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Day 11 - How To Develop An Unstoppable MLM Marketing System


Ever wonder how the big boys grow their teams like wildfire? They use a system but not just any system, a custom made MLM Marketing System that churns out leaders day in and day out. Find out by reading this post. To get the latest insights on how to build a proven MLM marketing system for your team, visit my blog at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Day 11 - How To Develop An Unstoppable MLM Marketing System

  • How To Develop An Unstoppable
    MLM Marketing System

  • Today I will talk about developing a marketing
    system that is customizable-that works depending
    on how you operate.

  • We all act, talk, interact, build and develop a
    little bit differently, so I want to give you
    that flexibility whatever way you decide to
    build your business. Always remember that you
    should have a system that is your anchor.
    Basically it allows people to connect, gather and
    develop a community and engage with one another.

  • Developing community on the internet is going to
    be a little bit different than offline.

  • One of the biggest reasons why offline marketing
    still works today, and is still successful, is
    the fact that there is human to human
    interaction. Youre meeting people on a weekly
    basis, connecting, sharing stories and engaging.
    All of those things are very important because
    you want to develop a relationship, and have

  • Develop lifelong partnerships with people who
    youll do business with. Also, people who youll
    spend time with on holidays, after work and

  • Online is slightly different, but we do have
    different tools like Google and Skype to do
    video calls. Theres still nothing that can
    replace human to human interaction. Thats why
    events are so critical in this marketing system.

  • One of the fundamentals is looking at how you can
    develop tools and resources to make it easier for
    you to facilitate conversation make it easier
    for you to relate to users, people, and your

  • What I do personally is have weekly conference
    calls. Its still something that is very old
    school, but its also impactful. It gets people
    uniting, connected to a large cause with
    influence that is greater than them.

  • Another thing that works great is Google
    hangouts. Its another way you can educate and
    instruct your team, but its also a way that you
    can educate yourself. You learn from some of the
    best people out there. Anything you learn can
    then recycle and shared it with your team.

  • The great thing with the internet is you dont
    really have to be completely tech savvy to
    understand it. You can outsource it to an
    assistant. Tell them you want to develop a blog
    and you want them to do all of the stuff for you
    on the back end, so that all you can really do is
    focus on marketing. Its essential to your
    business because you ultimately want to get more
    people in front of your content.

  • You also want to look at how you can elevate your
    experience and importance within your team. The
    way to do it is a little different than most
    people.  When youre developing a system for a
    team, you want to think about how you can scale
    it. How can you ultimately make it more hands

  • Its different because back in the day, the old
    school methods are definitely something you can
    do, but at the end of the day people get into
    network marketing because of the lifestyle
    theyre attracted to the idea of leverage. Its
    about doing the work one time and being paid
    month and month for the same work. At least
    thats how I feel.

  • What Ive been able to do is develop a system
    where I only talk to qualified customers. I
    dont talk to prospects. They have to go through
    my funnel system and have bought something from
    me. Then I basically coach them and qualify them
    after my assistant has first talked to them. I
    teach my team to do similar things to what I do
    so that they can have time to spend with their
    family and friends.

  • Most people hate the idea of talking on the
    phone. There is a time and a place for it, but
    if you can limit the amount of time that is spent
    on unproductive things and really focus on your
    marketing, you will be more impactful and
    stronger as a marketer and also as a leader.

  • I learned this from one of my mentors who sat me
    down and said,
  • You need to stop playing small, you need to play
    big. You need to do things on a much larger
    scale if you ever want to have any type of impact
    and reach more people.

  • When he told me that, at first I was taken aback.
    Wow, this person is telling me Ive been doing
    things wrong all this time. I thought I do want
    to take on a challenge I want to become more and
    step up to the plate to become the person I was
    meant to be.

  • You know, Im kind of a spiritual person I
    believe in God and all of the blessings that Hes
    given. I know for a fact that all of the
    learning Ive done has really been practice.

  • He was right, I was playing small for so long
    because I wasnt really sure that I was ready for
    something larger. I wasnt really sure that I
    could do anything more. And it really challenged
    me to develop my business in such a way that I
    could reach more people and add more value. I
    wanted to share more resources to help them grow
    and have their own breakthroughs.

  • I can tell you the secret isnt to talk to people
    one on one. You need to teach and build your
    business like a classroom. Professors are
    typically respected and their time isnt spent on
    instructing one person, but thousands of people.
    They have office hours set aside for specific
    types of concerns. Most of the time its spent
    on high level education. Its developing people
    on a much larger basis so they can take the
    information, absorb it and share it.

  • Thats how you want to think about your system.
    Think about how you can be a professor, and
    influence people on a larger scale.

  • Hopefully these tips are valuable for you.
  • Im looking forward to taking this journey
    together and seeing how it can really develop and
    make a huge impact in the world.
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