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How to make a PowerPoint Show


... to add images, or just use text and clipart? What is PowerPoint? ... Menu, select PowerPoint ... give you a combination of words, clip art and bulleted lists. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: How to make a PowerPoint Show

How to make a PowerPoint Show
  • Liz McGonagle
  • 11-15-00

What type of show?
  • What type of presentation are you making?
  • Do you want to use a pre-designed template, or
    create you own?
  • Are you going to add images, or just use text and

What is PowerPoint?
  • Software that allows you to create slides that
    link together to form a multimedia show
  • You can use text, graphics, digital images,
    scanned images…whatever you want
  • It creates an outline that summarizes the text on
    your slides

Plan your show…
  • You can use Inspiration to design a show template
    for a specific classroom project
  • Be sure to think about things like the number of
    slides, length of show, graphic and sound

From the Start Menu, select PowerPoint
AutoContent Wizard contains samples preformatted
slides for a particular theme.
The Design template lets you pick a preformatted
style, but you enter your own content.
This is a list of presentations that you have
already created.
If you have PowerPoint open, you may see this
  • From the file menu, select New
  • A window with tabs appears

The General Tab opens a blank presentation or the
AutoContent wizard.
The Design Template lets you browse pre-made
templates with color schemes.
Click on the name to see a preview
The Design Template
  • Only gives you a background style
  • You create your own slides as you go
  • You can change the style, colors, fonts etc. at
    any time

Other options
  • The Presentation and auto content wizards give
    you template that include pre-designed slides for
    a complete presentation
  • You highlight the template words, and type your
    own words over them
  • You can still change the style later, so dont
    get too obsessive when choosing!

Use the Insert Menu, New Slide to add a slide, or
on the keyboard press CTRL and tap the M key.
The New Slide window displays template slides,
click on the one you need. Note the description…
AutoLayout description
What are the AutoLayout templates?
  • Templates that give you a combination of words,
    clip art and bulleted lists.
  • Dont worry, you can always add things to a slide
  • Lets look at the different ways to view your

Click to add title
When using a design template, you click here and
type your words over theirs.
As you type …
  • The outline to the left of the screen changes as
    you add new text.

Current Slide
Add notes here.
To add another slide
  • Click on the Insert Menu
  • Select New Slide
  • Choose an AutoLayout template

View Buttons
Outline View
Slide View
Slide Sorter View
Slide Show
Normal View
The Normal View
Go to the View Menu, Normal or click on the first
view button. This view shows the outline, slide a
nd notes.
View Buttons
The Slide Sorter View
This view lets you see a storyboard of your
show. You can move a slide around by clicking on
it and dragging it to a new location.
The Slide Sorter View
You can click on a slide and press the delete key
to delete it. Double click on a slide to return t
o the Normal View.
The Outline View
To see the Outline View, click on the second icon
from the left. You can add notes here that you c
an print out. You can drag the slide icons to ch
ange the order of the slides.
Outline view
The Slide View
The Slide View is the 3rd icon from the left, it
shows you one slide at a time.
The Slide Show View
The slide show view plays the show
You can also use the Slide Show Menu, View Show
or press the F5 key To stop the show, press the E
SC key.
Notes Page View
This view allows you to see the slide and the
speaker notes. From the View Menu, select Notes P
age To return to another view use either the View
Menu or the view icons along the bottom, left of
the screen.
  • These are the places where it says click to
  • If you need additional text space use the Insert
    Menu, Text Box
  • Click on your slide and drag to make a text box
  • Click inside the box and type

  • You can resize a placeholder by clicking on the
    handles and dragging just like clip art.
  • To delete an unwanted placeholder, click on it so
    that you can see the handles, then click the
    delete key on the keyboard.

Formatting Text
  • Use your Word skills in PowerPoint---highlight
    your text and use the B, I and U icons on the
    toolbar to Bold, Italic and Underline.
  • Use the alignment, centering and font tools to
    make formatting changes.
  • You can also right click after highlighting text
    to get a drop down menu for quick font changes.

Formatting Pictures
  • Use the Picture Toolbar to format pictures and
    clip art.
  • It should display whenever you insert a picture,
    or go to the View Menu, Toolbars and click on
    Picture Toolbar.

Contrast Brightness
Recolor picture
Adding Clip Art
  • If you have selected a new slide with a clip art
    placeholder in it, just double click to go to the
    clip art files.

Moving around clip art
Type a keyword here, like car, and press enter.
Or choose a category and browse.
Click and hold on your clip art…
  • Click and hold on the picture you want.
  • Drag over to the Insert Clip option on the drop
    down menu.
  • Close the window
  • Resize your clip art on your slide.

Resizing clip art
Click on a handle and drag to resize the
Click directly on the picture and drag to move it
without changing the size.
Save your work
  • Dont forget to save your work periodically to
    avoid tears…
  • Save it to your personal folder on the Z drive
    so that you can access it from anywhere on the

Digital Camera
  • Inserting a picture from the digital camera is a
  • From the Insert Menu choose Insert Picture, From
  • Browse to your file and double click

Adding Sounds
  • You can add canned sounds or narrate your
  • You can change and edit sounds easily
  • Our monitors have a built-in microphone

Adding narration
Go to the Slide Show Menu, Record Narration
option. Click OK to begin recording. Say Yes to
saving the timing.
You can edit individual slides later the same way.
You can paste things in!
  • Use the Edit, Copy and Edit Paste commands to
    grab things from other documents
  • You can right click on pictures on the Internet,
    copy, then go to your show and right click and
  • Of course, you must cite them!

Selecting Transitions
  • From the Slide Show Menu on the tool bar, select
    Slide Transitions.
  • Select your transition, then click apply for one
    slide or Apply to All to use if for the entire

This is where you can add canned sounds to a
slide too.
Try Random transitions to mix it up.
Timing of your slides
  • You can choose to automate the advancement of
    your slides instead of clicking the mouse to
  • One way is to go to the Slide Show menu and
    select Rehearse Timings
  • The rehearsal icon will act as a stop
    watch. Click your mouse when you want to advance
    to the next slide.

Viewing transition timing
Shortcut to Rehearse Timings
Use the Slide Sorter View to see the length of
the transition you have selected.
Changing the Timing
Apply the time to one slide or all…
  • To adjust how long to stay on one slide, use the
    Slide Show, Slide Transition option and adjust
    the time.

Custom Animation
  • Use this to make lines fly in one at a time.
  • From the slide sorter view, (View Menu, Slide
    Sorter) go to the Slide Show Menu select Custom

Click on the items to animate
  • Check the items to animate
  • Pick the animation
  • Introduce text in levels

Use preview to try it out!
Previewing animations from the Slide Sorter View
Click on a slide then click on the Preview
Animation icon. Notice it tells you the
transition assigned to the slide.
The Format Menu
From the Format Menu, select Slide Color Scheme
You can apply to one slide, or all of your slides.
Click on a color scheme and then apply it. You
can always use Edit, Undo!
The Format Menu
  • Click on the bullet, then select the Bullet and
    Numbering option to change the bullets
  • You can change their shape or color
  • To be whatever you want!

You can change numbers too.
Click on the bullet shape
Click on the color or size or other characters.
You can print out
  • The outline
  • The slides
  • The notes

From the File Menu, Select Print
Select what you want to print from this drop down
Go to it!
  • Additional resources
  • Log in as your first initiallastname
  • Password is the word password
  • Select Campus, Resources
  • You will see a list of notes and demo shows