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Business to Business List - Televerde


A business to business list can make or break a company’s marketing programs but maintaining the integrity of contact data is one of the most grueling things marketers have to do, especially for B2B companies. Larry Fleischman is the Director of Marketing for Televerde, a leading B2B provider of sales pipeline development. For more info, visit today. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Business to Business List - Televerde

Business to Business List
  • Why You Need to Start with Good Data

Business to Business List
  • A business to business list can make or break a
    companys marketing programs. But maintaining
    the integrity of contact data is one of the most
    grueling things marketers have to do. This is
    especially true when it comes to B2B marketing.

Business to Business List
  • The B2B relationship has special nuances.
    Managing these relationships during the sales
    process can be tricky for a number of reasons.
    For example, the sales cycle is almost always
    complicated and usually long. During this
    process, you need to nurture the lead, maintain
    consistent communication with your prospects, and
    make sure youre reaching all the right people.

Business to Business List
  • Managing leads correctly during the sales cycle
    is absolutely essential to closing deals. It
    takes considerable time, effort and marketing
    know-how. However, if your business to business
    list is off-target, you could be spinning your
    wheels. Youre not only putting new sales
    revenue at risk, but you could be adding
    unnecessary costs to your marketing programs.

Business to Business List
  • So how can you best manage your leads during the
    sales cycle? It starts at the very beginning
    with your business to business list. You must
    ensure the contacts on your list are correct
    before you begin to market to them.
  • Several elements must be checked

Business to Business List
  • Are the contacts on your list the right ones?
  • Do you have all the necessary players involved in
  • Have you properly identified each persons role
    and responsibilities?
  • Is their basic contact info, like name, title,
    e-mail, address and phone numbers all correct?
  • Have you collected other essential information to
    help facilitate the sales process? For example,
    if youre selling a technology product, do you
    know the companys current technology install

Business to Business List
  • The above information, at a minimum, is
    absolutely necessary for your business to
    business list. And since your list is the
    foundation of your B2B marketing programs, its
    critical to your overall marketing success.

Business to Business List
  • Whats the Cost of Bad Data in a Business to
    Business List?
  • A B2B list with accurate contact information can
    have a major impact on closed deals and sales
    revenues. On the flip side, bad data can cost
    you dearly. Regardless of how good your
    marketing programs are, youre wasting time,
    money and effort if your business to business
    list doesnt reach the right targets.

Business to Business List
  • According to SiriusDecisions research, the
    following represent some eye-opening findings
  • In a typical B2B company, the amount of prospect
    and customer information in their database
    doubles every 12 to 18 months.
  • Even if the data is accurate when initially
    entered, it tends to break down over time.
  • Databases contain between 10 and 25 percent of
    serious contact data errors.

Business to Business List
  • As incorrect data remains in the database, it
    becomes increasingly costly to manage.
    SiriusDecisions estimates associated costs at 1
    for record verification, 10 for record
    cleansing, and 100 for unmanaged records.
  • In the latter situation, the effects of wrong
    information surface regularly and continue to
    negatively impact marketing effectiveness.

Business to Business List
  • Marketers regularly struggle with increasing the
    performance of their lists and making them easier
    to manage. A good option is to use a professional
    lead management company that uses best practices
    for business to business lists.
  • The right vendor can provide critical help with
    contact data acquisition. They should own their
    own high quality database of accurate, recent and
    meticulously maintained contacts.

Business to Business List
  • In addition, a list company must be able to
    demonstrate how they collect and refresh data.
    They should be able to filter lists on a wide
    variety of parameters, including revenue range,
    industry, number of employees, and more. And,
    they should have a well-deserved reputation in
    the industry for providing solid data solutions.
  • In todays complex B2B world, marketers must
    look at data management as a strategy. You need
    to manage it just like you would all the other
    marketing components in your program. And, its
    important for your organization to recognize the
    costs involved of not properly maintaining a
    business to business list.

Business to Business List
  • You incur an opportunity cost of lost revenue
    and you rack up hard costs associated with
    marketing to the wrong contacts. The contact
    list has the power to determine your marketing
    costs and your return on investment for marketing
    programs. And, these things measure your success
    as a marketer.

About the Author
  • Larry Fleischman is Director of Marketing for
    Televerde, a leading B2B provider of sales
    pipeline development solutions. For more
    information about a Business to Business List,
    visit http// today.