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Connecting with Youth


Ask your executive team how they are promoting the CUCO and WOCCU scholarship programs. ... Create a scenario like the CYL Camp Snack Shack ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Connecting with Youth

Connecting with Youth
  • Youth Engagement Strategies for Membership,
    Employees, and the Board of Directors

  • Sonja Carrière, Ontario Co-operative Association
  • Carlene Frimer, United Communities Credit Union
  • Rachel Milan, Teachers Credit Union
  • Joe Agro, Teachers Credit Union

  • Forums hosting similar discussions
  • What young people want
  • Youth Engagement Strategies Goals
  • Membership
  • Employees
  • Board of Directors
  • Discussion

Forums hosting discussions
  • Building Co-operative Futures Conference
  • On Co-op AGM
  • CCA Youth Forum
  • CYL Panel Presentations
  • CUMA Conference
  • BYTES Group
  • On Co-op Gala

What impacts young people?
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Empowerment
  • (Identified in Youth and Co-operatives Report
    and Summary by Kathryn Foulds)

What Young People Want
  • To be heard and valued
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Increased use of technology and the web
  • i.e. Facebook is a virtual form of networking
    very effective in targeting the Generation Y

CUDO Conference
  • Attracting Young Members
  • By Carlene Frimer

  • It stands to reason that if each individual
    credit union began to better live the principles
    of co-operation, it would propagate system wide.
  • Even if credit unions take no more action than
    simply giving the principles thoughtful
    consideration during their decision-making
    process, weve accomplished what we set out to do
  • make people think.
  • -Co-operative Principles Do They Really
    Differentiate Us?
  • National Young Leaders 2008

  • Building
  • Youth
  • Teen
  • Engagement
  • Systemwide

  • YOU choose
  • YOU own
  • YOU participate
  • YOU are independent
  • YOU learn
  • YOU co-operate
  • YOU help

  • The minute students get out of high school, the
    credit card offers come pouring in.
  • Marketing Across the Generations Age 0 to 10
    offered by CUNA Affiliates, Inc.

  • The 18-25 age group is the credit union
    industrys forgotten market. Credit unions stop
    marketing when everyone else starts.
  • Bryan Sims, Brass Media

  • College age credit card holders are diving
    deeper into debt with high balances ranging
    between 3,000 and 7,000, up 61 since 2000.
  • Bryan Sims, Brass Media

  • In the 1950s young homeowners could make the
    monthly mortgage payment by using 14 of their
    income. Today it takes 40.
  • Beyond Generation X by Claire Raines

  • Dont try to be cool for the sake of being
    cool, this generation looks for authenticity and
    you dont want to have a credit union go out
    there just using the latest lingo.
  • Matt Dean, CEO Trabian Technology/

  • Thank you.

How to attract and retain young employees
  • Rachel Milan

WYCUP Program
  • 2 people from the same CU won the prestigious
    WOCCU award to go to the 2009 event in Barcelona

How did you win? And can we have a copy?
Under 35 World Youth Winners
Young Leader Programs
  • Why its important?
  • It buys you time with these employees!
  • Solidifies your belief in value of them
  • Theyre less likely to leave when they know
    theyve been recognized and have a free trip on
    the horizon.

Promote it and they will come
  • Ask your executive team how they are promoting
    the CUCO and WOCCU scholarship programs.
  • Set a goal for at least 2 under 35ers to apply
    in 2009
  • If your employee(s) win shout it from the
    rooftops internally and externally
  • TCU gained significant free media coverage from
    the win (Hamilton Spectator covered the story in
    the business section, national CU magazine, radio
  • Dont leave it to the winner(s) to promote
    it-commit your CEO to this initiative
  • If it doesnt come from the top, momentum stops.

Gen Xers
  • Lets stop shying away from what makes Gen Xers
    different and capitalize on the opportunities
    they present as excellent employees and valuable

Gen Xers Work Culture
  • Align with their values such as
  • Social Responsibility
  • Flexible schedules
  • Tele-commuting
  • Physical activities
  • Experiential learning
  • Self-selected remuneration packages that offer a
    complement of options of equal value where they
    choose for the pieces that best apply to them.

Myth Busters
  • They lack loyalty
  • Dont confuse our love of change with not being
    loyal. Remember, our parents worked like dogs at
    one company for decades, so we know loyalty. But
    dont expect us to hang around when the company
    stops adapting or suffocates growth.

Myth Busters
  • They want a six figure income after graduation
  • Dont confuse our value of paid for performance
  • outrageous salary demands. Truly look at what
  • bring to the table and the level of
  • expected from them.
  • Entry into the workforce does not equal entry
  • level pay, or jobs.

Myth Busters
  • If you give them access to Facebook at work, no
  • will get done.
  • In the 80s, managers struggled with staff making
  • personal phone calls. Facebook is todays
  • calls. But heres the thing Facebook, and
  • internet sites, help your company because of the
  • networks created and the access to information.
  • You did deals on the golf-coursewere doing
    deals on our networks.

Keys to Youth Employee Success Easy Wins!
  • Work outside the box
  • Very few positions in a head office environment
    need to be physically present in the building.
    Embrace flexibility and alternative work
    environments for a big payback.

Easy Wins
  • Let technology work for you
  • get cozy with blogs, share your opinion online
    where everyone can see it, find ways to make your
    CU work smarter, not harder.
  • How do expect the under 35ers to become and stay
    engaged if executives and board members arent?
    e.g. have your photos and profiles on your
    website for all to see thats how you can build
    trust and engagement

Easy Wins!
  • Reach out and touch someone
  • Let down your hair and interact with employees,
    especially the under 35 crowd
  • We grew up with and embrace social and community
    networking-do the same. Personal contact is

Easy Wins!
  • Helping Others to Help Themselves
  • Make community activism accessible and encouraged
    such as company volunteer programs, adopting a
    school, neighbourhood clean-up days.
  • Employees under 35 value emotional connectivity
    to their workplace
  • Does your CU pay for staff to volunteer during
    the workday? Do your executives lead by example?

Easy Wins!
  • Promote the National Young Leaders Program
  • Its free!
  • Its easy!
  • Its dependent on your leadership team to promote
    and talk it up at every chance

  • Thank you.

Directors Forum
  • Attracting Young Board Members
  • By Joe Agro

  • At your next board meeting, take an honest look
    around the table.
  • Do you see a lot of directors who look an awful
    lot like you?
  • OR

Life Stages
  • Do your board members represent an array of
  • Life stages
  • Races
  • Professional backgrounds
  • Experience
  • Gender

  • A board needs to keep diversified in every way,
    including age, so it can best represent the
    diversity of the credit union's members
  • Goliath Business News

My Board Experience
  • Currently serving on a Board for the Credit Union
    Services Association (CUSA). Serving 40 credit
    unions on the same banking platform (CGI) in
  • Learning Experience
  • Scenario / Strategic planning
  • Review of financial statements
  • Group Buys
  • Project lead special group projects
  • Interpersonal skills by dealing with the board
    and various credit union senior management
  • Role Model to Youth in the system
  • My board service has proven extremely valuable

  • Increase Diversity
  • Create a Youth Advisory Board
  • Create a scholarship program
  • Promote community involvement
  • Potential to increase youth membership
  • CYL Camp Snack Shack

Ideas - Increase Diversity
  • Increase diversity by recruiting "young"
    enthusiastic members into the "experienced" board
  • The perspective of a young board member would
    bring is important.
  • These members are getting their
  • First job
  • Getting married
  • Buying their first house
  • Having kids
  • It's a completely different place than where many
    board members are at, but it's a place many
    members are at.
  • Youth Board Members help recognize that

Ideas - Youth Advisory Board
  • Create a Youth Advisory Board charged with
    bringing the youth members' perspective to the
    table and can represent these strategies
  • Marketing (the Youth way!)
  • Convenience (24/7)
  • Technology (that the youth are looking for and
    ideas on how to implement the new initiatives)
  • Members of this Board would play an important
    leadership role in creating and overseeing a
    service-learning initiative which will address
    pressing issues of importance to Credit Unions.
  • Young people must be empowered as leaders and
    decision-makers to address real issues and
  • Providing this opportunity to young people can
    have structured opportunities to make change in
    their credit union while at the same time become
    better prepared for college, the workforce, and
    active community involvement.

Ideas Scholarship Program
Denver Community Credit Union
Our scholarship program is attached to
participation in our youth advisory board - if
students complete their term of service and a
portfolio showing how they contributed to the
board, they will receive a 500 scholarship.
This year will be our first year disbursing
funds, as this is the first youth advisory board
we've had.
Ideas - Promote Community Involvement
  • "Young people are typically very eager to learn
    and a lot of young people really respect their
    volunteer aspect and social mission. They're
    looking at giving back to their communities
  • Push involvement in communities, participation in
    advisory groups

Ideas - Potential to increase youth memberships
  • If you have younger directors-and promote it-it
    can drive up membership among the younger
    population because younger members and potential
    members will perceive a board that better
    understands their needs.
  • It's getting harder to recruit younger people
    because meetings and continuing education take a
    lot of time and young people lead busy lives.
  • But there are advantages to serving that can
    counter the "too-busy" argument. They can learn
    more about how credit unions work and become
    credit union advocates. It is all in the approach
    and Idea you use!

CYL Snack Shack
  • Program helps participants learn about
    co-operatives, each CYL session organizes and
    operates a co-op store, called the Snack Shack.
  • As a co-operative, the Snack Shack holds member
    meetings, runs elections, and determines product
    selection and prices.
  • At the end of every week, the membership decides
    what to do with any surplus.  Sometimes the funds
    go towards the Friday night banquet, or are
    directed to a charity. 

Surveyed Young Board Members in the System
  • If Credit Unions were to introduce a youth
    advisory board do you think it would be endorsed?
  • How do you think we can attract more younger
    board members?
  • Do you think that young members are not running
    for the board because they think they will never
    be voted in?
  • Do you think CUs should have a mandatory board
    seat that is between the age of 18-25?
  • Do you feel intimidated being on a board that is
  • Do you feel that the board listens to your ideas?

Recommendations Take away
  • Selection
  • Put a notice in credit union newsletters
  • Post an announcement
  • Consult with a local volunteer center
  • Ask people already familiar with the credit union
    and/or sponsor group
  • Pay attention to your community. The new business
    in town may be seeking to place its executives on
    local nonprofit boards
  • Once Selected
  • Consider providing perks and/or benefits as extra
    incentive to serve
  • Create a Board Mentorship program
  • Ensure there are no in crowds with current board
  • Send youth board members to Credit Union
  • Involve board members at the World Council of
    Credit Unions (WOCCU) conference
  • Create a scenario like the CYL Camp Snack Shack
  • Create advisory board which deals with
    Marketing, Technology, Convenience

  • Sonja Carrière, Ontario Co-operative
  • Carlene Frimer, United Communities Credit
  • Rachel Milan, Teachers Credit Unionrmilan_at_teacher
  • Joe Agro, Teachers Credit Unionjagro_at_teacherscu.o