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phlebotomy technician certification


phlebotomy technician certification – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: phlebotomy technician certification

Phlebotomy Technician Certification
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  • Phlebotomy is the art of drawing blood for the
    purpose of laboratory testing and analysis. A
    person that practices phlebotomy is also known as
    a phlebotomist. Starting a career as a
    phlebotomist is the perfect choice for someone
    who wants to get into the healthcare field.
    Further responsibilities of a phlebotomy
    technician besides drawing blood include storing,
    tracking, and disposing of blood specimens.

  • While not a requirement in some states, it is
    recommended to become certified. Becoming
    certified involves passing the phlebotomy
    certification exam from an accredited
    program.This will adequately prepare you with the
    skills necessary to pursue a career in
    phlebotomy, and also give you the upper hand when
    searching for a job at a medical facility.

  • The exam is straight forward and the questions
    are based on both general knowledge and practice.
    It covers areas ranging from basic anatomy,
    interaction with patients, standard blood
    collection precautions, and various blood
    collection methods and techniques.

  • Here are some helpful tips to make sure you
    succeed at passing the exam and earn your
    phlebotomy technician certification.
  • 1. Prepare and organize your notes. Keep them in
    the proper order so they are easy to reference.
    Write down main points and train your mind to
    remember what they relate to.
  • 2. Check with your instructor about which
    material you should focus and concentrate on the

  • 3. If you have the extra income, invest in an
    additional study guide or book. Try the library
    if your funds are low. Use this book to focus on
    the technical and theoretical aspects of
  • 4. Run through a mock drawing, or volunteer at a
    clinic to practice the actual skills of drawing
    blood. Blood drives are a great place to go as
    they are usually looking for volunteers to help

  • 5. Use other websites such as YouTube to monitor
    other people performing venipunctures. This will
    help with visualizing the procedure and help your
    mind recall the proper steps for effectively.

  • 6. Search online for a good practice exam. Take a
    mock exam and see how you do. Focus on the areas
    you are not strong in. Prepare an area in your
    home that is quiet and similar to the area where
    you will be taking the exam. Keep track of how
    much time you take on each part so you can better
    manage your time when taking the actual exam.

Phlebotomy Technician Certification
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