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iPad Tricks and Tips


Explains the basic features of an iPad and the best sources for more information. It also gives you sources to find out how to really make use of your iPad device. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: iPad Tricks and Tips

How To Get The Most From Your iPad
  • The explosion in the number of tablets being sold
    is breath taking and is set to continue to grow
    exponetially. The vast majority of people are
    using these for personal use but every single day
    they are coming more and more into daily business
  • In 2011 Apple sold just over 15 million iPads
    according to one of their spokesmen.
  • That figure is quite breathtaking and it will
    only increase.

How To Get The Most From Your iPad
  • 3G networks in most countries throughout the
    world are still at quite stage of infancy. The
    iPad 2 does allow for a Mobile SIM card to be
    added making it able to connect to the Internet
    via the 3G network. Sadly, then networks are
    struggling to keep up with the demand for
    bandwidth and availability. The only good news
    is that the price of these 3G plans are dropping
    all the time and this will continue to be the
  • My one word of caution here is to be careful if
    you roam outside your own country. The cost of
    roaming data is extremely expensive and you can
    easily run up a huge bill.

Basic iPad Features Reviewed
  • Most users will know that the iPad 2 has two
    cemeras one of which is for High Definition
    recording and the other for Facetime. Facetime is
    a great way to speak with far off friends and
    family and I use it a lot as it is a great
    feature and the complete death of crap video
    phones that never really took off.
  • Apple claim there is a 10 hour battery life but
    at best I am getting 8 hours though I would class
    myself as a heavy user.
  • For the technophobe there is a Dual-core A5 chip
    and that simply means the iPad can do twice the
    amount of work making having many applications
    open at the same time a complete breeze.
  • It uses the ios operating system and without
    getting into detail it id the best operating
    system for Mobile phones out there in my opinion.
    Check out the iMessage and notification center
    on your iPad and you will see what I mean.
  • Magnificent 9.7 display which is backlit by LED
    making for fantastic images and easy to see
  • Everything is transacted by touch and makes
    opening and switching between applications a
  • You can use it for emails, surfing, gaming, a
    compass, GPS, etc and you can also get a variety
    of covers for it.

Do you really know your iPad?
  • Now if you only want to use your iPad as a fancy
    email checking service then please read no
    farther, and the similar would apply if you only
    want to do a bit of surfing or check Facebook. I
    had picked up a few more tips and tricks along
    the way and even downloaded many of the great
    apps that exist out there.
  • I guess for me I just like to know things and get
    the most use out of something. I mean why buy a
    scientific calculator and use it for adding up.
    I know people who have bought recordable DVD
    players and have never recorded anything because
    it looks too complicated. I have never been able
    to understand that.
  • I know many hundreds of people who have Smart
    phones and they can make and receive calls, send
    texts, check emails and surf the Internet. They
    do not have a clue what else their Smart phone
    can actually do for them and I find that
  • If only they knew that with a little more
    knowledge they could make their day to day
    activities so much easier and also have a lot
    more fun in the evenings.

Do you really know your iPad?
  • Did you know for example that you can set up an
    auto-lock and change the idle time?
  • Did you know you can quickly and easily set up
    password protection from General settings?
  • Did you know that you can turn on picture frame,
    set up a self destruct erase data if someone
    tries to access your iPad ten times?
  • Did you know you can enable the cellular SIM card
    as well?
  • I called two of my local colleges to see if they
    had an iPad course so as I could learn to really
    get the best use out of it. No they didnt do
    them and to tell the truth I wasnt surprised. I
    did find one private tuition course and it was a
    13 week course and the cost was a whopping 900
  • I had paid 600 (900) so paying out almost
    double that was not on the cards. There is some
    bits and pieces on Youtube if you can sort them
    out but is a bit of a hit an miss to be honest.
  • I did finally find something online which was a
    very good course and has worked well for me.
  • http//tinyurl.com/ipadtricksandtips
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