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Student Organization Orientation Training 2010-2011 Welcome


Student Organization Orientation Training 2010-2011 Welcome to SOOT! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * IV. Resources * OCA Website ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Student Organization Orientation Training 2010-2011 Welcome

Student Organization Orientation Training
Welcome to SOOT!
Office of Campus Activities (OCA) ? Phone
215-895-1328 ? Fax 215-895-2500 Lower Level
Creese Student Center -- Student Organization
Resource Center (SORC)
Ed Kovacs, Director Richard Kopp, Associate
Director Phi Nguyen, Associate Director Jill
Buckley, Administrative Secretary Kia Perkins,
Administrative Coordinator Joe Gonzalez, Asst.
Dir. for Campus Engagement /SAFAC Advisor John
Cooke, Assistant Dean for Campus Engagement
Office of Campus Activities (OCA)
  • Mission Statement
  • The Office of Campus Activities advances the
    mission of Drexel University and the Division of
    Student Life by providing students an enriched
    collegiate experience through meaningful
    opportunities to learn and develop leadership,
    interpersonal, programming, and organizational
    skills so that they may connect and contribute to
    the University community.
  • OCA staff will serve as student-focused
    advocates, navigators, advisors, educators, and
    administrators while working collaboratively to
    support programs that meet the needs and
    interests of students.
  • The 3 Pillars of how OCA supports students are
  • Leadership Development
  • Event Planning
  • Financial Management

The Goals of SOOT
  • To help you understand how to be successful in
    your role as a student leader at Drexel
  • To answer your questions related to student
    organizations, finances, and event planning

  • All information presented today
    can be found on the
    Office of Campus Activities
  • (including this PowerPoint)

Everything in RED on this PowerPoint is
clickable and linked to a website page where you
can find more information related to that topic!
This SOOT is for
  • This SOOT training is for all Undergraduate and
    Joint Student Organizations
  • The President and 2 additional members are
    required to attend to complete the Recognition
  • Graduate Student Organizations and Sports Clubs
    attend specific SOOT Trainings for their area
  • Contact Jessica Edonick at for
    Graduate SOOT information
  • Contact Sarah Shouvlin at for
    Sports Club SOOT information

Drexel Lingo
  • OCA Office of Campus Activities
  • SAFAC Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee
  • CAP Commissions for Activities and Programs
  • DUST Drexel University Student Technicians
  • USGA Undergraduate Student Government
  • FY Fiscal Year (July 1 ? June 30)
  • AY Academic Year (Fall 10 - Summer 11)

Outline of Workshop
  • I. Recognition
  • II. Finances
  • III. Event Planning
  • IV. Resources
  • V. Hazing
  • VI. Questions

I. Recognition
Student Org. Recognition Process
  • Step 1. Submit online recognition application via
  • Complete application and upload constitution
  • Step 2. Have your advisor return e-mail sent to
    them from OCA
  • Step 3. The USGA/OCA Student Organization
    Recognition Committee will review your
    application and contact you to schedule a meeting
    (if necessary)
  • Step 4. USGA votes and sends a recommendation to
    OCA for final approval
  • Step 5. Attend SOOT workshop
  • Undergraduate and Joint Organizations President
    and any 2 additional members
  • Graduate and Goodwin Student Organizations
    President and Treasurer
  • Sports Clubs President, Treasurer, and 1
    additional member
  • Step 6. OCA notifies organization they are

Recognition Website
Student Org. Recognition
  • Must apply for Recognition every year
  • Recognition is based on the fiscal year for full
  • If your group was recognized previously, but has
    not completed recognition for the current fiscal
    year, your group will only have access/ability to
    reserve space on campus until November 1st
  • Only Recognized organizations have full access to
    University services/resources.
  • If your student organization is in debt, your
    Recognition status may be placed on hold.

Why get Recognized?
  • The ability to apply for SAFAC, Reserve and CAP
  • The ability to reserve space on campus through
    Event Services!
  • The ability to use Sodexho, Facilities
    Management, Public Safety, etc.!
  • The ability to use the Office of Campus
    Activities resources!
  • The ability to use the Office of Campus
    Activities staff to plan your event (i.e.
    contract negotiation, advertising, etc.)
  • Permission to use the University name and logo
    when identifying the organization in accordance
    with University regulations and policies
  • Access to an organization mailbox in the Creese
    Student Center or in the Office of Recreational
  • Opportunity to acquire office/storage space on an
    annual basis
  • Opportunity to participate in the Activities
    Unlimited Student Organization promotion/recruitme
    nt fair during the Fall and Spring terms
  • Opportunity to acquire web space through the
    Drexel portal and an organization e-mail address

More benefits of being recognized
II. Finances
Student Organization Finances
  • Joseph Gonzalez
  • Assistant Director for Campus Engagement/
  • Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC)
  • Good Idea Fund Committee Advisor
  • Student Organization Resources Center (SORC)
    Room 32A
  • 215-895-1811x3
  • Excellent website!
  • Note Please allow 24-48 business hours for a
    response to phone
  • messages or e-mail.

New SAFAC TrainingTreasurers Trainings
  • This (2010-2011) year, Undergraduate and Joint
    Student Organization Treasurers must attend and
    complete a SAFAC Training session to educate
    treasurers on proper fiscal practices regarding
    their 17- or 71- financial accounts
  • The SAFAC Office will be hosting online sessions
    for Treasurers. Check the SAFAC website for a
    calendar of sessions.

New Policy End-of-Year Report
  • To access for the FY 11 (2010-2011), an
    End-of-Year Report for FY 10 (2009-2010) must
    be submitted to the SAFAC Office
  • SAFAC sent directions/instructions/forms to all
  • If you did not receive a FY2010 SAFAC allocation,
    you are not required to submit an end-of-year
  • SAFAC strongly recommends that officers from the
    prior fiscal year (2009-2010) submit the report
    in July 2010 in order for the 2010-2011 officers
    to access funding

Cost Centers
  • Each student organization will receive 2 cost
    centers (accounts)
  • 17 Cost Center All SAFAC funds are deposited and
    accessed from this cost center.
  • These funds are allocated and returned based on
  • (17 cost center fund numbers begin with 17)
  • 71 Cost Center All fundraising, dues donations
    are deposited and accessed from this cost center.
  • These funds remain in your cost center until used
  • (71 cost center fund numbers begin with 71)

Cost Centers Cont
  • Each Cost Center will have a name, fund number,
    and org number
  • Example
  • Org Name Fund Org
  • Art Club 170001 2555
  • Art Club 710545 3568
  • Account numbers will be sent in your official
    Recognition Letter
  • Additionally, you may visit the SAFAC Office for
    this information
  • Undergraduate and Joint groups receive their
    account numbers through the SAFAC Office
  • Graduate student groups should reach out to the
    Graduate Student Association (GSA) for account
  • Note Student organizations are not permitted to
    have off-campus bank accounts!

Student Organization Funding Options
  • SAFAC Funding
  • Annual Allocation
  • Reserve Funding
  • CAP Funding
  • Fundraising, Dues Donations
  • Late Night / Weekend Programming
  • Alumni Grant
  • SOSE Grant
  • These will all be explained in more detail in the
    following slides

What is SAFAC?
  • Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee
  • Made up of 17 full-time undergraduate students
  • 14 liaisons
  • One Secretary
  • One Vice Chair
  • One Chair
  • One representative from USGA
  • One Staff Member from the Division of Student
  • The SAFAC Advisor
  • Note Only student representatives have a vote
    on how money is distributed.

Where Does SAFAC Money Come From?
Undergrad Students pay a 250 Student Activity
Fee on Tuition Bill 150 of that fee goes to
All activity fees are deposited into the SAFAC
Student organizations apply for this money
through Annual Allocations Reserve Funding
SAFAC Committee distributes funds based on
SAFAC Funding
Reserve Funding
Annual Allocations
  • Recognized by OCA
  • Apply on an event-by-event basis
  • Only for new groups formed during February of
    previous fiscal year or later are eligible
  • On a case-by-case basis, unforeseen expenses for
    pre-funded groups, may be considered for funding
  • Recognized by OCA
  • Must submit an Annual Allocation Request
  • Process is separate from SOOT
  • All existing groups must go through this process
    if they want to receive funding

Can request Capital, Conference, Activity
Note All activities events must be open to all
Financial Forms
  • Funding Transfers (varies)
  • Used to transfer money from your account to
    another student organization account for
  • Purchase Orders (few days)
  • Used for payments made for products or services
    using the SAFAC Office credit card
  • Note Fraternities Sororities need all requests
    approved by Katie Peoples in the FSL Office prior
    to submitting to SAFAC
  • Check Requests (few weeks)
  • Used to pay for services which do not accept
    credit cards
  • Used to reimburse students for money paid
  • Cash Reimbursements (few days)
  • Used to reimburse students for money paid
    out-of-pocket in cash up to 100
  • Note Sports Clubs need all requests approved by
    Dan Simmons in the Athletics Department prior to
    submitting to SAFAC

Policies for SAFAC
  • Governing policies are provided by the SAFAC
  • Please go to their website and thoroughly read
    through the SAFAC Policies Manual
  • You will find information about
  • How to access funds
  • What the money can and cannot be used for
  • The variety of forms and who needs to sign and
    submit them
  • And much more
  • Groups can download University financial forms
    from the SAFAC website (http//
  • Submit forms to SAFAC Advisor only if you are
    paying from the 17- or 71- accounts for your

Travel Expenses
  • Student Organizations can have hotel and travel
    accommodations placed on the university credit
    card with the exception of rental vehicles.
  • Students must rent vehicles on their own credit
    card and be reimbursed after the conference or
  • You must make a half-hour appointment with the
    SAFAC Advisor to have hotel and travel
    accommodations placed on the university credit
  • You must submit your request at least 5 business
    days in advance of departure date.
  • Any request submitted less than 5 business days
    from departure cannot be guaranteed

Fundraising, Dues Donations
  • Fundraise
  • Selling merchandise, goods
  • Hosting for-profit events
  • OCA Fundraising Manual
  • http//
  • Dues
  • Collect membership dues from participating
  • Donations
  • Solicit departments, colleges, and outside
    companies for funding of specific events or
    general support

CAP Funding
Commission for Activities Programs
  • Comes from a of money spent in all Coke
    machines on campus.
  • Money is given for specific purposes and cannot
    be spent on anything else.
  • Applications must be submitted through the Office
    of Retail Management (Creese 119).
  • All decisions are made by the Office of Retail
  • Guidelines are found on the CAP Form.
  • Contact
  • Jackie Eliassen
  • 215-895-6776
  • Note Not handled through OCA or SAFAC

Late Night Weekend Program
  • Up to 500 per event 2,000 for selected dates
    (2nd Saturdays/4th Fridays)
  • Must occur Monday-Friday from 9pm-2am or anytime
    on Saturday Sunday
  • Must submit Application/Request
  • May require an appointment with an OCA staff
  • Apply at least 2 weeks prior to event
  • There is no guarantee of funding
  • Event must be held on campus
  • Event must be open and free to all students
  • Cannot be used for recruitment, philanthropy, or
    fundraising events
  • Exists until money is gone
  • OCA will publicize dates that money is available

Alumni Grant
  • Up to 2,000 per grant
  • Overview of proposed program to include goals and
    objectives, expected attendance and composition
    of intended audience
  • Outline of publicity plan
  • Summary of projected revenues and expenses
  • Suggested partnership opportunities to promote
    Alumni Association programs and services

Where can you get these forms?
  • SAFAC Forms Purchase Request, Deposit Form,
    Reserve Funding Request
  • CAP Funding / Late Night Weekend Forms
  • http//
  • Alumni Grant
  • Note Forms can also be obtained from the
    Student Life Office (Creese 215) or in the
    Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)

Where do these forms get returned?
  • SAFAC Forms must be submitted to the SAFAC
    Advisor in the Student Organization Resource
    Center 32A or in the SAFAC Mailbox located in the
    Student Life Office (Creese 215)
  • CAP Funding requests must be submitted to the
    Office of Retail Management (Creese 119) directly
    across form the Creese Info Desk
  • Alumni Grant requests must be submitted to the
    Drexel University Alumni Association, Paul Peck
    Alumni Center 60-2
  • Late Night Weekend Programming requests must be
    submitted to the Office of Campus Activities in
    the Student Organization Resource Center 32F

III. Event Planning
Event Planning
  • Event Services
  • Room/Space Reservations
  • Tables and Chairs, Room Set-up, Building
    Policies, etc.
  • Food/Catering/Sodexho
  • Tech Support DUST/IMS
  • Public Safety
  • OCA
  • Contracts
  • Specific Types of Events and Policies
  • Resources and additional event planning

OCA Contracts
  • When contracts are required
  • ANYTIME you are bringing anyone or any service to
    campus who is not a member of the current
    existing Drexel community
  • Contracts are required even if you are NOT paying
    the performer
  • Need to ensure that both parties fulfill their
  • There is one exception called the Lecture
    Agreement, but a Contract Request form still
    needs to be submitted
  • Comedians, singers, and other performers must
    have a contract, regardless of whether or not
    payment is being made
  • Why contracts are required
  • Performers/Vendors and student organization are
    fully aware of the expectations and services to
    be provided
  • Performers/Vendors know terms of payment, event
    details, etc.
  • Protects students, the student organization, and
    the University
  • Examples include DJs, restaurants, speakers,
    amusement rides/games, dance troupes, etc

OCA Contracts (cont.)
  • Timeline
  • Submit Contract Request form at least 4 weeks in
    advance of event
  • Any requests submitted less than 4 weeks will
    only be processed on a case-by-case scenario with
    no guarantee of being honored
  • Payment of Contracts
  • It is the responsibility of the student group to
    process payment for contracted services unless
    noted on the request form
  • OCA will provide a copy of the fully signed
    contract to use as your receipt/documentation
  • OCA needs to sign all contracts
  • Students should never sign any agreements/contract
    s on behalf of your organization/event as you
    will be held personally liable
  • Insurance requirements are in addition to the
    contract process
  • Many times we require a Certificate of Liability
  • Examples include food vendors, amusement
    companies, sound and lighting companies, etc

Contracts are needed for the following
  • Including, but not limited to
  • Lecturers, speakers, presenters, etc.
  • Caterers
  • DJs
  • Bands
  • Carnival Games and Rides
  • Blood and Bone Marrow Drives
  • Government Officials
  • Any Performer (dance troupe) or Media Group
    (radio station)
  • Sponsorships
  • OCA will not process contracts for alcohol
    because student organization money is not to be
    used for purchasing alcohol

How to Obtain A Contract for Your Event
Request for Contract Form
Form must be completed for OCA to process a
contract! Incorrect and incomplete forms will
cause delays in the process!
Must provide your event services space/room
confirmation number
Very important to fill out this section in detail
Event Services
Event Services Office www. 215-895-2520 Creese
Student Center, Room 001 Hours Monday and
Friday, 800 am 500 pm Tuesday Thursday,
800am 600pm
  • Event Services serves as the primary
    point-of-contact for the following
  • Room Space Reservations
  • DUST Drexel University Student Technicians
  • Facilities Catering
  • Public Safety

Reserving a room/space
  • Use the reservation form on
    ervices and provide the below information (should
    the submit button not work, download the PDF
    file and e-mail to Events Services as an
  • Organization name and co-sponsoring group (if
  • Event name
  • Desired date and alternate date
  • Start time and end time of your meeting/event
  • Any set-up time you may need (for more elaborate
  • Preferred location AND alternate location
  • Your student organization account number
  • Description of the event
  • Food/Catering (Pot Luck, Bake Sale, etc.)
  • Attendance estimate
  • A/V needs and DUST
  • Guest Speaker
  • Contact persons name, e-mail, and phone number
  • The contact person MUST be the contact person for
    everything related to the meeting/event and will
    be considered the event planner

Event Services (cont.)
  • Policies
  • Requests are on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Allow Event Services a minimum of 48 hours (2
    business days) to respond to your room/space
  • Please give Event Services 2 weeks notice for
    reservations, especially for larger events.
    Reservations may not be honored for any event
    within 48 hours of the start of the event.
  • Student organizations event planners are expected
    to take ownership of the event. You must have
    regular communication with Event Services and OCA
    about the event details.
  • If we do not have enough information in
    sufficient time, your event may be cancelled.
  • An actual reservation has not been confirmed
    until a 5-digit reservation number has been sent
    to you with a confirmation e-mail!!!
  • Please review confirmation details in the
    attachment provided once your request is
    confirmed. Notify the office of any changes or

Example of a space/room reservation confirmation
from Event Services
Confirmation number
Your student organizations account number
(please make sure the number is correct!)
Always check to ensure the correct date, time,
and location you requested!
Commonly used locations
  • The following can be reserved on a first-come,
    first-serve basis
  • (unless otherwise noted, spaces are available for
    the full fiscal year beginning July 1st)
  • Creese Student Center and GSDC Conference Rooms
  • Ross Commons
  • Grand Hall and Main Auditorium
  • Korman Quad
  • Lounge 101 (Game Room located in the basement of
    the Main Building)
  • Residence Hall multi-purpose rooms (reservations
    taken on a term-by-term basis starting the break
    week prior to the respective term)
  • Academic Classrooms (cannot be reserved during
    the first two weeks of each term)
  • MacAlister 2019/2020
  • The University Club (6th Floor MacAlister)
  • General Space on Campus
  • Buckley Green and Field, DAC, Volleyball Courts,
    BBQ Pits
  • Athletics/Intramurals has priority for these
  • Facilities fees may apply for set-up and
    clean-up, depending on your event
  • BBQ Pit - 2 hour maximum
  • Volleyball courts - 2 hour maximum

Other spaces available for student organization
  • Mandell Theatre
  • Contact Nan Gilbert Theatre Manager
  • 215-895-2528 or
  • 50 FEE for use of this space!
  • Academic Bistro
  • Contact Adrienne Hall - Chef Instructor/Academic
    Bistro Manager
  • 215-895-5872 or
  • Catering/food MUST be provided by culinary
  • Bossone Auditorium, Lobby, Atrium
  • Contact the College of Engineering Deans Office
  • 215-895-2210
  • Library Meeting Rooms, Bookmark Café, etc
  • Contact DeVaughn Nelson
  • 215-895-2750
  • Paul Peck Alumni Center
  • Contact the Alumni Relations Office
  • 215-895-2375

Student Organization Rates Union Hourly
Rates Standard Overtime
Double time Custodian/Utility 23.00 35.00 4
7.00 Mechanic/Electrician 30.00 46.00 62.00
Engineer 32.00 48.00 64.00 Standard
Time - 800am-500pm, Monday-Friday Overtime -
501pm-759am, Monday-Friday and
Saturdays Double time - Sundays and
Holidays Please verify other applicable rates
with the Event Services Office
  • Chestnut Street Caterers is the exclusive
    on-campus caterer!
  • They have an existing contract and insurance
    certificate with the University (no additional
    contracts are needed when working with Chestnut
    Street Caterers)
  • How do I obtain Chestnut Street Caterers service
    at my event?
  • You must have space/room reserved prior to
    contacting catering
  • Contact them at
  • or 215-895-6934
  • A minimum of 10 business days prior to the event
    or there may be late fees assessed
  • Please allow at least 48 hours (2 business days)
    for a response
  • Tell them what you want (be very specific)
  • Tell them how many people you are feeding at the
  • Requests within 72 hours of the event may have
    extra charges

Sodexho-Catering Website
Chestnut Street Caterers Exclusivity
  • Some exceptions
  • Office of Retail Management gives your
    organization an Exception
  • Pot Luck
  • Bake Sale
  • Pizza
  • Pretzels and Water Ice
  • You must use Chestnut Street Caterers for any
    food at your on-campus event!

Sodexho-Catering Website
Catering Exception
  • Request for Catering Policy Exception Form
  • Request should be submitted to the Retail
    Management Office a minimum of 20 business days
    prior to the event
  • Suite 119 of the Creese Student Center
  • Phone Number 215-895-6187
  • Include specific reasons for the Exception
  • http//
  • If the Exception is permitted, you will work with
    OCA to have a Contract and Insurance Certificate
    completed and submitted with the food vendor

More food options PIZZA!
  • Under 100
  • You can order from local pizza vendors (i.e.
    ONLY Eds Pizza, Powelton Pizza, Drexel Pizza,
    Papa Johns) without having a contract (OCA has
    their insurance on file for the year).
  • You must pay for the food on your own and then
    get reimbursed after!
  • Reimbursed with cash if paid by cash
  • No contract needed!
  • Over 100
  • Work with Chestnut Street Caterers or fill out
    an exception form
  • Over 15 pies, can use outside pizza vendor
  • Must be reimbursed with check (not cash)

Still more food options
  • Potlucks
  • When you reserve space, you must tell event
    services you are having a pot luck
  • Cannot charge money for food
  • Must be less than 50 people
  • Bake Sales
  • Reserve table through Event Services and inform
    them you are having a bake sale
  • All baked goods wrapped separately
  • Can charge for food

If you leave trash, your
organization will be responsible for the
custodial charges!
Potluck Guidelines Website
Bake Sale Guidelines Website
Even more food options
  • BBQs
  • For events with less than 50 people, it is
    treated per the Pot Luck Policy
  • For events with over 50 people
  • You must purchase food from Chestnut Street
    Caterers or receive a special exception
  • Food can be prepared and brought to the site or a
    chef can be hired to cook the food made to order
  • Pretzels and Water Ice
  • Only from the following places
  • Philly Pretzel Factory
  • Suburban Station Concourse, Space 113
  • 215-564-1045
  • Ritas Water Ice
  • Suburban Station Concourse, Space 114
  • 215-231-9940
  • OR 1500 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • You must pay for the food on your own and then be
    reimbursed after!
  • No contract needed through OCA!

Food being donated
  • If food is donated for your event
  • You will need to complete/submit the Exception
    Form so Retail Management/Catering knows about
    what food is coming to campus.
  • Donated or purchased beverages must be Coke
  • You will also need to work with OCA to make sure
    that a Contract and Insurance Certificate are
    supplied for/from the food vendor.

COKE PRODUCTS List also available on OCA
Any events on campus must use Coke products if
products are not donated, they have to be
purchase through Sodexo.
  • COKE
  • BARQ'S
  • FUZE
  • V8

Public Safety
  • Public Safety is needed at events if
  • More than 100 people are expected
  • Money is being exchanged/collected
  • Building is closed during event hours
  • History of event
  • Determined by Event Services and Pubic Safety on
    a case-by-case basis!
  • Costs
  • 25.00 per hour per officer
  • Minimum of 4 hours
  • Reprogramming doors is 85.00 per hour ½ hour
  • Rates subject to change
  • Timeline
  • Depending on size and extent of event, 2 weeks
    notice is needed to schedule

DUST (Drexel University Student Technicians)
  • Services include
  • Microphones
  • Projector/Screens
  • Speakers/Sound
  • Electricity/Power
  • Spotlights
  • Podium/Lecterns
  • DJ/Band Equipment
  • DUST can support
  • Indoor/Outdoor Movies
  • Lectures/Speakers
  • Bands
  • Presentations
  • Open Mic Nights
  • Parties/Social Events

DUST (Drexel University Student Technicians)
  • Policies
  • Requests are accepted on a first-come,
    first-serve basis
  • DUST Manager can serve as a consultant for
    outside vendors
  • DUST is available for recognized student
  • There are (2) Portable Sound Systems that are
    FREE to student orgs all other equipment is
    offered at a 25 discounted rate.
  • You provide at least two (2) weeks notice of the
    event (late requests made within 5 business days
    will receive a 100 late fee).
  • DUST has the equipment in stockif not, you will
    pay the equipment rental and delivery charges (at
    no cost/profit to DUST).
  • Your event should not run past the appointed
    times. DUST should not be asked to stay past
    midnight unless the reservation states this.

Request for DUST Services Form (Click here to
download form) or obtain from the DUST
Office! - Fill out form and submit to DUST in
Creese Lower Level, Room 001 - Call/e-mail and
confirm prior to event at 215-895-1330
Sound systems
  • All student organizations need to use a
    University sound/speaker system for all on-campus
    events. This usually includes DUST and IMS
    equipment and built-in speaker systems, such as
    at Buckley Field.
  • The only exception is if you receive a referral
    from DUST and work with OCA to make sure that any
    sound equipment coming to campus is supplied by
    an Insured source who will also add Drexel to
    their insurance policy.
  • Contracts and Insurance procedures were discussed
    earlier in this SOOT presentation.

DUST Location Usage
  • NOTE DUST cannot be used for off-campus events
    or for non-Main Campus Drexel locations.
  • Places that DUST cannot be used
  • Greek housing in Powelton Village
  • The Boathouse on the Schuylkill River
  • Center City Campus
  • Queens Lane campus
  • Any other private location

DUST Usage Concerts/Entertainment
  • Please send entertainment riders for vendors
    PRIOR to making a commitment to the vendor. DUST
    can determine the expected cost to produce the
    show and whether DUST can handle it or an
    off-campus production company will be needed.

Issues and Concerns During Your Event
  • During Business Hours
  • Catering (215) 895-2943
  • Facilities, Security (215) 895-2520
  • After Business Hours Weekends
  • Catering (215) 895-2943
  • Public Safety (215) 895-2222
  • Creese Student Center, MacAlister Hall, Ross
    Commons (215) 895-2515 (Building Manager)
  • All other campus spaces (267) 349-4317
  • keep this number for when all other resources
  • have been exhausted and in an emergency

Drexel University Transportation
  • Facilities Management can provide shuttle and
    charter buses for your event at a charge
  • To reserve transportation http//
  • As of June 2010, here is the pricing (Rates
    subject to change)
  • 50.00/hour from 8am-5pm
  • 66.00/hour from 501pm-1159am
  • 66.00/hour on Saturdays
  • 82.00/hour on Sundays and Holidays
  • Charges may apply for cancellations and fuel
  • Facilities Management Phone Number 215-895-1700
  • It is important to call to confirm the
  • Alternatives Yellow and Charter Bus Companies
    (See SAFAC website)

Off-Campus Events/Activities
  • Events can be held off-campus
  • (1) if the event cannot physically be held on
    Drexels campus and/or
  • (2) with the approval from OCA
  • OCA must sign any/all contracts
  • Students should not sign any agreements/contracts
  • Contracts may still need to be processed through
    OCA for certain services as a Drexel University
    student group event (i.e. DJ, inflatable rides,
  • Student organizations may not hold events at
    off-campus venues that generate 50.1 or more of
    its revenue from the sale of alcohol (i.e. bars,
    taverns, etc)
  • Student activity fees (17-account funds) can be
    used for off-campus events with OCA/SAFAC

Additional Policies
  • Movies
  • You need to have the rights to show a movie
  • From the people/company who produced or
    distribute the movie
  • Purchase the rights to show the film from a
    company like Swank
  • You are hosting an educational lecture
    accompanying the film by a faculty/staff/professio
    nal, have completed the OCA Movie Form, and have
    received permission from OCA
  • Guidelines for Korman Quad with music, bands or
  • Approvals will be needed from Event Services on a
    case-by-case basis
  • Event Services will work with student
    organizations to determine times during the day
    that loud music can and cannot be played
  • The times may change each term depending on class
    schedules of the surrounding buildings
  • Events after 9pm honored on a case-by-case basis

Student Union Operations (SUO)
  • SUO is here to help make your event a success!
  • Please come to the Information Desk with
    questions or call the building manager at
  • Please do not move furniture around in the rooms.
  • Failure to abide may mean an extra charge for
    your group.
  • Lleave the space just as you found it (i.e.
    throwing away trash, taking materials with you,
  • SUO reserves the Display Case in the Creese
    Student Center. To reserve, please fill out the
    Display Case reservation form
  • http//
  • A group can reserve the space for up to two (2)
    weeks at a time.
  • SUO helps student organizations that would like
    to place a donation box or container to collect
    items in the Creese Student Center
  • Go to the Information Desk and fill out a form.
    Groups can reserve space for two (2) weeks at a

  • All flyers/posters on campus
  • Must be approved and stamped by the Creese
    Information Desk/Student Union Operations (SUO)
  • Free to all recognized student organizations
    (outside groups charged .20 per flier)
  • Up to 60 flyers can be approved at the
    information desk at one time
  • All flyers are stamped for 14 days maximum
  • Flyers should not exceed 11 x 18 without
    permission from SUO
  • Posters can only be placed in the 80 approved
    posting locations/bulletin boards which are
    marked across campus
  • For further information and to see the entire
    policy, please refer to the Student Union
    Operations website http//
  • Residential Living (RLO) Residence Halls
  • Can approve around 100 posters for the residence
    halls. Go to RLO in Towers Hall for the Approval
    Forms and instructions

IV. Resources
  • OCA Search Engine
  • Org Directory
  • Leadership Resources
  • Recognition
  • Event Planning
  • Policies
  • How to Promote your Org
  • Advisor Section
  • Officer Transition
  • Downloadable Resources and Forms

Ways to Promote Your Org
  • The Triangle
  • Posting Policy
  • Residence Halls
  • Poster Maker
  • Display Case
  • Sandwich Boards
  • Activities Unlimited
  • CollegiateLink
  • InfoNet (LCD Screens)
  • Daily Digest
  • Drexel One
  • OCA Memos
  • Honors Newsletter
  • Commuter Listserv
  • Fraternity Sorority Life Listserv

Virtual Leadership Library
  • OCA has a wide variety of resources to help you
    become an effective leader!
  • Tip Sheets!
  • Teambuilding, Officer Transition, Conflict
    Resolution, etc
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Seven Secrets of Success, Military Strategies,
  • Tutorials
  • Officer Transition, Running a Successful Event,
  • Videos (CEO workshops online)
  • Links to world-wide leadership development
  • National Organizations
  • Leadership and Character Development websites

Resources for use from OCA
  • Leadership Assistant
  • Popcorn machines
  • Game show buzzers
  • Helium
  • Human Powered Vehicle
  • Leadership Library
  • Poster printers
  • Monster games (golf, tennis, etc.) and board
  • Teambuilding supplies (training workbooks, balls,
    blindfolds, etc)
  • Ballot/donation box
  • Large bulletin board/mural paper
  • Sandwich boards/A-frames
  • Arrow signs with dry-erase
  • Wii Game System

For use or reservations of OCA resources, please
contact OCA at or 215-895-1328
as soon as possible!
Small fee required for more than 1 Must
reserve ahead
OCA Resources Website
More resources
  • Fax machine, scanner, and e-mail ability with
    SORC copy machine
  • 50 free black white copies per term and .03
    per copy after
  • 10 free color copies per term and .25 per copy
  • Poster Printer
  • 1 free per term and 5 per poster after
  • More at the SORC
  • Extra Meeting Rooms for student organizations to
  • Multiple computers PC and Mac (with graphics
  • Color Printer
  • Die cut machine
  • Paper cutter

OCA Resources Website
Web Space and E-mail Address
  • 1. Once recognized, the organization president
    must request a student organization computer
    account by e-mailing or
  • 2. IRT will confirm with OCA that your
    organization is recognized.
  • 3. IRT will then walk you through the process for
    obtaining web space and an e-mail address.
  • The president of the student organization is
    personally responsible for organization website
    content and the e-mail address.

IRT Website Web Space and Email Address
Office and Storage Space
  • The Space Allocation Committee (SAC) will
    announce the office allocation process for the
    upcoming fiscal year by Spring Term
  • Student organizations desiring new space or
    wishing to retain previously assigned space for
    the coming year must submit an application during
    the Spring Term timeline with OCA
  • Organizations will be notified by the end of
    Spring Term whether or not they have received
    office space and/or storage
  • A student organization whose application for
    re-assignment has been denied, must vacate the
    space by the end of June or early July
  • Student organizations may move into their new
    office and/or storage space in July

Space Allocation Committee Website
OCAs Event Calendar
  • Recognized student organizations can submit
    events to be placed on the calendar by e-mailing
  • Events MUST be submitted at least 1 week in
  • Events MUST be open to all students!
  • In the e-mail, include specific details of your
    event name of organization, date, start and end
    time, location, cost, and contact information for
    the student running the event.

Click here to view the current OCA calendar of
  • Advisors can play a valuable and supportive role
    for your organization
  • We recommend student leaders meet with their
    Advisor to determine the most effective role and
  • Use the Advisor Role Checklist that can be
    downloaded from the OCA website (see link below)
  • OCA has also produced a comprehensive Advisor
    Manual so, give it to your Advisor
  • http//

  • CEO is a Leadership Development Series providing
    the skills needed to succeed personally and
  • Over 200 leadership development workshops are
    provided each year
  • CEO is the central mechanism by which OCA
    provides leadership training for student
    organization leaders and members
  • The CEO Program was originally designed for
    student organizational leaders and members in
    order to build and develop vital interpersonal
    and organizational management skills
  • Excellent Organization Certificate Awarded to
    student orgs that have 5 or more members earn any
    individual CEO Certificate in a given year. Orgs
    earn up to 500.

Star Leaders, Organizations, Professionals
  • OCA honors and recognizes achievements of Star
    student leaders, organizations, and professionals
    on a monthly basis for making a positive
    contribution to campus life at Drexel University.
  • We applaud Star Leaders, Organizations and
    Professionals and believe their example should be
    highlighted throughout the Drexel community.
  • It is our privilege to receive nominations from
    you, our student leaders
  • http//

WKDU 91.7
WKDU is Drexels non-commercial radio station
broadcasting on 91.7 FM and streaming online at The station is a useful tool for
promoting and DJing Drexel events!
DJs/DJing events WKDU can DJ any Drexel event
for minimal costs. We have DJ equipment and fully
trained, experienced DJs capable of playing a
wide selection of music. We charge 50 per hour
for the first two hours and 25 for each
additional hour . Underwriting Underwriting is
a way organizations can show their support for
WKDU in return for having their organization and
event announced and supported on air. By donating
to WKDU, an organization can sponsor a radio show
and once per hour, the event and organization is
announced on air. Also, a flyer is put on our
website,, which boosts over 9,000 hits a
month. Underwriting is a great way to get
information for your organization or event to
Drexel students and Philly residents! Pricing F
or a limited time, underwriting is 50 of the
full price! Three Weeks (six announcements) 60
(originally 120) Five Weeks (ten
announcements) 85 (originally
170) Eight Weeks (sixteen announcements) 120
(originally 240)
V. Hazing
  • Pennsylvania Anti-Hazing Law (1986) Act
    175P.S.  5352
  • Drexel University Student Handbook
  • Definition of Hazing ...any action taken or
    situation created, intentionally, whether on or
    off University premises, to produce mental or
    physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment,
    or ridicule. Such activities and situations
    include paddling in any form, creation of
    excessive fatigue, physical and psychological
    shock... or any other such activities, wearing
    publicly apparel which is conspicuous and not
    normally in good taste, engaging in public stunts
    and buffoonery, morally degrading or humiliating
    games and activities, late work sessions which
    interfere with scholastic activities not
    consistent with the educational institution.
  • Individuals and/or organization as a whole found
    in violation of this policy will be subject to
    disciplinary action.

VI. Questions?
Office of Campus Activities (OCA) ? Phone
215-895-1328 ? Fax 215-895-2500 Lower Level
Creese Student Center -- Student Organization
Resource Center (SORC)
Ed Kovacs, Director Richard Kopp, Associate
Director Phi Nguyen, Associate Director Jill
Buckley, Administrative Secretary Kia Perkins,
Administrative Coordinator Joe Gonzalez, Budget
Coordinator and SAFAC Advisor John Cooke,
Assistant Dean for Campus Engagement