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PowerPoint Tips & Tricks. itlTV Webcast. http://www.accc.uic.edu/seminars/ppt-tips. Importing Text. You can create an outline in another program and import it ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint Tips Tricks
  • itlTV Webcast
  • http//www.accc.uic.edu/seminars/ppt-tips

Importing Text
  • You can create an outline in another program and
    import it into PowerPoint
  • Recommend using tabs to distinguish levels
  • Can use Word, WordPerfect, Notepad, etc.
  • Use InsertSlides from Outline menu

Importing Slides
  • You can import slides from other locations
  • Import from Outlines, such as Word or text
  • Import from other PowerPoint Files
  • Use Slide Finder to pick and choose the slides
    you want

Saving as HTML
  • Using the FileSave as Web Page menu allows you
    to save presentation so it can be displayed on
    the Web
  • IMPORTANT You MUST click on the Publish
    button and choose Microsoft Internet Explorer or
    Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later option so file
    can be read in both programs

Saving as HTML
  • Option for Internet Explorer 4.0 or later will
    NOT be read properly by Netscape, regardless of
  • Single HTML file will be created along with a
    folder containing related files

Rules for Outlines
  • Use no more than six (6) main bullet points
  • Use no more then eight (8) of any bullet point
  • Font Sizes
  • Titles 36-44 point, min. 32 point
  • Main Bullets 32-36 point, min. 28 point
  • Any text 20-28 point, minimum 18 point

Creating a Template
  • You can create a slide with your own backgrounds,
    graphics, and format text
  • Choose FileSave As and change file type to
    Design Template

Adding Images
  • GIF vs. JPG
  • GIF files have 256 colors, best for graphics or
  • JPG images can have up to 1 million colors, best
    for pictures
  • Scan JPG images at 72-96 pixels per inch, since
    you will be displaying image, not printing it

  • FilePrint menu allows you to print your
    presenation in the following ways
  • Slides 1 per page
  • Handouts 2, 3, 4, 6, or 9 per page
  • Notes Pages Slide with any notes
  • Outline
  • Recommend converting to PDF files so they are
    accessible without the need for PowerPoint

PowerPoint and RealPresenter
  • You can use RealPresenter to provide audio
    narration to your PowerPoint presentation
  • Allows you to add voice to each slide, and you
    manually advance from one slide to next
  • Save presentation as a RealMedia file, and you
    can re-record afterwards

Text Animations and Builds
  • You can have bulleted text come in line by line
    by right-clicking the text and choosing Custom
  • Choose how text will come in
  • Choose levels by which text will be grouped
  • Option to dim text after display
  • Can also be created for graphics, charts, and

Text Animations and Builds
Rehearsing a Presentation
  • Click on the Slide ShowRehearse Timings button
    to practice times for show
  • Manually advance show while PowerPoint records
    the times
  • You can then option to keep those timings for
    your slide show

Slide Show
  • Hit F5 to start slide show
  • During show, you can use F1 to display
    different keystrokes available to you
  • Advance with SPACE, ENTER, or PAGE DOWN
  • Backwards with P, BACKSPACE, or PAGE UP
  • Type number and ENTER to go to that slide

PowerPoint 2000 and Blackboard
  • If you wish to upload a PowerPoint HTML file into
    Blackboard, you should use a zipping utility to
    zip together the HTML file and folder into one.
  • Files will then be unzipped after theyve been
    uploaded into Blackboard
  • Make an appointment with the Instructional
    Technology Lab if you need assistance

Pack and Go
  • Compress presentation to be used on another
    computer, possibly one without PowerPoint
  • Will ask for location where file should be saved
  • Allow to link graphics and embed TrueType fonts
  • Can include PowerPoint Viewer, if necessary

Pack and Go
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