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Some old, some new, all great reads


Harry Potter and. The Half-Blood Prince. By J. K. Rowling. This is the 6th and maybe ... All the Harry Potter books are available in the Grange library. By Avi ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Some old, some new, all great reads

Some old, some new, all great reads!!!!

By J. K. Rowling This is the 6th and maybe the be
st so far. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore
fight the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. The
suspense is great and the ending is unlike
anything you might have expected!
All the Harry Potter books are available in the
Grange library
  • By Avi
  • Crispin, a poor villager in medieval England is
    declared a wolfs head, able to be killed by
    anyone on sight. Why he is been chased by
    powerful men is a mystery, but he must flee
    England if he is to live.

  • by Beverly Cleary
  • Leigh Botts is a 14-year old boy who is going
    through a tough time. His parents are divorced
    and his father is on the road as a long-haul
    trucker. Then he finds a dog abandoned on the
    beach and his life changes.

by Gary Paulsen
  • In the year 2057, the USA has been torn apart by
    civil wars and is controlled by the CCR. People
    not a part of the CCR are treated as slaves and
    kept in prisons or concentration camps. A small
    band of patriots are fighting to return the USA
    to a democracy. One of the leaders is the White

  • by Richard Peck

Mary Alice is leaving her home in Chicago to
spend a year with Grandma Dowdel in her tiny town
in Southern Illinois during the recession.
Grandma Dowdel is one of those relatives you
dont tell your friends about. She has a shotgun
and isnt afraid to use it, spiked the punch at
the Daughters of the American Revolution social
with whiskey, and had a big snake in the attic to
eat any birds that might find their way under the
  • by Lois Duncan
  • Mark wants revenge on his old English teacher so
    he gets some friends together and they kidnap
    him. Susan finds out they left Mr. Griffin in
    the mountains overnight and gets her boyfriend to
    help to free him. Its too late, Mr. Griffin is

Redwall books we have are The Great Redwall
Feast, Mattimeo, The Bellmaker, Martin the
Warrior, The Long Patrol, and Triss.
  • by Brian Jacques
  • If you ever thought mice were wimps, read the
    Redwall books. In this book, the badger lord
    Urthstripe defends his mountain home against the
    weasel Ferhago and his band of killers.


by Gail Levine When Ella is born she is given the
gift of obedience. That means she must do
whatever anybody tells her to do. Instead of a
gift, it is a curse that makes her whole life
miserable, especially after two nasty sisters
learn her secret. To break the curse she must
run away to find the fairy who first gave it to
her and in the process, she finds her true love.
Other great books by Levine are Dave at Night,
The two Princesses of Bamarre, and The Wish
  • By T.A. Barron
  • Merlin, the magician who supported King Arthur
    and the Knights of the Round Table. This is his
    story in three books, the first about him as a
    young man in The Lost Years of Merlin.

Our library has The Mirror of Merlin and The
Seven Songs of Merlin to complete this trilogy.
  • by Patricia Reilly Giff
  • Without potatoes we will starve to death Those
    are the words of Granny Mallon in Norys head
    when she sees the field of rotting potatoes
    during the Irish Potato Famine.

We also have A Picture of Hollis Woods and the
Newbery Honor book Lilys Crossing by Patrician
  • By Sharon Creech
  • Twins, Dallas and Florida, have spent their life
    in a terrible orphanage. Then one day their
    lives are changed when an eccentric couple
    invites them to share their home in Rudy Holler.
    Not only that but each twin will go on a trip to
    an exotic place. Only the bad guys are in the
    way. Lots of pages but once you get started,
    its hard to put this book down.

Books by Creech in our library are Bloomability,
Granny Torrelli makes Soup, Love that Dog,
Pleasing the Ghost, Walk Two Moons and The
  • By Sid Fleischman
  • Young and newly orphaned, Annyrose rides off with
    Joaquin Murieta, Three-Fingers Jack and a whole
    outlaw gang. They rob, murder, and search for
    the Yankees who made them outlaws.

We have other great books by Fleischman such as
The Abracadabra Kid, Jim Ugly, McBroom Tells the
Truth, and The Whipping Boy (A Newbery Honors
  • Stephanie S. Tolan
  • Jake is a budding juvenile delinquent with a
    purple mohawk and a string of foster homes that
    couldnt handle him. Then he is placed with the
    artsy and eccentric Applewhites. At the Creative
    Academy he discovers hidden talents and
    interests. An easy to read and enjoyable book.

We also have Whos There? A great suspense
  • By Jerry Spinelli
  • After his parents die, Jeffrey Lionel Magees
    life becomes legendary. He accomplishes athletic
    and other feats which awe his friends and
    enemies. This is an older book but with a still
    relevant message about friendship and relations.

Also by Spinelli are Crash, Knots in my Yo-Yo
String, Loser, Space Station, Stargirl, Theres a
Girl in my Hammerlock, and Wringer
  • London, in World War II, is being bombed daily.
    Four English school children are sent to a house
    in the country for safety. There they find a
    magic wardrobe that gives them entrance to
    Narnia. They must help Aslan, the golden lion,
    to defeat the White Witch and do away with the
    eternal winter she has cursed Narnia with.
  • By C.S. Lewis

Our library has six more of this great series
about the magical land of Narnia and the fight to
keep it magic.
  • By J.R.R. Tolkien
  • If you like adventure, death defying bravery, and
    wars between good and evil, you will love this
    book. Bilbo Baggins begins the story of the Lord
    of the Rings in this great book.

The The Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, and
Return of the King were great movies and even
better books. Checkout them out soon.
This one is a Newbery Honor book and his next
book is Flush
  • Roys latest move with his family is to a little
    Florida town. He becomes involved with another
    boy trying to save a field of burrowing owls. At
    the same time, he fights off the school bully and
    makes friends with the captain of the girls
    soccer team. A great book, funny and well
  • Hoot
  • By Carl Hiaasen

If you like this one, try Chasing the Falconers,
Island, Losing Joes Place, MacDonald Hall goes
Hollywood, This Cant be Happening, and The
Twinkie Squad.
  • By Gordon Korman
  • Eighth grade football hero, Wallace Wallace is
    sentenced to detention in the school gym during
    the rehearsals for the school play. Despite his
    dislike for the play and the director, his
    English teacher, he becomes involved in the
    production. He suggests improvements to the play
    and makes important changes to his own life at
    the same time.

  • Caroline B. Cooney
  • Imagine looking at a picture of a missing child
    and realizing it was you! This was how Janie
    Johnson found out she was kidnapped as a
    three-year old. Who were her real parents? Who
    were the people who kidnapped her and made her
    think they were her family? Spooky!

Cooney has written a series about Janie, all
written to keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • Thomas and his family move from the South to a
    little town in Ohio. There they move into a
    house said to be haunted by two escaped slaves
    who were murdered and the ghost of Dies Drear,
    who moved freed slaves North to Canada. He was
    later murdered himself and never revealed the
    secret treasure he had.

  • By Helen Hunt
  • This is the story of
  • Jethro Creighton, the
  • youngest of a family
  • living in southern Illinois
  • during the Civil War.
  • He sees hate and love,
  • bloodshed and
  • compassion, loyalty and
  • traitors.

This one is a Newbery Honor book and his next
book is Flush
  • Roys latest move with his family is to a little
    Florida town. He becomes involved with another
    boy trying to save a field of burrowing owls. At
    the same time, he fights off the school bully and
    makes friends with the captain of the girls
    soccer team. A great book, funny and well
  • Hoot
  • By Carl Hiaasen

  • By Jack London
  • During the Alaskan Gold
  • Rush, a dog named
  • Buck is stolen and sent
  • to the cold Klondike.
  • There he must fight to
  • survive as a sled dog in
  • a savage environment.

  • by Avi
  • Jonathons brother is with
  • the patriot army during the
  • Revolutionary War. He
  • hears a great commotion
  • and goes to see whats
  • going on and ends up
  • fighting the British at
  • Lexington and Concord.
  • War is not what he thought
  • it was.

  • By Mildred D. Taylor
  • In the 1930s, during
  • the depression, an
  • African American girl
  • named Cassie learns
  • about racism and
  • injustice.

  • By Tony Abbott
  • Eric, Julie, and Neal, a trio of best friends
    from our world stumble upon the magical world of
    Droon, a realm populated by wizards and
    sorcerers, helpful pillow-shaped folks called
    Purple Lumpies, fleet six-legged beasts called
    pilkas, and such strange landscapes as invisible
    cities, volcano palaces, vanishing islands, and
    castles under the sea. Easy reading.
  • .

ey Who is the greatest, most hilarious superhero
in the history of school?  What elastic-waist
adventurer fights for "Truth, Justice and all
that is Pre-shrunk and Cottony" and can "leap
tall building without getting a wedgie"? Who
battles evil villains with names like Professor
Poopypants and the Wicked Wedgie Woman? Who's
motto is "Never underestimate the power of
underwear"? That's right, it's Captain

  • By Roald Dahl
  • The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) kidnaps Sophie from
    her bed in the orphanage and takes her back to
    Giantland to keep her from telling others she had
    seen a giant. While the other giants spend their
    nights eating human beans, the BFG catches
    dreams to blow into the minds of good children.
    Sophie and the BFG come up with a plan to keep
    the other giants from eating anymore human
    beans Great story

By Ann Martin
  • The books follow the adventures of a group of
    middle-school students who run the title business
    on a part-time basis. All of the members share
    notes on particular jobs and children for future
    reference. Some of the jobs are really
  • All of the main characters are about the same
    age, with the exception of junior members Mallory
    and Jessi, who are two years younger. The older
    characters were in the seventh grade when the
    club was founded and advanced to the eighth
    grade. All the adventures that could happen to a
    group of young people happen to them!

  • This is the story of Josh McBroom and his amazing
    one acre farm. He plants a crop, harvests, and
    sends it to market before lunch. He cant plant
    corn because it comes up so fast that it hits you
    in the nose. Easy read and funny!

By Sid Fleishman
  • By Lauren Brooke
  • Heartland is a horse farm nestled in the hills of
    Virginia, but its so much more than that. Its
    a place where the scars of the past can be
    healed, a place where frightened and abused
    horses learn to trust again.

  • When Danny saves an old woman from a mugger, he
    doesnt expect to tangle with the Outlaws, the
    toughest gang in school. But the mugger is the
    gang leaders brother! He heads to Alcatraz
    Island to escape but he realizes the gang has
    followed him there. With the gang stalking, he
    wonders if death is the only way out.
  • By Eve Bunting

  • By Bill Wallace
  • While everyone else thinks Garys grandpa died in
    a fishing accident, Gary doesnt. He thinks his
    grandpa was murdered because he knew the location
    of a cave containing millions of dollars in gold.
    Gary and his friend hunt the cave and
    unfortunately find it. Now they are stuck in a
    dark cave with skeletons, restless Indian spirits
    and a murder out for their blood! Will they get
    out of Death cave alive?

By Jack London
  • Half wolf, half dog, White Fang tells the story
    of the Klondike Gold Rush in his eyes. Left on
    his own as a puppy, hes taken by Indians and
    bullied by the camp dogs. Then he is sold to a
    criminal who makes him a fighting dog. Finally
    he finds a friend and learns that not all humans
    are bad.

  • This book is based on a true story about a brave
    Polish couple that hid Jacob and other children
    while the Nazis looked for them. If they had
    been caught, they would have been sent to a
    concentration camp!

By Malka Drucker
by Toby Axelrod
  • Your Jewish friends are being rounded up and sent
    to concentration camps. You have the opportunity
    to save them but at the risk of being hanged by
    the Nazis. Would you be brave enough to risk
    your life and your families lives? These teens

by Anne Schraff
  • Karl Schmidt goes to high school and lives in
    Westphalia, Ohio. He has developed a crush on a
    new girl, Rebecca. His relatives rave about
    Germanys new leader, Hitler, but Rebecca says
    Hitler wants to conquer the world. Rebecca is
    Jewish and tells Karl about German Jews being
    killed by Nazis. Who can he believe?

Stories of the Holocaust
  • A collection of short stories, memoirs, poetry,
    comic strips, and film strips. This book is
    about the experiences of so many in the death
    camps of the Nazis.

Selected by Hazel Rochman and Darlene Z.
by Jane Yolen
  • Hannah is bored. She has to spend every Jewish
    holiday with her relatives, hearing about the
    Holocaust. But when she is mysteriously sent to
    the past and ends up in a death camp, she
    realizes why the survivors must never forget.

  • When Nazi soldiers arrive in her Polish village,
    a young Jewish girl must decide how to survive.
    Marisa takes the papers of a dead Polish girl and
    goes to work for a high Nazi official, pretending
    not to be Jewish. If she is caught, she will be

Carol Matas
By Jerry Spinelli
  • He a Gypsy who lives on the streets and only
    knows his name as Stopthief. He admires the
    shiny boots and uniforms of the Nazis and wants
    to be one himself. But when he learns Nazis hate
    Gypsies as much as Jews, he realizes he wants
    just to be left alone.

  • If she could find four pebbles of almost exactly
    the same size and shape, it meant that her family
    would remain whole. They might even survive the
    Nazis attempt to destroy every last Jew in

by Lila Perl and Marion Lazan
  • 10 year old Annemarie takes her life into her own
    hands to save her neighbors from the Nazis.

by Lois Lowry
  • Anne Frank went into hiding in an attic at the
    age of 13. Two years later, she and her family
    were betrayed to the Nazis. She died in a
    concentration camp. She left behind a diary with
    the hopes and dreams of a teenage girl hiding
    from death.