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The Writing of the Holy Bible


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Title: The Writing of the Holy Bible

The Writing Of The Holy Bible
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The Holy Bible begins with a collection of
ancient writings. The Holy Bible contains 66
individual books that were written by 40 known
authors. These books were written over a period
of 1,600 years. Its estimated that the 39 books
of the Old Testament were written somewhere
between 1500 to 400 B.C. The 27 books that make
up the New Testament were written between 40 A.D.
and 90 A.D.
The only difference between the Christian Old
Testament and the Jewish Bible is the order in
which they are laid out. The Christian Old
Testament was translated from Hebrew which was
the language these books were originally written
in. There were some that were written in Aramaic.
The New Testament from the Holy Bible was
originally written in Greek.
The Jews used leather scrolls and tablets to
record the historical accounts that happened over
the centuries. The people that did the writings
included kings, prophets, leaders and shepherds.
In the early part of the 1400's BC, a man named
Moses wrote the first five books of the Old
Testament. These fives books are commonly known
as Torah or the Law. For more than 1000 years
after Moses, the Jewish people kept an accurate
record of the times. They referred to these
writers as scribes.
In the 400's BC the rabbis gathered together and
put in order the historical writings going back
to and including the Torah. After putting these
scriptures together, the Rabbis then became aware
of the fact that they had a set of books that
were the energized and pure power of God.
They also put the books from the Holy Bible in
order by their topic. The main topics were The
Law which is known as Torah, then theres the
Prophets known as Nebiim and then there are the
Writings which is Ketubim. You then take the
first letters of these three Hebrew words which
are T, N and K. These three letters form the word
Tanakh, which translates to the Hebrew Bible.
The Hebrew Bible was translated to Greek sometime
in the mid 200's BC. 70 Jewish scholars performed
this translation in Alexandria, Egypt. They also
changed the order of the books to what we know of
today in the common Bible referring to the Old
Testament. Genesis to Esther is known as
Historical, Job to the Song of Songs is known as
poetic and Isaiah to Malachi is known as
The Jews were very, very strict when it came down
to copying the scriptures. They had a precise
system they used for counting the letters, the
words and the paragraphs to make sure that there
were no errors made. As a matter of fact, if one
error was made, they would destroy the whole
As a scribe, they would dedicate their whole life
to these holy books making sure that the accuracy
of these copies were not compromised. The scribes
kept up this tradition until the printing press
was invented in the 1400's. When the Dead Sea
Scrolls were found, they matched them up to the
writings of the scribes and amazingly these
scrolls proved just how accurate the scribes
really were.
Jesus was born around 3BC. He probably started
His ministry about 30 years later. One of the
things that Jesus did teach and most certainly
proclaimed was that He was not here to make any
changes to the Law. He stated that He did not
come here change not even one dot or tittle of
the Jewish Scriptures, but that He was here to
fulfill the scriptures as they were written.
Everything that was written in Torah, the Psalms
and that was taught by the Prophets was to be
fulfilled that concerned Him. If you would like
to read about it, it can be found in the book of
There were many eyewitnesses to Jesus life and
ministry. To name a few we have, Matthew, John,
Mark, Paul, Jude, Peter, Luke and James. The ones
that were just mentioned were actual authors of
what we know of today as the New Testament. They
are responsible for the books, the Gospel and the
letters that appear in our Holy Bible. The
writers of the New Testament actually quoted from
the Old Testament.
The original writings of the New Testament were
translated from Greek to Latin sometime in the
200's AD. In the late 4th century, Constantine
called in all the religious leaders and had them
decide what writings were to be merged together
into one book so that the scriptures could be
protected. Up until this time, there were a lot
of religious cults that had formed and so by
protecting the authenticity of these writings,
they had to separate the true from the false.
When they were through, they had 27 books that
were canonized.
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