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A presentation of the group work which formed our assessment for the Creative Concepts module – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creative Concepts Presentation

  • By SAYOS.

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  • Introduction to Rebelle.
  • Chosen customer segment and genre.
  • Band members.
  • Trapstar collaboration.
  • Launch parties.
  • Project R.
  • Social Media.
  • Single and album release.
  • Radio advertisement.
  • TV advertisement.
  • Billboard advertising.
  • Magazine pieces.
  • Drake support 2012, and worldwide tour 2013.
  • Forecasted sales.
  • Costs.
  • Summary.

Introduction to Rebelle
  • With backgrounds from all over the world, Rebelle
    will not only be known for their songs, but for
    their style, presence and amazing vocal ability.
  • From London, Rebelle consists of 3 members
  • Michele
  • Chanté
  • Tae

Chosen customer segment and genre.
  • Customer segment.
  • Age range 16-24
  • 85 Female/15 Male
  • Social grade B/C1/C2/D
  • Genre.
  • Pop/Urban/Alternative RB
  • Range of genres allows band to diversify in the
    music they create.
  • According to Nielsen SoundScan 2010 Digital song
    genre report, Pop held a 25.4 market share, and
    RB a 21.9 share.

Band members.
  • Tae Aoki
  • 22/07/1990
  • London
  • Asian
  • Chanté Lourdes
  • 01/11/1989
  • London 
  • Black
  • Michelé Jordan
  • 18/03/1989
  • London
  • Caucasian

Trapstar collaboration.
  • Rebelle are collaborating with the up and coming
    urban fashion label Trapstar.
  • Trapstar is an all mens fashion label, this is
    where rebelle comes in, they will be creating
    female merchandise for the brand.
  • The merchandise Rebelle are creating for the
    collaboration with Trapstar will represent them
    as a band.
  • The merchandise will be sexy, have a dont care
    attitude with a feminine touch.

Launch parties.
  • Launch party in each of our target markets,
    London, Berlin and New York.
  • Champagne reception for all guests before catwalk
    show for Trapstar collaboration.
  • Pre-selected fashion journalists to ask Trapstar
    designers questions on the new range.
  • Opportunity for guests to purchase items of the
    new range from the Project R bus.
  • Rebelle to perform their debut single and four
    other tracks off the album.
  • Open question and answer session with the band
    and guests.

London launch party.
  • Location 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London,
    United Kingdom, E1 6QL
  • Date 16th September 2012
  • Time 1900 2300
  • Theme Fashion show
  • Admission Private guest list (250)
  • Capacity 500
  • Reasoning for venue A dark and edgy warehouse in
    arguably the current trendiest place in London,
    as well as being known as a fashionable music

Berlin launch party.
  • Location Berghain Berlin, Am Wriezener Bahnhof,
    10243, Berlin, Germany
  • Date 23rd September 2012
  • Time 2000 0000
  • Theme Fashion show
  • Admission Private guest list (250)
  • Capacity 500
  • Reasoning for venue Berlins main underground
    club and a city famous for music and its
    nightlife, wanted to stay with the theme of
    warehouses and unconventional locations for
    launch parties.

New York launch party.
  • Location The Electric Warehouse, 1428 Fulton St,
    Brooklyn, NY, United States of America
  • Date 30th September 2012
  • Time 1930 2330
  • Theme Fashion show
  • Admission Private guest list (250)
  • Capacity 500
  • Reasoning for venue Brooklyn a lot edgier than
    Manhattan, and urban music a lot more appealing
    in the surrounding areas, so suitable to the band
    and its music.

Project R.
  • On a converted classical red London bus with a
    black wrap over.
  • Touring the United Kingdom, Europe and the United
    States of America promoting the band and its
    clothing collaboration.
  • Tours begin after each respective launch party
    collectively covering 23 cities worldwide.

Project R UK.
  • London
  • Cardiff
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Newcastle
  • Edinburgh
  • Belfast

Project R USA.
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles

Project R Europe.
  • Berlin
  • Prague
  • Milan
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris

Social media.
1 out of every 6 minutes people use social
networking sites. Pay to have projectR as a
promoted trending topic on Twitter. Allows users
to track the Project R tour bus. Also the use of
YouTube for our vlogs.
Single and album release and artwork.
  • The first single release will be staggered and
    released in the 3 regions the day after their
    respective launch parties.
  • The album however to avoid being leaked will be
    released on the same date in the United Kingdom
    and the rest of Europe, 24th September 2012,
    whereas it will be released in the United States
    on the 8th October 2012.

Album track list.

1.     Intro 2.     Come On In
(Madhouse) 3.     Do You Wanna? Ft.
Drake 4.     Fairytale 5.     Interlude 6.    
Bad Behaviour ft. Drake 7.     Im Not Sorry ft.
Labrinth 8.     Dominance 9.     Overconfident 
Stores and websites stocking single and album.
  • Single.
  • Will be released digitally only due to low single
    sales in record stores.
  • In 2010, 4.9m from physical sales whereas
    103.1m come from digital sales.
  • Be available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon and
  • Album.
  • Will be released digitally and in record stores
    due to album sales in stores still significant.
  • Be available to purchase digitally from iTunes,
    Amazon and Beatport.
  • Be able to purchase hard copies in HMV, and all
    leading supermarket retailers in the United
  • Target will also be selling physical copies to
    the rest of Europe and the US.

Radio advertisement.
  • Duration 15 second commercial.
  • Dates it will be aired 10/9/12 24/9/12
  • Purpose Promoting first single release.
  • Stations to advertise on Capital FM/Kiss
    FM/Magic FM/Heart FM in UK.
  • KIIS FM/HOT 97/WABC FM in the US.
  • SWF3/Sunshine Live/104.6 RTL in Germany.
  • Time periods to advertise 0800 0900, 1200
    1345, 1700 1830.
  • UK/Europe advertisement. US advertisement.

TV advertisement.
  • Duration 30 second commercial.
  • Dates it will be advertised 17/9/12 01/10/12.
  • Purpose Promoting first album release.
  • Channels to advertise on Channel 4//ITV/ITV
  • Programmes to advertise around Hollyoaks, The
    Only Way is Essex, Jersey Shore, Britain's Got
    Talent, 90210, Skins, One Tree Hill

Billboard and poster advertising.
  • Billboards in London Underground platforms and
    around major Universities and key nightlife spots
    in the United Kingdom.
  • Also there will be Billboards in United States of
    America and across Europe.

Billboard and poster advertising.
  • The pictures below are our campaign on the New
    York Subway transport system.

Billboard and poster advertising.
  • The pictures below are our campaign on the Berlin
    underground system, U-Bahn.

Magazine pieces.
  • One PR piece summarising all promotion and events
    surrounding the single and album release, as well
    as outlining the Trapstar clothing collaboration.
  • Fashion article on the Trapstar clothing
  • Question and answer interview with Tae.
  • Advertising copy to promote album release.

Magazine pieces.
Support act for Drake 2012.
  • Managed to secure 1 of the 2 supports slots
    available on Drakes worldwide tour which
    includes the US, and all of Europe.
  • Will allow the band to perform in front of their
    target audience.
  • 28 dates in the United States and 18 dates
    covering the whole of Europe.
  • Will create a significant amount of fans before
    the full unveiling of the band in September.

Worldwide tour 2013.
  • Will focus on unusual locations for gigs to
    maintain the eccentric image of the band.
  • Live streaming of the more intimate venues to
    further promote the band globally.
  • Will use similar unsigned bands to act as support
  • 28 dates in the United States and 18 dates
    covering the whole of Europe.
  • Tickets will go on sale in October to coincide
    with the album launch.

Forecasted sales.
Company Week Month Year
Single figures iTunes (units) 44,000 153,000 868,000
Single figures Amazon (units) 36,000 135,000 700,000
Single figures Beatport (units) 21,000 115,000 555,000
Album figures iTunes (units) 25,000 85,000 992,000
Album figures Amazon (units) 18,000 71,000 901,000
Album figures HMV/Target (units) 20,000 80,000 934,000
Trapstar collaboration (30 from clothing profits) 7,000 20,000 82,000
Cost. Figure.
Advertising Costs 7,584,000
Project R costs 4,204,400
Venue Hire costs 150,000
Labour Costs 395,000
Agency Costs 3,750,000

Total Costs 15,688,400
  • Selling on Amazon 15 commission goes Amazon
  • Beatport take 50 of royalties
  • ITunes will take 35 of commission on each sale
    of MP3 single

  • The whole campaign process is to promote Rebelles
    music and fashion fusion with a view to position
    themselves as strong market leaders within what
    is a competitive environment.
  • Any questions?