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Flekpak: Electronics Packaging Selecting an Electronics Packaging Contractor


Do you need custom packaging for your consumer, medical or electronics device? Take a look at this presentation from Flekpak Corp's VP of Business Development, Jim Boley. Also visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Flekpak: Electronics Packaging Selecting an Electronics Packaging Contractor

Electronics Packaging Selecting an
Electronics Packaging Contractor
Electronics Packaging
  • For the purpose of this article, electronics
    packaging will refer to thermoformed,
    electrostatic discharge, protective electronic
  • The most popular ESD packages include clamshells
    and trays for circuit boards, memory modules,
    hard drives and telecommunications devices. To
    protect your electronics products, you should
    select a packaging contractor with years of
    relevant experience.

Electronics Packaging Terms
  • Before beginning the discussion, its important
    to define a couple of terms
  • Thermoformed, or custom thermoforming, refers to
    the manufacturing process of heating and molding
    plastic materials into packaging solutions.
    Sample end products include containers, lids,
    trays, clamshells and blister packaging.
  • ESD means electrostatic discharge. ESD creates
    serious problems for electronics equipment,
    especially integrated circuits. The materials
    used in integrated circuits, like silicon and
    silicon dioxide, can be permanently damaged if
    hit with high voltage. Electronic packaging
    today includes anti-static capabilities to
    prevent static build-up and device damage.

Electronics Packaging Terms
  • Vital to safe transporting and storage of your
    electronic products, ESD packages are designed to
    provide maximum protection. Static can be caused
    by many things, including other devices, friction
    or the weather. Only the best ESD packaging can
    eliminate the risk of static damage.
  • Based on the definitions above, electronics
    packaging involves the plastic molded containers
    that incorporate ESD protection. The most
    popular packages include clamshells and trays for
    circuit boards, memory modules, hard drives and
    telecommunications devices.

Electronics Packaging Contractors
  • Why You Need an Experienced Electronics Packaging
  • Because you can literally ruin your products
    with poor packaging, you need to work with a
    packaging manufacturing that specializes in
    thermoformed ESD protective electronic packaging.
    An experienced contractor will balance
    protection, cost and material reduction to arrive
    at a viable value proposition.
  • For example, your electronics packaging
    contractor should provide solutions, like
    clamshells and trays, to replace conventional
    packaging. Putting the electronic product in a
    bag, and then placing it in a cardboard box with
    foam inside, has become a cumbersome and less
    effective packaging solution.

Electronics Packaging Contractors
  • Because advanced thermoformed ESD packages use
    just one packaging part, theyre more economical.
    They also save time in the manufacturing and
    packaging process. And, they stack and store
    more conveniently. These attributes lead to real
    business benefits as the following
  • Reducing inventory costs
  • Simplifying handling
  • Decreasing damage
  • Streamlining assembly time
  • Enabling visual inspection and bar code scanning
  • Providing physical protection and puncture

Packaging Design Technology
  • Advances in technology can help produce better
    products in less time and at reduced costs.
    Evaluate your packaging design contractors
    facilities and production equipment.
  • Do they use the latest technology throughout the
    design process? Do they keep abreast of industry
    changes and improvements in technology?

Using Highest Quality Raw Materials
  • After you evaluate a prospective contractors
    level of experience and expertise with
    electronics packaging, examine the materials used
    in production. Whether your packaging is for
    active or passive electronic devices, you want
    clamshells and trays made of the highest quality
    raw materials.
  • For example, consider packaging using EIA-541
    and MIL-B-81705C certified materials. These
    materials are available in either static
    dissipative, conductive styrene or clear
    anti-static PETG or PVC. When you combine
    strength and protection with certified static
    control properties, youll have the perfect
    electronic packaging material.

Using Highest Quality Raw Materials
  • Your first criterion when evaluating electronics
    packaging manufacturers should be experience.
    Nothing replaces an experienced contractor whos
    been manufacturing for many years the exact type
    of packaging you need. Operating a long time
    within the industry and having relevant client
    references provides the track record to ensure a
    successful project.
  • Your next criterion should be production
    processes and materials used. Combining high
    quality Electronics Packaging Contractor
    experience and the correct ESD material will
    result in an ESD package that will meet or exceed
    your package requirements and expectations.

About the Author
  • Jim Boley is VP of Business Development at
    Flexpak Corporation, a world-class supplier of
    custom thermoforming and packaging solutions
    since 1974. For more information about packaging
    design, please visit www.flexpakcorp.com today.
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