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Membership Sites Blueprint


Membership Sites Blueprint is an online training course which launched on 3rd October 2012. This course will teach you how to build a recurring income stream from membership sites – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Membership Sites Blueprint

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7 modules
  • The Membership Sites Blueprint is a complete A-Z
    blueprint that covers all the important aspects
    in membership site building, from technical
    aspects (broken down into easy steps) to content
    creation and marketing. This makes this a very
    complete guide for anyone who intends to create a
    recurring income stream from these membership

In module 1
  • Youll discover
  • Discover how you can tell at a glance which
    markets have the potential to earn you plenty of
    money, which ones will flop as membership sites,
    and which ones are sheer inspiration!
  • Find out why multifaceted topics make better
    subscription sites than ones with a narrow focus,
    and how to turn that to your advantage.
  • Learn what kind of site your members want, and
    how to give it to them. Discover secrets of
    making different kinds of people feel at home on
    your site and want to return.
  • Uncover how to leverage other people's work in
    the field and how to tell from other sites,
    magazines, etc. whether you're picking a winner
    to start a site about.
  • Understand how the lifecycle of sites affects
    what you should do right away, urgently, and what
    it's just as important to leave for later, and
    why putting in some features too soon could
    torpedo your site before it's left the dock!

In module 2
  • Youll discover
  • A close look at the most successful types of
    membership website, including the overall
    favorite of everybody the recurring monthly
    subscription plus the collection-building model
    (think "CD of the Month Club"), and even finite
    length memberships for those courses that need to
    be spaced out over a few months, but have an
    obvious end.
  • The unexpected and clever ways you can get a good
    profit out of a FREE subscription model if you
    want to try something unorthodox and how to
    avoid the pitfalls that could potentially cause
    you to lose most of your subscribers while using
    this model.
  • Why selling consumable products is dangerous even
    though it offers a profitable subscription model,
    and what to look out for if you try this risky
  • Find out what it takes to cash in on other
    business' need for content become a newsletter
    and content provider for other firms, sending out
    regular updates to their clients and getting paid
    for doing their work for them!
  • Discover how self study and coaching differ, and
    pick up several useful ways you can leverage
    coaching to multiply your profits many times over
    for teaching the material you're already offering
    on your site anyway!

In module 3
  • Understand what the biggest obstacle to making
    your website a success is, so that you can plan
    clearly and effectively to overcome it.
  • Find out the very best way to use an introductory
    product to tempt people into signing up for your
    monthly membership and how to avoid most of the
    unpleasantness from those who don't want to be
    subscribed but choose it anyway.
  • Amazingly simple and effective ways to use a free
    download to advertise your site and build an
    e-mail mailing list plus airtight methods of
    keeping people from cheating and getting your
    free offer without giving you anything in return!
  • Get caught up with modern advertising by using
    the social media craze to your advantage, plus
    find out three ways you can get great results
    with social media (hint traditional advertising
    methods don't work well on social media these
    people march to the tune of a different drummer
    than the passive consumers of yesteryear, but
    these methods will appeal to them and win their
    interest, which will translate into traffic for
  • And much more

In module 5
  • What role forums have to play in building a great
    community on your site with vital information
    on when to start them (boosting customer loyalty
    into the stratosphere) and when not to start them
    the critical moment when building a forum might
    wreck your entire online business beyond repair.
  • Why it's important to get people participating in
    your website, how you can benefit from their
    participation and make your site a better site,
    what kinds of participation give your subscribers
    a very positive sense of belonging.
  • How long term content that keeps its value over
    time can be worked into even a site based around
    right-now matters and why it's vitally
    important that you have this content.
  • Solutions for getting people interested in your
    site over the long haul by giving away free stuff
    to them which, of course, is actually paid for
    by part of their subscription fee. Discover how
    to tie back into your site so that they'll get
    the most use out of their gift if they stay
  • Find out how to get your customers to encourage
    each other to stick around by giving them a
    social system to interact with and perhaps make
    them participate in it.

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