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Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past


Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past Chapter 2 The Stone Ages and Early Cultures Chapter 3 Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent Chapter 4 Ancient Egypt and Kush Chapter 5 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past

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Chapter 1 Uncovering the Past Chapter 2 The
Stone Ages and Early Cultures Chapter 3
Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent Chapter 4
Ancient Egypt and Kush Chapter 5 Ancient
India Chapter 6 Ancient China Chapter 7 The
Hebrews and Judaism Chapter 8 Ancient
Greece Chapter 9 The Greek World Chapter 10 The
Roman Republic Chapter 11 Rome and
Christianity Chapter 12 The Islamic World Chapter
13 Early African Civilizations Chapter 14
China Chapter 15 Japan Chapter 16 The Early
Americas Chapter 17 The Early Middle Ages
Chapter 18 The Later Middle Ages Chapter 19 The
Renaissance and Reformation Chapter 20 Science
and Exploration Chapter 21 Enlightenment and
Revolution Chapter 22 Revolutions and
Nations Chapter 23 Global Challenges
History Close-up
Chapter 2 Hunter-Gatherers An Early Farming
Society Chapter 3 The City-State of Ur Chapter
4 Building the Pyramids The Temple of
Karnak Rulers of Kush Chapter 5 Life in
Chapter 7 Destruction of the Second
Temple Chapter 8 Democracy in Action Chapter
9 The Parthenon Chapter 10 The Roman Forum Rome
Battles Carthage Chapter 12 The Blue Mosque
History Close-up
Chapter 14 The Forbidden City Chapter
16 Palenque Tenochtitlán Chapter 17 Life on a
Manor Chapter 18 The Cluny Monastery Chapter
19 Florence
Chapter 23 Trench Warfare
Chapter 1 Studying the Past Understanding the
World Clues from the Past Geography Chapter
2 Linking to Today Stone Tools Cave
Paintings Iceman A Mammoth House
Chapter 3 Development of Writing Sumerian
Achievements Gilgamesh Statue Chapter 4 Egyptian
Society Queen Hatshepsut Egyptian Writing Kushs
Trade Network
Chapter 5 Harappan Art The Great Departure Temple
Architecture Chapter 6 Chinese Writing The
Warring States Period Guardians of Shi Huangdis
Chapter 7 Moses and the Golden Calf The Dead Sea
Scrolls The Tower of Babel Chapter 8 Early
Trading Cultures Olympian Gods Aesop
Chapter 9 Persia under Darius Phalanx Greek
Sculpture Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates Chapter
10 Cincinnatus Aeneas Lucius Cornelius Sulla
Chapter 11 Julius Caesar The Roman Arch Justinian
and Theodora Chapter 12 The City of
Córdoba Islamic Achievements Islamic Achievements
Chapter 13 Overgrazing Oral Traditions Chapter
14 Growing Rice The Voyages of Zheng He Empress
Chapter 15 A Shinto Shrine Prince Shotokus
Japan The Arts in Heian Japans Samurai Chapter
16 A Maya King and His Court Maya Astronomy and
Chapter 17 Geography and Living Medieval
Market Samurai and Knights Chapter 18 Crusader
Battlefield School Days The Spanish Inquisition
Chapter 19 The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci Martin
Luthers Message Chapter 20 Greek Thinkers Sir
Isaac Newton
Chapter 23 The Fall of Communism World Terrorism
Chapter 21 Alessandro Volta Time Line The
Enlightenment Reaches America Womens March on
Versailles Chapter 22 Early Victories Matthew
Perry in Japan
Chapter 1 Studying Maps California Teotihuacán,
c. AD 500 Chapter 2 Early Hominid Sites Early
Human Migration Early Domestication
Chapter 3 The Fertile Crescent River Valley
Civilizations Sargons Empire, c. 2330
BC Babylonian and Assyrian Empires Phoenicia Chap
ter 4 Ancient Egypt Egyptian Trade Ancient Kush
Chapter 5 India Physical Harappan
Civilization Aryan Invasions Early Spread of
Buddhism Mauryan Empire, c. 320-185 BC Gupta
Empire, c. 400 Chapter 6 China Physical Shang
Dynasty, c. 1500-1050 BC Zhou Dynasty, c.
1050-400 BC Qin Dynasty, c. 221-206 BC Han
Dynasty, c. 206 BC-AD 220 The Silk Road
Chapter 7 Possible Routes of Abraham and
Moses Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, c. 920
BC Jewish Migration after AD 70 Chapter
8 Greece Physical Greek City-States and
Colonies, c. 600 BC
Chapter 9 The Persian Empire The Persian Wars The
Peloponnesian War, c. 431-404 BC Alexander the
Greats Empire, c. 323 BC Chapter 10 Italy
Physical Italy, 500 BC The Roman Republic,
509-270 BC The Roman Republic, 270-100 BC
Chapter 11 Expansion of Rome The Spread of
Christianity, AD 300-400 Invasions of the Roman
Empire, 340-500 Chapter 12 Arabia, AD 570 The
Ottoman Empire The Safavid Empire The Mughal
Chapter 13 Africa Physical Ghana Empire, c.
1050 Mali and Songhai Chapter 14 Chinese
Dynasties, 589-1279 Spread of Buddhism The Mongol
Empire, 1294
Chapter 15 Japan Physical Mongol Invasions of
Japan Chapter 16 Maya Civilization The Aztec
Empire The Inca Empire
Chapter 17 Europe Physical The Spread of
Christianity Charlemagnes Empire Invasions of
Europe, AD 800-1000 Chapter 18 Europe, 1000 The
Major Crusades, AD 1096-1204 The Reconquista,
Chapter 19 Major Trading Cities Chapter
20 European Exploration, 1487-1580
Chapter 21 European Monarchies, 1789 Chapter
22 Europe after the Congress of Vienna,
1815 Latin American Independence Italian and
German Unification Imperialism, 1914
Chapter 23 European Alliances, 1914 The Global
Quick Facts
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Visual Summary Chapter
2 Early Hominids Chapter 2 Visual
Summary Chapter 3 Hammurabis Code Chapter 3
Visual Summary
Chapter 4 Chapter 4 Visual Summary Chapter
5 The Varnas Major Beliefs of Hinduism The
Eightfold Path Chapter 5 Visual Summary Chapter
6 Zhou Society Main Ideas of Confucianism Emperor
Shi Huangdi Chapter 6 Visual Summary
Quick Facts
Chapter 7 Chapter 7 Visual Summary Chapter
8 Government in Athens Democracy Then and
Now Chapter 8 Visual Summary Chapter 9 Life in
Sparta Life in Athens Chapter 9 Visual Summary
Chapter 10 Legendary Founding of Rome Roman
Society Government of the Roman Republic Chapter
10 Visual Summary Chapter 11 Roman
Accomplishments Chapter 11 Visual
Summary Chapter 12 The Five Pillars of
Islam Sources of Islamic Beliefs Chapter 12
Visual Summary
Quick Facts
Chapter 13 Village Society West African
Empires Chapter 13 Visual Summary Chapter
14 Spread of Buddhism Chinese Inventions Chapter
14 Visual Summary Chapter 15 Influences from
China and Korea Samurai Society Chapter 15 Visual
Chapter 16 Chapter 16 Visual Summary Chapter
17 Feudal Society Comparing and Contrasting
Europe and Japan Chapter 17 Visual
Summary Chapter 18 The Crusades Beginning of
Democracy in England Chapter 18 Visual Summary
Quick Facts
Chapter 19 Results of the Council of Trent Some
Results of the Reformation Chapter 19 Visual
Summary Chapter 20 The Columbian Exchange Supply
and Demand Chapter 20 Visual Summary Chapter
21 Ideas of the Enlightenment Documents of
Democracy Chapter 21 Visual Summary
Chapter 22 Chapter 22 Visual Summary Chapter
23 Leaders of War Causes and Effects of World War
II Chapter 23 Visual Summary
Section Notes
Chapter 1 Studying History Studying
Geography Chapter 2 The First People Early Human
Migration Beginnings of Agriculture
Chapter 3 Geography of the Fertile Crescent The
Rise of Sumer Sumerian Achievements Later Peoples
of the Fertile Crescent Chapter 4 Geography and
Ancient Egypt The Old Kingdom The Middle and New
Kingdoms Egyptian Achievements Ancient Kush
Section Notes
Chapter 5 Geography and Early India Origins of
Hinduism Origins of Buddhism Indian
Empires Indian Achievements Chapter 6 Geography
and Early China The Zhou Dynasty and New
Ideas The Qin Dynasty The Han Dynasty Han
Contacts with Other Cultures
Chapter 7 The Early Hebrews Jewish Beliefs and
Texts Judaism over the Centuries Chapter
8 Geography and the Early Greeks Government in
Athens Greek Mythology and Literature
Section Notes
Chapter 9 Greece and Persia Sparta and
Athens Alexander the Great Greek
Achievements Chapter 10 Geography and the Rise
of Rome Government and Society The Late Republic
Chapter 11 From Republic to Empire The Roman
Empire and Religion The End of the
Empire Chapter 12 The Roots of Islam Islamic
Beliefs and Practices Islamic Empires Cultural
Section Notes
Chapter 13 Geography and Early Africa The Empire
of Ghana Mali and Songhai Historical and Artistic
Traditions Chapter 14 China Reunifies Tang and
Song Achievements Confucianism and Government The
Yuan and Ming Dynasties
Chapter 15 Geography and Early Japan Art and
Culture in Heian Growth of a Military
Society Chapter 16 The Maya The Aztecs The Incas
Section Notes
Chapter 17 Geography of Europe Europe after the
Fall of Rome Feudalism and Manor Life Feudal
Societies Chapter 18 Popes and Kings The
Crusades Christianity and Medieval
Society Political and Social Change Challenges to
Church Authority
Chapter 19 The Italian Renaissance The
Renaissance beyond Italy The Reformation of
Christianity Chapter 20 The Scientific
Revolution Great Voyages of Discovery New Systems
of Trade
Section Notes
Chapter 21 Ideas of Enlightenment New Views on
Government The Age of Revolution Chapter 22 The
Spread of Revolutionary Ideals The Industrial
Revolution Nationalism and Colonial Empires
Chapter 23 World War I World War II Toward the
Present Day
Chapter 1 Archaeology Chapter 2 Early Migrations
to North America Chapter 3 Mesopotamian
Achievements Chapter 4 The Egyptian
Pyramids Chapter 5 Buddhism as a World
Religion Chapter 6 Confucius and China
Today Chapter 7 Judaism throughout the
World Chapter 8 Democracy Chapter 9 The Greek
Scholars Chapter 10 Roman Government and American
Government Chapter 11 Ancient Rome and the World
Today Chapter 12 Islamic Traditions and the World
Today Chapter 13 Early African Civilizations and
Africa Today Chapter 14 Chinese Achievements and
World History Chapter 15 The Samurai Tradition
and Japan Today Chapter 16 Mayan Achievements in
Science and Math Chapter 17 The Legacy of the
Feudal System in Europe Chapter 18 The Bubonic
Plague Chapter 19 The Renaissance and
Reformation Chapter 20 The Columbian
Exchange Chapter 21 The Declaration of
Independence Chapter 22 American Foreign
Policy Chapter 23 World War II