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Out A Window-A Create Your Own Adventure Story


You are the main character, bored one day because the computer breaks you decide to tke a walk down the street or take a path through the woods. Your life is changed forever. There are four endings, one happy, try and find it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Out A Window-A Create Your Own Adventure Story

Out a Window
  • A Create Your Own Adventure Story

Sara Le Roy
  • The computer breaks again and you have nothing
    to do. Out a Window is the outside world,
    someplace to go in your boredom to avoid that
    annoying homework. You open the door and decide
    to walk down the street or take the path through
    the Woods.

  • Nature is so lovely this time of year and the
    path through the woods is long and peaceful but
    still just a tad boring. You can ditch the path,
    something youve never dared to do before, or
    maybe continue onwards and finally see where it

  • You have taken this street hundreds of times in
    efforts of combating boredom in the past, but
    this time is different. You feel angry, Why cant
    you do whatever you want, why are people always
    trying to control you? You decide to break away
    from your boring good ways, to do something bad,
    You can steal a car or break into a nearby house.

  • Isnt this great alone in the woods, a place
    youve never been before. Soon after leaving the
    path you run into a unicorn. It makes no
    aggressive moves and seems kind. Are you kind to
    the unicorn in return?
  • Yes or No

  • You continue down the path and eventually it
    spills back into the beginning. You didnt notice
    that the end was right next to the beginning
    because it was only a circle. How stupid of
    you. TRY AGAIN.

  • You break open a window and hear a loud noise.
    what a strange feeling in your chest. You fall
    over and next thing you know you are in the
    hospital. You can hear a man shouting at your
  • Well, you see what had happened was I was only
    defending myself! Its not my fault your child was
    breaking in!!
  • You were shot by a redneck and died in the
    hospital, TRY AGAIN.

  • What a rush the decision of doing something bad
    has given you. Your heart is beating so loud
    everyone in the neighborhood must be able to hear
    it. Goodness there are several cars and several
    options in which to steal. The two closest look
    like good options, but which one? which one!?

The Dull one?
The Fancy One?
  • The unicorns name is Juliette and she promises
    that she can make your life more interesting and
    fun. You want to believe her, she must be honest
    if shes an unicorn. Theres a catch, you must
    give up everything you love and know never to
    return to this world again. Do you want to leave
    this world with Juliette or run away from the
    thing that cant exist in front of you.

  • A wizard appears, he is best friends with the
    unicorn and not happy with you. He kills you with
    his wizard magic.

  • What a nice fancy car, the moment you sit down
    the doors lock automatically and call the police.
    You are arrested violently and die of fright in

  • This car has a full tank of gas and the keys are
    sitting in the front seat, what luck. Breaking
    the established rules is exciting, would you like
    to call your friends and tell them all about it
    or take a drive in your new car?

  • You are somehow magically teleported back by your
    house. You are scared and not sure exactly what
    has happened. Do you want to go home or take a
    walk down the street?

  • Once you get through the door you tell everyone
    everything that happened. About the unicorn in
    the woods named Juliette and how she had talked
    to you. No one believes you and you die alone.

  • Juliette laughs her weird horse laugh. This
    frightens you a little but you are still excited
    at the same time. Then she says,
  • There are many places we could go, my favorite
    places to visit are The Mountains of Mars, The
    capital city of Newsgest, or My Homeplanet.

  • Your friends are such kind people, they were very
    worried about you. When they heard the crazy news
    that you had stolen a car they at once called the
    police and turned you in. You were arrested and
    died of fright in Jail.

  • Your new car can take you places, go anywhere,
    but where do you want to go? With a full tank of
    gas and no worries anymore do you want to just go
    Far, Far Away or go have fun at the nearest mall?

  • Goodness You drove far away and never looked
    back. Eventually you fell in with bad people in
    your travels and got a new name. You life of
    crime will be lonely, scary, and short. You are
    killed by your so-called best friend. TRY AGAIN.

  • Isnt it nice here? All red, rocky and
    peaceful? Juliette starts rambling on and
    suddenly you realize you cant breathe. Juliette
    starts to walk off and you are choking on the
    ground Mars has a very different atmosphere
    after all.
  • You die alone on a foreign planet. The last
    thing you see is Juliette walking off and still
    talking because she hasnt noticed your trouble
    with Mars Air.

  • The capital City of Newsgest is lovely and you
    almost cant believe your eyes. With its
    beautiful purple sky and tall buildings that
    disappear into the clouds. The aliens walking
    nearby look very fascinating but the city itself
    looks just as interesting. Go Exploring in the
    city or meet some of the natives?

  • Juliette tries to pull you into her world, a
    place you dont belong. You get a strange feeling
    in your stomach and then everything you see
    disappears. There is nothing, you cant see,
    hear, or feel anything. Maybe Youre dead?

  • Its exciting to explore a new city, so many
    different things to see and do. After a few hours
    of rushing about trying everything from the food
    to the clothing, because they havent charged you
    any fees you notice Juliette isnt with you
    anymore. In your rushed excitement you must of
    left her behind somewhere, she cant be far
    right? You spend the rest of your life alone
    hungry, because the food doesnt agree with you
    and lost looking for her. THE END

  • They are so strange with their funny noises,
    eventually you learn their strange language and
    are adopted into their culture like family. You
    are as fascinating to them as they are to you.
    They are kinder then the people of earth. After
    living among them for years, perhaps its been
    years for the sun never sets, you are adopted by
    the Queen and made her heir. Life is wonderful,
    you are happy and live out your new life in peace
    with your friends. What Earth?
  • Happy Ever After

  • You havent been to the mall in months with
    everything youve had to do lately. Who cares
    about homework and chores now after youve gained
    such freedom. Do you go shopping, Ditch the car,
    or go dancing?

  • Dancing is such fun, more exciting then anything
    youve done so far. Why leave the dance floor?
  • Slowly, maybe its been days, you get tried and
    just lay down in the middle of the dance floor.
    You danced yourself to death. TRY AGAIN

  • That car was sooo lame, ditching it is the best
    thing youve done so far. Now you can do
    anything. Do you want to go dancing, steal
    another, or go shopping?

  • You walk into the store excited even with the
    little money you have. With your luck so far what
    could go wrong? Your mother stands in front of
    you with her arms crossed, not happy. She knows
    you dont have a car and can guess how you got
    here. She drags you home and you are grounded for
    the rest of your life. TRY AGAIN?

  • After getting away with stealing one car why not
    another? The parking lot here has much better
    options then that stupid street near your house.
    Do you dare to steal that less awesome one that
    happens to be your dream car or maybe another
    awesome one .

  • Your dream car is just at your fingertips. You
    are so excited that you dont check your
    surroundings and go for it. The car alarm goes
    off and a near by police officer sees you, he
    promptly arrests you. You die of fright in jail.

  • This car doesnt look as nice but that has been
    lucky for you so far. You couldnt be farther
    from the truth, A police officer near by sees you
    and promptly arrests you. Your brief life of
    crime has been put to the end. After spending a
    few years in Jail you are released but die alone,
    no one likes a criminal. THE END
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