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... is currently one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gasses in the world and ... million trees to stop desert from expanding in Inner Mongolia designed to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Green Business Forum

The Green Business Forum
  • An in-depth look on what we can do to make an
    impact on the environment in our business

  • Experts and business owners will join us to
    discuss the mounting problems and the
    accompanying solutions to our current
    environmental situation.
  • Topics The Carbon Credit Market and How to Bring
    Green Practices into Your Business.
  • Time July 12, 2008
  • 2 PM to 6PM
  • Place The HYATT

The Carbon Credit Market
  • China is currently one of the largest emitters of
    greenhouse gasses in the world and only now are
    the Chinese authorities addressing this
    devastating environmental problem. The Carbon
    Credit Market is a system designed to tame the
    explosive growth of carbon emissions by putting a
    price on its production. Four expert panelists
    will detail how the system works, what it means
    for China, and most importantly how you and your
    company can get active.

  • Meet our experts and their companies

  • JUCCCE is a non-profit organization focused on
    bringing help to the area of greatest concern-
    and greatest opportunity for impact- China. Vice
    Minister of Construction Qiu BaoXing says, We
    are at war with energy and China is our common
    battlefront. Our initiatives are aimed at
    helping China accelerate 30 years of world
    experience and development into 10 years.  JUCCCE
    advisors makeup a network of multi-disciplinary
    leaders in energy efficiency and clean energy
    supply within China and the US.

  • Peggy Liu
  • Peggy is Chinese-American and currently resides
    in Shanghai. She has a B.S. from MIT in
    Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with
    a thesis in ISDN. She has been active in the
    non-profit world in leadership positions for most
    of her life. Peggy Liu is now the Chairperson of
    JUCCCE. Most recently COO at Mustang Ventures, an
    early stage venture fund in Shanghai, China. An
    active alumna of MIT, she created the MIT Forum
    on the Future of Energy in China. Prior to
    Mustang Ventures, She was an internet executive
    in Silicon Valley. Peggy also worked as an
    independent advisor where she consulted on
    strategies, fundraising, and business
    partnerships for e-commerce businesses. In 1996,
    she co-founded and was the CEO of Channel A,
    which is one of the earliest business-to-consumer
    e-commerce websites. Peggy has a long history of
    work experience, which includes leading NetManage
    where she led the company into the retail channel
    with Internet Chameleon. She also managed the
    Macintosh line development tools at Symantec and
    was a management consultant at McKinsey Co. in
    Los Angeles.

  • O Koo
  • O Koo is the general manager of CDM projects in
    JUCCE. He is originally from Shanghai, but he
    spent the later part of his life in South
    America, Europe and the United States--where he
    obtained a Bachelors Degree in Economics and
    Physics. After a short tenure with Merrill Lynch
    Co., O joined GEs Information Management
    Leadership Program, and was later nominated for
    GEs Corporate Audit Staff performing various
    financial, compliance, and operations audits
    across GE's Industrial and Capital businesses
    worldwide. In August 2002, O became the Six Sigma
    Quality Leader for GE Industrial System in the
    Asia Pacific area. He led Six Sigma and Lean
    strategies across five industrial manufacturing
    operations on key initiatives to support
    operating targets, manufacturing variable
    productivity, global fulfillment, and product
    quality. O was promoted to General Manager of
    Lamps Asia Pacific in 2004. As General Manager he
    had direct PL responsibility where he played an
    important role in restructuring the organization
    and driving profitable growth.

Emissions Zero
  • Emissions Zero is the first carbon consulting
    and offset retail company in China. In the past
    year, Emissions Zero has worked with clients in
    China who wish to reduce and offset their carbon
    emissions. We partnered with Chinas first carbon
    neutral hotel and carbon neutral gym, who are
    leading other businesses in China toward carbon
    neutral operation. Emissions Zero wishes to
    promote the carbon neutral concept and work with
    responsible businesses to help China reduce
    greenhouse gas emissions. Emissions Zero looks
    forward to going carbon neutral with you!

  • MengMeng Cui
  • Mengmeng is the General Manager of Emissions
    Zero, the first carbon consulting and carbon
    retail company set up in China. Cui has a
    bachelor's degree in environmental sociology from
    Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan. She
    returned to Beijing, China after graduation and
    worked with Global Village Beijinga reputable
    environmental NGO between 2004 and 2005. At
    Global Village Beijing, she gained practical and
    up to date knowledge of China's environmental
    issues. She joined Climate Bridge, a UK company
    that is a carbon trader, in China in 2007. In
    early 2008, she helped set up Emissions Zero and
    started promoting the carbon neutral concept
    throughout China.

URBN Hotel
  • URBN Hotels is committed to developing and
    operating green hotels. By renovating an existing
    structure, focusing on using recycled and locally
    sourced materials such as reclaimed hardwoods and
    old Shanghai bricks, and introducing eco-friendly
    solutions like passive solar shades, and water
    based AC systems. Thus, the Urban is the Chinas
    first carbon neutral hotel the total amount of
    energy the hotel consumes, including staff
    commutes, food and beverage delivery, and the
    energy used by each guest, will be tracked to
    calculate the carbon foot print. URBN will then
    purchase credits to neutralize its footprint by
    investing in local green energy development and
    emission reduction projects.

  • Scott Barrack
  • Scott Barrack is an American from Newport Beach,
    California and Aspen, Colorado. He is the
    director of the URBN Hotel in Shanghai, Chinas
    first Carbon Neutral hotel. A graduate of Arizona
    State University, Scott moved to China in 1998 to
    follow his dream of being part of the waking
    China. Barrack speaks Chinese fluently and has a
    deep understanding of the Chinese business and
    social cultures. Barrack has become a pioneer in
    the Shanghai real estate market. His mission is
    to restore and recycle old Shanghai for modern

How to Bring Green Practices into Your Business
  • Firms in several industries have come to realize
    that going green is in their best interest.  Even
    those who are not environmental activists can do
    their part to help save the environment. Simple
    and high-tech recycling, biodiesel delivery
    trucks, efficient packaging, and effective supply
    chain management are just a few ways that
    businesses can be eco-friendly.  Five expert
    panelists will highlight how green practices can
    help your business and how you can enact change

  • Meet our experts and their companies

Roots and Shoots
  • Roots Shoots is a positive program that
    focuses on helping young people find concrete
    ways to make the world a better place by caring
    for the environment, animals, and other people.
    Roots Shoots stresses empowerment through
    environmental education. It offers a forum to
    bring young people together within their school
    environment while providing the opportunity to
    explore and understand their connection with the
    environment, nature, and community. Roots and
    Shoots Shanghai is new and counting on corporate
    support within Shanghai to provide us with the
    critical funds and resources needed to run this
    organization. In 2004, JGI-Shanghai became the
    first and only foreign-affiliated non-profit
    charitable organization registered in China.
    Throughout the years, JGI-Shanghai has
    established Roots Shoots groups in more than
    170 schools in and around Shanghai.

  • Zhenxi Zhong (Zee Zee)
  • Zhenxi Zhong is the Operations Director of the
    Jane Goodall Institute in Shanghai. Through a
    global youth program called "Roots Shoots, she
    and her organization are leading the way in
    helping local schools to develop environmental
    education curricula and to implement projects
    from setting up organic gardens in Shanghai
    schools to planting one million trees to stop
    desert from expanding in Inner Mongolia
    designed to assist young people in developing
    concern for their society. She manages operations
    of one of Shanghai's most respected NGOs, and is
    highly committed to the concept of community

Arc8x Design
  • Arc8X Design is a Design led Consulting Company,
    providing Multinational Clients with
    Architectural, Interior Design and Design and
    Build solutions. Our goal is to provide our
    Clients with dedicated and exceptional
    professional services while also facilitating
    environmentally responsible solutions for their
    needs. Arc8x is registered in both China and the
    United States and have on staff a registered AIA
    Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional.

  • Stephen Protz
  • Stephen is the founder of Arc8X Design. He is a
    passionate advocate of the fact that creative
    design and environmental accountability are
    interrelated issues. It is with this philosophy
    that Arc8X recently completed the offices for
    DuPont, ITT and Treasury Holdings with the
    incorporation of environmental sustainability as
    a core design concept using green planning
    principles, energy efficiency, materials use and
    Eco zone /recycling stations among other
    strategies. Sustainability is not just a target
    or goal, but a process of modifying human
    behavior via design, infrastructure, office
    policy and individual/corporate commitment.

Kong Allan
  • Kong and Allan is a unique consulting firm
    specializing in supply chain operations and
    global expansion. Located in the epicenter of
    global development - Shanghai, China - our team
    will help your company create innovative
    solutions and assist in the execution of these
    strategies to improve moving products to
    customers, managing inventory, or bringing new
    consumers to your company. We aren't going to
    tell you the time. We guess you already know

  • Bradley A. Feuling
  • Mr. Feulings experience encompasses supply
    chain operations in Asia and the US, including
    strategic sourcing in China and consumer product
    distribution planning. He brings a rich expertise
    in business development for early stage ventures
    and was mentored by best-selling author Jim
    Collins (Built to Last and Good to Great) Mr.
    Feuling has written numerous articles like,
    Quality in Foreign Downstream Manufacturing and
    Chinas Evolving Supply Chain, for publications
    such as IndustryWeek and Supply Chain Europe. Mr.
    Feuling earned his MBA in Global Strategy from
    The Krannert School of Management at Purdue
    University and a BA in both Economics and
    English, with a minor in International Relations
    from Bucknell University.

  • Greennovate is an environmental consulting
    company based in Shanghai, China. With an
    international team of environmental
    professionals, Greennovate brings together
    expertise from industry, universities, institutes
    and government organizations to provide
    environmental concepts that contribute to the
    quality of life outside major cities in China.

  • Mihela Hladin
  • Mihela Hladin, a native of Slovenia, founded
    Greennovate after working and developing
    opportunities in the environmental field in
    China. Having a background in her country's own
    environmental recovery, Mihela recognized the
    link between environmental improvements, basic
    awareness and the importance of integrating the
    environment into mainstream values for

The 11th Hour
  • The 11th Hour is a documentary directed by
    sisters Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners.
    The film documents the current environmental
    problems caused by human actions. Such
    destructive actions include global warming,
    deforestation, mass species extinction and the
    depletion of the oceans habitats. 50 prominent
    thinkers and activist, such as reformer Mikhail
    Gorbachev, physicist Stephen Hawking and Nobel
    Prize winner Wangari Maathai, contributed to this
    film. An important note about this film is that
    it offers hope and solutions. Scientists and
    environmental advocates David Orr and Gloria
    Flora show how humans in the future can coexist
    with earths life systems and not dominate them.
    This documentary is a call to action.
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