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Procedures for Spending Grant Funds


Revised January 21, 2009. Procedures for Spending Grant Funds. Presented By: ... The best time to inform staff is prior to open transfer period (April) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Procedures for Spending Grant Funds

Procedures for Spending Grant Funds
  • Presented By
  • Grants Development Administration (GDA)
  • Student Support Services Division

5100 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV
89146 Telephone 702-799-3355 Fax
702-799-5239 http//
  • To create a seamless flow of grant management
    and increased knowledge of grant guidelines, so
    you can spend more time on increasing student
  • Diane Efthimiou

GDA Personnel Teams
Grant Coordinator/Writer Teams
Grant Coordinator/Evaluator Teams
Todays Training Topics
  • GDA/FADA Responsibilities
  • Grant Initiation Procedure
  • Budget
  • Personnel
  • Purchasing
  • Staff Travel
  • Student Travel/Transportation and Printing
  • District Forms Overview
  • Disclaimer Notification
  • Board Items and Representation
  • Contracting and Signature Authority
  • Consultants
  • Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Electronic Access to GDA

GDA Responsibilities
  • Work with project directors to draft grant
  • Provide fiscal oversight of the grant program
  • Approve all expenditures
  • Write submit any required budget amendments
  • Ensure grant objectives are being supported and
    that expenditures follow appropriate guidelines
    and regulations
  • Contact the funding agency
  • Develop surveys
  • Conduct project evaluation and analysis
  • Write required evaluation reports
  • Coordinate data collection
  • Recommend improvements to the program
  • Report the results of the project to the funding
    agency and other interested parties

Fiscal Accountability and Data Analysis (FADA)
  • Each grant program is assigned to an Assistant
    Accountant (AA) who works in the FADA Department
    and is responsible for completion of the
    following duties
  • Process and track grant expenditures
  • Helps to ensure compliance with CCSD accounting
    policies, local, state, and federal requirements
  • Review original documentation, verify coding,
    reconcile expenditures, and prepare reports
  • Notify the Grant Coordinator Writer (GCW) of all
    potential or actual audit exceptions
  • Provide daily monitoring and monthly
  • of grant purchasing cards

Service Directory for GDA and FADA
Grant Initiation Procedure
Budget Management Amendments
  • An amendment is a movement of funds between
    budget lines after the onset of the grant. I
    most cases, these budget changes require prior
    approval by grantor.
  • The GCW and Project Director work together to
  • Develop the original budget for grant-funded
  • Develop an anticipated amendment schedule upon
    receipt of the award letter
  • Monitor the budget monthly to ensure that
    spending is consistent with the approved budget
  • Prepare/submit requests to funder to amend
    original grant budgets

Monthly Reports Budget Monitoring
  • Monthly financial reports are provided to project

Spending Tips
  • Grant funds must be spent in accordance with the
    budget approved by the grantor.
  • Project Directors/Coordinators must track
    expenditures locally and compare with monthly
    budget summaries provided to them by FADA to
    ensure accuracy.
  • Expenditures in individual budget lines should
    never exceed appropriations.
  • General school funds should not be expended for
    grant purchases with the expectation that grant
    funds will reimburse.

Grant-Funded Personnel Procedures
  • Grant applications define personnel, position and
    the number of hours and months that will be
  • Most grant fiscal periods last one year and
    require that a new personnel requisition (CCF-168
    or SSS-168) be completed for grant-funded
    individuals each year to put or maintain staff on
    grant payrolls
  • Contact project AA for correct coding to complete
    a personnel requisition and provide GCW with
    name/start date of the person selected

(No Transcript)
Grant-Funded Personnel Procedures Support Staff
  • Procedures for Support Staff
  • SSS-168 is online and should be submitted
    electronically to Support Staff Personnel
  • Support Staff Personnel will forward SSS-168 to
    GDA Administrative Clerk for review and GCWs
  • Process to FADA and back to Support Staff
  • Repetitive extra duty for Support Staff must be
    shown as an additional job
  • Send a copy of the computer screen showing time
    submitted and Daily Time Logs to the AA for each
    pay period
  • Division Head must approve SSS-168 for the
    position to be advertised

Grant-Funded Personnel Procedures Licensed
  • Procedures for Licensed Personnel
  • No online form available
  • Mail or hand carry a hard copy of CCF-168 to AA
    for processing and for GCWs signature
  • Repetitive extra duty for Licensed Personnel must
    be shown as an additional job
  • Send a copy of the computer screen showing time
    submitted and Daily Time Logs to the AA for each
    pay period
  • Non-repetitive extra duty pay (professional
    development, instruction, meetings, etc.) should
    be submitted on a CCF-5.

Grant-Funded Personnel Procedures
Administrative Personnel
  • Procedures for Administrative Personnel
  • No online form available
  • Mail or hand carry a hard copy of CCF-168 to AA
    for processing and for GCWs signature
  • New administrative positions must have prior
    approval from Administrative Personnel

Transferring Staff Salaries
  • Prior to the close of a grant fiscal year
  • Ensure that grant-funded staff are funded for the
    following year,
  • or
  • That they have enough time to pursue other
    employment opportunities
  • The best time to inform staff is prior to open
    transfer period (April)
  • The department hiring an individual is
    responsible for submitting a CCF-168 or SSS-168
    to change funding for a salary

Federal Grant-Funded Personnel Employment
  • Split-funded employees must complete a Monthly
    Time Certification indicating time worked for
    each funding source. This document must be
    submitted to GDA at the end of each month.
  • Employees funded by a single source must complete
    a Time Certification every six months. This
    document will state that the employee spent 100
    of their time on grant activities and must be
    submitted to GDA in a timely fashion.
  • If the grant requires the district to provide
    matching funds, a time certification may also be
    used to document the districts share.

Personnel Forms
  • Personnel Requisitions
  • CCF-168 Certified/unified full-time/split-funded
  • SSS-168 Full-time/split-funded support staff
  • Extra Duty Pay
  • CCF-5 Overtime for certified and support staff,
    including police and custodial employees
  • Stipend
  • CCF-5 Reasonable amount to be provided for
    producing a work product or conducting a
  • Substitute Teachers
  • CCF-101 with appropriate grant coding
  • Employment Certification
  • GDA-generated forms required for all full-time
    and split-funded staff

SAP Purchasing
  • The Project Director will submit an SAP/ERP
    Authorization form prior to spending on a new
    grant program.
  • Only employees who will create shopping carts
    and/or approve invoices should be listed.
  • The Project Director will be responsible for
    updating the form when there is a change in
    project staff.
  • A catalog of available merchandise can be viewed
    by selecting Shopping Cart Catalog at the
    following address
  • http//
  • SAP Help Desk 799-3300 Option 1

GDA Purchasing Matrix
All original purchasing card receipts should be
submitted to the AA (SAP labels attached) when
returning the purchasing card or within two
business days of purchase. Consultant fees
shall not exceed 3,000 per consultant per day.
(No Transcript)
Identification of Funding for Compliance
  • Individual items purchased with federal and state
    grant funds must be labeled accordingly.
    Consumables are exempt.
  • These materials were purchased with (project
    title) funds, which are administered by the
    (name of funding agency) .
  • Equipment (items 5,000 or over) and Items of
    Value (items 1,000 or over)
  • Labeled with non-removable, metallic stickers
  • Must be carried on school/department inventory
    (by serial number) and location must be noted
  • Books and other items
  • Labeled with a paper sticker label or an ink stamp

Staff Travel
  • All travel must be approved by the
    Region/Division Head prior to booking
  • Start travel approval process at least 6 weeks
    prior to event
  • Travel Approval and Reimbursement Forms
  • CCF-145 Out-of-District Travel Request
  • CCF-174 Travel Advance/Expense Claim
  • Out-of-District Travel Vehicle Request
  • Allowable Travel Expenses
  • Transportation (airfare, car rental, personal
    vehicle use, taxi/shuttle, parking)
  • Accommodations
  • Registrations
  • Per diem
  • http//
  • Student Transportation
  • CCF-460 Out-of-District Student Activity

CCSD Graphic Arts
  • Attaching an SAP label to each Graphic Arts
    Center Work Request Form
  • Submit forms to graphics
  • Graphics sends FADA monthly graphic reports with
    copies of work request forms attached
  • AA reconciles between SAP and report
  • from graphics.

District Forms Overview
  • Call your AA with questions about forms, coding
    and what type of backup is required
  • CCSD provides all district forms
  • http//
  • TYPE all forms/use SAP stickers
  • Use blue or black ink when signing
  • Use 3-part NCR paper
  • Available for purchase through the Graphics
  • Department
  • Ensure forms are signed and dated by authorizing
    personnel/Project Director

Disclaimer Notification
  • All publications and other types of announcements
    produced with funds from the U.S. Department of
    Education, including products in print, online,
    radio, TV, film, etc., must contain the following
  • All publications and other types of announcements
    produced with funds from the Nevada Department of
    Education or foundations, including products in
    print, online, radio, TV, film, etc., must also
    contain a similar disclaimer.
  • (EDGAR (34 CFR 75.620(b))
  • The contents of this (insert type of
    publication) were developed under a grant from
    the U.S. Department of Education. However, these
    contents do not necessarily represent the policy
    of the U.S. Department of Education, and you
    should not assume endorsement by the Federal

Board Items Representation
  • Board of School Trustees must approve all grant
    applications and the implementation of all
    grant-funded activities
  • GCW initiates these types of board items
  • Grant Application
  • Notification of Subawards
  • Project staff initiate these types of board items
    and must be present at the Board Meeting when
    item is presented
  • Consultant expenditures of 25,000 or more
  • Professional service expenditures of 25,000 or
  • Goods or service purchases of 50,000 or more
    from a single vendor
  • HINT Use approximate dollar amount rather than
    not to exceed dollar amount in board items

Contracting and Signature Authority
  • The Deputy Superintendent of Student Support
    Services has signature authority for entering
    into any grant-funded agreements, contracts, or
    memorandums of understanding beginning with
    submission of grant applications
  • GCW has signature authority for individual grant
  • Must ascertain allowable costs and approve all
    expenditures associated with the grant
  • Purchasing is the only authority allowed to enter
    into contracts with vendors

(No Transcript)
Consultant Hiring Process
Originator tasks Consultant tasks Purchasing tasks
  • Begin the hiring process at least 6 weeks prior
    to event.
  • Per the Chief Financial Officer, consultant fees
    shall not exceed 3,000.00 per day regardless of
    funding source.
  • Do not enter into contracts without purchasing
    Department involvement.

Evaluation Monitoring
  • Why must we evaluate grants?
  • Accountability
  • Funding (Sustainability and Expansion)
  • Growth
  • Data Collection
  • Role of Data Manager
  • What can you expect?
  • How do we get the data?
  • Surveys/Interviews
  • Databases

Program Evaluation
  • Program Evaluation (Rossi, Lipsey Freeman,
    2004) The use of social research methods to
    systematically investigate the effectiveness of
    social intervention programs in ways that are
    adapted to their political and organizational
    environments and are designed to inform social
    action in ways that improve social conditions.
  • First records of program evaluation took place in
    the 1700s when a British naval captain used a
    control group to determine the effectiveness of
    citrus fruit to fight scurvy.

Definitions (Rossi, Lipsey Freeman, 2004)
  • Formative Evaluation Evaluative activities
    undertaken to furnish information that will guide
    program improvement.
  • Summative Evaluation Evaluative activities
    undertaken to render a summary judgment on
    certain critical aspects of the programs
    performance, for instance, to determine if
    specific goals and objectives were met.
  • Stakeholders Individuals, groups or
    organizations having a significant interest in
    how well a program functions, for instance, those
    with decision-making authority over the program,
    funders or sponsors, administrators and
    personnel, and clients or intended beneficiaries.

Data Collection (Corporation for National
Service, 1998)
  • Possible Data Types
  • Pre-Post standardized tests (CRTs, SATs, HSPE,
  • Pre-Post program based tests (DIBELS, Accelerated
    Reader, etc.)
  • Logs and/or Tally Sheets
  • Rubrics
  • Agendas
  • Performance Ratings
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Existing Information

Anecdotal Information
  • Share your success stories
  • If you notice students, parents, teachers, etc.
    saying good things about your grant funded
    program(s), ask them to make a statement that you
    can include in the evaluation. Be sure to get
    permission in writing or keep parent/student
    names anonymous.
  • Digital photos of grant-funded activities may
    also be included in your evaluation (again, get

Electronic Access
  • Via Interact, click on SSSD Exchange, then in new
    window click on Grants Development
    Administration to go to website

Electronic Access (continued)
  • Or http//
  • Website features
  • Overview
  • SB185 Evaluation
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Technical Assistance
  • Directory
  • Newsletter
  • Performance Report
  • Brochure
  • Archives
  • SAP Information (label template)
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