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Formative Assessments


This power point explores formative assessment in a classroom situation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Formative Assessments

Formative Assessments
  • How are formative assessments different from
    traditional exams?

Formative AssessmentsakaAssessments FOR Learning
  • Formative assessments provide information during
    the instructional process before summative
  • Summative assessments are assessments OF learning
    that are used to make judgments like grading,
    program effectiveness, AYP

Assessment for Learning
  • Formative assessments are ongoing occur during
  • Formative assessments are used to monitor
    progress to provide timely feedback to students
  • Formative assessments incorporates both formal
    informal methods
  • Formative assessments are not factored into
    summative results or grading

Assessment for Learning
  • Formative assessment provides specific feedback
    to guide teaching learning
  • For teachers to plan next steps in instruction
  • For students to plan next steps in learning
  • For students to set learning goals
  • Formative assessments are assessments FOR
    learning that are used by the student and teacher
    to make decisions about what actions to take to
    promote further learning
  • From Chappius and Chappius, Educational

Research on Formative Assessment
  • 250 studies from several countries established
    that improving formative assessment raises
    student achievement
  • Some studies showed that lowest achievers make
    greatest gains

Research on Formative Assessment
  • Assessments that bring about these gains
  • Provide descriptive feedback to students
  • Involve students actively
  • Inform adjustments in teaching learning
  • Increase motivation build students confidence
  • Provide accurate data

Learning to Love Assessment by Carol Ann
TomlinsonEducational Leadership, Dec. 2007/Jan.
  • What informative assessment isnt
  • Just about tests
  • About the grade book
  • Always formal
  • Separate from the curriculum
  • About after
  • An end in itself
  • Separate from instruction
  • Just about student readiness
  • About finding weaknesses
  • Just for the teacher

Whats Do You Think?
  • Successful schools operate under the assumption
    that the key to improved learning for students is
    continuous, job-embedded learning for educators.

    Rick DuFour
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