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Geographic Understanding Latin America Study Guide SS6G1 Locate on a world map: Amazon River, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Panama ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Geographic Understanding

Geographic Understanding Latin America Study
  • SS6G1
  • Locate on a world map Amazon River, Caribbean
    Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic
    Ocean, Panama Canal, Andes Mountains, Sierra
    Madre Mountains, and the Atacama Desert.
  • Locate on a world map the countries of Bolivia,
    Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Panama,
    and Venezuela.
  • SS6G2
  • Explain the major environmental concerns of Latin
    America regarding the issue of air pollution in
    Mexico City, the destruction of the rain forest
    in Brazil, and oil related pollution in
  • SS6G3
  • Compare how location, climate, and natural
    resources of Mexico and Venezuela affect where
    people live and how they trade.
  • Compare how the location, climate, and natural
    resources of Brazil and Cuba affect where people
    live and how they trade.

  • Identify three regions that make up Latin America.
  • Mexico and Central America
  • South America
  • The Caribbean

  • What are the two prominent languages spoken in
    Latin America?
  • Name four countries in Central America.
  • Spanish and Portuguese
  • Mexico, Belize, Panama, Costa Rico, El Salvador,
    Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua

  • Name four countries in South America.
  • Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Chili,
    Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay,
    Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana

  • Name four countries in the Caribbean.
  • What bodies of water border Latin America?
  • Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic,
    Bahamas, etc.
  • Pacific Ocean, Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico and
    the Caribbean Sea

  • Name four physical features of landforms in
    Central America.
  • Name four physical features or landforms in South
  • Yucatan Peninsula, Sierra Madre Mountains,
    Isthmus of Panama and Lake Nicaragua
  • Pampas, Patagonia, Amazon River, Amazon Rain
    Forest, Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert,
    Brazilian Highlands

  • How does geography play a role in Mexicos Citys
    air pollution?
  • What are the main sources of air pollution in
    Mexico City?
  • Mexico is located in a bowl shaped valley that
    traps air pollutants.
  • Cars and factories cause most of the pollution.

  • How is the Mexican government trying to solve
    this problem?
  • Drivers have to leave cars home one day a week.
  • Citizens are encouraged to ride buses and trains
    or carpool.
  • Cars are inspected often.
  • Bad exhaust systems must be repaired.
  • Factories are asked to close on high pollution

  • Why is deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest a
    major concern? List several reasons.
  • 20 if worlds oxygen comes from the rain forest.
  • Plants to heal come form here.
  • 20 of the worlds fresh water comes from here

  • Explain why deforestation increases when the
    value of crops and cattle go up.
  • What is the main crop in areas of deforestation?
  • The farmers think they can make more profit
    selling cattle and crops.
  • Soybeans would be the main crop grown.

  • Explain why oil production in Venezuela is a
  • What is the Venezuelan government doing to help
    solve this problem?
  • There are problems with polluted streams, there
    are breathing problems for the young and the
  • The government is building a dike to keep water
    in the lake from flooding the nearby homes and

  • Which metal is mined more in Mexico than anywhere
  • Which country has about three-fourths of the
    trade with Mexico?
  • Silver is the metal mined more in Mexico than
    anywhere else.
  • The United States is a major trade partner with

  • Where do most people in Mexico live and why? Why
    are farmers having a hard time?
  • Most people in Mexico live in urban areas in the
    Central Plateau. The people in in the urban areas
    because this is where the factories are located.

  • How has Venezuelas location helped its trade
    with other countries?
  • Why are so few Venezuelans becoming farmers?
  • Venezuela is located near the panama Canal and is
    bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic
  • The land along the coast is very dry and that is
    why few people want to become farmers.

  • What are the negative effects of Venezuelas oil
  • Where do most Venezuelans live and why?
  • The oil industry is polluting the Caribbean Sea,
    also when the price of oil goes down the
    government has a hard time paying their bills.
  • Most people in Venezuela live in cities located
    along the northern coast. Most of the jobs are
    located in the cities.

  • Where do most Brazilians live and why?
  • What are the major crops grown in Brazil? What
    are the major natural resources found in Brazil?
  • Most people in Brazil live in cities located
    along the eastern coast. This is where the jobs
    are located.
  • The major crops grown in Brazil is coffee Other
    natural resources in brazil are oranges, papayas,
    soybeans and sugar cane

  • Why is tourism a major industry in Brazil?
  • How has Brazils location helped its trade with
    other countries?
  • Tourism is important because you can see things
    in Brazil that you cant see anywhere else.
  • Brazil is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is
    close to the Panama Canal.

  • How has Cubas location helped the country?
  • What is a major export for Cuba?
  • Cuba is an island on the ocean trade route.
  • Sugar cane and cigars are major exports from Cuba.

  • What product does Venezuela provide to Cuba?
  • Describe Cubas government. Why does the Soviet
    Union no longer support Cuba?
  • Venezuela sells oil to Cuba at an reduced rate.
  • Cuba is a communist government which means the
    government owns or controls most farms and
    businesses. The Soviet Union no longer supports
    Cuba because the Soviet union no longer exists.
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