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Benefits Orientation Presentation


Today s Agenda All About ADP Totalsource What s Going on in the Benefits Marketplace Health Care Options Medical & Dental Plan Information Vision Information Life ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Benefits Orientation Presentation

Benefits Orientation Presentation
Todays Agenda
  • Additional Benefit Options
  • Enrollment Checklist
  • How to Login to
  • Making Benefit Elections
  • Important Items to Note
  • Summary Plan Description (SPD)
  • All About ADP Totalsource
  • Whats Going on in the Benefits Marketplace
  • Health Care Options
  • Medical Dental Plan Information
  • Vision Information
  • Life/STD/LTD
  • FSA

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ADP TotalSource TotalBenefits
  • Medical Insurance
  • Aetna Life and Accidental Death Personal Loss
  • Aetna Short and Long Term Disability Coverage
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending
    Accounts (FSAs)
  • JPMorgan Chase Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Health Advocate
  • Commuter Benefits
  • CIGNA Medical Benefits Abroad
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death Dismemberment Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Auto and Home Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Critical Illness Plan
  • Level Term Life Insurance
  • Accident and Sickness Hospitalization Plan
  • Cancer Plan
  • Employee Service Center (ESC)
  • My TotalSource
  • Lifes Solutions Employee Assistance Program
  • ADP Personal Discounts Program
  • TotalSource University

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Why Consider TotalBenefits?
  • Think of your benefits package as a whole

Automatic, No-CostBenefits
Tax Savings Accounts
Health Care
Financial Protection
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Being With ADP Has Its Perks
  • Enhanced Benefit Package
  • Multiple Medical Dental Plan Options, Vision
    coverage, Life, and Disability Offerings,
    Flexible Spending Accounts Health and Dependent
    Savings Accounts
  • Employee Perks include
  • Employee Service Center, Employee Assistance
    Program, Direct Deposit in up to 3 checking
    accounts and 2 savings accounts, 24/7 Online
    Access to Personal information/Changes, Optional
    Supplemental Insurance, Personal discounts and
    much more!
  • Your Employer continues to make decisions
    regarding the organization, day-to-day operations
    and your job responsibilities.

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  • Are You Ready to Enroll?
  • Enrollment Checklist

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Prior to enrolling make sure you have the
following information
  • Have you read your benefits package?
  • If you are enrolling dependents, do you have
    their social security numbers and dates of birth?
    (Dependent social security numbers are now a
    mandatory requirement for enrolling dependents)
  • If you are enrolling in an HMO or Dental HMO
    plan, have you selected a primary care physician
  • Have you read the acknowledgement section of your
    benefits package?
  • If applicable, have you read the California
    Arbitration and/or the SRC Limited Benefits

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  • Log onto
  • Secure Access 24/7
  • View your paycheck
  • View your benefits
  • View change direct deposit, tax withholdings
    update your personal profile
  • Link to the personal discount programs

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First Time My TotalSource Users User Name
  • Your User Name is constructed by using
  • Your first initial
  • The first seven characters of your last name and
  • The last four digits of your social security
  • If your last name is shorter than three
  • Add a one (1) after the last letter of your last
    name to make a minimum user name of 8 characters.
  • Examples

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First Time My TotalSource Users - Password
  • Your initial Password will be
  • The first character of your first name
  • The six-digit file number (located in the
    paycheck detail section of your earnings
    statement) and
  • The first character of your last name

Example If your name is Fred Smith and your
paycheck file number is 000056, your initial
password will be F000056S
To protect your privacy and My TotalSource's
security, you will be prompted to change your
password after you log in the first time. Choose
something that will be easy for you to remember
but hard for others to guess. If you are
unsuccessful in logging in, please call the
Employee Service Center at 800-554-1802.
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Enrolling in Benefits via MyTotalSource.comStep
1. Click benefits link
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Step 2. Review Elect Your Benefits
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Step 3. Elect FSA Plan Year Amount
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Step 4. Select your PCP or Dentist
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Step 5. Enter Dependent Beneficiary Info
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Step 6. Determine Life Insurance Distribution
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Step 7. View your elections and Accept!
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Step 8. Print Confirmation Page Temporary
Insurance Card
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Factors Currently Impacting Health Care Costs In
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H1N1 Impact on Health Care Costs
  • A study was conducted by the Centers for Disease
    Control to analyze the cost impact of the H1N1
    virus. They estimate that a patient with an
    undiagnosed infection or a visitor in a hospital
    with no protection will result in 2,580 infected
    patients within 30 days. The cost of treating
    H1N1 will vary based on the different alert
  • Green alert (mandates personal protective
    equipment for health care workers in direct
    contact with patients suspected of having H1N1) -
    this would result in an additional 95 to prevent
    one additional infected patient and 23,600 to
    prevent one death
  • Yellow alert (mandates enhanced personal
    protective equipment at all high-risk areas) -
    this would result in an additional 3,221 to
    prevent one additional infected patient and
    828,000 to prevent one death
  • Orange alert (mandates N95 masks for all patient
    contact as well as all other stated measures) -
    this would result in 7,153 to prevent one
    additional infected patient and a staggering 2.5
    million for one death averted.

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COBRA Participation has increased with ARRA
  • A study conducted from March 2009 to June 2009
    of 200 large U.S. companies, which covered 8
    million employees. The study found that
  • COBRA enrollments doubled to 38 for eligible
    Americans. This figure is up from 19 for the
    previous period of September 2008 through
    February 2009.
  • COBRA enrollments in the industrial manufacturing
    industry jumped 800 since the subsidy became
    available. Original enrollment was just 7 and
    rose to 59 in the four months following the
  • A recent survey of more than 300 employers who
    attended Aon Consulting's webinars on the COBRA
    subsidy, found that
  • Nearly 60 expected their overall health care
    costs to increase as a direct result of the new
    federal COBRA subsidy.

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  • Health Care Options

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Health Care Options
  • As we review the available Health options, we
    should keep in mind that our needs and the needs
    of our families will be unique.
  • Our Core F3Q and Buy Up 7AB plans are the same
    with no increase in Deductibles, Co-pays, or
    Prescription drugs.
  • Our current H.S.A. 7AI (hdhp) is no longer
    available. The renewal plan is the 7AT.
    Difference Prescription co-pays after meeting
    the deductible.
  • At most, the increase is 3 of the average 30k
  • All elections are
  • Deducted on a pre-tax basis each pay period
  • Part of Section 125 Cafeteria Plans

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Benefit Effective Dates
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FLS/SST Plan Offerings
Enrollment form indicates monthly premium
amount. Premiums are deducted
per pay period.
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  • Medical Plan Information

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FLS/SST Plan Offerings
7AB F3Q 7AT Buy Up
Core H.S.A.
Per Pay Period Deductions
  • Medical United Health Care

Core F3Q
Currently Enrolled Employee Only - 25 Employee
Sp 10 Employee Child 6 Family - 9
Ideal for those who have not been to the
hospital or plan to go.
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Core Plan F3Q
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Carrier/Product Info
Core Plan F3Q
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Carrier/Product Info
Per Pay Period Deductions
  • Medical United Health Care

Buy Up 7AB
Currently Enrolled Employee Only - 19 Employee
Sp 15 Employee Child 5 Family
29 Our plan with the most coverage possible. If
you do not know what to expect, but want to be
safe and covered for any obstacle.
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Buy Up 7AB
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Carrier/Product Info
Buy Up 7AB
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Carrier/Product Info
Per Pay Period Deductions
  • Medical United Health Care

Currently Enrolled Employee Only - 3 Employee
Sp 4 Employee Child 0 Family
3 Good tax breaks for H.S.A. Accounts Ideal
plan for heavy medical users that will reach
their deductibles or for medical users that do
not go to the doctor except for their annual
H.S.A. 7AT
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Carrier/Product Info
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Carrier/Product Info
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Carrier/Product Info
Per Pay Period Deductions
  • Overview and Comparison

7AB F3Q 7AT Buy Up
Core H.S.A.
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Dental Provider Information
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Carrier/Product Info
Per Pay Period Deductions
Dental Aetna
PPO Buy Up
DMO Core
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Dental Option - DMO
Dental Option - PPO
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Carrier/Product Info
  • Vision Information

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Monthly Deductions
  • Vision VSP

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Vision Options
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Vision - VSP
  • Save on exams, eyeglasses or contact lenses and
    Laser eye surgery.
  • Benefits vary depending on whether services are
    provided in or out of network
  • No paper forms required, call your VSP
    participating provider to begin the pre-approval
  • Participating providers can be found at

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  • Life/STD/LTD

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Life, Accidental Death PL
  • Employer Paid
  • Basic Life insurance 25,000
  • Offered to all Full-Time eligible Employees
  • (working a minimum of 30 hours a week)

Provided by Aetna
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Long Term Disability (LTD)
  • Employer Paid
  • 60 up to 5,000/month
  • Benefit begins after 180 days of disability
  • Offered to all Full-Time eligible Employees
  • (working a minimum of 30 hours a week)

Provided by Aetna
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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • NEW! 24-hour toll free number dedicated to
  • ADP TotalSource worksite employees
  • All worksite employees and their dependents are
  • Initial assessment by an EAP counselor
  • Referral to a provider best suited to deal with
  • Up to 3 face-to-face visits annually with
    licensed, certified counselor at no cost to
  • Extensive Nationwide Network
  • Voluntary and Confidential Service
  • Assistance with Stress, Anxiety, Depression,
    Grief, ADD/ADHD, Eating Disorders, Financial
    issues, Family Issues, Alcohol and Substance
    Abuse Issues, Relationship Issues, Financial or
    Legal Counseling

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EAP Statistics
  • EAP treated 2,688 members during the 2nd quarter
    of 2008
  • Ages 18-44 were the highest utilizing age group
    for the quarter

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TotalSource University
  • 2,826 clients attended TSU Classroom sessions
  • TSU Classroom sessions were offered in 48 major
    metropolitan cities across 18 states
  • Over 3,000 courses are available through TSU
    Online University
  • Over 25,000 clients trained onsite by HRBPs
  • Top three training requests   
  • Preventing Harassment in the Workplace
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Customer Service
  • Classroom Training, in-person with an ADP
    TotalSource Instructor
  • Virtual Classroom Training, including My
    TotalSource Training and Management
  • Webinars (coming soon!)
  • Online Seminars, delivered via streaming video
  • Online Training, available 24/7 at affordable

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Employee Personal Discounts
  • Program offers discounts from brand name
  • Employees leverage ADPs buying power to save
    money and time
  • Discounts also available for your business needs
  • Real Estate Financial Services
  • Sign up for premium-level savings on luxury

Available at a modest monthly fee
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  • Flexible Spending Accounts

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What are Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • FSAs are accounts that allow you to pay for
    certain medical and dependent care expenses with
    pretax dollars.
  • Employee contributions are deducted from each
    paycheck before Federal Income and Social
    Security taxes are calculated.
  • You will not pay taxes on eligible reimbursements.

Health Care FSA Dependent Care FSA
  • Please note Use it or lose it is an IRS
    requirement that if you do not spend all the
    money you have in your FSA, that money remaining
    in after July 31st of the following year will be
    forfeited because it cannot be rolled over or
    refunded to you.
  • Refer to your Summary Plan Description

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What are Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • You can enroll initially when your worksite
    Employer begins the relationship with ADP
    TotalSource or during FSA Open Enrollment every
    spring, for an effective date of June 1st
  • If participating in a HSA, you may only use FSA
    for dental and vision.

Health Care FSA Dependent Care FSA
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Refer to your Summary Plan Description
Health Care FSA
  • Allows you to pay for certain medically necessary
    expenses with pre-tax dollars.
  • Contribute up to 3,500.00 for the plan year
    (50.00 minimum).
  • You may use the money even if not yet in the
  • Direct Deposit Reimbursements
  • Health Care Reform Alert!
  • Although the Reconciliation Bill delayed the
    imposition of a 2,500 cap on all health care
    FSA plans until 2013, the Reconciliation Bill did
    not alter a provision included in H.R. 3590 that
    prohibits a participant in a health care FSA or
    health savings account from being reimbursed for
    over the counter medications, unless such
    medications are prescribed by a doctor. This
    provision is effective beginning January 1, 2011.

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Health Care FSA
  • Examples of eligible expenses are
  • Copays
  • Deductibles
  • Eye glasses/contact lenses
  • Orthodontia
  • X-rays
  • Vaccinations/immunizations
  • Routine physicals
  • Infertility treatment

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Dependent Care FSA
  • Allows you to pay for dependent care with pre-tax
  • Contribute up to 5,000 for the plan year (2500
    if married and filing separately) (50 minimum)

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Dependent Care FSA
  • Examples of eligible expenses are
  • Care for dependent under the age of 13
  • Regardless of age if they are physically/mentally
    incapable of self care

Expenses for care while at work include
  • Care provided in your home (not by another
  • Qualified child care centers and after school
  • Certified away from home facilities (provided
    not more than 12 hours/day)

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Highly Compensated Employee (HCE) Dependent Care
  • For the 2010-2011 plan year a Highly Compensated
    Employee is defined by the IRS as an individual
  • Owns (or constructively owns) more than 5 of the
    stock, capital or profits interest of a Client
    Company on any day during the Plan Year, or
  • Will be paid compensation by ADP TotalSource in
    excess of 110,000 annually.
  • The definition of a HCE may change for future
    plan years.

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Highly Compensated Employee (HCE) Dependent Care
  • Highly compensated Employees are only permitted
    to contribute up to 2000 per plan year to
    Dependent Care FSA.
  • ADP TotalSource may at any time before or during
    the plan year impose additional pre-tax
    contribution limits on a HCE if necessary to
    satisfy the non-discrimination requirements
    applicable to the Dependent Care FSA.
  • Open Enrollment and New Hire Enrollment materials
    disclose the new requirement.
  • Enrollment form and My TotalSource will recognize
    a HCE and limit their Dependent Care FSA
    contribution accordingly.

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Tax Advantage of FSAs
Thats 226.50 more dollars in Joes pocket for
the year!
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  • Additional Value Added Benefit Options

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Principal 401(k) Plan
  • Regardless of the economys performance, a 401(k)
    plan can help you retain and recruit talented
    worksite employees.
  • How?
  • The plan is no cost to you
  • Easy plan administration
  • Your own 401(k) Specialist
  • Lifetime Funds - Choices made easy

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Ancillary (Voluntary) Benefits
  • Colonial Insurance - Post Tax Benefits Can
    make changes any time for no reason!
  • Universal Life
  • Term Life
  • Voluntary ADD Individual
  • Accident
  • Hospital Medical Bridge
  • Individual disability income policy
  • Cancer insurance
  • US Legal services (8.65 per pay)

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Ancillary (Voluntary) Benefits
  • ADP TotalSource
  • Auto/home insurance
  • Group Universal Life
  • Voluntary ADD
  • Legal services
  • Pet insurance
  • Individual universal and level term life
  • Individual disability income policy
  • Cancer insurance
  • Employee Electronic Purchase Program (coming in
  • ID TheftSmart (coming in 2010)
  • Life-Prints (coming in 2010)

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  • How Do I Qualify for a Health Savings Account?
  • To be eligible for HSA contributions, you must
    satisfy several
  • requirements on a monthly basis
  • Must have health coverage under a qualified High
    Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
  • Cannot be covered under another health plan that
    is not a HDHP, unless the health plan provides
    very limited coverage such as dental or vision
  • You must not be entitled to Medicare benefits or
    be eligible to be claimed as a dependent on
    another persons tax return
  • Refer to page 20 in your Summary Plan Description

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Health Savings Account
  • How do I open my Health Savings Account?
  • Complete the JP Morgan Chase application send
    to the Employee Service Center via mail or fax.
  • It can take 30-45 days for the account to be set
  • You can enroll online via the
  • Dont Delay!
  • After initial screening, the ESC will forward to
    Chase for the Identity Verification Process.
    They will make 3 attempts to contact you.
  • Provide necessary information as requested by JP
    Morgan Chase.

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HSA and HDHP Additional Information
  • There is an Investment Fund Option
  • Account holders with a minimum balance of 2,000
    will have access to enroll in the HSA Investment
    Account which allows for a number of mutual fund
  • Detailed information is available in the HSA
    Investment Service Description booklet.
  • There are limitations for the use of FSA HSA
  • Participants can have both accounts during a plan
    year - provided that the FSA is used to reimburse
    dental and vision expenses only.
  • If you enroll in both the FSA and HSA, the FSA
    will be limited to these expenses only.
  • Over-the-Counter drugs cannot be reimbursed under
    the FSA if you have an HSA.

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HSA Enrollment Process
  • Individual submits completed HDHP and HSA
    enrollment forms to ADPTS (Note there is a
    separate HSA application to complete)
  • ADPTS reviews the enrollment form for
    completeness and confirms the applicants
  • ADPTS verifies that all enrollment data matches
    the ADPTS database
  • After the Employees enrollment return date has
    passed, ADPTS forwards enrollment form to JPMC
    HSA Operations Center
  • JPMC establishes the cardholder account
  • JPMC stores image of application, including
    beneficiary information
  • JPMC verifies applicants identity
  • Card and welcome kit are sent to applicant by
    Chases fulfillment center after the account
    opening date, along with the terms and conditions
    and a supply of deposit slips

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  • Important Items to Note!

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What are pre-existing conditions?
  • Only applicable with PPO Plans
  • Pre-existing conditions will be covered if you
    have had continuous health coverage with no
    longer than a 63 day break
  • May be required to provide the carrier with a
    HIPAA certificate to show proof of prior coverage

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Pre-Certification Step Therapy
  • Pre-certification encourages safe,
    cost-effective use of prescription drugs by
    requiring prior authorization by the carrier
    before certain drugs will be covered.
  • Step-Therapy some drugs are covered only after
    one or more prerequisites, clinically appropriate
    and cost-effective alternative drugs, are tried
    first unless your doctor obtains a medical
  • Prescription drugs that require Pre-certification
    or Step-Therapy can be found on the carriers

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Making Changes to your Benefits
  • You can make changes to your Pre-Tax benefit
    elections during the following times
  • Open Enrollment
  • Employee would make changes during the Spring
    months for an effective date of June 1st.
  • Qualifying Event under Section 125 of IRS Code
  • Employee must request QE change no later than 60
    days from the date of the QE. (Reference page 28
    of the Summary Plan Description)
  • Examples of Qualifying Events
  • Change in Marital Status such as marriage,
    divorce, separation
  • Addition in Dependents such as birth, adoption,
    court order
  • Change in Employment such as hiring,
    termination, beginning/ending of unpaid leave.

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Summary Plan Description Booklet
  • This booklet summarizes the available benefit
    plan options.
  • It will also include pertinent information about
  • Enrollment processes
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
    Act (HIPAA)
  • Qualifying Events
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Other pertinent health care information

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Summary Plan Description Booklet
  • Plan options may include for both Medical and
  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
  • OA (Open Access)
  • POS (Point of Service)
  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)
  • HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan)
  • Please note Plan options may vary by
    market/Employee location

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We value your partnership. Thank you for your
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