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What Can You Do With an Education From Penn State Fayette The Eberly Campus


I would draw all kinds of things but mostly animals and Disney characters. ... Now I am living out my biggest dream of being a Disney artist. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Can You Do With an Education From Penn State Fayette The Eberly Campus

What Can You Do With an Education From Penn
State Fayette The Eberly Campus?
  • Lets find out!

Our Grads Get Great Jobs Exciting Careers
  • From your hometown to the ends of the earth and
    even to the stars, there isnt anywhere you cant
    go with a PENN STATE Fayette education!
  • Just look at what some of our graduates and your
    neighbors are doing. . .

KIM NICOLEEngineering Technician, Designer
Attended Fayette 1997-1999
  • Three months after graduation, we visited Kim.
    On her desk were the plans forPNC Park
    Pittsburgh, PA

CARLOS RODRIGUEZ Executive Assistant, Office of
the Executive Secretariat, Coalition Provisional
Authority, Baghdad, Iraq
Graduated Fayette 2002
  • In July I was asked to go to Iraq for a special
    mission. I began working for the Coalition
    Military Assistance Training Team (CMATT), which
    is charged with building the New Iraqi Army. I
    went to Kirkush to make arrangements, and then
    back to Baghdad to work as Administrative
    Assistant to the Chief of Staff of CMATT.
    Shortly after that I was asked to work with
    Ambassador Bremers direct staff, and have been
    busy here since.
    My education at Penn
    State Fayette has helped me to
    be quite useful in the
    positions I have served in
    the assistance of this
    new Iraqi government.

Linda JordanEngineering Technician,
Designer Attended Fayette 1996 - 1999
U.S Navel Air Craft Carrier
  • Im working on the next generation of Aircraft
    Carrier for the US Navy.

MATTHEW BRINKMAN Area Manager Western
Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia, Allied
Security B.S. Administration of Justice
Attended Fayette 1999 - 1999
  • Matthew Brinkman is a manager and consultant.
    His college
    education at Penn State Fayette has
    prepared him to organize and
    manage security
    systems for a myriad of industries and
    corporations. Since
    9-11, everything has become regulated, and
    we are very busy
    keeping the industry up to
    standard, says Brinkman. His
    business is all about
    evaluating needs and creating new ways in which
    to meet them.
    Brinkman meets his customers needs
    through security personnel,
    management, and
    training, creating a means to protect
    information, and innovation. These means often
    involve cooperation
    with U.S. government agencies,
    such as port authorities, the Coast
    Guard, and the
    Office of Homeland Security.
  • I have fifty-two clients across one hundred
    facilities. Ive constantly learned new things
    by seeing the same problems solved fifty-two
    different ways by my clients.

GREG BASINGER Project Engineer
Attended Fayette 1995 - 1999
  • Heinz Field
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • HVAC
  • system design

ROBERT J. CENKER Aerospace Systems Consultant
Attended Fayette 1966 - 1967
  • Bob Cenker has bachelor's and master's degrees in
    aerospace engineering from Penn State and a
    master's degree in electrical engineering from
  • With the basics from Penn State Fayette, I was
    able to do reasonably well at Penn State,
    graduating with a degree in Aerospace Engineering
    in 1970.
  • Selected by RCA as a payload specialist and
    approved by NASA to fly on the space shuttle
    Columbia on space shuttle Mission 61-C. During
    the six day mission, (January 12 to 18, 1986) he
    performed a variety of physiological tests,
    observed the deployment of the RCA Satcom Ku-1
    satellite, and operated primary experiment, an
    infrared imaging camera. In completing this
    flight, Mr. Cenker traveled over 2.1 million
    miles in 96 Earth orbits and logged over 146
    hours in space.

DUSTY BURNSWORTH Engineering Technologist At
tended Fayette 1994 - 1997
David L. Lawrence Convention Center Pittsburg
h, PA With the title of The largest Green
building in the world, Pittsburghs new
convention center incorporates green technologies
such as natural ventilation, daylight, sensors
for light and air quality, a water reclamation
system that reduces potable water use by over 50
percent, along with substantial use of recycled
and nontoxic materials.
  • The floating roof called for my unique water
    cannon design for fire protection.

VALERIE McINTYRE FARIS Nationally Certified
Life Skills Trainer (Alcohol/other drug
prevention curriculum for middle and elementary
school students) Liberal Arts and
Sciences Graduated Fayette 1988
  • As a 30 year old single mother of 3 young
    children, I had an opportunity fulfill my dream
    of returning to college.  I was terrified to
    fail, however, my experiences with the staff and
    faculty of Penn State Fayette could not have been
    warmer or more encouraging.  The positive
    reception, emotional support and personal contact
    helped me tremendously.  For example, the
    librarians would assist my children in the
    "little one's" section while I did a bit of
    research, and on the rare instances when I didn't
    have a sitter, my child sat quietly in my lap
    with acceptance from the professor.  To complete
    my education somewhere else, well, I just don't
    believe I could have done it in a different
    environment.  I received my Administration of
    Justice degree with distinction.
  • When I first started back to college I was quite
    timid.  Today I travel the
    country facilitating trainings to
    teachers and prevention specialists.  The
    combination of my
    education and work background empowered me to
    find jobs
    that were perfect for me.  In my current job I
    teach educators to utilize a first rate, highly
    researched prevention curriculum that has won top
    awards in many arenas for its effectiveness in
    reducing risks to youth.  My enthusiasm for this
    curriculum is from the youth I worked with in
    Fayette County's housing communities.  I loved
    the children's responses and participation with
    the work we were doing.  Those responses, their
    incredible enthusiasm and attention are daily
    inspirations in the work I share with my adult

Casinos in Las Vegas or Hospitals in California
Engineers Attended Fayette 1995 - 2001
  • Before graduation, I had my choice of jobs to
    work on Casinos in Las Vegas or Hospitals in
    California.I love it here in California, and
    Im making life better for sick people

Officer, The Uniontown Hospital Attended
Fayette 1982
  • I am responsible for all of the nursing care that
    is delivered
    to our patients. My role is to provide the
    leadership necessary to
    establish standards of care
    and then to assure nursing care is
    delivered based on
    those standards in a quality and cost effective
    manner. Nursing
    leaders of today must be very innovative and
    entrepreneurial in order
    to effectively create work and
    care processes, recruit adequate
    competent human
    resources, and assure the most up-to-date
    technology and
    equipment are made available for staff.
  • New service development is an exciting and
    rewarding responsibility of my position.
    Recently, I was given the opportunity to lead the
    development and implementation of an
    Interventional Cardiology Program involving
    procedures with stents and balloons in treating
    heart disease. Patients in our community now
    have access to state of the art cardiac care that
    literally saves lives every day.

  • I was recently involved in developing and
    implementing an interventional cardiology
    program, involving procedures with stents and
    balloons in treating heart conditions. We spent
    extensive time getting high quality staff and
    equipment, and this program literally saves
    people's lives when I think back, it was
    probably one of the most exciting services I've
    implemented over the past ten years because of
    the dramatic impact it's had on patients' lives.
  • I believe one of the most important aspects of my
    job as a nursing leader is to create a work
    environment in which the direct-care staff is
    empowered to use their knowledge and skills to
    make good care decisions. 
  • I have found that leadership/life is primarily
    about relationships and how successful we are at
    building those relationships at work, at home and
    in our communities is directly related to our
    happiness. A career in nursing has given me the
    opportunity to build relationships that directly
    influence the care and outcomes of patients. I
    am very proud of being a nurse and extremely
    grateful for the opportunities the nursing
    profession has given me.

LINDA RUMBAUGHStartup Engineer Tech, CMU
Attended Fayette 1992-1995LONNIE
ALEXANDERDesign Engineer Tech, CMU Attended
Fayette 1987-1992
Carnegie Mellon University
  • Lonnie Alexander worked on the design drawings
    for the most technically advanced building in
    PittsburghThe CMU Research Institute.
  • Linda Rumbaugh managed the start-up team on this

DAN LYGA HVAC, Building Systems Engineer,
EAC Engineers and Architects, Burke VA
Graduated Fayette 1995
  • Just weeks after graduation, I was working on a
    large site utility replacement project for the
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • In the past eight years, I've advanced from
    entry level into project management and currently
    maintain the CAD department as well as my
    mechanical duties.
  • Most of our clients are U.S. government
    agencies, such as the Navy and Army. We just
    finished a 3 million utility replacement project
    at a Naval Research Lab, which involved nearly
    one-third of their entire campus. We have also
    replaced site utilities and renovated buildings
    on Fort Belvoir, and have renovated the music
    hall in the Smithsonian Institution - National
    Museum of American History.

NASA builds and manages the Hubble Space
Telescope atGoddard Space Flight Center
Ive traveled to exotic locations such as India,
Pakistan, Costa Rica, Cuba, Vietnam and
Azerbaijan to work on projects at the
U.S. Embassies there. - DANIEL LYGA
  • In my case, design is definitely not just a desk
    job. It often involves visiting the job sites and
    international travel, which is a part I really
  • Through our work for the State Department, I've
    traveled across the globe. Some of the more
    exciting locations Ive visited include Latvia,
    Estonia, India, Pakistan, Burma, Vietnam, Cuba,
    Costa Rica and Bolivia.
  • It's exciting and challenging. I love the
    travel. I really enjoy being out, on the move and
    experiencing other cultures. I am fortunate to
    have these opportunities all while getting to do
    my job, surveying, designing and engineering.

Taj Mahal, India
Hong Kong
PHIL SAVINI Superintendent, Southeastern Greene
School District Attended Fayette 1977 - 1979
  • What I like, especially with a smaller school
    setting, is that I still have contact with and
    feedback from children. I can see what is going
    on in my classrooms on a daily and immediate
    basis. I am able to work closely with the staff
    and know them personally, which fosters the most
    positive environment for learning. In terms of
    challenges, working with the Pennsylvania
    Department of Education and the Federal
    Department of Education regulations, and make
    those regulations work in our district making
    sure that our district is moving toward the
    departments expectations is both challenging and

MONTY MALDOVAN Disney Artist Arts and
Architecture Attended Fayette 1985 1987
  • I remember when I was about eight or nine years

    old, my parents took my two younger
    sisters and
    me to the drive-in
    theater to see Walt Disneys
    Bambi. From that point on I was
    and its my parents fault!
  • When I was young I used to escape to my room and
    draw all day. I would draw all kinds of things
    but mostly animals and Disney characters. Who
    knew Id still be doing that today!
  • After beginning my degree in art Penn State
    Fayette and graduating from Penn State
    University, I moved to Florida to see what the
    Walt Disney World Resort had to offer. I started
    my Disney career in 1992 as a seasonal cast
    member for the Easter Parade. After that, I was
    re-assigned to a full-time position at Disneys
    MGM Studios as a Back Lot tour guide. After
    about two years, I transferred to the Ink and
    Paint Department. From there I moved my way up
    and obtained a job as a final checker. This is
    where I had the chance to make one of my dreams
    come true and work on an animated filmWalt
    Disneys Mulan. Now I am living out my biggest
    dream of being a Disney artist. Working with the
    Disney Design Group and being part of this
    diverse, creative and talented group of artists
    is probably the most rewarding and exciting thing
    to have happened to me.

CARMINE PRESTIA District Justice 49-1-01
Attended Fayette 1966 - 1968 B.S Law
Enforcement and Corrections, Health Human
  • Being a district justice is fascinating! Not
    because of the law but because of the people.
    The district courts are true "people's courts"
    because we deal with the every day things in
    people's lives. Whether its a wedding, civil
    case, traffic ticket, or major felony someone's
    life is going to be affected in some way.
    Sometimes peoples lives are affected in very
    important ways and my decisions are a part of
    that process. The people before us expect to be
    treated with dignity and respect and nearly
    always react in the same way if they know they
    have at least had a fair hearing on their
  • The most rewarding part of my job is when someone

    comes to me to say that they've got their life
    together, or that a child has overcome a
    bad period in
    their life and I was part of that
    process. Even though my
    decisions may have been to apply a
    fine or even a jail sentence. That decision
    helped them realize that they were on the wrong
    road and had to find their way back. It is proof
    that the policy of "firm but fair" works and
    that people respect it.

JOE SBAFFONI Director of the Bureau of Deep
Mine Safety, Pennsylvania D. E. P. Mining
Engineering Technology Graduated 1973
  • Joe Sbaffoni worked for many years in the mining
    industry but gained international recognition
    during the Quecreek Mine rescue of July 2002. He
    played an instrumental role in the successful
    rescue of the nine trapped miners.
  • I started working in the mining industry in 1970
    as a surveyor. Attending Penn State Fayette
    while working in the mining industry was a real
    plus. I was able to apply what I learned in
    class immediately to my job duties and also
    obtain my associate degree, which enabled me to
    obtain my PA Mine Foreman certification in three
    years instead of five. The experience and
    education I received during this time was the
    basis for my success in the field of mining.

BRANDON SABATULA Project Engineer Gradu
ated Fayette 2002
Penn State Fayette Community Center
  • Five months after graduation from Penn State
    Fayette in BEST and before ground-breaking I was
    selecting the mechanical equipment for the new
    Penn State Fayette Community Center

BRAD FRANKHOUSER Engineering Technician Graduate
d Fayette 2002BRANDON SABATULA Project
Engineer Graduated Fayette 2001
Penn State Fayette Entry Sign Information Booth
  • Brandon Sabatula drew the concept drawings for
    the Information Booth at the campus entrance
  • I drew the design for the Campus Sign
  • Brad Frankhouser drew the design for the Campus

Academic Programs
  • The campus offers
  • Five baccalaureate degree programs
  • Nine associate degree programs
  • The first two years of nearly all Penn States
    more than 160 Baccalaureate Programs
  • A diverse continuing education program
  • An active internship program

Baccalaureate Degree Programs
  • Complete all 4 years of these degrees at
  • Penn State Fayette
  • Administration of Justice
  • Business
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Letter, Arts and Sciences
  • Nursing

Associate Degree Programs
  • Architectural Engineering Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Human Development and Family Studies
  • Information Sciences and Technology
  • Letter, Arts, and Sciences
  • Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology
  • Nursing
  • Science
  • Agricultural Business
  • Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • Materials Engineering Technology
  • Telecommunications Technology
  • First year only

Penn State Fayette Facts
  • Newly remodeled and completely renovated
    facilities offer small class sizes and first-rate
    computer facilities.  
  • 1,150 Students
  • Instructor to Student ratio is 118
  • Average Class Size 20

Penn State Fayette Facts
  • Location Conveniently located between
    Connellsville and Uniontown, Pennsylvania on
    Route 119 about 1 hour from Pittsburgh and
    thirty minutes from Morgantown, West Virginia.
  • Fayette is a friendly campus located in the
    scenic Laurel Highlands on the site of an
    1800s-era farmstead.

Contact Information, Visits, Appointments
  • Office of Admissions
  • Phone (724) 430-4130
  • Fax (724) 430-4175
  • Toll Free 877-568-4130
  • E-Mail feadm_at_psu.edu
  • Or visit us on the Web at www.fe.psu.edu

MEDIA ON REQUEST. Penn State encourages persons
with disabilities to participate in its programs
and activities. If you anticipate needing any
type of accommodation or have questions about the
physical access provided, please contact
724-430-4130 in advance of your participation or
visit. The Pennsylvania State University is
committed to the policy that all persons shall
have equal access to programs, facilities,
admission, and employment without regard to
personal characteristics not related to ability,
performance, or qualifications as determined by
University policy or by state or federal
authorities. It is the policy of the University
to maintain an academic and work environment free
of discrimination, including harassment. The
Pennsylvania State University prohibits
discrimination and harassment against any person
because of age, ancestry, color, disability or
handicap, national origin, race, religious creed,
sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
Discrimination or harassment against faculty,
staff, or students will not be tolerated at The
Pennsylvania State University. Direct all
inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policy
to the Affirmative Action Director, The
Pennsylvania State University, 328 Boucke
Building, University Park, PA 16802-5901, Tel
814-865-4700/V, 814-863-1150/TTY. U.Ed.FE 04-88
Music by the Penn State Blue Band
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