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Nichesuite an e-business solution that scales up with your growing needs, this e solution offers an easy way to consolidate user reviews, expert viewpoint and analyst comments, apart from drastically reducing turnaround times to set up your e-business. NicheSuite is a future-ready solution that meets your needs of today and the demands of tomorrow. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: e-commerce

NicheSuite Logo
NicheSuite For your needs of today and demands
of tomorrow
  • Product Presentation

What can NicheSuite do?
  • NicheSuite suite offers
  • Option to migrate your current e-store to
    NicheSuite's all flexible e-commerce solution
  • New avenues to sell your products in new markets
    through E-bay/Amazon/Facebook
  • Integrate and seamlessly showcase your products
    and services through affiliates/partners/franchise

NicheSuite Solution!
  • NicheSuite is NichePros integrated e-commerce
    solution that lets your products and services to
    be sold through multiple sales channels.
  • If you have a business that has one or a
    combination of online and physical sales
    channels, then NicheSuite is right for you!
  • NicheSuite is an e-business solution suite for
    every current and future need of small and medium
    business enterprises like yours.

NicheSuite Solution!
  • Flexible
  • NicheSuite is built on industry standard open
    source platform that delivers the performance and
    flexibility that your enterprise needs.
  • Scalable
  • NicheSuite scales up as you growwhether you are
    going online anew or you are targeting newer
  • Affordable
  • NicheSuite comes at a surprisingly nominal cost,
    thanks to the latest open source platform that it

NicheSuite Solution!
  • End to end integration
  • NicheSuite not only helps you to sell your
    products online, but also integrates a host of
    service partners to complete your online business
  • Multi-Channel Retailing
  • Sell your products not just on your e-commerce
    site but on popular online sites like eBay,
    Amazon, Google Base or Affiliate sites.
  • Unified control at your fingertips
  • Setup NicheSuite once and gain full access to
    your orders, products and inventory.

NicheSuite Solution!
  • Integrates with everything (well, almost!)
  • NicheSuite integrates with all the leading
    service providers in payment processing, order
    management and shipping.
  • Inventory simplified
  • NicheSuite offers you the capability to create
    and manage combination products like computers
    and keep track of inventory in all forms.

NicheSuite Solution!
  • Technical support
  • We provide round the clock technical support to
    help you set up and operate NicheSuite
  • SEO and Analytics
  • NicheSuite helps acquire customers through
    systematic search optimization techniques.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • NicheSuite enables social marketing through
    social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,
  • Extensive reporting
  • NicheSuite offers extensive reports on order
    management, inventory, warehousing and shipping

More Features
  • Auto search
  • Different ways of product presentation most
    viewed, sold, recommended by brand, size, color,
    type(casual, formal tc), material (copper, gold
  • My Account - wish list, watch list, Order
    history, profile
  • Request for catalog/category/product
  • Quick add
  • Call me option and Customer support chat
  • Captcha
  • Did you know feature and Opinion polls
  • Sitemap
  • Auto backup of databases
  • Report spam
  • Notification emails

Retail PoS
  • Very efficient and increase profit levels.
  • Reduce the costs associated with inventory
    management, which is a lengthy and cumbersome
  • Increased Customer service - lot of case studies
    have proved the same
  • Saves lot of time - POS eliminates lot of boring
    and mundane tasks.
  • Saves office space in most cases
  • Dynamically updates inventory numbers as the
    merchandise leaves store
  • Integrated POS system will quickly uncover
    instances of shrinkage
  • Better perspective of product lifecycles,
    customer-buying-patterns, seasonal trends, and
    much more

Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate User side
  • Dashboard my stand, finance, payment history
  • MyStand create multiple stands (one store
    multiple stands footwear, clothes etc)
  • Finance sales, commissions earned and payments
  • Configuration-payment configuration-PayPal
    id(receive payment affiliate website), affiliate
    user password
  • Statistics- visit(dynamic), sales etc

Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Admin
  • Same as above Sales, Visits, commissions,
    payments due and outstanding
  • Configuration merchant details separate
    merchant account for each store of the same
  • Product search, select and export
  • Reports

Affiliate Advertising
  • A revenue sharing venture between a website owner
    and an online merchant. The website owner will
    place advertisements on his websites to either
    help sell the merchant's products or to send
    potential customers to the merchant's website,
    all in exchange for a share of the profits.
  • Pay Per Click Every time a potential customer
    leaves the affiliate website by "clicking" on
    the link leading to the merchant's website, a
    certain amount of money is deposited in the
    affiliate's account. This amount can be pennies
    or dollars depending on the product and amount of
    the commission.
  • Pay Per Sale Every time a sale is made as a
    result of advertising on the affiliate's website,
    a percentage, or commission, is deposited into
    the affiliate's account.
  • Pay Per Lead Every time a potential client
    registers at the merchant's website as a result
    of the advertisement on the affiliate's account,
    a previously determined amount is deposited into
    the affiliate's account.

E-Bay Integration
  • Configuration Store and eBay payment methods
    merchant details by registering in eBay, Update
    in our application and create a store,
    Configuring eBay Store (changing appearance, look
    and feel)
  • Searching, listing, ending, revising, relisting
    items on eBay, auto removal when out of stock
    auto preferences
  • Select and choose eBay category and add details
    prod description, theme, price, our payment id,
  • Subscription - Exporting custom categories to
    eBay Store
  • Product Inventory Management (Update/Reserve) on
    linked eBay Store
  • Orders Report
  • Open/Sold/Unsold listing details

E-Bay Integration
  • Making second chance offers to bidders
  • Getting information related to items which are
    waiting to be shipped
  • Feedback
  • Item disputes
  • Error messages
  • Automation of sending notification emails like
    feedback reminders, payment received,
    confirmation, winning bidders, shipped items etc.
  • Automated combining of eBay Orders

  • Strategic, powerful and affordable
  • Timely, most flexible, mature and scalable
  • No license or license maintenance costs huge
  • No vendor, service provider, or application
  • Out of Box customization
  • Eliminate inefficiencies and leverage existing

  • Product Architecture - Java/J2EE, OfBiz, SOA,
    SWING (Xoetrope framework), XML, Groovy,
    JavaScript, Apache Tomcat server
  • Database - Multi DB
  • OS - Multi OS
  • Security - Authentication, Authorizations
    functionalities / API, etc.
  • Scalability - Support for n-tier environment
    (SOA), centralized server approach, data
  • System Connectivity - Flexible integration with
    multiple input/output device, Message oriented
    middleware, etc.

System Requirements
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Standalone POS system
  • Or
  • Standalone PC with Touch screen monitor or
    regular monitor, Pin Pad (chip and pin device),
    Cash drawer, Pole display, Scanner and Printer
  • Client requirements
  • Merchant ID for Card present transactions (pin

Suitable For
  • EBOs (Exclusive brand outlets), Gift Stores,
    convenience store, boutiques, , Lifestyle
    Specialty Retail
  • MBOs (multi brand outlets), departmental stores,
    supermarkets, hypermarkets
  • Apparel leather (Footwear), Furniture, Luggage
    Accessories -manufacturers, wholesalers, cash
  • Salons / SPA, Health Clubs
  • Restaurants, Food Courts
  • Consumer Electronics, Books Stationary
  • Drug store chains

NicheSuite Advantage
  • To manage, analyze, administer all channels from
    one application
  • Search Engine Optimization and Social Media
  • Marketing tools inbuilt in the product
  • Help setup right merchant services and payment
  • Analyze purchase trends, visit data and profile
  • Training and mentoring to optimize efficiency
    and enhance productivity
  • Provide quality technical and administrative
    support to manage all sales channels

to name a few
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