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Beating Stress & Living A Healthier Lifestyle Presented


Beating Stress & Living A Healthier Lifestyle Presented By: Dr. Steven Mitchell Tulare Chiropractic Clinic, since 1994 Some Statistics: The American Medical ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Beating Stress & Living A Healthier Lifestyle Presented

Beating Stress Living A Healthier Lifestyle
  • Presented By
  • Dr. Steven Mitchell
  • Tulare Chiropractic Clinic, since 1994

  • Stress affects everybody every day, and for the
    most part, stress offers the push we need to
    respond to a pressing situation. From trying to
    get out of the house on time in the morning, to
    starting a new job or giving a presentation,
    stress is your response to physical, chemical,
    emotional or environmental factors.
  • Stresses can help keep our bodies strong and
    minds alert, but chronic stress can have
    devastating effects.

Some Statistics
  • The American Medical Association stated that
    stress was involved in 80-85 of all human
    illness and disease, or at the very least had a
    detrimental effect on our health.
  • Every week, 95 million Americans suffer some kind
    of stress related symptom for which they take
  • American businesses lose an estimated 200-300
    billion dollars per year to stress related
    productivity loss and other costs.

How Big of a Problem?
  • The American Institute of Stress in Yonkers, New
    York, estimates that 90 percent of all visits to
    doctors are for stress-related disorders.
  • Stress has been linked to fatigue, hair loss,
    skin problems, allergies, insomnia, back pain,
    neck pain, digestive disorders, etc.

There Are 3 types of Stress
  • Physical stress Falls or accidents, or
    cumulative trauma that have occurred in the past,
    causing stress on the nervous system.
  • Emotional Prolonged emotional stress leads to an
    imbalance of the major stress hormones, which can
    lead to high blood pressure, weight problems,
    digestive trouble, etc.).
  • Chemical Pollutants in our environment. There
    are 82000 chemicals that can enter our bodies
    weekly, and cause stress on our systems.

1. Physical Stress
  • Overt injuries cause obvious stress to our
    systems immediately, but there are possible long
    term repercussions worth looking at as well
  • If one has developed uneven biomechanics, or
    sustained injuries, there is a good chance that
    subluxations may develop. Subluxations are
    misaligned or fixated vertebra that end up
    pinching on the surrounding nerves. If the nerves
    are not pain sensitive, pain does not result.
    However, tissue stress will slowly develop as the
    nerve which regulates that tissue is choked or
    irritated over time. This stress on the nervous
    system can be relieved with spinal manipulation,
    which helps to remove pressure on the nerves.

2. Emotional Stress
  • Our autonomic nervous system is stimulated when
    we are stressed. It is designed to allow us to
    keep up with stressful situations for survival.
    For example, when we see a bear in the woods, our
    adrenal glands increase levels of adrenaline.
    Adrenaline is a hormone that will dilate the
    pupils, shunt blood from our guts out to the legs
    so we can run, our heart rate increases, etc. All
    things that will help us survive the moment.

When high adrenaline levels are sustained due to
constant stress of modern life, our adrenal
glands begin to weaken and we become fatigued,
crave caffeine or other stimulants, and may have
trouble losing weight.
Some Long-Term Effects
  • High blood pressure, depression, skin problems,
    allergies, headaches, back pain, neck pain,
    insomnia, digestive disorders, fatigue, heart
    disease, obesity and stroke have all been related
    to extended periods of stress.

3. Chemical Stress
  • As our bodies main filter, the liver accumulates
    a build up of toxins. This impairs the livers
    ability to function properly. The livers
    lymphocyte population constitutes our innate
    immunity, and therefore when the liver does not
    function well, we are more prone to disease and

Effects On The Immune System
  • Research findings indicate that stress (physical,
    chemical, and emotional) can have a negative
    effect on the immune system and the way the body
    functions. Therefore stressed people get sick
    more often.

Stress Relief What Can I Do?
  • Fortunately there are a variety of natural,
    drug-free approaches to help with stress relief.
  • There is no one solution to handling stress.
    Everyone must focus on allowing their body to
    function properly so that they are better able to
    handle the stress they encounter.
  • The following are ways to address the three
    different kinds of stress

Give Up Control!
Easier said than donebut if we allow a power
greater than ourselves to take the wheel, we
would rid ourselves of a tremendous amount of
lifes stresses. Each individual will have a
different religious or spiritual method for
achieving this goal, therefore this is beyond the
scope of this talk, however it has to be
mentioned, and is ultimately up to each
individual to pursue.
Address the Stress!
  • If chronic stress is serious, please seek
    counseling from a qualified health professional.
    At times, there may be an underlying
    psychological issue which needs to be resolved!
    Dont be shy about asking for help if you feel
    you need it.
  • However, most cases of stressed people do not
    fall into this more severe category, and are
    likely to respond to a more gentle approach

Address The Physical Stress
  • Chiropractic Care. A variety of studies have
    shown that regular chiropractic spinal care can
    provide relief for irritated nerves and muscles,
    therefore reducing a major source of stress on
    our systems.
  • Massage. Massage can help to relieve tension in
    the muscle system, and also help stress
    emotionally, and help rid the body of toxins.
  • Regular exercise. Exercise (if you enjoy it even
    only a little bit!) can be a great stress
    reducer, and help to avoid injuries. It actually
    produces endorphins naturally, which have been
    shown to be more effective than antidepressants
    to elevate your moodwithout any side effects!

Support and Repair The Stress Hormones
As discussed earlier, emotional stress causes our
adrenal glands to over-work.
The adrenal glands secrete Adrenaline, DHEA, and
Cortisol (simplified version)
Chronic stress leads to an excess of these
hormones, and eventually weakens their ability to
produce and balance normal levels.
The resulting weak adrenal glands can easily be
tested with a sitting/standing blood pressure
  • Nutritional means can be used to repair and
    support the adrenal glands.
  • We must strive to repair the glands themselves,
    rather than to replace the hormones artificially
    (as with coffee) in order to achieve regular
    hormone balance. This will help energy levels,
    weight loss, sex drive, depression, and sleep
  • Supplements are available to support adrenal
    health, and include pregnenolone, DHEA, adrenal
    gland cortex, and high doses of the whole B
    complex, among many other ingredients.
  • These are easy to chew tablets, which usually
    provide the patient with an abundance of energy.
  • A healthy diet, however, should always be at the
    core of any plan to improve health.

Reduce Toxicity
  • Liver Toxicity can be a source of stress on our
  • Reduce toxicity exposure Having a diet free
    from (or very limited to) processed foods will
    reduce a large amount of foreign chemicals used
    in packaged foods.
  • A diet rich in a variety of fresh fruits and
    vegetables will actually encourage the cleansing
    of the liver.
  • Drink bottled water, or filtered tap water from
    a good filter system. Try for 1/2 body weight (in
    oz.) per day!
  • Stop smoking or drinking.
  • A Liver cleanse program, which will help to
    detoxify the liver through a diet and supplement

Stress Can Be Managed!
Stress is a normal part of life. Actually, life
is stress! Once our bodies are free of nerve
interference, and we can maintain a proper
balance of stress hormones naturally, we will be
better able to manage stress. Then instead of
wearing us out, stress can actually make life
more interesting in the long run.
Our purpose is to help you! Just call our office
at 685-9391, mention this website, and ask for
the free consultation. A consultation will give
us a chance to evaluate your health situation,
and make a recommendation to help. There is no
chargeyouve got nothing to lose.