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Laguna Bay Spas is already recognized as the Spa Manufacturing Industry’s leader in providing unsurpassed energy efficiency and our exclusive Patent Pending HeatFlow™ Technology makes our great hot tubs even better! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Laguna Bay Spas Manual

LaGuna Bay SpaSGet Away...
Every Day.
Owners Guide Book
Important information about your
LaGuna Bay Spa
Spa Model
Spa Serial numberDate of purchaseDealer name
Ozone Generator
prozone System
Chemicals used
Filter Information
Keeping this information on hand will help if you
ever need technical assistance. It is also
helpfulif you can provide pictures for the
technician. pictures allow the technician to see
the area ofconcern as if looking at it along
side you.
Taking pictures before calling technical support
will help expedite resolution - you will be able
toemail the pictures directly to the technician
while you are on the call.
For technical assistance, please call
Technical Support is available Monday through
Friday from 830 am to 500 pm Eastern Standard
Important Safety Information Begins on Page 4
playing it safe while you play
Location Information Begins on Page10
The Wheres and Hows of choosing and
preparing the best place for your new spa
Electrical Information begins on Page 12
The magnetic relationship with your spa
shouldnt come with a shock
Information about hardware filling your
spa begins on page 16
putting the right water in the right way makes a
big difference.
Water Chemistry Information begins on page 20
Chrystal clear instructions for chrystal clear
Important Safety Information
Read and CaRefully follow InstRuCtIons !
Basic safety precautions must be followed
Avoiding the Risk to ChildRen
Risk of Children drowning. extreme caution must
be used to prevent unauthorized access
bychildren. to avoid accidents, ensure that
children cannot use a spa unless they are
supervised at alltimes.
to reduce risk of injury, do not allow children
to use this product unless they are
closelysupervised at all times.
to reduce the risk of injury, lower water
temperature when spa is used by children. lower
watertemperatures are recommended since children
are especially sensitive to hot water.
Make sure you always lock child resistant locks
after using the spa for your childrens
safety.every laguna Bay spa is equipped with a
locking cover that meets the atsM f1346-91
standard forsafety Covers. there is no
representation that the use of the cover,
locking clips or actual locks willnot prevent
access to the spa.
test the water temperature with your hands before
allowing children to enter the spa to be
surethat its comfortable. Children are
especially sensitive to hot water.
Remind children that wet surfaces are slippery.
Make sure that children are careful whenentering
and exiting the spa.
Check with local authorities regarding fencing
requirements for spas in you area.dont
Allow children or pets on the spa cover. Covers
are strong enough to withstand the weight of
tone foot of snow. they are not designed to
support the weight of people or pets. sitting
on the covermay cause the foam inners to break.
Allow children to have unsupervised access to the
Avoiding the Risk oF eleCtRoCUtion
lAgUnA BAy spAs ReCoMMends thAt
eleCtRiCAl CoMponents Be instAlled
only By A liCensed eleCtRiCiAn.
to ensure the spa functions properly and to
ensure your warranty is not compromised by
improperinstallation, you must have a licensed
electrician install all electrical components.
Important Safety Information
Risk oF eleCtRoCUtion
Connect only to a grounded source.
if your spa model is equipped with a cord, do
not bury the cord. a buried cord may result
indeath or serious injury due to electrocution
if direct burial-type cable is not used, or if
improperdigging occurs.
install at least five feet (1.5m ) from all metal
surfaces. If this is not possible, a ground
terminal (pressure wire connector) is provided on
the control box inside the unit to permit
connectionwith solid copper bonding conductor
between this point and any metal equipment, metal
water pipe,metal enclosures of electrical
equipment, or conduit within five feet (1.5m) and
within sight of the not permit any
electrical appliances, such as lights,
telephones, radios or televisions withinfive
feet (1.5m) of the spa unless they were built in
by the manufacturer. failure to maintain a
safedistance may result in death or serious
injury from electrocution if the appliance
should fall into thespa.
to reduce the risk of electric shock, if your
spa is equipped with a cord, replace damaged
cordimmediately. failure to do so may result in
death or serious permanent injury by
electrocution.your spa requires a ground Fault
Circuit interrupter for user and equipment
protection incompliance with section 680-42 of
the national electrical Code, ansI/nfPa 70-1993.
to ensureproper operation of the important
safety device, test according to the following
instructions with regardto your electrical
Cord-Connected 115 volt, 20 amp the GfCI is
located at the end of the power cord.
Beforeeach use, with the unit operating, push
the "test" button. the unit should stop
operating and theGfCI power indicator will go
out. wait 30 seconds and then reset the GfCI by
pushing the "Reset"button. the GfCI power
indicator will turn on, restoring the power to
the spa. If the interrupter doesnot perform in
this manner, there may be an electrical
malfunction and with it, the possibility of
anelectric shock. disconnect the power until
the problem has been corrected. Please note this
action willautomatically reset the filter cycle
of the spa.
220 volt, permanently installed or converted
models a ground terminal is provided on
theterminal block located inside the control
box. to reduce the risk of electric shock,
connect theterminal to the grounding terminal of
your electrical service or supply panel with a
continuous green,insulated copper wire. a
bonding terminal (pressure wire connector) is
provided on the outside of thecontrol box for
bonding to local ground points. to reduce the
risk of electric shock, this connectorshould be
bonded with solid copper wire to any metal
ladders, water pipes, or other metal within
fivefeet (1.5m) of the spa to comply with local
requirements. the means of disconnection must
be readilyaccessible, but must be installed at
least five feet (1.5m) from the spa.
Make sure your spa is properly connected - Use A
liCensed eleCtRiCiAndisconnect the spa from the
power supply before draining and servicing
components.test the ground Fault interrupter(s)
before each use.
Use the spa with the equipment compartment door
Replace components except with identical
components supplied by the manufacturer.
operate audio or video equipment while inside the
spa unless it is with the remote approved
orprovided by the manufacturer. do not connect
auxiliary components (i.e. headphones) to the electrical appliances within five
feet (1.5m) of the spa.
Use an extension cord to connect the spa to its
power source. the cord may not be
properlygrounded and the connection is a shock
hazard. an extension cord may cause a voltage
drop, whichwill cause overheating of the
pump(s), cause motor damage and will void the
manufacturers warranty.Attempt to open the
electrical control box. there are no serviceable
parts inside the box.
Important Safety Information
AvoidABle Risks
dAngeR Risk oF injURy
the suction fittings in this spa are sized to
match the specific water flow created by the
pump.If it is necessary to replace the suction
fittings or the pump, be sure the flow rates are
compatible.Because of the risk of injury,
never operate the spa if the suction fittings
are broken or missing. Please contact your
dealer ornearest service center for service or
never operate the spa if the floating weir(s),
filter(s), filter lid(s) or skimmer(s), or
assembly(s) are missing. Please contact your
dealer or nearest service center for service or
repair.never replace suction fitting with one
rated less than the flow rate marked on the
originalsuction fitting.
do not remove floating weir(s), basket(s) or
filter(s) while spa is running.
keep all loose articles of clothing, hair or
hanging jewelry away from suction fittings,
rotatingjets or other moving components.
exercise care when entering and exiting the spa.
wet surfaces can be slippery.
inCReAsed side eFFeCts oF MediCAtion
the use of drugs, alcohol, or medication before
or during spa use may lead tounconsciousness
with the possibility of drowning.
persons using medication should consult a
physician before using a spa some medicationmay
cause a user to become drowsy, while other
medication may affect the heart rate, blood
pressureor circulation.
persons taking medications which induce
drowsiness, such as tranquilizers,
antihistaminesor anticoagulants should not use a
heAlth pRoBleMs AFFeCted By spA Use
pregnant or possibly pregnant women should
consult a physician before using a spa.
persons suffering from obesity or with a medical
history of heart disease, low or high blood
pressure, circulatory problems, infectious
diseases, immune deficiencies, infectious
diseases, infectionsskin irritations, or
diabetes should consult a physician before using
a spa.
Always shower before and after using a spa. to
reduce the possibility of contracting a
waterborne illness, always maintain water
chemistry within the parameters in this manual.
If otherbathers are affected by such a
condition, discontinue use and consult a
UnCleAn WAteR
keep the water clean and sanitized with correct
chemical care to help maintain safe water
andprevent possible damage to spa components.
the recommended levels for your laguna Bay
free available Chlorine (faC) 3.0 to 5.0 ppm
total alkalinity
125 to 150 ppm
water pH 7.4 to 7.6
Calcium Hardness
150 to 200 ppm
Refer to water Quality and Maintenance section
for further information and complete
instructionsabout water and spa care.
Important Safety Information
iMpoRtAnt turn jet pump on for at least ten
minutes after adding Any spa waterchemicals into
the filter compartment.
Clean the filter cartridge monthly to remove
debris and mineral buildup which may affect
theperformance of hydrotherapy jets, limit the
water flow, or trip the high limit thermostat
which willturn off the entire spa to prevent
further damage to the spa.
Avoiding the Risks oF hypeRtheRMiA
prolonged immersion in hot water can result in
HyPeRtHeRMIa, a dangerous conditionwhich occurs
when the internal temperature of the body
reaches a level above normal (98.6ºf).the
symptoms of hyperthermia include unawareness of
impending hazard, failure to perceiveheat,
failure to recognize the need to exit the spa,
physical inability to exit the spa, fetal damage
inpregnant women, and unconsciousness resulting
in a danger of drowning.the use of alcohol,
drugs or medication can greatly increase the risk
of fatal hyperthermiain spas.
to reduce the risk of injury
the Consumer products safety Commission has
stated that the water in the spa should
never exceed 104ºf (40ºC). water temperatures
between 100ºf (38ºC) and 104ºf (40ºC) are
considered safe for a healthy adult. lower water
temperatures are recommended for extended
use(exceeding 10 minutes) and for young
children. extended use can cause
hyperthermia.pregnant or possibly pregnant women
should limit spa water temperatures to 100ºf
(38ºC).failure to do so may result in permanent
injury to your baby. you should consult with a
physicianprior to using a spa.
do not use a spa immediately after strenuous
Measure the water temperature with an accurate
thermometer before entering the spa to
verify the digital thermometer since the
tolerance of water temperature regulating
devises may varyas much as /- 5ºf (2ºC).
test the water with your hand to be sure its
comfortable before entering the spa.
Use alcohol or drugs before or during spa use.
stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water.
stay in the spa for extended periods of time.
If you are going to be in the spa for more than
10 minutes, you should reduce the temperature of
the spa to 100ºf (40ºC) or lower.
iMpoRtAnt spA instRUCtions
Use and lock the vinyl cover when spa is not in
use whether it is empty or full. Because heat
retentive materials are used to insulate the spa
for efficient operation, an uncovered spa surface
withdirect exposure to sunlight and high
temperatures for long periods of time is subject
to permanentdamage. damage caused by exposing
the spa to this abuse is not covered by the
Important Safety Instructions
Follow spa care and maintenance stated in this
owners Guide.
Use only approved and recommended accessories,
chemicals and cleaners.dont
leave the spa exposed to the sun without water or
the vinyl cover in place. exposure to
directsunlight can cause solar distress of the
shell material.
Roll or drag the spa on its side. this will
damage the siding.
lift or drag the cover by using the cover lock
tie downs. always lift or carry the cover by
using thehandles.
Attempt to open the spa control box. there are no
user serviceable parts inside the spa control
box(spa pack box) . opening of the control box
by the spa owner, unless instructed by the
manufacturersfactory trained technical support
technician will void the warranty. If you have
an operational problem,carefully go through the
steps outlined in the troubleshooting section.
If you are not able to resolve theproblem,
please call technical support at 877-722-4097.
Many problems can easily be diagnosed overthe
telephone by the service technician.
FCC notiCe
If your spa is equipped with audio or video
equipment, it has been tested and found to comply
with thelimits for a class B digital device,
pursuant to Part 15 of the fCC Rules. these
limits are designed toprovide reasonable
protection against harmful interference in a
residential installation. this
equipmentgenerates, uses and can radiate radio
frequency energy and, if not installed and used
in accordance withthe instructions, use harmful
interference to radio communications. However,
there is no guarantee thatthe interference will
no occur in a particular installation. If this
equipment does cause harmful
interference to radio or television reception,
which can be determined by turning the equipment
on andoff, the user is encouraged to try to
correct the interference by one or more of the
following measures
Rearrange or relocate the receiving antenna
Increase the separation between equipment and
Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit
different from the circuit connected.
Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/tV
technician for help.
any changes or modifications not expressed or
approved by party responsible for fCC compliance
couldvoid the users authority to operate this
Important Safety Instructions
important CsA safety instructions
(Canada only)
when using this electrical equipment, basic
safety precautions should always befollowed,
including the following
Read and follow all InstRuCtIons.
a green colored terminal or a terminal marked G,
Gr, Ground, Ground-
symbol is located inside the supply terminal
box or
ing or the
compartment. to reduce the risk of electric
shock, this terminal must beconnected to the
grounding means provided in the electric supply
servicepanel with continuous copper wire
equivalent in size to the circuitconductors that
supply this equipment. IeC Publication 417,
3. at least two lugs marked "Bonding lugs" are
provided on the external
surface or on the inside of the supply terminal
box/compartment. to
reduce the risk of electric shock, connect the
local common bonding gridin the area of the hot
tub to these terminals with an insulated or
barecopper conductor..
4. all field installed metal components such as
rails, ladders, drains, and
other similar hardware within 10 feet (3m) of
the hot tub shall be bondedto equipment
grounding buss with copper conductors..
saVe tHese InstRuCtIons.
Location - Choosing theperfect place for your
its not only the location - but also the
Proper placement of your spa is key not only to
enjoying it, but also taking care of it. after
all, its a substantialinvestment that you want
to take care of so it will continue to bring
years of enjoyment. wherever you chooseto place
you spa, there are some basics that must be
Consider the weight of the spa. you must have
the proper foundation to support not only its dry
weight, butalso its filled weight. structural
damage that occurs to your spa that results from
an inadequate foundation isnot covered under
your warranty so its important that you follow
the manufacturers guidelines.
the manufacturer recommends that your laguna Bay
spa be placed on a reinforced concrete pad that
is atleast four inches thick and large enough to
accommodate the entire spa. the concrete should
cure for aminimum of 72 hours before placing
the spa on the pad. you should place your spa so
the electronics andcircuit breakers are easily
accessible. and remember that the electronics
must be kept dry, so drainage of wateraway from
the spas foundation is important. the spa must
not be placed in the way of landscaping
sprinklersto ensure there is no damage to the
skirt or frame of the spa.
Inquire with local officials about building
codes, electrical and plumbing codes.. think
about the desired
proximity to the doors of the house especially
in cold weather,. Be sure there is a pathway
that can be easilymaintained and is free from
debris. try to keep your spa away from roof
overhangs and guttering to increasethe life of
the spa cover. when choosing the location for
your spa, try to remember the effects of
wind,exposure to the sun and the location of
trees to minimize the effects of falling debris
and shade.
If you choose to place your spa on a deck, ask a
licensed contractor or engineer to determine the
maximum load bearing capacity. the weight per
square foot must not exceed that limit or the
result will beserious structural damage to the
deck and the spa. If you are considering a
recessed spa in your deck or floor,be sure there
is access to the electrical equipment and other
components in the rare case that your spa
mayrequire servicing. Make sure there is
adequate room to remove all exterior panels, with
special attention paid tothe side where the
electrical components are located.
If you are placing your spa indoors or in a
basement, choose a floor covering that will hold
up well to the waterthat will inevitably sit
around the spa. floor covering should be slip
resistant with some ability to grip when
thefloor is wet. there must be adequate
drainage away from the spa. the location and
floor covering must beable to handle draining of
the entire spa. Humidity should be considered,
as should moisture to the wood,paper, drywall,
and any mold and mildew which accompanies humid
areas of the home. some spa chemicalsmay have
an adverse reaction to some household metals.
you should consider installing a ventilation
system toaddress these issues. again, adequate
support for the weight of the spa is vital.
Following all procedures in the owners Guidebook
and water care products (chemical)
packaging.test the water regularly to ensure the
chemical balance is correct.
drain, clean, and refill your spa with fresh
water regularly in accordance with the owners
Guidebook.Clean the filters a minimum of once a
ensure proper water circulation.
Always bathe or shower before entering the spa.
proper maintenance of filters, water
chemistry,and ventilation reduces the risk of
exposure toviruses and bacteria that may be
present in thewater and in the air.
Location - Choosing theperfect place for your
Manufacturers preferred site preparation
the concrete pad should be 4" (7.6 cm) thick
sloping 1/2" (1.3 cm) per 10 feet (305 cm) so
rain andrunoff will not puddle on the underside
of the spa for long periods causing the frame to
improper site preparation
water "self levels". If a spa is placed on
grass, dirt, pea gravel, stones or brick, they
can shift
causing the spa to be out of level. It is
important to remember that your warranty does not
coverspas that are not properly placed on a
level, well prepared foundation.
Cover lock installation
How to Install Cover Locks
Put the spa cover on the spa.
Position the tie down locks on the spa cabinet so
theycan easily reach the tie down straps. allow
Tie Down Straps
approximately 3/4 inch slack in the straps so
there isample room for the clip to slide easily
into the lockwhen there are variations in the
Cover Lock and Key
2 Screws
attach the locks with screws.
never leave the spa uncovered andunattended.
never leave the spa cover not sit,
stand or lie on the cover.
Electrical Information
Avoid the Risk oF eleCtRoCUtion.
lAgUnA BAy spAs ReCoMMends thAt
eleCtRiCAl CoMponents Be instAlled only By A
liCensed eleCtRiCiAn.
All eleCtRiCAl ConneCtions MUst Be peRFoRMed By A
QUAliFied liCensedeleCtRiCiAn in ACCoRdAnCe With
the nAtionAl eleCtRiCAl Code (neC) AndWith stAte
And loCAl eleCtRiCAl Codes in eFFeCt At the tiMe
oF theinstAllAtion. ConneCting the spA to An
iMpRopeRly WiRed CiRCUit WilleliMinAte MAny oF
the spAs BUilt in sAFety FeAtURes WhiCh MAy
ResUlt inFiRe, eleCtRoCUtion, oR otheR Risk oF
injURy. dAMAges to the spA WhiChARe the ResUlt
oF iMpRopeR WiRing ARe not CoveRed UndeR
theMAnUFACtUReRs WARRAnty And Will teRMinAte
All listings FRoMindependent listing AgenCies.
the eleCtRiCAl diAgRAMs ContAined in thisMAnUAl
ARe inClUded As A gUideline FoR the liCensed
eleCtRiCiAninstAlling the eleCtRiCAl
All WiRing MUst Be WAteRtight ! ! !
neveR tURn poWeR on to the spA When it is not
Filled With WAteR !
Remove the spa from its packaging materials.
Retain all warranty, safety and operation
prior to performing any service to your laguna
Bay spa, turn off all primary electrical
equipment atthe main circuit breaker or
disconnect panel. your laguna Bay spa must be
permanently connected (hardwired) to the power
supply. no plug in connections, extension cords
or surge protectors are to be used inconjunction
with the operation of your new spa. Power
supplied to your laguna Bay spa must be a
dedicatedcircuit with no other appliances,
lighting, or any other electronic components
powered by this circuit.there are a few laguna
Bay spa models equipped with a 120V Ground fault
Circuit Interrupter (GfCI)cord attached. If
this is what you ordered, the power service
requirement is 110 Volt 20a. this service branch
isto be a dedicated 20 amp circuit, within 15
feet and not closer than 5 feet (1.5m) from the
positioning of the spaequipment. no plug in
connections, extension cords or surge protectors
are to be used in conjunction with theoperation
of your new spa. Power supplied to your laguna
Bay spa must be a dedicated circuit with no
otherappliances, lighting, or any other
electronic components powered by this circuit.
the electrical supply for this product must be
housed in a weatherproof service box and include
suitably rated switch or Ground fault Circuit
Interrupter between the main service entrance and
the spa to openall ungrounded supply conductors
tin compliance with section 422-20 of the
national electrical Code/usa,ansI/nfPa/70 and in
compliance with underwriters laboratories, Inc..
this might be used as a shut offswitch, which
must be installed so that it is accessible to the
spa occupants, but not within 5 feet (1.5m) of
All connections should be made using copper
conductors only. do not use aluminum wire.
Connectionwires, circuit breakers, and/or fuses,
must all be sized to accommodate the total ampere
Electrical Information
to make your laguna Bay spa electrical
connections, remove the entire cabinet with the
sticker thatsays "ReMoVe tHIs Panel foR
eleCtRICal". In most models you will remove the
panelunderneath the spas top side control pad
by removing all screws attaching the cabinet
panel to the spa frame.
At this tiMe, hAnd tighten the Unions And ensURe
the sliCe vAlves ARe inthe Up position. iF the
sliCe vAlves ARe not in the Up position, open
thesliCe vAlves And AttACh the Clip loCks With
the sliCe vAlves in the Upposition. RUn yoUR
spA And CheCk FoR leAks BeFoRe ReinstAllingeXteRi
oR ACCess pAnel. this shoUld Be done eACh tiMe
this pAnel isReMoved.
All eleCtRiCAl ConneCtions MUst Be MAde By A
liCensed eleCtRiCiAn.
do not ConneCt poWeR to the eMpty spA. poWeR to
the spA
AUtoMAtiCAlly ACtivAtes CRitiCAl CoMponents
Within the spA, sUCh As
the ContRols And the heAting. iF poWeR is
sUpplied to the CoMponentspRioR to the spA Being
Filled, the CoMponents Will Be dAMAged.
dAMAgethAt oCCURs to the CoMponents BeCAUse
poWeR WAs sUpplied BeFoRe thespA WAs Filled With
WAteR is not CoveRed By the MAnUFACtUReRsWARRAnt
220v installation
Correct wiring of the electrical service box,
GfCI box and pack terminal block is required.
spas installed for220v operation require a
4-wire, 50 amp or 60 amp (depending on the spa
model), 220 volt subfeed in non metallic pipe to
the spa equipment
compartment. a green colored terminal
isprovided in the control box. to reduce
therisk of electrical shock, connect this
terminalor connector to the grounding terminal
ofyour electrical service or supply panel with
acontinuous green insulated copper wire.
Inaddition, a second pressure wire connector is
GFCI?Panel located
at least
5 feet (1.5m) from spa.
provided on the surface of the control box
forbonding to local ground points. to
reducethe risk of electrical shock, this
should be bonded with copper wire to
anyreinforced concrete, metal water pipes, or
metal within 5 feet (1.5m) of the spa.
International customers should contact their
laguna Bay spas dealerfor electrical wiring
Requirements. Refer to supplied wiring diagrams
and call technical support forassistance if
Us and Canadian gFCi Wiring diagram
the black and red wires from the electrical box
must be connected to the input of the GfCI.
the white wire from the electrical box must be
connected to the neutral bus.
the green or copper wire must be connected to the
ground log of the GfCI.
the black, red and white wires going to the spa
must be connected directly to the output of the
GfCI.the neutral to the GfCI must be connected
to the neutral bus.
the green or copper wire going to the spa must be
connected to the ground lug.
Electrical Information
to allow the 220V GfCI to function
properly, connect the white neutral wirefrom the
spa to the neutral terminal onthe GfCI breaker,
not the neutral bus inthe GfCI breaker box. an
improperlyconnected neutral causes the GfCI
Spa GFCI Breaker Box Wiring
To Spa To Main ToSpa
To Main
breaker to not replace theexterior
cabinet panel until your newlaguna Bay spa has
been filled withwater. Be sure to hand tighten
unions in the plumbing lines and ensurethe slice
valves are locked in the up
position at this time. see page 17
1. Terminal Block
1.)Remove the exterior cabinet panelbeneath the
topside controls.
2. Bonding Lug
3. Grounding Terminal
2.) Remove the screws from thefaceplate of the
spa pack.
3.) Choose one of the available breakaway
conduit entry points and removethe disc from the
desired location.
2 Access Panel
4.) Connect the conduit to the Spa Packusing a
water tight connector.
5.) Feed wiring through the conduitentry points
in the spa pack box.
1.) Remove enough insulation fromeach wire to
ensure contact withscrew. Failure to remove
insulationwill cause spa pack to malfunction.
2.) Connect the electrical service
wires, color to color, on the terminalblocks TB1
and TB3 located in thespa pack box.
Black 1
3.) Tighten SECURELY to preventdamage.
Power In

Red 2
4.) Replace the spa pack faceplatewith screws.
To CircuitBoard
Electrical Information
110 v installation
all 110 volt laguna Bay spas are delivered with a
GfCI power cord that is approximately 15 feet in
electrical service must be no farther than 15
feet (4.5m) and no closer than 5 feet (1.5m) to
the spa. do not
connect the spa using extension cords or surge
protectors. the spa must be connected to a
dedicated 110v/20aGfCI protected, grounded
circuit. this circuit must not be used by or
shared with any other electricalcomponent. If
it is connected to a shared circuit, it will
overload the circuit leading to tripping at the
mainbreaker. failure to connect the spa to a
breaker that is not dedicated may result in
damage or failure of theequipment which is not
covered by the manufacturers warranty. do not
modify the plug in any way in anattempt to
bypass the manufacturers recommendations.
alteration of the plug will void the
the dedicated circuit must have a 20 amp GfCI in
the main breaker panel with ground wire and the
correctpolarity throughout the circuit.
a pressure wire connector is provided on the
exterior surface of the control box, inside the
spa. this wire allowsgrounding between this
point and any metal equipment, reinforced
concrete, metal pipe or water pipes within 5feet
(1.5m) of the spa. the bonding wire must be
solid copper wire.
if your electrician has questions about the
wiring instructions,please call laguna Bay spas
technical Assistance at (877) 722-4097. Factory
trained technical service specialists are
availableto answer questions during their normal
business hours
Monday through Friday from 830 am to 5 pm est.
your new laguna Bay spa has been put through
rigorous testing during the manufacturing
process. It is notuncommon that some water may
remain in the plumbing after testing and may
leave spots on the acrylic finishor cabinetry.
wipe the spa and cabinet with a clean soft rag.
do not use houseold cleaners that contain
bleachor amonia because they may have an adverse
effect on the acrylic surface of the spa and
have a negativereaction with chemicals used to
maintain water chemistry. neVeR use aBRasIVe
CleaneRs on yousPa BeCause tHey wIll CReate
PeRManant sCRatHes on tHe aCRylIC suRfaCe.
do not Apply poWeR to the eMpty spA. poWeR to
the spAACtivAtes CRitiCAl CoMponents Within the
spA, sUCh Asthe ContRols And the heAting. iF
poWeR is sUpplied tothe CoMponents pRioR to the
spA Being Filled, theCoMponents MAy Be dAMAged.
dAMAge thAt oCCURs tothe CoMponents BeCAUse
poWeR WAs sUpplied BeFoRethe spA WAs Filled With
WAteR is not CoveRed By theMAnUFACtUReRs
Follow the instructions each time you re-fill the
spa to ensure successful start upManually turn
the gFCi into the "off " position.
With the filters removed and the drain valve
open, run water through the filtration canister
and jet lines untilthe water runs clear. this
will remove any incidental dust, dirt and debris
that may have accumulated duringshipping and
Rinse the inside of the spa with warm water
Check for obvious signs of freight damage
including loose wires or broken pipes.Check to
see that the unions for the heaters and plumbing
are hand tightened.
Filling Your Spa
Navigating the Hardware
Check to see that the slice valves are locked in
the "uP" position. do not run the spa with the
slicevalves in the closed or down position or
with no water in the spa. this will damage the
pumps and seals.damage that occurs because the
spa has been operating with the slice valves in
the "closed" position is notcovered under the
manufacturers warranty.
Check to see that all jets, air valves, and the
diverter valves are open. do not force them to
turn beyondthe built in stop.
do not
Clean the acrylic surface with cleaners that are
not approved by laguna Bay spas, especially
houseoldbleach and ammonia based cleaners
commercially manufactured to clean glass.
Use water that is filtered or from a water
Fill the spa with hot water. this may damage the
spa controls.
Use the spa until you have completed each of the
steps in this section of the owners guidebook.
Add chlorine if treating your spa with
polyhexamethylene biguaride Biguanide, PHMB,
(Baquaspa).leave the spa unattended while the
cover and the exterior panels are not in place.
Filling Re-Filling yoUR neW
lAgUnA BAy spA With WAteR
when you are certain the drain valve is closed,
the slice valves are locked in the up position
and the unionshave been hand tightened, remove
the floating weir, skimmer basket and filters
from the filtration Canisterof your new laguna
Bay spa. Place a garden hose into the empty
filtration canister. water will begin
fillingthe spa from footwell inside the spa.
filling the spa in this manner will allow the
pump to partially prime.allow water to continue
filling the spa until the water level is
approximately 4 inches over the
filtrationcanister area of the spa. Remove the
garden hose and replace the filter, skimmer
basket and floating weir.Check for leaks inside
the cabinet of the spa, especially at the unions
for plumbing and heaters and handtighten if
necessary. Be sure slice valves are locked in
the open position.
over filling your spa will not allow room for
water to displace when people enter the spa and
will cause waterto overflow. under filling the
spa will not allow the water to flow properly
through the water lines andpumps causing a
potential air lock or damage to the pumps and
heater. damage that occurs because ofimproper
water levels is not covered under the
manufacturers warranty.
each time you fill your spa, it is a good idea to
check the condition of the locks on the slice
valves to ensurethey have not become damaged.
at the same time you should check to be sure that
all plumbing unions arehand tightened. you
should not replace the spa cabinet unitl the spa
has been filled and power has beenapplied. the
cabinet should only be replaced after you are
sure all the pumps and jets are in proper
workingorder. If you decide to replace the
screws on the cabinet, they should be replaced
only with stainless steelscrews which will not
The slice valves located alongthe plumbing lines
near the
Slice Valve
locked in the up C
During normal operation, the slice valves
shouldbe locked in the up position. If your spa
requiresservice, the slice valves can be closed
to seal theplumbing and keep the water in the
spa. If youhave low or no water flow, check to
be sure theslice valves are locked in the up
position. The
Plumbing Unions
valve will not stay in the up position without
thelock the force of the pump will pull the
valves intothe closed position if the locks are
not in place.
Filling Your Spa
Navigating the Hardware
Side View of Pump
S immer FilterHousing
Slice Valve
e F V e
Plumbing Line In
Bleeding the Pump
The pumps on your new Laguna Bay Spaare designed
to pump water, not air. If airis in the
plumbing lines when the pumpsare powered on, the
pumps will lock andfail to operate properly.
You should
Floating Weir
Skimmer Basket
immediately power off the pumps to avoiddamaging
your spa.
Below located inlter
To bleed air from the pump, open the bleedvalve
on the front of the pump by turningthe valve
stem in a counter clockwise
Acrylic housing below
Surface acrylic surfac
direction. If you use vice grips, be carefulnot
to break the stem off the valve. Waterwill
trickle from the valve after the all theair has
been released. When water tricklesfrom the
valve, turn the valve stem in aclockwise
direction to tighten and closethe Bleed Valve.
Filling the Spa
Do not put the water hose
inside the acrylic when lling the spa.
Turn the skimmer basket clockwise until it
stops.Remove the lter basket and lter housing.
Put thewater hose into the lter housing. The
You should consider bleeding the air fromthe
pumps prior to powering on the GFCIeach time you
fill your spa. Making sure airis released from
the plumbing lines beforethey are powered on
will ensure the pumpsoperate properly and will
prolong the lifeof the spa.
plumbing lines will ll with water from the
bottommoving upward. Water will begin entering
the spathrough the suction valves and jets into
the footwell.As the level rises, water will
enter through the lowestjets to the upper jets.
When the water level is 4" abovethe lter
housing, remove the hose. Replace the lterand
skimmer basket into the lter housing. Lock
inplace by turning counter clockwise until it
Front of
Front Vewpof Pump
Plumbing Line
Filling the spa in this manner allows the
plumbinglines to ll with water greatly reducing
the risk ofdeveloping an air lock in the pumps.
If water surgesor if you hear a hum when the
pump is turned on,there is an air lock in the
Bleed Valve Thumb Screw
Immediately turn the pump o to avoid damaging
spaand bleed the air from the pump.
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Filling Your Spa
Navigating the Hardware
Understanding the diverter valves
Customizing the force of power in the seating
your new laguna Bay spa was designed to allow
customization of your spa experience. By
controlling the flowof the water through the
pumps to the jets you will be able to move water
from one area of the spa to anotherand back
again. you will also be able to control the flow
of the water as it is forced through the jets.
the airvalves, located along the acrylic surface
on the top of the spa, increase and decrease the
air flow as they arerotated between the "open"
and "closed" positions. Increasing the air flow
by opening the air valves will allow airto be
forced into the spa creating "bubbles" and
increase the intensity of your spa experience.
decreasing the airflow by closing the air valves
will provide a more relaxing spa experience. the
flow can be wide open, completelyclosed, or
anywhere you choose in between. there are built
in "stops" which limit the rotation of the
valve. do not force the valve past the stop
point. it will break the valve and damage the
iMpoRtAnt inFoRMAtion ABoUt heAting yoUR spA
When the heater is on, the red light on top of
the heating unit will also be on.the actual
water temperature will be displayed on the
topside controls.
the high and low water temperatures are preset by
the manufacturer. the low temperature is
56ºf.the high temperature is 104ºf.
setting the thermostat to a higher temperature
will not cause the water to heat faster. It will
result in a higher water temperature.
the heater operates until the actural water
temperature is within 3ºf of thetemperature that
isprogrammed and locked into the thermostat,
then it will automatically shut off.the heater
will reactivate when the water temperature drops
within 3ºf below the temperatureprogrammed and
locked into the thermostat.
the spa is equipped with a state of the art
components. Because the spa is equipped with a
highlyadvanced heater and is designed for
maximum energey effieiency, each time you exti
the spa, you shouldreduce the programmed
during warm weather, or in very warm climates,
you should lower the programmed
temperaturesetting to just below you average
forecast high temperature. for example, if your
average weeklyforecast high is 88ºf, you should
set reduce your temperature setting to 86º or
below. when you areready to use your spa,
increase the temperature to the desired setting
about 30 minutes prior to the 110v spa
models, the pump is a single speed pump.
in the 220v electrical configuration, the heater
does work simultaneously with the pump on
highspeed. when the heating unit turns on, the
pumps will only operate on low speed.Repeatedly
touching the pump button to override the pre
programmed settings and attempting toturn the
pumps on high speed the while the spa is heating
will not turn the pumps on high speed. It
willinstead trip the GfCI, the main breaker and
has the potential to damage the spa. damage
caused tothe spa attempting to override the
programmed settings with the pump button is not
covered under themanufacturers warranty.
getting to know the topside Controls
the control pad on your spa will vary depending
on the model you purchased.
your laguna Bay spa was created to be one of the
most user friendly spas available in the
marketplace. untilnow, most spa controls
offered some choices but they forced users into
an either/or choice. the settings limiteduse
and conserving energy made some spa functions non
existent. laguna Bay spas are manufactured so
you canuse your spa the way you want to, when
you want to. since each button controls one
thing, and only one thing,you can choose what
the spa does and when it does it simply by
pressing the correct button.once the spa is
filled, the electrician has installed the GfCI
from your main power supply and has connected
thewires to the spa pack, reattach the panel
door on the spa pack. don reattach the cabinet
panel just yet. turnGfCI into the "on" or
"Reset" position. the instructions for your
topside controls will vary depending uponwhich
laguna Bay spa you purchased. Please refer to
the set of instructions matching the topside
controls onyour spa.
Water Chemistry
It is imperative to have clean, clear, water.
water maintenance will vary depending on many
things suchas quality of your water, how
frequently you use your spa, and how many people
use the spa. thefundamental things to consider
when it comes to maintaining the water in your
spa are filtration,sanitation, and proper
balance of chemicals and pH. following a
regular schedule will help you achieveacceptable
water sanitation along with proper levels of
total alkalinity and Calcium hardness. It
isimportant to remember that bacteria and
viruses grow quickly in water that is not
properly maintained.It is your responsibility to
keep your water in proper balance to not only for
proper sanitation, but also forminimal buildup
of deposits and to prolong the life of the spa.
Basic Chemical safety
when using chemicals, read the labels and follow
the directions. Chemicals are designed to
protect youand your spa they can be hazardous if
not handled correctly.
Wait until the water temperature has reached a
minimum of 80ºf before adding chemicals
Wash your hands after handling chemicals. In
case of accidental contact, follow the
emergencyadvice on the product label.
keep chemicals in their original container.
Allow a responsible person to handle spa
chemicals.keep chemicals away from children and
handle all containers with care.
store chemicals in a cool, dry, well ventilated
place.keep chemical containers closed when not
in use.prooperly Replace caps on their
if a doctor is needed, take chemical containers
withyou to the hospital so the substances can be
Add chemicals to water temperatures below
80ºfstore chemicals in the spa cabinet.
Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up chemical
spills.Allow anyone in the spa while adding
chemicals.inhale fumes or allow chemicals to
come in contactwith your eyes, nose or mouth.
Use chlorine tablets (trichlor) in your spa. It
can be extremely corrosive. damage caused by use
of tri-chlor is not covered under the
manufacturers warranty.
store Chemicals in extreme temperatures or bright
let chemicals get on surrounding surfaces or
sMoke ARoUnd CheMiCAls. some fumes are highly
Use swimming pool chemicals, muratic acid or
household bleach in your spa.
Manufacturer recommended replacement chemicals
can be ordered from laguna Bay spas. to place
an order visit and click on the link for "spa
All spA CheMiCAls MUst Be Added diReCtly into the
CoMpARtMent While the pRiMARy pUMp is RUnning FoR
A MiniMUM oFten MinUtes With the CoveR oFF the
spA. do not leAve the spAUnAttended While the
spA is UnCoveRed.
one of the biggest reasons service is needed on
spas is because the water chemistry is
not balanced. too many chemicals will cause
deterioration of many of the components in the
water can accumulate impurities that can impair
the performance or even damage the filtration
system ifchemical balance is not maintained.
water can become unhealthy if chemicals are not
used to sanitizewater. Improper pH or calcium
levels can lead to corrosion and scale build up
on integral spacomponents.
Water Chemistry
the following guidelines have been established by
the association of Pool and spa Professionals
7.4 to 7.6
Free Chlorine
3.0 to 4.0 ppm
Free Bromine
2.0 to 4.0 ppm
Total Alkalinity
100 to 120 ppm
Calcium Hardness
150 to 250 ppm
Adding Chemicals to Water
it is important to add chemicals only after the
water temperature has reached 80ºF toprevent
damage to the acrylic surface.
fold back the cover. never leave the spa
unattended while the spa cover is not in place.
Remove the filterbasket assembly (see page 17
for instructions). Press the Primary Pump
button twice to turn the pump onhigh. Carefully
measure the recommended amount of chemical in
accordance with the instructions onthe label.
add chemicals through the filtration canister
with the primary pump on high speed,
allowingwater to circulate for a minimum of ten
minutes with the spa cover off. never leave the
spa unattendedwhen the cover is off. use care
not to splash chemicals onto your hands, into
your eyes, onto the spa
cabinet, or on the acrylic surface of the spa.
Replace the lid onto the chemical container.
after tenminutes, reduce the primary pump speed
to low and close and lock the cover.
WARning high levels oF sAnitiZeR CAn CAUse
disCoMFoRt to eyes,lUngs And skin. AlWAys AlloW
sAnitiZeR levels to FAll to theReCoMMended
levels BeFoRe Using the spA.
each step in this water maintenance program is
dependent of the previous steps.
omission of a step, or failing to reach the
recommended range may cause an imbalancein water
chemistry. Unbalanced water may lead to damage
to the spa and its componentsand discomfort for
spa users. damage to the spa caused by improper
water chemistry isnot covered under the
manufacturers warranty.
to measure the quality of your spas water,
immerse the test strip in water, following the
instructions onthe test strip. do not touCH tHe
test stRIP wItH youR fInGeRs as It May affeCttHe
outCoMe of tHe test Result. Compare the test
strip and the label to determine thecondition of
the spa water.
step 1.) Balancing total Alkalinity (tA)
the recommended total alkalinity for your spa is
between 125 and 150 ppm. the total alkalinity is
ameasure of the total levels of carbonates,
bicarbonates, hydroxides and other alkaline
substances in thewater. ta is referred to as
the waters "pH buffer". It is a measure ot the
waters ability to resist changesin the pH
level. If the ta is too low, the pH level will
fluctuate from high to low. fluctuations in pH
cancause corrosion or scaling of the spa
components. low total Alkalinity can be corrected
byadding sodium hydrogen carbonate
(ph/Alkalinity Up).
step 2.) Balancing Calcium hardness (Ch)
the recommended calcium hardness (CH) level for
your spa is 150-200 ppm. Calcium Hardness is a
measurement of the total amount of dissolved
calcium in the water. Calcium helps control the
corrosivenature of the spas water.
Calcium-low water (commonly known as "soft"
water) is not recommended. Itis hightly
corrosive to the spa and the spa components and
can cause staining of the spa shell. If the
CHis too high (commonly known as
"hard"water),formation of scale on the spa and
the spa components canresult. Ch can be
decreased by dilution - a mixture of 75 "hard"
water and 25 "soft"water will usually yield a
reading of the correct range. If "soft" water
is not available or
practical for you, a stain and scale inhibitor
should be added to the water, according to the
instructions. If CH is too low, add a CH
increaser. once the CH is balanced, it normally
remains stable.adding more water with a low or
high calcium content will raise or lower the CH
reading of the water.when the Calcium Hardness
is within recommended range, proceed to the next
Water Chemistry
step 3.) Balancing the ph
It is imperative to have a slightily alkaline pH
level for your spa water between 7.4 - 7.6.
Problems becomeproportionately severe the
further outside the range the water gets. the pH
level is the measure of theacidity and the
alkalinity. Values above 7 are alkaline those
below 7 are acidic. Maintaining proper pHlevel
is extremely important for optimizing the
effectiveness of sanitizer, maintaining water
the iscomfortable for the user, and preventing
equipment deterioration.
If the spa waters pH level is too low, the
sanitizer will dissipate rapidly, the water may
become irritating tousers, and the spas
equipment may corrode. if the ph is too low, it
can be increased by addingsodium hydrogen
carbonate (ph/Alkalinity Up to the spa water.
If the pH level is too high, the sanitizer is
less effective, scale may form on the spa and the
spa components,the water may become cloudy and
filter cartridge pores will become clogged and
obstructed. if the ph istoo high, it can be
decreased by adding sodium bisulfate
(ph/Alkalinity down) to the spawater.
after adding sodium hydrogen carbonate or sodium
bisulfate, WAit tWo hoURs before testing
thewaters pH levels again. Measurements taken
too soon may not be accurate. It is important to
check thepH level on a weekly basis. the pH
will be affected by the bather load, the addition
of new water, theaddition of chemicals and the
type of sanitizer used. when the pH is within
the recommended range,proceed to the final step.
step 4.) Maintaining the sanitizer levels
sanitizer is extremely important for killing
algae, bacteria and viruses and preventing
unwanted organismsfrom growing in the spa. at
the same time, you dont want too high a
sanitizer level since it may causeirritation to
the skin, lungs and eyes. always maintain the
sanitizer level in your spa at the
recommendedlevel for each type of sanitizer.
to keep sanitizer levels in the desired range you
should check the bromine, shock, and pH levels
levelbefore each use and no less than twice each
week even if the spa is not in use.
do not use tri-chlor chlorine, bromo-chlor-dimethy
l-hydantoin (BCdMh) or any type ofcompressed
bromine or chlorine, acid or any sanitizer not
recommended by laguna Bayspas.
heavy Cleaning or decontamination
on occasion, it may be necessary to "super
sanitize" your spa. If algae develops, simply
draining and
refilling the spa will not kill the algae. It
will be necessary for you to decontaminate the
spa before it is
refilled. during the decontamination process,
excessive chemical vapors are produced. Keep
children andpets away from the spa. wear gloves
and a protective mask during the decontamination
process. Removethe spa cover, all pillows from
the spa and protect the plastic valves. If your
spa is indoors, open thewindows and doors. use
a fan to circulate the air and force the vapors
out of the room.Remove the filter basket
assembly and filter (see page 17 for
instructions). Before adding chemicals,
makesure all pumps are operable. Check to be
sure all jets and air valves are open. Be
certain the divertervalves are in the center
position allowing even circulation through all
sections of the spa.with all pumps on low
speed, add 2.5 ounces of sodium dichlor for
every 100 gallons of water in the spa.for
example, if there are 400 gallons of water in
your spa, add 10 ounces of sodium dichlor.
after all thesodium di-Chlor has been added turn
all pumps on their highest speed and allow the
water to circulate forone hour. do not replace
the cover over the spa during decontamination.
never leave the spaunattended while it is
after allowing the spa to run for one hour, press
the safety start button and turn off the spa.
turn the
GfCI off and drain the spa. follow the
procedure to refill the spa (instructions begin
on page 16) and
begin add chemicals as needed for proper water
chemistry. a new filter should be used each time
you drainand refill your spa.
Water Chemistry
Common sense Water Chemistry
Chemicals are added to your water for your
safety. without chemicals, the warm water in
your spa is theperfect environment for germs,
bacteria and other living organisms. Chemicals
added to your spa waterare utilized as they
destroy the bacteria from dead skin cells, sweat
and other body fluids. Consistentaddition of
sanitizers kept at constant levels keep your
water clear and safe to use.
the water in your laguna Bay spa and your filter
should be replaced every 3 months.
what is required to maintain proper water
chemistry is different in every spa and for every
spa user. yourwater chemistry changes
constantly requiring you make to adjustments.
when its warm outside,chemicals evaporate
faster than when the weather is cold. using the
spa once a day will require morechemicals than
using the spa once a week. what it takes to
balance your water chemistry in January willbe
different than what it takes in July. the major
considerations in water chemistry are the
number of gallons of water in the spa
the number of people using the spa
the number of hours the spa is being used
In short, more water used by more people for more
hours means more chemicals. whether you use
thespa or not, you should test your water twice
a week. Regularly testing water allows you to
makeadjustments before levels are out of
control. when it comes to chemicals, more is not
better. addingchemicals changes the pH, changes
in the pH changes the way the chemicals react.
the addition of toomany chemicals makes the
problem worse making your only option to drain
the spa and start over.
When adding chemicals, always read and follow the
instructions on the label.Always verify that
before use that additives will not have an
adverse effect. never change sanitizers without
first draining the spa.
afteR addInG sHoCK to youR sPa, leaVe tHe CoVeR
oPen foR a MInIMuM of
20 MInutes to allow tHe oXIdIZeR Gas to Vent.
never leave the spa unattendedwhile it is
ozone generators
your spa may have come with an optional ozonator
which will do a good job at killing bacteria and
oxygenating water, but it will not sanitize the
water. you must use bromine in tandem with the
ozonegenerator. the ozone generator is designed
to make chemicals more efficient and water
chemistrymaintenance easier. ozone is a gas
that oxidizes contaminants and disinfects
bacteria. the ozonegenerator injects ozone
while the water is in the plumbing before it
comes through the jets and into thespa.
Chlorine generators
your spa may have come with an optional salt
system, also known as a chlorine generator. this
system isdesigned to maintain water chemistry by
converting salt into the sanitizer without the
use of bromine andshock. since the system does
not create any residual chlorine, water testing
will not provide an accurateassessment of
sanitation levels. test strips should be used to
maintain adequate levels of alkalinity, pH
andwater hardness.
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