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Stockholm Syndrome


A detailed explanation of the stockholm syndrome and abusive relationships. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Stockholm Syndrome

  • The Stockholm syndrome appears when an abused
    victim, develops a kind of respect and empathy
    towards their abuser. It was named after a bank
    robbery in Stockholm when a group of bank
    employees were held hostage and developed a
    strong sense of empathy towards their captors.
    When this traumatic event was over, they even
    defended their captors by not wanting to say
    anything that might endanger their captors
    freedom. This usually happens because the victim
    sees the smallest act of decent behavior as an
    extracted event which makes them see their
    captors as essentially good. This way they leave
    aside all the negative behavioral distinctions of
    their captors and focus on the positive ones.
    This syndrome is also called traumatic bonding
    or victim brainwashing.

  • There are more and more cases like this appearing
    every day and the Kreditbanken employees are
    not the only ones who have suffered from this
    kind of psychological disorder. There are many
    examples that can be mentioned today such as the
    Patty Hearst case, or the case of Natascha
    Kampusch. In all these cases, and many more, the
    victims were held imprisoned for a longer period
    of time, and they became closely connected, in a
    way, with their abductors\captors. Some
    psychologists believe that the Stockholm syndrome
    is being largely overemphasized and
    over-analyzed, while others invest their full
    attention and focus into the analysis of the

  • The Stockholm syndrome also appears largely in
    cases of domestic violence, equally in women, men
    and children. It first starts to appear when the
    abused victim tries to rationalize the behavior
    of their abuser, to the point of defending them.
    It is important to realize that the abused
    victims do this in order to defend themselves.
    The acts of defending and understanding their
    abuser is not a voluntary act at all. Instead, it
    is a subconscious defense mechanism, and the
    victim only does it in order to survive the day
    without triggering an act of violence. The abused
    persons begin to avoid the members of their
    family and their friends, who are trying to help
    them, because they know that any contact with
    them will induce a violent outburst.

  • The victims begin to avoid any sort of behavior
    that might irritate the abuser. They completely
    adjust themselves to fulfill the wishes of the
    abuser, just to keep them calm and satisfied.
    There are many reasons why the victim sees it
    hard to just abandon the abuser, for one, the
    amount of time and effort they have invested into
    their relationship. This can be seen mostly in
    women who have been in a long-lasting abusive
    relationship. The important thing to do, when
    suspecting that one of your own is showing the
    symptoms of Stockholm syndrome, is to have an
    enormous amount of patience. These persons will
    not leave the abusers side all of a sudden, and
    it will take a certain amount of time to get
    through to them, and a much larger amount of time
    will be necessary for them to decide that they
    can no longer endure such behavior.