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Cost Of Dental Implants


[Cost Of Dental Implants] Your decision on whether dental implant is the right solution for you often hinges on understanding the cost of dental implants as well as several important factors such as the advantages of dental implants over other dental procedures and the success rate. This video outlines and goes through how you can go about taking the various important factors into consideration before you decide whether dental implants is for your dental condition. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cost Of Dental Implants

Cost Of Dental Implants
Dental Implants Cost Versus Convenience
  • The cost of dental implants is certainly an
    important factor to consider when weighing your
    dental work options. 
  • However, this knowledge should include factors
    such as the advantages of dental implants over
    other dental procedures, the success rate of an
    average dental implant

and the convenience of having a permanent
solution to your dental problems.  With a
working understanding of these factors, you are
more assured in deciding whether or not a dental
implant is the right solution for you.
What Exactly is a Dental Implant?
  • Simply put, a dental implant is an artificial
    root that takes the place of a missing natural
    root in your jaw.  
  • The implant is typically made of titanium and
    forms a base for the connection of

either a single artificial tooth or a permanent
bridge that replaces an entire section of your
teeth.  The implant eventually fuses to the bone
of your jaw and, as such, it is designed as a
long-term solution to dental problems.
Advantages of Dental Implants Versus Other
  • There are many advantages to getting dental
    implants rather than various other procedures
    such as using dentures or a fixed bridge. 
  • Take these into careful consideration as you
    weigh the cost of dental implants against your
Advantages of Dental Implants Versus Other
  • ComfortDental implants feel and perform just
    like real teeth.   As such, there are never any
    cumbersome pieces of the implants that interfere
    with your oral comfort.  

Dentures, in contrast, can slide around in your
mouth and often make even the simple act of
chewing food unnecessarily difficult.  
Additionally, there are never any worries of
speech problems as a result of loose-fitting or
cumbersome dental work when you are using dental
Advantages of Dental Implants Versus Other
  • Appearance and ConfidenceDue to the fact that
    dental implants look and feel completely natural,
    your confidence is never impaired. 
  • You can always speak and smile without a

single fear of anyone knowing that you have had
any sort of dental work, and your dentist even
takes great care to ensure that your new teeth
perfectly match the color of your old teeth so
that nothing appears out of the ordinary.   Your
smile always looks great and you never have to
worry about slurring your words because of a
loose-fitting denture getting in the way.
Advantages of Dental Implants Versus Other
  • Oral HealthDental implants do not require any
    sort of reduction or alteration to surrounding
  • As a result, your long-term oral health is
    dramatically improved in comparison to other
    dental procedures.  They also help to reduce bone
    loss and gum recession that often occurs with
    other dental procedures.
Advantages of Dental Implants Versus Other
  • Reliability and DurabilityDental implants are
    largely considered extremely reliable.  In fact,
    implants that are properly cared for often last a
  • At the very least, you are sure to get several
    years of use out of implants so long as you
    maintain a habit of consistently practicing good
    oral hygiene.
Advantages of Dental Implants Versus Other
  • ConvenienceUnlike other dental procedures,
    there are not any inconvenient or annoying
    special care instructions involved with dental
    implants once they have properly

healed.  The implants are cleaned and
maintained in the same manner as you would clean
your normal teeth.   Additionally, there are no
worries of misplaced dentures, annoying gels and
pastes or the embarrassment of ever having
someone catch you without your teeth.
Success Rate for Dental Implants
  • The success rate of dental implantation is
    incredibly high.  Figures typically range from 91
    percent to 98 percent depending on what area of
    your mouth the implant is placed in. 
  • This is an extremely important piece of
    information to keep in mind when considering the
    cost of dental implants.
What Factors Influence the Cost of Dental
  • Generally speaking, it is safe to assume that an
    implant costs anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000
    per tooth. 

However, a variety of factors ultimately
influences the overall price.  Keep these factors
in mind for general interest, but you should
schedule a professional consultation for a much
clearer picture of the final cost of your
particular needs.
What Factors Influence the Cost of Dental
  • Availability of InsuranceFortunately, there are
    several insurance companies with plans that help
    to cover some portion of the cost, which

often makes dental implants much more affordable
than otherwise.  Check with your insurance
company to get the particular details of your
individual plan in regards to this matter.
What Factors Influence the Cost of Dental
  • How Many Teeth Need ReplacedWhile this aspect
    seems obvious at first glance, it is still
    important to take into consideration. 

The cost of dental implants sometimes varies
dramatically based on the amount of work needed. 
A full mouth implantation, for instance, can
require several different visits and is therefore
a more costly process when considered on a
per-tooth basis.
What Factors Influence the Cost of Dental
  • Type of Implant and MaterialThere are different
    varieties of implants that are commonly used
    depending on your particular needs.  

The different types require different procedures
and are consequently attached to different price
tags.  Additionally, there are typically multiple
options available between materials used in
implantation.  Higher grade materials generally
come at a higher cost.
What Factors Influence the Cost of Dental
  • Financing ProgramsMany dentists offer financing
    programs that may affect the cost of dental
  • Such programs may be exceptionally convenient if
    your insurance does not provide coverage for the
    procedure.  Contact your dentist for more
    information on what sort of programs he may
What Factors Influence the Cost of Dental
  • Which Dentist is UsedDue to the fact that we
    live in a free market economy, there is obviously
    room for varying prices between dentists. 

Shop around if you think you can find a better
deal, but remember to never sacrifice for quality
with your dental work.  A highly skilled dentist
is likely to cost a bit more for a good reason.
Single Implant Versus Full Mouth
  • The biggest difference between single implants
    and full mouth implants is the amount of work
    required for each.
  • A competent dentist can likely complete a single
    tooth implant in a single visit, often within an
    hour. Full mouth implants, on the other hand, can
    take up to nine months to fully implement.
Single Implant Versus Full Mouth
  • Additionally, a single implant requires only a
    single artificial tooth on one artificial root. 
  • Whereas a full mouth implantation usually
    requires between four and six artificial roots
    per jaw that ultimately attach to a permanent
    bridge.  A temporary bridge is often used until
    the artificial roots heal.   At that time, a
    second visit is necessary to attach the permanent
How Painful are Dental Implants?
  • Perhaps surprisingly, the vast majority of dental
    implant patients report that there is little to
    no pain involved with the procedure.  

In fact, most patients even say that the surgery
is less painful than a typical tooth extraction.
  It is usually only necessary to use a local
anesthesia during the actual surgery itself, and
even the healing process is relatively painless.
How Painful are Dental Implants?
  • Though rare circumstances present themselves, if
    any pain is present after the procedure it is
    generally easy enough to care for with
    over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol or

You are typically a good candidate for dental
implants so long as you have good general oral
health and your bones are no longer growing. This
means that it is impossible for a growing child
to receive a dental implant, but virtually
everyone else is a likely candidate.
Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?
  • Of course, the best candidate practices
    exceptional oral hygiene and displays no signs of
    gum disease. 

Healthy bone structure that is strong enough and
thick enough to sufficiently support the implants
in your jaw is also very desirable.
Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?
  • Some existing medical conditions such as diabetes
    or high blood pressure may potentially present a
    problem, but you can usually even overcome these
    conditions without worry.  
  • Similarly, gum disease is a common problem, but
    is usually not an insurmountable one.
Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?
  • Smoking certainly lowers the success rate of
    dental implants, and it is always strongly
    recommended that you refrain from smoking during
    the entire healing process. 

However, it is still entirely possible to enjoy a
successful dental implant even if you are unable
to avoid cigarettes.
Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?
  • Bone loss is sometimes a serious hurdle toward
    your goal of receiving dental implants, though
    even this is rarely a deciding factor any more. 
  • With recent advanced technology in scanning
    compounded with such

things as the ability to graft bone or tissue,
virtually anyone can receive a dental implant.
Consult your dentist for a better idea of your
potential candidacy.  There are many options
available, and there is likely one that is right
for you no matter what your dental needs may be.
Other Possible Necessary Procedures
  • Sinus AugmentationIn situations where bone
    quality is in question in the upper jaw, sinus
    augmentation is sometimes necessary. 

Your dentist may undertake the process in a
couple different ways, but the general aim is to
raise the floor of your sinuses and then
stimulate bone growth so that there is a stronger
and more reliable support for your dental
implants.  Bone grafts are often used in this
procedure and are either procured from your
existing bone, from a tissue bank or are
substituted with synthetic materials.
Other Possible Necessary Procedures
  • Ridge ModificationThere is occasionally not
    enough bone in the lower jaw for a dental implant
    because of either a deformity or the natural
    receding of bone that occurs after a tooth is
  • When such a case presents itself, a ridge
    modification surgery is probably necessary.  This
    is a relatively simple surgery that involves a
    small incision in the gums at the afflicted site,
    followed by a grafting of bone material to build
    up the base until the problem is corrected.
Other Possible Necessary Procedures
  • Neither of these procedures is particularly
    difficult.  In fact, your dentist can often
    perform a ridge modification during the same
    visit as your dental implantation.  
  • This decision, however, is best left entirely at
    your dentists discretion.
Are Dental Implants Worth It?
  • The cost of dental implants can definitely seem
    high at first glance.  The benefits of receiving
    a dental implant, however, are numerous and
    virtually priceless. Implants present a solution
    to dental problems that is reliable, durable,
    convenient and aesthetically pleasing.
Are Dental Implants Worth It?
  • As long as you practice good oral hygiene after
    the implantation, you are likely to enjoy your
    new teeth for several years to come, if not for
    the entirety of your

lifetime.  Over 90 percent of individuals who
have received dental implants still retain them
after 10 years of use.   With this in
consideration, it is easy to look at the cost of
dental implants as an investment.
Are Dental Implants Worth It?
  • Another thing to take into consideration is the
    sheer convenience of dental implants versus other

You never have to worry about any sort of special
maintenance outside of your normal oral hygiene
practices such as brushing, flossing and regular
dental check-ups.  There are no messy gels or
misplaced dentures to cause you any sort of
Are Dental Implants Worth It?
  • You can eat with confidence, knowing that your
    teeth will never slip out of place, and you can
    smile without fear of displaying an embarrassing
    dental problem that is obvious to anyone.
Are Dental Implants Worth It?
  • The cost of dental implants shies in comparison
    to the years of satisfaction that they bring. 
  • Whether you have one missing tooth or need an
    entire set of new teeth, dental implants are sure
    to give you several years of practical enjoyment
    that you will never regret.
Cost Of Dental Implants
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