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What is an Intranet? How does this technology benefit your business? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Intranets

  • What is an intranet?
  • How does it benefit your organization?

  • Intranet is the generic term for a collection of
    private computer networks within an organization.
    An intranet uses network technologies as a tool
    to facilitate communication between people or
    work groups to improve the data sharing
    capability and overall knowledge base of an
    organization's employees.
  • Thats the technical definition of an intranet
    in simpler term, imagine an intranet as an
    internal network of your organization think back
    about your school days, remember the log-in
    system of your school (student account, email,
    calendar, directory) ?
  • Yes, thats an intranet, in this case, the
    students, faculties and staffs would have
    different levels of access to the network!

Benefits - Communication
  • Many schools and non-profit groups have deployed
    them, but an intranet is still seen primarily as
    a corporate productivity tool. We will go through
    a list of the benefits that this technology can
  • Communication Just think how telephones, emails
    and digital calendars have revolutionized the way
    we communicate. Now, an Intranet can connect all
    of those tools and create a network that only
    your company employees can access. Intranet also
    provides discussion groups, chats, user profiles,
    Intranet forms, and bulletin boards. Using
    intranet tools help in conveying and distributing
    necessary information or documents among the
    employees of an organization. Using smartly, this
    results in easy communication and sound
    relationship between the employees and top level

Time Saving - Productivity
  • Time Saving Time is money! Using Intranet
    technology allows to distribute valuable
    information among the employees in a fast and
    efficient manner. Intranet saves time by
    interactivity, i.e. employees can access
    information at a relevant times that suit them,
    rather than sending and waiting for email and
    email replies.Productivity Intranet technology
    provides fast information to employees and helps
    to perform their various tasks with
    responsibility. An employee can access any data
    from any database of the organization without
    wastage of time. Employees working on projects
    can collaborate easily, ensuring better and
    faster results.

Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Costs An important benefit of Intranet is
    that it is cost-effective. This can be attributed
    to the fact that it is paperless. As Intranet
    supports online publishing, it definitely cuts
    down the printing and distribution costs as well.
    All the documents of the company can be published
    through the Intranet using web pages, as compared
    to spending money on printing documents. The
    information can be accessed from the respective
    workstations of the employees. Intranet results
    in reduced costs for corporate training,
    administrative and operational purposes.Incorpor
    ated and Distributed Computing Environment
    Intranet supports an active distribution of
    stored information through different types of
    operating systems and computer types, from which
    the employees can access information. Intranet
    results in distributing information at a lower
    cost due to the web architecture feature of

Collaboration Rich in Format
  • Increases Collaboration As intranet allows all
    employees to access data, this helps build team
    work within the organization. Also certain
    contents of intranet like declaration section,
    help desk, FAQ, handbook of employee, etc., aids
    in collaboration among the employees.Rich in
    Format Intranet allows employees to view
    documents in various rich format applications as
    well as video and audio. Multimedia programs can
    be used with intranet as well, allowing for
    better communication and information being shared
    very fast.

Final Words
  • The Intranet has become more and more
    sophisticated  over the years. What should you
    expect of a future intranet?
  • Social Media have revolutionized the way
    marketing has been done in the past decade.
    Expect the future intranets with the features of
    social sharing tools. Two-way communications
    within an organization will triumph along with
    closer collaborations among your employees.
  • Would the future Intranet look better? Sure,
    just imagine Skype or Yahoo Messenger without
    emotion icons. Users might be the center, instead
    of the content.
  • A company data base with training videos or
    online lectures is common but how about an
    internal radio station? (or 3D conference calls?)
    Why not?
  • Let us help you build the Intranet that would
    benefit your organization, pain-free! Visit