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Directional accent lighting


Directional accent lighting – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Directional accent lighting

Directional Accent Lighting
  • Directional accent lighting fixtures offer
    businesses and individuals the ability to
    showcase the unique and finer points of an
    outdoor landscape, bringing special emphasis to
    unique features that otherwise would possibly go
    unnoticed if only general outdoor lighting is
    applied.  This is not as problematic as one might
    assume, when one focuses on the elements of the
    landscape he or she wishes to highlight rather
    than starting with the fixtures themselves first.

  • When it comes to directional accent lights,
    always follow the simple principle of fixture
    follows object, not the other way around. 
    Determining first what needs to be recognized as
    a keynote in the landscape and then finding the
    right light source will save not only time, but
    also money in the long run.  Once the right
    features have been selected, directional accent
    lighting offers one the ability to direct a
    controlled beam of any desired intensity at that
    feature or features and bring it to a point of
    special prominence or effect.  Important elements
    of a home, office building, and property such as
    tree lines, architecture, gardens and atriums,
    and water works can all benefit from the
    additional touch of accented and directional
    lights which themselves can assume a low profile
    and emphasize the subject, not the equipment.

  • Directional accent lighting can either be high
    voltage or low voltage in nature.  There are
    benefits to both, depending on the arena in which
    they are applied.  Commercial clients almost
    unanimously favor high voltage lighting systems
    because of their ability to support HID (High
    Intensity Discharge) fixtures.  Especially in
    corporate facilities consisting of multiple
    buildings and various landscape features, it is
    necessary to use light to unite natural features
    with architecture so as to create a unity of
    theme, and directional accent lights play a big
    role in this by showcasing fountains, atriums,
    walkways, and even lakes on larger commercial

  • High voltage directional accent lighting is also
    used to some degree in residential lighting,
    although more so on the level of large custom
    homes or high-end neighborhoods.  Private
    homeowners tend to prefer a low voltage system
    for two reasons.  One, low voltage directional
    lights save money simply because they require
    less power to operate.  Secondly, a residential
    lot is often considerably smaller than a
    corporate campus, and it therefore does not
    require the same level of high intensity lighting
    companies need for both illumination and
    security.  Considering as well that many
    residences decorate extensively with gardens and
    pathways, low voltage offers a greater level of
    control over color and effecttwo very key
    aspects to this science that cannot be emphasized

  • Choosing the right fixture material should be
    based on geography and local climate conditions. 
    Aluminum is the most cost effective material for
    both homeowners and companies on a fixed budget. 
    Plastic composite, copper, and brass fixtures are
    ideal for atmospheres, which contain high levels
    of salt, such as those, found along the American
    Gulf Coast.   Selecting aluminum directional
    accent lights in this fashion makes it simple to
    develop an outdoor lighting system that keynotes
    all the important elements of a facility or
    yard.  The only remaining determination to choose
    is that of light source itself.  Each of the five
    source offer specific value to directional accent
    lighting, and can be used either by themselves or
    in combination with other sourcing.

  • Fluorescent LightsFluorescent technology creates
    a stable, bright light that in spite of its high
    voltage nature makes for an excellent floodlight
    for either emphasizing larger areas of the
    landscape or for security lighting around the
    perimeter of a property. 

  • Halogen LightsHalogen lights provide excellent
    directional accent lighting in atriums and
    gardens.  Halogens cast a slightly golden aura
    around the subject, making them ideal low voltage
    effect lights.
  • Incandescent Lights Incandescent lights are
    ideal for decorative commercial and residential
    accent and directional lighting and can also
    operate on timers and dimmer switches for varied
    lighting effects.

  • Mercury Vapor Lights and Metal Halide LightsBoth
    of these lamp types fall under the category of
    HID, or High Intensity Discharge lights.  They
    are extremely efficient in the amount of light
    they output versus the actual wattage required to
    produce that light.  They are excellent for
    highlighting tree lines and keynote architectural
    characteristics of buildings.