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premium denim jeans


Daniella Clark has always tried to reinvent the classic style for a modern day style of fashion. She was approach by the creators of Ditto jeans, which she loved as a teen, and was happy to use her fashion expertise to reignite and bring back into popularity the brand of Ditto. Her Ditto line launched in the Spring 2007 collection and became an instant hit with many retailers and fashion outlets. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: premium denim jeans

Denim Jeans for Men and women
  • Denim Jeans for Men and women
  • Denim jeans have become a rage among men and
    women over the decades. The immense popularity of
    the premium denim is an evidence of the fact that
    it is here to stay and will always remain eternal
    fashion attire in the closet of the young and the
    old alike. The classic blue jeans has been
    labeled as a must have for any individual.
    Teamed with a white shirt, it makes you look
    classy and stylish at the same time. However, we
    now have a never ending range of denim jeans for
    men and women available in the market. This
    article brings out the best choices of denims for
    both men and women. Lets have a look
  • Denim Jeans For Men
  • Nowadays various styles of jeans are available
    for men that they can choose from as per their
    personality and body type.
  • Boot cut Jeans This kind of jeans is supposed
    to be worn along with boots. These jeans will
    give you a slimmer look as it is tight fitting
    along the thighs and the bottom part is flared.
  • Straight cut Jeans The straightcut jeans is
    best suited for men who have a consistent leg
    shape right from the hip to the bottom. These
    jeans have a slightly slim look through the
  • Skinny Jeans - The skinny jeans is meant for that
    guy with the perfect shaped body. The slim look
    that you get after wearing this kind of jeans
    makes you look like an epitome of male beauty.
    These denim jeans are very popular among the
    youngsters and college goers.
  • Flare Cut This kind of jeans is very much
    similar to the boot-cut jeans except that it is a
    bit tighter and the flares begin from the knees.
    Usually these are low waist jeans that are
    tightly fitted at the waist and the portion
    around the ankles is very loose.
  • Baggy Jeans Rated as the most comfortable
    denim, it is best suited for men who are tall and
    have a body to die for. However, it is not
    suggested for short and stout men as it will make
    them look more dumpy and plump.
  • Loose Fit Jeans This is less baggy than the too
    much baggy denims and are very comfortable.
  • Ripped Jeans - This is for the cool dudes who
    like flaunting flesh and end up looking killer.
  • Denim Jeans For Women
  • A woman wearing a pair of those perfect fitting
    jeans takes her to a whole new level of
    confidence. As women have the most tricky body
    type choosing the correct fit of jeans is not a
    cakewalk. Still, you have a wide range of denims
    available for women in the market.
  • Skinny Jeans These jeans add a more feminine
    touch to a womans body and make her look slimmer
    and can be worn with any kind of long or short
  • Colored Jeans This is probably the best thing
    that has happened to fashion. A current hot trend
    this style is more popular among teenagers who
    are flaunting denims in shades of pink, red,
    blue, green and what not colors are.
  • Scrunched Jeans This is skinny in shape with
    scrunches throughout the length of the jeans. It
    can make any girl look and feel beautiful about

Its all in the Jeans
  • Fruition of Jeans
  • The clothing called jeans, which finds its place
    every boys and girls closet these days has a
    story of its own to tell. They are actually pants
    or trousers that are made from dungaree cloth as
    well as denim cloth. By the word jeans the common
    picture that we get in mind is of the famous
    blue jeans which was invented in the year 1873
    by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. The use of jeans
    first started in Genoa, Italy and from there it
    was exported to other parts of Europe. It was
    then copied by several other manufacturers and
    finally the end product that we got after much
    evolution is the premium denim jeans of today.
    By the ending of the nineteenth century this
    premium denim jeans had arrived full fledged in
    the United States of America.
  • Jeans were initially invented for cowboys and
    then it started to be worn by the poor factory
    workers because it was a long lasting and tough
    fabric. Such goes the evolution of the famous
    premium denim jeans which has now become a core
    garment of fashion for people of all genders and
    every age group.
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Jeans are manufactured all over the world, but
    mostly in Asia and South America. Premium denim
    jeans come in factory-made as well as in
    hand-made forms. A certain pattern is crafted for
    the premium denim jeans to be made keeping in
    mind the fabric and the fit and then that pattern
    is sent to the cutting floor. That pattern is
    placed on the denim and then the various parts of
    the jeans like pockets. Accents, waistbands and
    legs are cut from the denim.
  • These denims are then sent to the sewing
    department and there they are sewn by immensely
    skilled labors on hi-tech industrial machines.
    Thousands of premium denim jeans are sewn in an
    hour. Finally the stitched garments are washed
    and processed for dyeing in various colors
    accordingly. This process includes bleaching,
    stone washing or lacing the garment with certain
    embellishments. Finally the denim jeans are
    labeled and tagged with price and brand names and
    off they are sent to hit the shops and the malls
    at our convenience.
  • Denim Jeans On Sale
  • You enter a shopping mall and are bewildered by
    the range of premium denim jeans laid out on the
    stacks. You log onto an online shopping site and
    the variety of denim jeans on sale amazes you to
    no extent. Open a daily newspaper and the
    assortment of denims being sold at 50 off prices
    in the nearby shopping centre makes you hit for
    your credit card instantly. In other words, the
    market today is flooded with the sale of premium
    denim jeans, that is not considered as an item of
    clothing anymore but a statement of fashion for
    the young and the old alike. The endless number
    of denim jeans brands like Wrangler, Moustache,
    Lee Jeans, Petrol, Pepe to name a few are
    available at any store conveniently and can be
    purchased at best prices meant for various
    pockets. Pantaloons and Westside come out with
    sale of denim jeans at various discount prices in
    certain seasons of the year. Moreover the online
    shopping sites like,,, and, etc are always available at your beck
    and call allowing you to sit at home and purchase
    that chic pair of denim jeans right from home.

Premium Denim-Brands And Shopping
  • Premium Denim- Brands and Shopping
  • The most casual and chic item of clothing, a
    fashion staple for every youngster is the premium
    denim jeans that has evolved and improved
    immensely over the years. This popular attire,
    also known as The Cool Casual has hit the world
    market for clothing with storm. With people of
    all ages going crazy about jeans and youngsters
    and teenagers going wild with their fashion
    statements, the denim jeans has now become more
    of an Oh Boy kinda style garment rather than
    just a simple bottomwear. The classic blue
    jeans has now metamorphosed into various cuts
    and colors and fits. Different styles are
    available in the market. You have a variety of
    brands to choose the best jeans for yourself
    according to your style and preference and body
    fit. In this article we will be telling you about
    some of the famous premium denim brands in the
    world market.
  • Wrangler
  • An American manufacturer of jeans, this brand is
    one of the famous denim brands in the world. It
    has an endless assortment of different styles of
    jeans and affordable prices.
  • Pepe Jeans
  • A genuine source for comfortable jeans, Pepe
    Jeans is one of the leaders in the casual wear
    segment. This brand offers colors like grey, tan,
    olive, neon, khakis, pastel shade, etc.
  • True Religion
  • This brand is based in Los Angeles and was
    established in 2002. It offers a wide range of
    style to choose from for both women as well as
  • J Brand
  • J Brand is an industry leader in the premium
    denim market and is a favorite of many customers
    including a wide range of celebrities.
  • Moustache
  • If you want to make yourself different from the
    mass of people, then you may prefer to flaunt a
    perfect pair of Moustache Jeans that come in
    prices that suit all pockets and a range which
    offers a mammoth line of style and patterns.
  • Lee Jeans
  • It is a British clothing company that operates
    throughout the world. It has now become a
    lifestyle brand.
  • Levi Strauss Jeans
  • One of the expensive brands in the world market,
    it is a prominent brand in denim and casual wear.
  • Gucci Genius Jeans
  • It is a designer brand and falls in includes the
    most luxurious range of jeans for both males and
    females. The price range starts at hundred
    dollars or more and can go upto thousand dollars.
  • Roberto Cavalli Jeans

Premium denim jeans and levis
  • Introduction
  • Denim is just not a simple cotton fabric but it
    is a lot more than that. It is a history itself,
    it is an inspiration for the youth .It is the
    oldest fabric but still it is so young that it is
    easily compared with every fabric present at this
  • The origin of denim
  • As from many books it has been found that it is
    originated from a French word Nim which was a
    fabric found in the city called Nimes.
  • Denim v/s jeans
  • Denim was cotton made fabric but jeans were a
    mixture of cotton, linen and wood blend. Although
    both fabrics were too similar, but there was a
    major difference that the denim was woven with
    two different color but jeans was woven with same
    color of two threads.
  • The beginning
  • Denim was associated with Levis in the year
    1873. The Levis jeans creator Levi Strauss
    joined hands with Jacob Davis and as a result
    denim was made.
  • Rise of denim
  • Premium denim got its popularity due to the brand
    name of Levis. As in 1920 Levis made a stronger
    image in the market for its pant manufacturing
    all over America, which made a clear platform for
    denim to make its mark through it. The name and
    advertisement made denim jeans so popular that it
    made its mark to European countries also and
    everyone wishes to have it.
  • Denim goes global
  • During late 1950s denim got its own popularity
    as it was spread all over the world thanks to
    Levis which gave its a name. It was famous all
    over the world wither it is America or Japan or
    UK it was selling at a huge rate. It became
    famous all over the world wither it is Asia or
    America or Europe its demand was high all over
    the world.
  • Denim as a style symbol
  • Since 1950 to till date, denim has not lost its
    magic as the craze of it is still ruling in the
    peoples heart. Denim has specially effected
    among youth, as it has became a style symbol and
    shows a character of them so it was and now also
    been favorite for them. In 1960s it was very
    famous among Americans. Most of the college
    student wore denim to show their status.
  • Denim The phoenix
  • During 1970 denim made an important decision of
    changing the fabrics. As it was looking like an
    end for denim. But due to the negative response
    to the new fabrics it survived. And premium
    denim jeans company owner decided to bring it
    back and again it rose up and showed everyone
    that it was the only king of jeans.
  • Denim continues
  • No other fabric has ever made such a long
    impression among the heart of the people as denim
    has done. Even now also it is gaining its
    popularity day by day. Now also youth as well as
    matured one loves to wear denim as it has been a
    great product and hope it will always rule in the
    future also.


Premium Denim
Jeans According to Customers Choice
  • Origin of Denim jeans
  • Denim has been the best fabric from many years as
    from the day it was introduced to till date it
    has been growing day by day. Whether it is 1950
    or 1970 or 2000 or now 2013 it is still the same
    and could be common in everyones wardrobe. It is
    very comfortable to wear and also has got some
    versatility in it. As the demand for it is rising
    day by day but is still stuck with its old fabric
    and just add some designs to it, which has been a
    key to its success. According to some surveys it
    is found that on an average every person has 7
    pairs of denim.
  • Denim jeans are so popular because of three
  • First is its price which is affordable to almost
    every class of people.
  • The second reason is its style which always gets
    changed with respect to time and fashion. In
    1980s it was a fashion of bell bottom so it was
    made in that form at that time and now there is
    fashion of narrow so it comes in narrow style, so
    its ability to change has also helped in its
  • And the third point is its fitting. Whether denim
    jeans are for men or denim jeans are for women.
    It is fitted easily for both of them.
  • Market reputation of denim jeans
  • As the availability of many premium denim brands
    is very easy, hence, it is expected that it these
    denim is not going to lose its market in upcoming
    years. As it is growing day by day, so the future
    of it is going to be a brighter. As for its cost
    whether it is high or low the demand for it is
    never going to fall. As you can find many premium
    denim brands like Gap, Levis, Diesel etc. in
    this sector so you have got a choice to choose
    your best among them. These new brands have made
    the market cheaper because of the competition
    among them and it has brought a huge benefit for
  • Earlier jeans of Levis
  • Earlier these denim jeans were only made by
    Levis as it was the introducer of denim jeans in
    the world. Levis provided the platform for these
    denims to show its quality and it grabbed its
    chance with both its hand and now is being the
    undisputed king among all the fabrics from many
  • Latest use of denim jeans
  • The new addition of denim is that not only you
    can find this fabric in your pants but it is also
    available for your jackets, shirts, T-shirts,
    bags and even some shoe maker companies use it
    for making shoes from it. It has become so common
    among everyone now that you can find this fabric
    used in every part of the world as it has become
    a global brand. The new inclusion of goods made
    from it has also increased its life span and it
    is definitely going to rule in the future also
    but it may get a new form of it. Even the
    introduction of new fabric even cant affect it
    because denim has got its own class and nothing
    could be compared with it.