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Know your consumption, Optimize your installation Acti


Know your consumption, Optimize your installation Acti 9 iEM3000 series meters Cost-attractive, feature-rich energy meters for DIN rail, modular enclosures – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Know your consumption, Optimize your installation Acti

Know your consumption,Optimize your installation
  • Acti 9 iEM3000 series meters

Cost-attractive, feature-rich energy meters for
DIN rail, modular enclosures
A cost-attractive, feature-rich energy metering
  • Order with ease minimize your stock
  • Save installation time, costs and space
  • Commission safely with ease
  • Use with confidence
  • Gather reliable, accurate information
  • Benefit from an optimized installation

Compatible with the Acti 9 modular system
Ideal for panel builders, contractors,
distributors, and OEMs
  • Help your customers installations become more
    energy efficientwhile reducing your own
    installation commissioning costs!

Applicable in numerous markets
  • Include the meters in main switchboard or
    subcabinets for
  • Commercial buildings (multi-tenant)
  • Residential buildings (multi-unit)
  • Industrial facilities
  • Data centers
  • Infrastructure projects (telecommunications)

for multiple applications.
  • Energy efficiency
  • Bill checking to verify that you are only
    charged for the energy you use
  • Sub billing individual tenants for their energy
    consumption, including WAGES
  • Aggregation of energy consumption, including
    WAGES, and allocating costs per area, per usage,
    per shift,or per time within the same facility
  • Availability reliability
  • Meter basic electrical parameters to better
    understand the behavior of your electrical
    distribution system

You benefit from energy management
  • Optimize your energy consumption enable energy
    efficient practices
  • Collect analyze all consumption data from
    different areas for each type of load or circuit
  • Gain an accurate understanding of business
    expenses by allocating all energy-related costs
  • Implement actions designed to reduce consumption
    and promote energy efficiency
  • Monitor the energy consumption of tenants or
    customers and establish accurate invoices
  • Give accurate and achievable objectives for
    energy saving
  • Drive energy-efficient behavior

The Acti 9 iEM3000 series metering offer
  • The offer is characterized by three flavours
  • Very basic kWh meters
  • MID-compliant meters for billing applications
  • Advanced energy meters able to measure a variety
    of electrical parameters
  • Communicating meters are fully compatible with
  • PowerLogic EGX300 gateway-server web pages
  • StruxureWare Power Monitoring software

iEM3000 series naming convention
iEM 3 2 5 5
Description i Acti 9 range EM energy meter
Function form factor 3 for three phase DIN
rail meters
Primary current range 1 Direct 63A 2 with CTs 1
or 5A
Product features 00 Display values only 10
Pulse output 15 Multi-tariff 50 Modbus 55
Modbus DI/DO
Offer catalog summary (1/2)
Offer catalog summary (2/2)
Design features at a glance
  • All iEM31xx meters have the same bottom design
  • All iEM32xx meters have the same bottom design
  • Features vary according to meter type

The Acti 9 iEM3000 series metering offer is
  • Order with ease, minimize stock
  • Ten references to cover most installation
  • Each meter supports 1P, 2P, 3P, and 3PN wiring

with a smart design
  • Save installation time, costs and space
  • Plastic aperture shaped to assist comb connection
    and fixation (iEM31xx)
  • Large connections with plastic aperture
    accommodate ferules and increase user protection
    by limiting access to conducted parts once the
    meter is installed (iEM31xx)
  • Separation of power (bottom) and communication
    (top) connections reduces risk of wrong wiring
  • Current voltage connectors allow for neutral
    wire-shunting to make a double connection when
    the VTs or CTs are used with multiple equipment
    (e.g., protection measurement) (iEM32xx)
  • Plastic aperture helps increase creepage distance
    and reduce risk of bad connection (without
  • Commission safely with ease
  • Current transformer isolation at the first
    measurement contact, no risk of potential error
  • Protected cages prevent contact to metallic part
    once cage is closed
  • LED indicators provide visual status (energized

making a reliable accurate energy meter
  • Accurate information
  • Accuracy class 1.0 and 0.5S (IEC 62053-21/22) for
    active energy metering
  • Compliance to regulations EN50470-3, IEC
    61557-12, IEC 62053-21/22, IEC 62053-23
  • Data integrity
  • Anti-tamper sealing parts prohibit accessibility
    to all metering connections (voltage, current,
  • Save date/time of last reset to verify start of
    measurement campaigns, know if clock was altered
  • Robust design
  • Double fixation offers greater stability, allows
    installation vertically or in high-vibration
  • Well protected for normal use IP40 on front
    face, IP20 inside cabinet

with features that promote efficiency.
  • Graphical display means easy navigation for setup
    and display
  • Four-quadrant metering to differentiate energy
  • Target green technologies (delivered/received)
  • Help reduce utility penalties (active/reactive)
  • Additional parameters (P, Q, S, 3xI, V, PF, F) to
    help monitor network balance and overload
  • Up to 4 different time slots to manage multiple
    tariffs (peak/off-peak, workday/weekend)
  • Smart alarm (kW overload) helps prevent an
    overload before the circuit breaker trips
  • Internal clock saves date and time for 48h if
    power is interrupted
  • Use with communications to synchronize time slots
    in many meters, providing a more efficient
    overview of energy consumption (iEM3x55)

For more information on Acti 9 iEM3000 series
  • Visit

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