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green coffee Beans extract


We introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of Natural Ingredients such as Natural Flavour (Fruit Powder and Vegetable Powder) Natural Colour (Beetroot Red Colour, Turmeric Yellow Colour etc.) Diary Product (Yoghurt Powder, Cheese Powder, Curd Powder etc.) green coffee bean extract is a best extract of us . benefits and other info are giving in this ppt .if users have any query about this product so feel free contect us.thanks – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: green coffee Beans extract

Green coffee beans extract
Venkatesh natural extract
What are Green coffee beans
  • Much like a regular coffee bean, the green beans
    are simply normal
    coffee beans, in their
    raw and unroasted form. When used for brewing

    coffee beans are first roasted to give it that
    unique rich coffee flavor.
    However, by roasting the
    beans it causes them to lose a vital beneficial

    compound that is available in the green coffee
    beans only.
  • Green Coffee Beans have strong polyphenols which
    act to help reduce
    free oxygen radicals in
    the body, but it is standardized to more than

    50-60 Cholorgenic Acid, a dietary polyphenols
    that helps to regulate metabolism.
  • Green Coffee Beans are fresh coffee beans that
    have not been roasted.

What does chlorogenic acid do?
  • It slows down the release of glucose in the
    body, while boosting the bodys metabolism at the
    same time.
  • When these two things happen together, they stop
    the body from absorbing fat while transforming
    fatty deposits into usable energy
    for the body.
  • When this usable energy is burned off, it causes
    weight loss.

What are Green coffee beans extract
  • The coffee bean extract coming from green coffee

    beans is basically made from the coffea
    Arabica plants
    green beans. Actually, coffee
    plants are classified into
    two types. These
    two are actually Robusta and Arabica.
  • The Arabica is actually has the best and higher
    Also, Arabica is high on caffeic acids
    and at the same
    time cholorogenic. These
    two essential compounds
    responsible for anti-oxidant activities .

Green coffee beans extract
  • The fact about green coffee is that the coffee
    bean extract can give lots of health benefits to
  • In fact, the extract coming from these green
    coffee beans
  • are used as a new ingredient in the
    market. This is mainly the
  • antioxidants present in it like the grape
    seed extract and green
  • tea as well. The coffee bean
    extract coming from this type of
  • coffee consists of polyphenols. 

Study of Green coffee beans Extract
  • In a study presented Tuesday at the American
    Society's spring national
    meeting in San Diego, 16 over
    weight young
    adults took, by turns, a low dose of green

    coffee bean extract, a high dose of the same
    green coffee
    supplement, and a placebo.
  • Though the study was small, the results were
    Subjects taking the full dose of the
    green coffee extract
    lost an average of 17.5
    pounds in 22 weeks and reduced
    their overall body
    weight by 10.5!

Features of Green coffee beans Extract
  • High Quality Product
  • Made from High quality beans
  • Free From GMO
  • GMP-ISO 22000 Certified

General Specification
  • Product Common Name- Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Botanical Name-Coffee Arabica
  • Part Used-Beans
  • Standardized For-30-50 Chlorogenic Acid
  • Country of origin-India
  • Uses and Application-Antioxidant , stimumant
  • Total Plate Count  - Less than 1000/gm
  • Yeast Mould  -Not more than 25/gm
  • E. Coli -Absent
  • Salmonella  -Absent

How does it work ?
  • Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have
    not yet
  • been roasted. These coffee beans contain a
    amount of the chemical
    chlorogenic acid
  • This chemical is thought to have health benefits.

    For high blood pressure it
    might affect blood
    vessels so
    that blood pressure is reduced.
  • For weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green

    coffee is thought to affect how
    the body
    blood sugar and metabolism .

Health Benefits of green coffee beans extract
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract as an Antioxidant
  • Help for Blood Sugar
  • Blood Pressure Help
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes, Weight Loss 
  • Anti-Aging
  • Metabolism booster
  • Improve your muscle to fat ratio.
  • Reverse Liver Damage

Other Health Benefits
  • Increases Stamina
  • Helps reduce the size of cells in the fat
    (adipose) cells.
  • Assists in lowering your BMI.
  • Increase the resistance of LDL (low density
  • Helps to block the absorption of carbohydrates.
  • Slows the release of glucose into the
  • Increases the efficiency of pain relievers that
    are meant
    for migraines.

Green Coffee Bean Extract as an Antioxidant
  • Antioxidants help protect the body from

    free radicals and certain cancer,

  • Antioxidants help also bring youthful

    glowing skin.
  • Antioxidants help rebuild the cells at a

    faster phase resulting in a healthier body

    and wrinkle-free skin.

Help for Blood Sugar
  • Coffee bean extract helps to control your blood
  • This is extremely important because consuming
    sugar can
    lead to spikes in your blood sugar. 
  • The chlorogenic acids in the bean neutralize free

    radicals in
    the body and regenerating vitamin

  • E to control blood levels.
  • Blood sugar levels that are too high can damage

    major organs as well as your immune system.

Blood Pressure Help
  • They help to reduce high blood pressure levels
    and are useful in treating hypertension.
  • Lowering your blood pressure will also decrease
    your risk of heart disease.
  • As with blood pressure, being overweight also
    has to do with your cholesterol. So once you lose
    the weight, your will have lower cholesterol
    levels as well.
  • This amazing extract helps to improve your immune
  • Chlorogenic acids found in green coffee also
    harbor a unique capability to alleviate the
    influx of blood pressure. A recent study carried
    out on people with mild hypertension symptoms
    showed that the consumption of green coffee
    supplements lowers blood pressure levels

  • chlorogenic acid acts as an antioxidant

    helps destroy any toxins within your body.
  • If these toxins accumulate, it will result in
    signs of aging By getting

    rid of these toxins, the extracts can
    actually slow the pace of the
    rate greatly.
  • The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee has
    anti-oxidant effects.
    As an
    antioxidant, chlorogenic is responsible for
    destroying any free
    radicals found in the
  • If left to accumulate, these free radicals can
    result in symptoms of
    aging such as
    destruction of the cell membranes.
  • By exterminating these harmful radicals, this
    extract is able to actually
    down the aging rate substantially. Studies have
    proven that green
    coffee has a double rate of
    absorbing oxygen radicals as compared to
    tea and grape seed extracts.

Green coffee as a weight loss ingredient
  • First, they help in burning fat FAST. This
    means WEIGHT LOSS!
  • The Body burns fat as a source of energy causing
    weight loss.
  • The two main natural chemicals responsible for
    weight loss found in coffee
    beans are chlorogenic
    and caffeic acids. 
  • The caffeic acid is responsible for removal of
    fatty acids stored in the
    while chlorogenic acids responsibility is to
    assist the liver to
    process the fatty
    acids in an efficient manner thereby causing
    weight loss.
  • lost an average of 17 pounds over a 22 week

Metabolism booster
  • Green coffee contains caffeic acids which are
    responsible for boosting energy and stimulating
    the body cells. 
  • Green coffee extract has been proven to increase
    the body metabolism rate

Help for Migranes and Muscles
  • A surprising benefit of green coffee extract is
    that it actually increases the effectiveness of
    pain medication, including medications for
    migraines. It also reduces the risk that you may
    get diabetes in the future and it helps the body
    burn off a higher rate of fats compared to
    carbohydrates that may assist with sore muscles
    especially athletes or bodybuilders.

  • If you have any further questions or need a
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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