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Ohio Social Studies Standards


Ohio history, famous people, geography, economics, Ohio government and citizenship. ... Students will play 'Famous Ohioans' on Ohio Kids website. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Ohio Social Studies Standards

Ohio Social Studies Standards
  • By Katie Naugle, Kasie Young, Mallory Hampton,
    and Julie Larson

Social Studies Lessons on Ohio
  • Ohio history, famous people, geography,
    economics, Ohio government and citizenship.
  • Third Grade

Table of Contents
  • History
  • People in Societies
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Government
  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • Social Studies Skills and Methods

Ohio History - Websites
  • Ohio Kids
  • http//www.ohiokids.org
  • Ohio Historical Society
  • http//www.ohiohistory.org
  • Barnes and Noble Ohio History
  • http//search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/result
  • History Works OHIO
  • http//www.historyworksohio.org/
  • Pictures of Ohios History
  • http//ohsweb.ohiohistory.org/ohiopix/index.cfm

Ohio History Activities
  • Begin by reading B is for Buckeye An Ohio
    Alphabet by Marcia Schonberg.
  • After reading book, students will choose letter
    from the alphabet and draw a picture and write
    about something else found in Ohio beginning with
    that letter.
  • Students will play Famous Ohioans on Ohio Kids
  • As a class, we will take a field trip to Cox
    Arboretum to identify buckeye trees and collect
    buckeyes and also to the Ohio Historical Museum.
  • Finish by reading Cardinal Numbers An Ohio
    Counting Book by Marcia Schonberg focusing on
    different Ohio history information.

Famous Ohioans- Websites
  • www.50states.com/bio/ohio.htm
  • new.oplin.org/famousohioans
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_Ohio
  • www.thingstodo.com/states/OH/famous_people.htm
  • www.classbrain.com/artstate/publish/article_549.sh

Famous Ohioans-Activities
  • Visit the Wright Bicycle and Print Shop in
    Dayton, Ohio.
  • Make Wright
  • Flyers out of
  • popsicle sticks
  • and fabric.
  • Watch
  • Gone With the
  • Wind (1 hour everyday
  • for 1 week)

Famous Ohioans- Activities cont.
  • Make a chronological list of U.S. Presidents from
  • Watch footage of the first man on the moon. Have
    a discussion about Neil Armstrong.

Ohio Geography- Websites
  • www.netstate.com/states/geography/oh_geography.htm
  • geography.about.com/library/maps/blusoh.htm
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CategoryOhio_geography_stub
  • www.ohiohistoryteachers.org/02/01/og.shtml
  • www.theus50.com/ohio/geography.shtml

Ohio Geography- Activities
  • Take a class canoe trip on the Ohio River. -Make
    sure to have 1 parent per canoe.
  • Take a class trip to Caesars Creek to look for
    fossils. Have a class discussion about what
    fossils they found. Why would these fossils be in

Ohio Geography- Activities cont.
  • Make a river in your class. You will need a sand
    table (on a tilt) and some water. Students will
    observe the flow of the river. Add pebbles and
    other objects to show meandering.
  • Give students a blank map. Have students fill in
    Ohio and surrounding states.
  • Make Ohio state flags. Talk about what the shapes
    on the flag represent.
  • White circle w/ red center represents O for
  • Blue triangles represent Ohios hills and
  • Red and white stripes represent roads and

Economics - Websites
  • Barnes and Noble
  • http//search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/result
  • Ohio Social Studies Resource Center
  • http//www.ossrc.org/standard.php?rec3
  • Dayton Retail list
  • http//dayton.retailguide.com/
  • PBS
  • http//www.pbs.org/teachersource/social_studies/k-
  • Kroger
  • www.kroger.com/

Economics Activities
  • Read The Young Investor Projects and Activities
    for Making Your Money Grow by Katherine Roberta
  • Set up a classroom store to be run by the
  • Predict what store managers responsibilities are
    vs. bankers responsibilities in the economy.
  • Take a field trip to local grocery and retail
    stores to talk to store managers.
  • Take a field trip to a bank to talk to a bank

Government Websites
  • http//ci.fairborn.oh.us/gov.htm
  • http//governor.ohio.gov/
  • http//www.ohiokids.org/
  • http//www.legislature.state.oh.us/organizational.
  • http//www.ohiohistoryteachers.org/06/cr.pdf

Government Activities
  • 1) Discuss Ohio Presidents Make a campaign
    ribbon or yard sign for a specific Ohio
    President. Look at Banners, Buttons and
    Broadsides on the Ohio kids website.
  • 2) Discuss Ohio Presidents. Hold a mock election.
    Have students run for class president, VP and
    Secretary. Students must create fliers and
    campaign speeches.
  • 3) Discuss the difference between city and state
    officials, and the responsibilities of each. Have
    students research online about local government.
    If possible, take a field trip to a local
    government building.

Government Activities Continued
  • 4) Have students discuss key Ohio Laws. Then, as
    a class, create a class Law Book consisting of
    rules for the school year.
  • 5) Students will discuss the three branches of
    Ohio government. Students will then complete a
    graphic organizer and discuss jobs that would
    fall under these branches.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities Websites
  • Kids.gov The Official Kids Portal for the U.S.
  • http//www.kids.gov/
  • Patriotism White House Kids
  • http//www.whitehouse.gov/kids/patriotism/
  • Kids Next Door Where kids can learn more about
    being good citizens
  • http//www.hud.gov/kids/
  • Family Education Talking about Honesty
  • http//life.familyeducation.com/honesty/manners-an
  • PBS Kids Big Apple History
  • http//pbskids.org/bigapplehistory/index-flash.htm

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • To show the students patriotism, they will be
    making the US flag and discussing the importance
    of supporting our country.
  • Students will make a poem using the word
    America. For each letter they will write a new
    line. Students will work in groups of three to
    demonstrate skills of cooperation.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
Activities Continued
  • Groups of three will be given a situation on a
    piece of paper. For example the janitors keys
    have been stolen and he cannot drive home. The
    groups will work together to find a solution to
    the problem.
  • Daily students will be asked to demonstrate
    traits including honesty, respect for others,
    persistence, and patriotism. The students will
    be rewarded when a kind act is noticed.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
Activities Continued
  • Each student will make a banner of a phrase that
    demonstrates personal accountability. For
    example the banner could say, I will be honest
    and respect others!

Social Studies Skills and Methods Websites
  • Time for Kids Sequencing Lessons
  • http//www.timeforkids.com/TFK/teachers/minilesson
  • National Geographic Kids
  • http//kids.nationalgeographic.com/Animals/Creatur
  • The Youth Online Club Pen Pals
  • http//www.youthonline.ca/penpals/penpalsforkids.s
  • News for Kids, Current Events, Kid News-
  • http//www.headlinespot.com/for/kids/
  • Fact or Fiction resources for Kids Lab
  • http//www.manatee.k12.fl.us/sites/elementary/palm

Social Studies Skills and Methods Activities
  • -Have students bring in an article from a kids
    magazine or newspaper to discuss in class.
  • -Have students pick an animal to research. Then
    they will research their animal using multiple
    sources. The students must use the internet,
    books, and a newspaper or magazine. After the
    information is gathered the students will present
    the information on a poster board.

Social Studies Skills and Methods Activities
  • -To communicate through writing the student will
    receive pen pals from another state or country.
    They will keep in contact through letters.
  • -The students will distinguish the difference
    between fact and fiction. They will make up
    their own worksheet of statements their partner
    will try to figure out if the statements are fact
    or fiction.
  • -Students will watch a video, after the video
    they will be given a worksheet to sequence the
    events of the story from the video. For example,
    they could watch the movie Corduroy.
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