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Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding and Get Amazing Photos


Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding and Get Amazing Photos – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding and Get Amazing Photos

Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding and Get Amazing Photos
Wedding photographer
  • By Lisa

  • Your Wedding is Once in a lifetime, it's one of
    the biggest celebration in your life. Not only
    will you spend your money, but you will also
    spend a good amount of time and energy to plan
    for it. At the end of the day, when your wedding
    cake and the guests are gone, what's left is the
    memories captured by your wedding photographer.
    In this article, I will share some tips so that
    your wedding will be enjoyable and you will get
    amazing photos of your cherished moments.

  • I originally wrote these tips to share with my
    clients to set the stage for their wedding day,
    and as expected, these tips comes with
    "photography" in minds, so if some of these
    doesn't make any sense to you, or don't apply to
    your situation, just skip it!(For example
    Weddings in Pittsburgh don't usually come with
    "grooms cake", so if I mention it below and you
    have no idea, just forget about it).

Hire "the photographer "
  • The first step to get amazing photos for your
    wedding start with "The Photographer". Make sure
    you hire a professional photographer who knows
    what he/she is doing, and also make sure that you
    really like his/her photography style. You have
    to know that every photographer is not the same,
    they have different taste in color, angles,
    perspective, etc2. Spend your time to check
    his/her portfolio and you will be able to see
    similarities from the many different weddings
    that he/she covered in the past. Also make sure
    that he/she can give you references from his/her
    past clients (and make sure to contact them!), as
    you don't want to hire someone who never return
    calls/emails, or even risk the possibility of
    him/her running away with your wedding photos!!.

Beautify and Amazify your party, your venue, and
  • While a great photographer is needed for amazing
    photos, he/she can only do so much without the
    subjects.. so plan ahead to make yourself look
    fabulous, test your hair and make ups, find some
    accessories that will match with your dress,
    beautify the venues with lights, ornaments,
    center pieces, etc2.. choose a unique wedding
    cake, surprise your husband with a grooms cake,
    present gifts to your bridesmaids/groomsmen, make
    a great theme for your wedding and be as creative
    as possible. This doesn't have to be "expensive",
    but it definitely needs your attention to
    details. If your wedding is as "plain" as vanilla
    ice cream, the photos won't come out as
    "strawberries" or "cookies and cream", no matter
    how great your wedding photographers are.

Create an Itinerary/Timeline.
  • Ok, you have the best venue booked, and you
    signed with the greatest photographer around, got
    the dress, got the cake, everything is in place
    and ready. Good! now.. what you need is to create
    a timeline.Just imagine yourself of how you want
    your wedding day to flow and write them down.
    Make several copies and give it to everyone that
    needs to know about it ahead of time (wedding
    photographers included).This way, everyone is
    informed and will be on the same page.

Create Contacts and Addresses list.
  • Write down all addresses along with the contact
    name for all the vendors you have for the day,
    make several copies and distribute them to
    everyone that you hire.This way, they can connect
    and work together more easily on your big day.
    This will also avoid vendors showing to the wrong
    place or coming late because of a wrong address.

Create a list of Formal/Family Pictures.
  • If you want to have a traditional/formal family
    picture taken after the ceremony, make a list of
    them. (Older persons such as your grandparents
    should be at the top of the list, the bridal
    party should be last).Imagine the approximate
    time of how long or how short the list should be
    considering there might be another service at the
    church after the ceremony.Also, notify the
    persons who is on the list that their presence is
    needed. It won't be so funny if your dad starts
    heading to the reception, thinking that his duty
    for the day is done as soon as he finish taking
    you to the altar while his presence at your side
    is still needed after the ceremony.Make several
    copies of this list and give it to the
    photographer(ahead of time, if possible), and
    your Maid/Matron of honor, along with the best
    man. Also bear in mind that if you have a
    receiving line after the ceremony, it will take a
    good 20-30 minutes until you finished hugging and
    greeting everyone, and that precious 20-30
    minutes might means less time for the formal

Find your photographer's whereabouts from time to
  • If you like a "face on" photo (meaning you are
    looking toward the camera), you might want to
    occasionally look toward your photographer. Just
    because you like "candid" doesn't mean all your
    wedding photos should be all candids. While the
    photographer might ask you to look toward
    him/her, it might be a good idea to remind
    yourself to simply "find" where your photographer
    is from time to time. I'm not suggesting that you
    have to see your photographer at all times, but
    during special moments such as dances, ask your
    partner to take a quick glance toward the
    photographer so that he can snap a quick "face
    on" photo of the two of you. (note that I mention
    partner, meaning this also applies to mother/son
    and father/daughter dance as well). The thing is,
    you might appreciate the "face on" photos of you
    and your partner, but if the two of you never
    look at the photographer (or just one of you look
    toward him/her), then that moment never happen,
    it's up to you to make it happen (or not). The
    photographer might "make it happen" by giving
    signals but that will mean an intrusion to the
    moment, which should be avoided when possible.

  •  When you walk down the aisle (to and from the
    altar), take your time.. Today is the day, it's
    the moment that you've been waiting for, why such
    a hurry? tell your bridesmaids/groomsmen to do
    the same. Remember to take your time, smile to
    the guests, and embrace the moment. If possible,
    when walking down from the altar as new
    husband/wife, stop in the middle of the aisle and
    start kissing, this shot will always be the one
    that you won't remember it being taken but will
    be so glad that you have it. (note re-staging
    this shot is impossible due to the fact that all
    your guests are gone!)

  • While taking a long "french kiss" is not
    recommended, I would say that a short and quick
    smooch will definitely NOT work for great images.
    Give yourself and your new husband/wife a deep,
    passionate kiss between 2 or 3 seconds.. that
    way, it is leaves ample time for the photographer
    to "click" his finger to the shutter button.
    Sure, some might say that great photographer will
    still catch quick smooches, but adding 1-2
    seconds to it will increase the chance, and since
    it's a "controllable" situation, why not just
    make sure you have it? So take your time when you
    kiss, whether the kiss is asked by the
    photographer, guests, or your own initiatives.
    (it's a good practice for your marriage life

Bring FLIP-FLOPs, Crocs, Sandals, etc2
  • .If you can't stand your beautiful shoes and you
    plan to have an outdoor session in between the
    ceremony/reception, plan ahead and bring your
    flip-flops with you. I've seen some fancy
    flip-flops that also looks great on pictures, so
    go ahead and find a pair. (it's a hassle to
    carry, you said? read the next tips)

UTILIZE Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!!
  • I can't emphasize this enough. you are the ones
    who picked them and they should be there for you
    on your big day, right?they are there to help you
    and you should utilize them!! Ask them to help
    you with your gown, carry your purse, your
    bouquet, your shoes, etc2.I've seen so many
    brides having to carry everything herself with
    the dress and get frustrated with all other
    stuff, come on, it's your BIG day, you are the
    King and Queen for the day and you shouldn't work
    that hard! you've already work hard to plan(and
    pay for ) the party for them, let them help you!

Try not to be Late.
  • If you can't stand being hurried up, plan ahead
    and leave ample time for everything.This way, you
    will enjoy your day without the feeling of being
    hurried by anyone/anything.Your wedding will "fly
    by" so fast regardless, so why add more pressure
    to yourself and hurry it up?

Try to stay close to your Wife/Husband.
  • You just got married and you walk alongside your
    groomsmen or bridesmaids and left your new
    husband/wife at the back...If at all possible,
    for this day and hopefully all other days in
    your marriage, unless you are going to public
    restrooms, the two of you should be "within a
    good proximity" from each other.. walk hand in
    hand, hug each other, embrace each other, this is
    the big day for both of you!!

Avoid Looking at different directions / Crossing
Eyes during Formal portraits.
  • When there are more than 1 photographer taking
    pictures, a situation might arise where everyone
    starts to look toward many different directions.
    (Most of the time, people will look?toward their
    "own" camera). It's not that?an "exclusivity"?to
    take photos should be in place, but if?this gets
    out of control, it will take more time to finish
    the formal photos and the result will not be good
    (for all photographers taking the picture, not
    just the main photographer's picture). So, remind
    your guests not to "distract" and "compete" with
    your wedding photographers since they are the one
    hired to do the job.

Try out your Wedding photographer!
  • Go for an engagement session with your wedding
    photographer before the wedding, while this might
    add to the expense, the benefit will outweigh the
    expense. It's a real try out for him/her. If the
    result is not what you expect, why would you want
    to stick with him/her? it's never to late to
    cancel and find the photographer that will give
    you the result you're looking for!. Your wedding
    is not a birthday party, it won't be repeated
    next year. why settle for bad photos? so go ahead
    and ask for an engagement session, make sure
    he/she understand that you might cancel the
    contract if the result is not satisfactory.

  • There we have it!)?I will update these tips and
    add more as I go out there and cover more
    weddings, but all in all.. if I can sum it up as
    the final reminder "Your wedding is YOUR day
    (the two of you, not one, not in-laws, not
    moms-dads), plan it right together, be on time,
    embrace each other, savor the moments (not
    hurrying it), and remember that by the end of the
    day, when the cake and the guests are gone, only
    the two of you remains, it's a new beginning!
    which hopefully start with a great honeymoon. If
    you have done all these, now it's back to the
    photographer to do his magic and present you with
    a Truly Beautiful and Stunning images that Last

Thank you !
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