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Wiccan Belief


Wicca. Wicca is a contemporary Earth-based religion that acknowledges the sacred found ... Wicca is one form of Neo-Paganism and modern Witchcraft. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Wiccan Belief

Wiccan Belief Practices
  • Modern Witchcraft
  • Laura A. Wildman-Hanlon, HPs

  • Wiccan Beliefs

  • Wicca is a contemporary Earth-based religion that
    acknowledges the sacred found within Nature
  • It honors the Divine in the forms of both a God
    and Goddess.
  • It has no standard creed, official system of
    doctrines or dogma. No authoritative text or holy

  • The word Pagan comes from the Latin word
    paganus. It means country dweller or one who does
    not live in the cities. Later the word came to be
    associated with those who did not practice
    Christian beliefs.
  • Neo-PaganToday many people use the prefix Neo
    to recognize the difference in practices between
    the Pagan rites of our ancient ancestors and
    those of contemporary Paganism.

Witches and Wiccans
  • Not all Witches consider themselves members of
    the Wiccan religion, although the vast majority
    of Wiccans do call themselves Witches.
  • Wicca is one form of Neo-Paganism and modern
    Witchcraft. All Wiccans are Pagan, but not all
    Pagans are Witches.

  • Although Diverse, there are general trends
  • Belief in plurality and tolerance of diversity of
    opinion on the forms of, and how to relate to,
    the Divine
  • Polytheist
  • Divinity as immanent
  • Reincarnation
  • Wiccan Rede / Magical Ethics
  • Belief in Magic
  • Beliefs/practices center around natural cycles as
    seen within agriculture and life

  • Immanence the concept that the Divine is found
    within everything Nature, the buildings,
    ourselves and each other are not separate from
    the Divine.
  • Transcendent Divinity is thought to reside
    outside or beyond the physical universe, so that
    God is a supernatural entity, transcendent from
    his/her creation.

Pantheism and Animism
  • Pantheism Belief that everything is God or part
    of God, or the belief that God or divinity is
    immanent in the world, sometimes in conjunction
    with the belief that the world is the body of the
    Goddess or God.
  • Animism is the belief that not only are the Gods
    within everything, there is also a spiritual
    consciousness within everything. An animal has a
    soul, just like a tree also has a sense of

  • POLYTHEISM recognizes the existence of multiple
    gods and goddesses, multiple divinities or
  • HENOTHEISM is the concept that although you may
    focus your worship one deity, the others don't
    disappear or not exist. The worshiping of one
    doesn't nullify the existence of the others.

Viewing the Gods
  • Some Witches are monotheistic
    gods and goddesses are all parts of one
    great Deity.
  • Some Wiccans are dualistic. All gods are one God
    and all goddesses are one Goddess.
  • Still others view each Gods Goddesses as being
    an individual entity and very real.
  • While some Witches do not believe in the Gods at
    all but see them as Archetypes

Pagan Deism
Red orthodox deist position the gods are real,
personal, named, individual entities Blue Deity
exists. It is the Ultimate Sacred / Great Mystery
It is so great, we cannot hope to comprehend more
than a tiny fraction of it. So we have give 'the
gods' humanlike metaphors so that through them
we can perceive and relate to a little of It.
Yellow The gods exist only as constructs within
the human mind and imagination.
Great Mystery
End of Life
  • What Witches believe happens after death varies
  • Reincarnation
  • the Summer Land
  • The Halls of Vahalla
  • Joining the life Force
  • Nothing

  • The earth and all things can be understood as
    being interconnected like a gigantic web. Touch
    one strand and it sends out ripples that effect
    the other threads.

  • Belief in magic is based on the idea that the
    future is composed of probabilities, not
    predetermined outcomes natural laws are not so
    much laws as they are possibilities.
  • It is an understanding that everything is
    connected and that there is more to the world
    than humans can comprehend. Magic is not
    separated from the everyday because Witches see
    everyday life as magical, significant, and

  • Wiccan Rede
  • Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, an it harm
    none, do what ye will.
  • The exact origin is uncertain. It has been
    thought to have been adapted from Aleister
    Crowleys Law of Thelema.

  • The Threefold Law of Return is based on the
    concept of cause and effect. Simply put -
    whatever energy you send out, whether for good or
    for ill, will return to you three times.
  • Not all Witches believe in the Threefold Law, but
    most do.
  • A version of the golden rule, it is considered
    a major deterrent for working manipulative magic

  • Wiccan Ritual
  • Practices

  • Witches practice
  • Solitaries alone
  • With a Group A covena committed group
  • Festivals Community events. Can be a day,
    weekend or week long events

Wheel of the Year Sabbat Celebrations
Basic Ritual Structure
  • Creation/Acknowledgment of Sacred space
  • Inviting / invoking the Elements of Nature
    Earth, Air, Fire, Water
  • Inviting / invoking the Deities God Goddess
  • Raising and directing energy / celebration
  • Grounding the working
  • Thanking and dismissing divinities
  • Returning the space and participants to ordinary

The Circle
  • To cast or conjure a circle is to intentionally
    set-up an energy barrier that will contain the
    magic made within it and keep negative energies
  • The circle is visualized in three dimensions, to
    make a sphere around the ritual space. It holds
    the energy raised until it is ready to be

The Elements General Associations
  • Air East. Breath of Life. Spring.
    Dawn. New beginnings. Joy. Learning. Youth.
  • Fire South. The Passion of Life. Summer.
    Noon. Strength. Will. Lust. Adolescence.
  • Water West. The Love of Life. Autumn.
    Evening. Intuition. Love. Emotions. Healing.
    Adulthood / Maturity.
  • Earth North. The Wisdom of Life.
    Winter. Night. Physical. Growth
    Abundance. Elder / Sage.

Inviting / invoking the Deities
  • Inviting the deities desired in the rite.
  • This could be personal God/Goddess
  • Deities that are traditionally associated with
    the Sabbat being celebrated
  • Deities who represent energies or can aid in the
    magical intent of the rite

Raising and directing energy / celebration
  • The Purpose for the ritual.
  • Esbat (Full Moons)
  • Sabbat
  • Magical working
  • Healing
  • To gain or lose something
  • Creation of a magical talisman or other item
  • Energy raised by
  • Dancing, singing, drumming, meditation, chanting,

Grounding the working
  • Energy is raised and directed (released) for the
    work / celebration
  • Sharing of food and drink.
  • Any left over energy is grounded into the Earth
    often includes offerings of libations to the
    deities invoked
  • Helps to return the participant to ordinary

Tools of the Trade
  • Altar the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm
  • Candles, incense, athame, oils, drum, broom,
    cauldron Clothes
  • Book of Shadows
  • Divination tools (Tarot cards, Runes, etc)
  • But the greatest tool is the mind

The Pentacle

Energy Magic
  • The movement of energy is magic, but when Witch
    casts a spell she/he is manipulating the magical
    forces within themselves and in Nature and
    focusing it towards a specific goal.
  • It is the art of changing consciousness and
    physical realities in accordance with will.
  • Magic works through hidden connections,
    correspondences, and sympathy. Ritual are used
    to create metaphors for accomplishing goals with
    something tangible to remind them of their
    commitment to a particular goal.

  • Psychic Talents everybody has some level of
    psychic ability. Just like a muscle, it needs to
    be stretched and developed in order for it to
    work efficiently
  • A competent Witch has taken the time to learn how
    to strengthen and direct these natural abilities
    to work magic.
  • While most Wiccans do practice magic, not all do.

Being a Witch
  • Is a commitment It takes a lot of time, effort
    and self-discipline.
  • Take responsibility for their own actions. There
    is no deity who removes the blemish of
    wrongdoing. You own what you do and only you can
    make amends for your transgressions. Those who
    choose to walk this difficult path do so out of a
    true spiritual calling.
  • It is a religion, a way of life
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