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Why Wear Motorcycle Gear


What is considered to be motorcycle gear and how does it protect you. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Wear Motorcycle Gear

Why Wear Motorcycle Gear?
  • Chaotic Motorsports

Just Ask yourself Do I like my skin and Brains?

If you answered yes then read on!
So What All Is Motorcycle Gear?
  • Motorcycle Helmets to protect your face and
    head from impact as well as flying debris. Come
    in several variation.
  • Gloves to protect your hands from direct
    contact with the road as well as getting a good
  • Jackets offer lots of impact protection as well
    as abrasion resistance ( just means the cowhide
    gets it and not your skin).
  • Boots are there to offer protection for your
    feet as well as giving you good grip on the pegs
    and shifting.
  • Riding Pants probably the most neglected but
    essential for keeping your skin on your legs and
    butt if you go down.

Motorcycle Helmets
  • Helmets come in a variety of forms and you are
    bound to find one that grabs your eye. If you
    like the motorcycle helmet you pick and you think
    its cool you are way more likely to wear it!
  • When choosing a helmet get one you really dig
    just make sure it is DOT or Snell Certified.
  • When it comes to helmets you can choose between a
    full-face, half face or a beanie. Just as a side
    note the full-face offers the best protection

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Motorcycle Gloves
  • Motorcycle gloves are a vital piece of motorcycle
    gear that no smart rider sets out on the road
  • You can find many really cool varieties when it
    comes to gloves. The most commonly used materials
    used to make gloves are leather, mesh or a
    synthetic leather and Kevlar.
  • Depending on the climate you will either look for
    a glove that is perforated or is solid leather
    with a warm lining.
  • Gloves also come in a few different types. You
    can go the full gauntlet style or just a short
    glove depending on your riding style and the
    amount of protection needed. For the track
    definitely go with a full gauntlet style.
    Fingerless is another choice that especially guys
    that ride cruisers prefer. While protection of
    the fingers is lacking you get added feel by
    having the fingers exposed.

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Motorcycle Jackets Riding Suits
  • When it comes to motorcycle jackets you have a
    huge amount of choice! So once again get a cool
    jacket. One that appeals to you that you love to
    wear. It needs to have the right protection yes
    but also be comfortable and appealing to you.
  • Motorcycle Jackets come in many styles as well as
    being made from a variety of materials. The main
    ones being leather or a mesh and textile material
    that has been reinforced with Kevlar stitching
    and materials.
  • A good motorcycle jacket will have armor in the
    shoulders, elbows and back at the minimum.
  • Riding suits are another matter and not for
    everyone that rides on a daily basis. If you do a
    lot of track days then get a one piece riding
    suit but if you plan on riding the streets get a
    two piece which allows you to just wear the
    jacket or the pants. Ideally a riding suit is the
    best idea when it comes to getting the best
    protection. If that is the route you choose make
    sure you get one that is going to fit and last.
    Perforated if you are in a warm climate is going
    to be a must. Alpinestars makes some great
    motorcycle riding suits so look there first!

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Motorcycle Boots Riding Shoes
  • Motorcycle boots have come a long way since the
    early days of wearing boots made for military
    use. Now you can still get that classic looking
    biker boot with the steel toes and look James
    Dean on your cruiser.
  • Your other choice is a motorcycle riding shoe
    which is a new development in riding gear. These
    shoes are made with some of the same protection
    as their full size boot counterparts but in a
  • Some of the best motorcycle boots and riding
    shoes around are currently being made by Icon and

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Motorcycle Riding Pants
  • Motorcycle riding pants are made to protect your
    legs an hips in case of a fall. This is probably
    the most neglected piece of motorcycle gear
    worn. Mainly because until recently riding pants
    were not all that comfortable or something you
    would not usually wear.
  • Now you have denim riding pants with Kevlar
    reinforcements and dual stitched main seams as
    well as well hidden padded protection in vital
    areas. Or you can go with the classic leather
    motorcycle pants. The comfort level has gone way
    up in that type of gear as well and it is
    therefore being worn more.
  • When deciding on a pair of pants for riding keep
    in mind you want comfort, protection in the areas
    of the knee, coccyx and hips whenever possible.
    The main thing would be abrasion resistance so if
    you make contact with the road its the pants
    that take the brunt of the beating and not your

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