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Sewak Al Muslim laboratory co.


Sewak Al Muslim laboratory co. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The profile * * * * * * * * * * * * Sewak Al Muslim laboratory co. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sewak Al Muslim laboratory co.

  • Sewak Al Muslim laboratory co.
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The profile

  • Sewak Al Muslim laboratory co.

  • The index
  • Introduction
  • Word of the General Manager
  • Company Profile
  • Tooth-Stick (sewak) Product Preview
  • Benefits of Sewak Include
  • Research and development
  • Marketing
  • Addresses of the company,
  • And branches and agents
  • Subsidiaries and associates

  • Introduction
  • Our prophet (PBUH) said (Sewak is the purity of
    mouth and satisfaction of God)
  • Our prophet (PBUH) also said (Were it not I
    might over-burden the believers, I would have
    ordered them to use tooth-stick at every time of
  • Based on this concept , arise the idea of
    spreading this great Sunna which was deserted due
    to lack of tooth-sticks
  • The Company was established in order to develop
    and distribute this product making it available
    for all through scientific and healthy methods
    based on authentic researches studies of
    preservation and packing in the manner that keeps
    the product 100 natural and healthy Islamic
    principle that became the official logo and title
    of this company.

  • Word of the General Manager
  • Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds and peace
    and blessing be on the honorable last messenger
  • our prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Then,
  • The idea of packing the tooth-stick emerged from
    the utmost need summarized in our message
  • intended to revive and spread a great prophetic
    Sunna that was deserted due unavailability in new
  • modern marketing techniques and lack of the
    latest scientific methods of packing . Therefore,
    we had performed many researches that enabled us
    to pack tooth-sticks through scientific and
    healthy techniques that makes it possible to
    distribute the product worldwide. Furthermore,
    our vision is based on the return to nature,
    therefore we are very keen to have a 100 natural
    product as one of the mouth teeth hygiene
    requirements, and to enable all users to obtain
    so many benefits proven by scientific research
    and studies.
  • We have started serious hard works and
    continuous development to become the biggest
    world company that packs tooth-stick . By the
    assistance of almighty Allah and efforts of our
    staff we were able to reach great share of the
    world markets and look forward for more products
    and international markets praying to Allah to
    guide us to success . .
  • Dr. Majid Mohammed Abalkhail
  • General Manager

  • Company Profile
  • The Company was Established in 1995 as the first
    individual firm to develop tooth-stick packing
    and processing, performing the production
    process manually in the early stages.
  • In 2002 the firm was transformed to a Limited
    Liability Company and capital was increased more
    than four folds , thus converting it to the
    biggest company producing and developing
    tooth-stick in the world, this fact was stated in
    the international middle east newspaper , issue
    No. 8653 dated 7/8/2002
  • Based on research and development , production
    and processing is mechanized with 100 healthy
  • In 2005 , all regions of KSA were covered by
    branch network and accessed the international
    markets to achieve the required publicity of the
    product . This is one of the company objectives
  • The company is striving to establish more
    publicity worldwide through participation in
    local international fairs and contribute in
    sponsoring researches and scientific papers in
    this regard .

  • Tooth-Stick (sewak) Product Preview
  • The modern medicine assured the so many benefits
    of using tooth-stick
  • for oral hygiene to the extent that some of them
    managed to extract the
  • components of tooth- stick and convert it to
    tooth paste.
  • Tooth-stick is usually uprooted from desert
    trees widely spread in so
  • many regions , but the best of all is existing in
    the Arab peninsula from
  • a tree known as Arak tree which is a spread
    long life green tree, with
  • tender and intertwined branches that reaches up
    to ten meters height or
  • more and extending very long roots that are
    usually extract and then
  • cut to into small rods for use as tooth-sticks
    (Sewak) a natural tooth brushing.

  • It is very practical that can be used any time
    due to the fact that it
  • is not requiring the availability of tooth paste
    where Arak sap works
  • as tooth paste . This act is a definite Sunna of
    our prophet (PBUH)

As he had said Sewak is the purity of
mouth and satisfaction of God It is also a sunna
of ablution where he (PBUH) had also said Were
it not I might over-burden the believers, I
would have ordered them to use tooth-stick at
every time of prayer Furthermore, the fibers of
Sewak are extremely effective in removing tooth
sinter, and activate gum exactly like the
regular tooth brush , it is also capable of
cleaning inner surfaces because of its streamline
shape and strength . World Health Organization
had also encouraged people to use tooth- stick
as one of the oral hygiene methods due to the
fact that it is a natural tooth brush available
for everybody and self producing high quality
tooth paste
  • better than all other expensive types of
    tooth pastes. The latest achievement in Sewak
    research activities is the manufacturing of some
    tooth formulas extracted from Sewak such as
    tooth pastes, and mouthwash solutions that stands
    as a great practical advance to utilize Sewak
    effective properties
  • Noting that mouth is always containing so
    many germs that continuously attack teeth and
    fed by the remaining of food among teeth. By
    analyzing the contents of Sewak, it was
    evident that Sewak is including properties
    that stop the growth of Germs in the mouth .
    Sewak rod is also containing Vitamin C that
    is necessary for plaques prevention.

  • Benefits of Sewak Include
  • Said Ibnul Qayem Marcy be upon him
  • Sewak has so many benefits
  • Refreshing mouth, tautening gum, dry up
    phlegm, enhance vision, remove pitches,
    enhance intestinal health, clarify voice,
    facilitate digestion, clear up vocal
    strings, renew activity for reading ,
    prayers and praise , drive sleepiness way,
    brings satisfaction of God, admiration of
    Angels and increase good deeds

  • Many scientific research had been conducted on
    Sewak by researchers from USA, Europe, KSA, India
    and Pakistan . The outcomes of three researches
    ensured that Sewak sap contains natural elements
    that fight bacteria, the major cause of dental
    carries and gum diseases. People who are using
    Sewak are less exposed to dental caries and gum
    diseases than those who are not using Sewak.
    Also, some Sewak properties are comparable the
    well known mouthwash known as Listerine. Sewak
    sap also contains Fluoride that highly important
    for oral and dental health, as well as other
    components that help in protecting enamel layer,
    remove dental sinter and coloring, prevent gum
    bleeding and reduce susceptibility of oral

  • Vitamin is also preventing gingivitis.
    Furthermore, Sewak is including Fluoride that is
    necessary to protect teeth against caries and
    increase brightness. The latest researches
    revealed that repeating Sewak five times a day
    prevent gingivitis and refine teeth. As Sewak is
    containing Silica, thus it gives extra enamel
    hardness. The medical researches assured that
    Arak tooth-stick is containing anti-reek,
    disinfectant and astringent material that reduce
    and stop gum bleeding.

  • Research Development
  • The company is very keen about collaboration
    with local and International research centers in
    order to upgrade Sewak validity and reliance on
    preserving materials as well as researches for
    other products extracted from tooth-stick. We
    anticipate that the first and unique product of
    these extracts shall be released in market in
    2012 in collaboration with the Indian research
    centers and the pharmaceutical research center of
    King Saud University in Riyadh to be another
    complement for dental care.

Yara marketing corporation
  • Marketing
  • The company had mainly focused on good quality
    products and more development researches. The
    marketing role is assigned to a sister company
    (Yara Trading and Marketing Est.), where Yara had
    made professional marketing efforts to make the
    product within the reach of everybody anywhere.
    Marketing techniques were diversified in many
    ways different than traditional sales that were
    adopted at the early stage of marketing. The
    product is now available at different airlines
    (sky marketing), hotels and pharmacies. Yara is
    now attempting marketing the product worldwide
    through appointing commercial agents for the
    product, therefore, the company became very keen
    to be present and participating in international
    fairs. This objective is now included the
    company plan in 2012.

Yara marketing corporation
The address Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Tel 966
1 232 7336 Fax 966 1 230 1932 Mobile 966
504127336 E-mail Website
Yara marketing corporation
  • Branches
  • Riyadh - Head Office
  • Makkah
  • Madina
  • Jeddah
  • Qassim
  • Hafr Al batin
  • Dammam - Khobar (Eastern region )
  • Tabuk (northern region)
  • Abha (southern region)

Yara marketing corporation
  • Agents
  • Europe - Company Vitta - Italy
  • Republic of Egypt - world of Nature
  • Syria and Iraq - Al Salam
  • Morocco Al Hedaya Library of Islamic
  • Kuwait - Al-mesieed
  • UAE Al shefa trade
  • Sudan - Al muaaz Trade

Yara marketing corporation
  • Subsidiary companies and associates
  • Naturalbrush Est.
  • Sewak al Haramain laboratory
  • Toothpaste Miswak Natural laboratory
  • Sewak Al Madina laboratory
  • Yara marketing corporation ( Marketing consultant
  • Yara International Agency ( Media Consultant )

Yara marketing corporation