
Gulf coast on Friday as they tried to get a
handle on a crisis damaging the credibility of
both the government and BP. Obama, facing
criticism that he responded too slowly to the
environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico,
assured Louisianians during his five-hour visit
that they "will not be left behind" and that the
"buck stops" with him. Hayward, on a visit to the
site of the April 20 rig explosion that killed 11
workers and unleashed the oil, said the energy
giant needed up to two more days to determine if
the top kill will stop the underwater gusher once
and for all. The top kill, however, is a tricky
maneuver that involves injecting heavy fluids,
material and cement into the well to stifle the
flow. It has never been done at this depth, one
mile under below sea level.
Even using the most conservative estimate, the
oil leak has grown to nearly 19 million gallons
over the past five weeks, surpassing the size of
the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska, which
at about 11 million gallons had been the nation's
worst spill. Under the highest Gulf spill
estimate, nearly 39 million gallons may have
leaked. The US president is inextricably linked
with this disaster. He had been promoting more
deep oil wells as a priority for his
administration. Many are saying his response has
been very weak and he failed to grasp the
enormity of the situation. Obama, the so called
saviour of the world only a few months ago is
helpless in dealing with this crisis.

  • thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that
    they should be judged, and that thou shouldest
    give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and
    to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small
    and great and shouldest destroy them which
    destroy the earth.

(Revelation 1118)
Thousands flee volcanos in Ecuador and Guatemala
BBConline, May 29, 2010
Thousands of people have been forced to flee
their homes as two volcanos erupted in Guatemala
and Ecuador. In Guatemala, the Pacaya volcano
began spewing lava, rocks and debris on Thursday,
killing at least two people and injuring more
than 50 others. In Ecuador, the Tungurahua
volcano forced the evacuation of seven villages
and shut the airport and schools in Guayaquil,
the country's largest city. There is no
suggestion the upsurge in volcanic activity is
related. In Guatemala, at least 1,700 people
have fled the eruption, some 30km (19 miles)
south of the capital city. President Alvaro Colom
has declared a state of emergency in Escuintla
region, Guatemala City and areas surrounding the
capital. The volcano has covered parts of
Guatemala City in ash - up to 7cm (2.7in) thick
in some areas - forcing the closure of the
country's main international airport.
Seismologists have warned of more eruptions "in
the coming days"
Two more volcanos have begun erupting this week
causing evacuations and deaths. The last major
eruption of the Guatemala volcano was between
1916 -1918. This was of course during the period
of the First World War. The war to end all wars.
Here we are 90 years later with the Third World
War at hand and once more we have a major
eruption. The volcano has not gone away nor has
the prospect of global conflict. We have seen the
signs this week that conflict is close. Surely we
are living in the very last days. With fearful
sights and great signs from heaven. The labour
pains are coming thick and fast. The whole of
creation is groaning. And we do to. We groan
within ourselves waiting for our redemption. It
IS coming.

  • We know that the whole creation has been groaning
    as in the pains of childbirth right up to the
    present time. Not only so, but we ourselves, who
    have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan
    inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as
    sons, the redemption of our bodies.

(Romans 822,23)
Powerful earthquakes shake Indonesian coast
CNN, June 16, 2010
A power string of six earthquakes shook the
northern coast of Papua, Indonesia, Wednesday,
killing at least two people and causing
widespread damage on Yapen Island, officials
said. Four of the earthquakes hit the region
within an hour's time, starting just after
midday. A fifth and sixth quake hit the region a
few hours later. Scores die in China flash
floods BBConline, June 19, 2010 At least 69
people have now died in flooding caused by
torrential rain in southern China, state media
say. About half a million people have been
evacuated because of rainstorms over the last
week that have damaged tens of thousands of
homes. Deadly flash floods hit southern France
BBConline, June 16, 2010 At least 19 people have
been killed by flash floods in south-eastern
France, officials say. Meteorologists say the
floods are the worst in the region since 1827.

In the final period of time before Egypts demise
God poured on that unsuspecting people great
signs and wonders. Deut 622. Plagues,
pestilence, storm and so on. Egypt was left
ruined and broken. It was at this same time that
God rescued his people. We also live at the time
of witnessing great signs and wonders. Peter
makes clear in Acts 2 that before the great and
notable day of the Lord comes God will show
wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth
beneath. This is of course symbolic but also
literal. All symbology has its roots in physical
things. As we near the end of time and the
culmination of Gods plan we might expect to see
increasing signs and wonders.
  • I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in
    the earth beneath blood, and fire, and vapour of
    smoke The sun shall be turned into darkness, and
    the moon into blood, before that great and
    notable day of the Lord come And it shall come
    to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of
    the Lord shall be saved.

(Acts 219-21)
Increased quake activity predicted for California
Associated Press, June 30, 2010
There is growing concern among seismologists that
the 7.2 Mexicali
earthquake April 4 placed more pressure on
Southern California's faults,
resulting in increased quake activity over the
last three months. The latest evidence was
Wednesday's magnitude 5.4 Collins Valley
earthquake that rolled from the mountains south
of Palm Springs, leaving no major damage but
rattling nerves throughout the region.
Wednesdays quake was centred in the San Jacinto
fault zone -- Southern Californias most active
-- which runs 100 miles from the border
north-westerly toward Riverside and San
Bernardino. Scientists had warned for some time
that the Mexicali quake had transferred pressure
from the Mexican border area toward the San
Jacinto fault and nearby Elsinore fault which
runs 110 miles and could cause major damage in
urban areas -- making quakes there more likely.
The probability of a larger earthquake on those
faults could be high within the next year or
two, said John Rundle, a physics and geology
professor at UC Davis.

The Mexicali quake in April has been followed by
aftershocks and triggered earthquakes that are
showing no signs of ending. Professor John Rundle
quoted above went on to say This thing seems to
be popping off with lots of small earthquakes,
and its not decaying very quickly which to me
is worrisome, frankly. Experts are particularly
concerned because the northern edges of the
Elsinore and San Jacinto fault zones run into
Orange and Los Angeles counties, and the San
Andreas fault. Both faults could produce
catastrophic quakes. We know earthquakes will
increase as the earth groans with contraction
pains. These are signs Christ is coming,
  • Then he said to them "Nation will rise against
    nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will
    be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in
    various places, and fearful events and great
    signs from heaven..

(Luke 2110-11 NIV)
World's hottest year on record expected
Daily Telegraph, July 16, 2010
The world is on course to record the hottest year
on record, threatening droughts worldwide,
forecasters have said. For the first six months
of the year, 2010 has been warmer than the first
half of 1998, the previous record holder, by 0.03
degree Fahrenheit, said Jay Lawrimore, chief of
climate analysis at the federal National Climatic
Data Centre. A period of a El Nino weather
pattern is being blamed for the hot temperatures
globally. "We had an El Nino episode in the
early part of the year that's now faded but that
has contributed to the warmth not only in
equatorial Pacific but also contributed to
anomalously warm global temperatures as well," Mr
Lawrimore said. Abnormally warm temperatures
have been registered in large parts of Canada,
Africa, tropical oceans and parts of the Middle
East. Northern Thailand is struggling through
the worst drought in 20 years, while Israel is in
the middle of the longest and most severe drought
since 1920s. In Britain, this year has been the
driest since 1929.

Drought is effecting large parts of Europe.
Russia's worst droughts in a century have
destroyed almost 25 million acres of crops in
central and European areas, authorities said this
week. A state of emergency has been declared in
18 Russian provinces, where fire has engulfed
more than 64,000 acres of forest. A heat wave
across much of Europe is also causing crops to
wither, forest fires to ignite and roads to
melt. As the world becomes ever more godless the
heat and drought increase. There is a direct
correlation between these things. When Jesus
returns we are told he will be like rain on mown
grasses. Like a shower to water the earth. The
righteous will flourish.
  • He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass
    as showers that water the earth.
  • In his days shall the righteous flourish
  • This Psalm speaks of the time when Jesus is
    ruling over the whole earth. All famine will come
    to an end as v 16 says There shall be an handful
    of corn in the earth upon the top of the

(Psalm 727,7)
D.C. rattled by area's largest recorded temblor
Associated Press, June 30, 2010
The largest earthquake ever recorded near the
capital rattled Washington, D.C., early Friday,
waking many residents but causing no reported
damage. The quake hit at 504 a.m. ET with a
magnitude of 3.6, according to the U.S.
Geological Survey. It was centred near Rockville,
Md., the USGS said. NBC News reported that the
quake was felt in the D.C.-area, Maryland,
Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Amy
Vaughn, a spokeswoman for USGS, told NBC station
WRC that the quake was the largest recorded
within 50 kilometres (31 miles) of Washington
since a database was created in 1974. The
previous record within that time period was a 2.6
magnitude temblor in 1990. On the U.S.
Geological Survey's website, more than 11,000
people by mid-morning reported feeling the quake,
some from as far away as Pennsylvania and West
Virginia. The agency said earthquakes east of the
Rocky Mountains can be felt over an area as much
as 10 times larger than a similar earthquake on
the West Coast.

When the earth shakes the people tremble and are
afraid. In other words a shaking of the ground
causes a shaking of the people. It is God that
shakes the earth. We also read of God shaking the
heavens. We might wonder how God shakes the sky!
In fact the heavens can be symbolic of political
power. A shaking of the heavens is symbolic of
God bringing distress and even destruction on the
political powers in the earth. The greatest
current political power on earth is based in
Washington DC. God has literally shaken the
ground where this power is based. It may not be
long before the political throne based there is
also shaken and finally removed when Christ
  • Lord, thy judgements now are waking, Let not thy
    compassion sleep But while earthly thrones are
    shaking sure and firm thy purpose keep O Lord,
    hear us, be Thou near us when the storm shall
    oer us sweep.

(Christadelphian Hymn Book No. 402 verse 1 Also
see Joel 210)
Russian forest fires leave dozens dead
Daily Telegraph, July 15, 2010
Forest fires raged across Russia on Friday,
killing at least 29 people, including three
firefighters, and destroying villages during the
worst heatwave since records began. Vladimir
Putin, the prime minister, visited survivors at
the smouldering village of Verkhnyaya Vereya,
about 300 miles east of Moscow, where all 341
houses burnt down and five died in the blaze.
"By winter, all the houses will be standing. I
promise you that your village will be restored,"
said Mr Putin, adding that the standard
compensation of 50,000 roubles (1,060) per
household for loss of possessions would be
increased to 200,000 roubles per resident. The
fires have spread quickly across more than
200,000 acres in recent days after a record heat
wave and severe drought. July has been the
hottest month in Moscow in 130 years of recorded
history. Fields and forests have dried up, and
much of this year's wheat harvest has been ruined.

Fires have raged across Russia causing enormous
devastation. The worst drought and highest
temperatures ever recorded have created a
tinderbox which has ignited. On the other hand
over 1000 people have died in Pakistan and over
1,000,000 have been affected this week in the
worst flooding in living memory. Record breaking
rainfall has caused massive destruction. We are
surely seeing wonders in the heavens above (rain)
and on the earth beneath (fire) as prophesied.
The word wonder means portent. A portent is a
sign or warning that something momentous or
calamitous, is likely to happen. Something
momentous AND calamitous is about to happen. The
return of Christ
  • And it shall come to pass in the last days,
    saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all
    flesh.And I will shew wonders in heaven above,
    and signs in the earth beneath blood, and fire,
    and vapour of smoke

(Acts 217,19)
Pakistan floods affect 14 million
Daily Telegraph, August 6, 2010
The worst floods in Pakistan's history have
affected 14 million people, the government's
disaster management agency has said. More than 12
million are affected in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa and
Punjab provinces, while a further two million are
affected in Sindh. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza
Gilani appealed for immediate international help
to cope with the disaster as authorities
evacuated half a million people from risk areas
in the south. "I would ask international
community to support and help Pakistan alleviate
sufferings of flood-affected people," Gilani said
in a televised address to the nation. "Pakistan
has been hit by worst floods of its history," he
said. "The loss of human lives and infrastructure
has been colossal and real assessment of damages
can only be done when water recedes." The nearly
two-week-old disaster across the largely
impoverished country hard hit by Taliban-linked
violence, washed away entire villages and killed
at least 1,600, according to UN estimates.

God is in control of events happening here on
earth. These are great signs and wonders that are
showing those who would see that the final
judgements of God are about to be poured out. If
we doubt at all the hand of God in these floods
consider these words. Job 375 God thundereth
marvellously with his voice great things doeth
he, which we cannot comprehend. For he saith to
the snow, Be thou on the earth likewise to the
small rain, and to the great rain of his
strength. These great rains show us his
strength. Jesus says the world will be as it was
in the days of Noah. We know the world was
flooded at that time and ended all life. We know
that God will not destroy the world in that way
again but these floods are a warning we live in
those days
  • He loads the clouds with moisture he scatters
    his lightning through them. At his direction
    they swirl around over the face of the whole
    earth to do whatever he commands them. He brings
    the clouds to punish men, or to water his earth
    and show his love..

(Job 3711-13 NIV)
Russian heatwave kills 5,000, fires rage out of
Daily Telegraph, August 6, 2010
Russia's devastating summer heatwave has cost
almost 5,000 lives, according to officials who
conceded yesterday that the state was struggling
to gain control over the worst wildfires in
decades. The ministry for emergencies issued an
urgent call for volunteers to join fire brigades
to bolster the fight against the peat and forest
fires raging out of control around Moscow.
Temperatures in Russia have hit records for the
time of year on at least six occasions in recent
weeks. Forecasters said there would be no respite
from temperatures above 97F (36C) for at least
another week. Almost half a million acres are
still burning and Nasa images have shown smoke
from the fires visible from space. The US space
agency said the smoke has at times reached six
miles into the stratosphere.

Jesus tells us to consider not only the days of
Noah (which ended in the greatest flood ever) but
he also tells us to consider the days of Sodom.
Read Luke 1726-30. The days of Sodom ended in
great fiery destruction. The very first time in
the Bible the word smoke is used is in Gen
1928 And he Abraham looked toward Sodom and
Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain,
and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country
went up as the smoke of a furnace. As we look at
the largest nation on earth we see thick smoke
swirling around its capital. Many state buildings
have shut due to the fact they cannot switch off
the smoke alarms! Never has this country seen
anything like this, and we simply have no
experience of working in such conditions," a
Moscow emergency official said Friday. The fire
and smoke is a sign will live in days like Sodom
  • And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in
    the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.
  • The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the
    moon into blood, before the great and the
    terrible day of the LORD come.

(Joel 230-31)
Solar storm hitting Earth causes spectacular
Daily Telegraph, August 4, 2010
HeadlineThe Sun is getting angry. How can we
protect ourselves?
A large solar storm has caused spectacular aurora
displays across the Northern
Hemisphere after blasting out of the Sun three
days ago. On 1 August, almost the entire side of
the Sun that faces the Earth erupted in a blaze
of activity known as a "coronal mass ejection".
These storms throw up to 10 billion tons of
plasma - superheated gas - off the surface of the
star and hurtling into space at around a million
miles an hour. It covered the 93 million mile
journey from the Sun to the Earth in just three
and a half days. It was the "first major
Earth-directed eruption in quite some time,"
according to Leon Golub, a scientist at the
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
(CfA), who warned of the event on Monday. While
no damage seems to have been done by this flare,
Nasa astronomers have previously warned that a
much larger solar storm could cause havoc with
electrical systems on Earth. In 1989, a smaller
but still enormous storm caused the power grids
in Quebec to go down for nine hours.

As if there is not enough in the way of signs on
earth we also have signs in the literal sun as
well. As the headline above says The sun is
getting angry It is worth repeating some of
more words in the article above.. On 1 August,
almost the entire side of the Sun that faces the
Earth erupted in a blaze of activity. Yet
another coincidence or another sign we are
nearing the end? We make that answer now Can we
have any excuse when Christ finally returns? Can
we possibly say there were not enough signs to
warn us? We are told that Christ will come as a
thief in the night This does not mean quietly
it means unexpectedly. HOWEVER we also read that
we are not in darkness we are in the light so
his coming will NOT be unexpected to us!
  • For yourselves know perfectly that the day of
    the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. But
    ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day
    should overtake you as a thief. Therefore let us
    not sleep, as do others but let us watch

(1 Thessalonians 52,5,6)
Russia ban on grain export begins
BBConline, August 15, 2010
Russia has imposed a ban on grain exports until
the end of the year, after a severe drought and a
spate of wildfires devastated crops. Russia is
one of the world's biggest producers of wheat,
barley and rye, and the ban is likely to see
bread prices rise in places like the Middle
East. The measures are designed to keep domestic
food prices under control. But agriculture
ministry data has revealed that this year's crop
is unlikely to meet even domestic demand.
Hundreds of wildfires have been burning across
central Russia in the last three weeks. President
Dmitry Medvedev predicted that the measures could
be lifted before the end of the year. But Prime
Minister Vladimir Putin suggested the ban could
remain in place until well into 2011. Mr Putin
said that this year's crop could be as low as 60
million tonnes, well below last year's 97
million, and Russia needs almost 80 million
tonnes to cover domestic consumption, so even
with this ban, there might be a shortfall of
nearly 20 million tonnes for the Russian consumer.

It may come as surprise that Russia is one of the
worlds largest producers of wheat, barley and
rye. In fact it normally produces 10 of the
worlds total output! 20 of this total is
exported to Europe, the Middle East and North
Africa. Jesus says that there will be famines
and pestilences and fearful sights and great
signs shall there be from heaven. (Luke
2110,11) before he returns. Famine is used by
God to not only judge but also to influence.
Abraham was forced to go to Egypt because of
famine. Josephs family was forced to go to Egypt
because of famine. Perhaps this famine (caused by
fire) will force Russia to go where it might not
have gone otherwise. Gods hooks are being
inserted into Russias jaws.
  • And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy
    jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine
    army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed
    with all sorts of armour, even a great company
    with bucklers and shields, all of them handling
  • God is speaking to Gog leader of the Russians.
    It is God that forces Russia to come down

(Ezekiel 384)
Grain price rise may fuel Mideast and Europe
Reuters, August 11, 2010
Rising grain prices from Russia's drought and
fires will pressure populations already hit by
the financial crisis and could stoke unrest --
particularly in the Middle East, North Africa and
parts of Europe. Wheat prices have risen by
nearly 70 percent since June after Russia
suffered its worst drought in 130 years and are
at their highest since 2008, when the last major
food price rally sparked protests and riots in a
string of emerging nations. The Middle East and
North Africa, particularly Egypt, are regarded as
particularly vulnerable, as are emerging and
southern European countries where discontent has
already been fuelled by harsh cuts in public
spending, benefits and pay . "Grain imports are
particularly sensitive in the Middle East and
North Africa -- bread is such a crucial staple of
the diet," said Metsa Rahimi, analyst at security
consultant Janusian. "Eastern Europe is also an
obvious area of risk."

This report in Reuters confirms that unrest may
well come from rising wheat prices. Interestingly
the areas mostly effected are Middle East and
North Africa, and Egypt. We quoted on the
previous slide that Jesus told us to look for
famines, and pestilences and fearful sights and
great signs. In the previous verse he says
Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom
against kingdom. As the food supply of the
earth begins to run short (famine) we may well
see more conflict between nations. Russia may
also use this grain crisis to increase its
influence. Stratfor, (a Global intelligence site)
believes Russia may use the crisis to pull
together nearby producers Belarus, Kazakhstan and
Ukraine to form a regional grain cartel. Russia
has used its energy supplies as a political
weapon. It may well do so with its grain exports
as well
  • Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise
    against nation, and kingdom against kingdom And
    great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and
    famines, and pestilences and fearful sights and
    great signs shall there be from heaven.

(Luke 2110)
Sun storm to hit with 'force of 100m bombs', August 25, 2010
AFTER 10 years of comparative slumber, the sun is
waking up - and it's got astronomers on full
alert. This week several US media outlets
reported that NASA was warning the massive flare
that caused spectacular light shows on Earth
earlier this month was just a precursor to a
massive solar storm building that had the
potential to wipe out the entire planet's power
grid. NASA has since rebutted those reports,
saying it could come "100 years away or just 100
days", but an Australian astronomer says the
space community is betting on the sooner scenario
rather than the latter. Similar storms back in
1859 and 1921 caused worldwide chaos, wiping out
telegraph wires on a massive scale. "The general
consensus among general astronomers (and
certainly solar astronomers) is that this coming
Solar maximum (2012 but possibly later into 2013)
will be the most violent in 100 years," astronomy
lecturer and columnist Dave Reneke said.

We dont know the date but we can be certain that
the suns activity is planned by God. The
previous solar storms were back in 1859 and 1921
when there was not the technology we have now. No
one really knows the impact a massive solar storm
will have on the world but it is likely to
disrupt societys high tech infrastructure. Airlin
es, communications, GPS systems, military
weapons, orbiting satellites could all be
affected. NASA said that a recent report by the
National Academy of Sciences found that if a
similar storm to 1859 occurred today, it could
cause 1 to 2 trillion in damages to society's
high-tech infrastructure and require four to 10
years for complete recovery.
  • And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the
    moon, and in the stars and upon the earth
    distress of nations, with perplexity the sea and
    the waves roaring Mens hearts failing them for
    fear, and for looking after those things which
    are coming on the earth
  • We need to look up for our redemption draweth

(Luke 2125,26)
New Zealand 7.0 earthquake reduces buildings
to rubble
The Telegraph, September 3, 2010
Buildings were reduced to rubble, essential
services cut, and there were outbreaks of looting
after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck New
Zealands second largest city. The quake, which
hit Christchurch, population 386,000, on the east
coast of New Zealand's South Island, was just 7.5
miles deep, which meant it caused widespread
damage. Christchurch Hospital said it was
inundated with people suffering injuries but
there were no reports of any deaths after the
quake, which occurred early Saturday morning No
tsunami was reported but several strong
aftershocks were being felt in the city and
throughout the surrounding Canterbury region.
Inspector Al Stewart of Christchurch police said
there had been extensive damage, mainly to older
buildings which were less able to withstand the
shaking, while he also confirmed there had been
incidents of looting from shops. Thousands of
homes and businesses were without power, water
was cut off, and sewerage pipes were severed.

This has been the year of great signs and
wonders. The Haitian earthquake, Chilean
earthquake and tsunami, Icelandic volcano,
Pakistan floods, Russian fires and now a major
earthquake in New Zealand. A state of emergency
has been declared and Christchurch (New Zealands
second largest city) has been sealed off by
police because of the danger of falling
masonry. We sorrow and pray for those affected by
the destruction but also know this is a sign of
the nearness of Christs return. The whole of
creation is groaning like a woman in travail. It
cannot be long now before the birth comes and
Jesus is back on earth.
  • We know that the whole creation has been groaning
    as in the pains of childbirth right up to the
    present time. Not only so, but we ourselves, who
    have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan
    inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as
    sons, the redemption of our bodies.

(Romans 822-23 NIV)
Russia halts grain exports
UPI, October 22, 2010
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Friday because
of unprecedented environmental conditions Russia
will not export grain until next year. "Yesterday
I signed the government's decision to extend the
moratorium on grain exports until July 1, 2011,"
Putin said during a meeting on agriculture in the
southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. Russia
went through the worst heat wave in its history
resulting in severe drought and forest fires
destroying 32 million acres of the country's
grain crop, RIA Novosti reported. Putin banned
Russia's exportation of grain triggering a rise
in grain prices even as about 60 million tons had
been gathered this year, RIA Novosti said. "This
is the volume that was actually forecasted. Now
we know for sure what resources we possess, what
the grain balance will look like," he said. Putin
said there would be enough grain for domestic
consumption, not export.

We perhaps do not appreciate quite the extent of
the disaster that has happened in Russia this
year. The unprecedented heatwave caused the
largest nation on earth to burn. To give you some
idea of the scale of the disaster think of this.
32,000,000 acres of Russias grain crop were
destroyed by fire. 32,000,000 acres 50,000 sq
miles. The whole of England 50,356 sq miles!
Prices of grain are rocketing upwards due to this
shortage and Russias ban on exports. This will
have a knock on effect to countries like Iran
which this week has stopped food subsidiaries.
This on its own could put up bread by 20 and is
predicted to cause popular unrest. Gods hand is
behind all of this. He uses the natural
elements of heat, water, cold to bring about his
purpose. We also know that in the last days we
will see wonders with fire and vapour of smoke!
  • And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith
    God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh
  • And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and
    signs in the earth beneath blood, and fire, and
    vapour of smoke
  • These words MUST have a final fulfilment in the
    very last days in which we live.

(Acts 217,19)
Indonesia tsunami death toll hits 413
UPI, October 22, 2010
The death toll from the tsunami that smashed into
western Indonesia has risen to 413 with another
298 still missing several days after the
disaster, an official said Saturday. West Sumatra
disaster management official Suryadi said much of
the aid has arrived in Sikakap area in North
Pagai island, but emergency workers were having
difficulty getting it to those most in need. "A
lot of the aid has arrived on the island.
Unfortunately there are insufficient boats to
distribute the aid to the affected areas
quickly," he said. The tsunami has displaced
13,000 people on the tsunami-stricken Mentawai
islands. Emergency services in Indonesia are
being further stretched by the continued eruption
of Mount Merapi in central Java, where around
50,000 people have been evacuated.
Last week we looked at the fires that have raged
across the worlds largest nation Russia. This
week we see not fire raging but water. Yet
another tsunami causing large scale death and
destruction. We had a tsunami back in February
this year when a massive earthquake struck
Chile. Back in 2006 another tsunami killed over
600 when an earthquake struck Java. In 2004,
212,000 people were killed in the tsunami that
struck Aceh. There certainly seems to be an
increase of tsunamis. The sea in the Bible is
symbolic of nations and people. When we see the
literal see roaring and raging (as in a storm or
tsunami) we also know that this indicates a time
coming when the nations will rage as well. All
these events are showing those who would see that
the end is so very near. When Christ returns how
can we can say to him that we did not see it

  • Thou rulest the raging of the sea when the waves
    thereof arise, thou stillest them.
  • And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the
    moon, and in the stars and upon the earth
    distress of nations, with perplexity the sea and
    the waves roaring

(Psalm 899)
(Luke 2125)
Indonesia volcano still erupting 118 killed
Wall Street Journal, November 6, 2010
A surge of searing gas raced down the sides of
Mount Merapi at highway speeds Friday, setting
houses and trees ablaze and blackening the bodies
of those caught in its path. The nightmarish
eruption raised the number of people killed by
Merapi since Oct. 26 to 118 and sent tens of
thousands more into already crowded emergency
shelters in the shadow of the volcano. It
continued to rumble and groan Saturday, spitting
gray clouds of ash and gas high into the air. The
eruption has also disrupted air travel in the
region. Singapore Airlines said it has
temporarily suspended flights going to and coming
from Indonesia's capital, Jarkata. Also,
Malaysian Airlines has rerouted flights that were
bound for the region.
Bodies lay frozen in death on the streets of an
Indonesian village yesterday in scenes like the
destruction of Pompeii many reports say. It was
Mount Merapi's worst eruption in 140 years. The
heat yesterday was so intense - at 750C (1400F) -
that survivors had to be carried to hospital with
their clothes, blankets and even mattresses fused
to the skin. Soldiers who went into the villages
found homes and streets blanketed by ash up to a
foot deep. Volcanologists had predicted last week
the eruptions would ease off. But they have
continued to grow in intensity. We continue to
see creation groaning in travail and know for
certain that the labour pains will only worsen as
we near the end. All these things we see are
warnings to us all to repent, turn to God, trust
in Him and wait for our salvation to come. There
will be no excuse as we stand at the judgment
seat. We cannot say that we did not see the signs
our Lords return was close.